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05-30-2015, 04:17 AM
Hey all. Thanks to all the supportive feedback, I'm writing a new set of chapters to my Neighbor's series. Thanks to you all that it will actually be a series. Wow, that's pretty cool, and it's thanks to you all.

I'm going through a bit of a move right now, so I'm not sure how fast the next installments will go, but I promise that when I get the chance, I will finish it as to not leave you hanging to long, (I'm not sure whether that pun was intended or not, so you decide after you read). Here is the Lillith's Revenge on Marci with guest appearance from Gary the cat.

This one is mostly feet, and is intended more as a teaser and set up for the rest of the story, though there is tickling involved. Hope you all enjoy.

For those beginning with this one, here are the links to the predecessors:


Neighbor’s Revenge Part I [A Lillith and Marci Story] F/F

Today was the day. Schooling her face was difficult. She’d waited. She’d been patient.

Today was the day.

She heard as Marci unlocked to door, the key sliding the bolt open, the smell of snicker doodles drawing her friend like a moth to a flame.

Lillith’s view was upside down, watching from her compromised position as the door opened. She had to start compromised, from a place of weakness. Marci wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Mrow…” called Gary, Marci’s grey cat.

Angling her head to the side, she saw as Gary emerged from the open AC space that connected Marci and her apartments. That hole in the wall, that little metal tunnel had changed everything. It remained open since that day, a fact Gary seemed inordinately pleased with. He strutted close to her face as it dangled near the floor.

“Hi Gary,” she said, giggling as his whiskers brushed her nose. Reaching out, she gave the cat a good scratch behind the ears as the door opened.

Even with the world reversed, she admired Marci’s figure as she stood, framed by the doorway. 5’2’’ with brown hair and deep green eyes the color of emeralds, Marci was curvy with just the barest bit of plump in the middle. What she lacked in height she made up with her quick wit and spunky personality. Marci smiled, only making Lillith’s heart race faster.

Her smile was pretty amazing in itself, a bonus if everything went right this evening.

“What the hell you gotten yourself into now girl?” Marci called out, chuckling at Lillith’s position.

Hanging upside down from her ankles, the new piece of exercise equipment had actually come in a few days ago. Large frame allowed her to hook her ankles in then swing over backwards to be suspended by her feet. The support along her back was just enough to give her leverage to pull herself upright at a moment’s notice. It wasn’t until today that she finally pulled it into the living area. Marci needed to see it.

“You’ve been talking about wanting to get in shape,” Lillith said, grunting as she pulled her head upward toward her knees, her fingers touching her toes before letting gravity pull her back to the ground. It would only take a few to start feeling the burn. “Thought I’d start holding you to that idea.”

Marci frowned, though the smile never quite left her face. Walking forward, she watched carefully as Lillith pulled herself up again.

“You are going to pay for this one,” Marci mock growled.

“Pay for what?” Lillith said innocently, bracing herself for what she knew was to come.

“Snicker doodles?” Marci replied. “Luring me over here with snicker doodles to remind me I’m fat and that I need to exercise more? That’s just cruel and unusual punishment.”

With a quick dart of motion, Marci bounced over to the machine where Lillith’s feet stood bare between the braces. Stretching to her tiptoes, Marci scrabbled her nails all over Lillith’s exposed soles. Sharp points danced quickly across her heels and across the arches of her feet, poking at her toes in quick succession.

“Aaahahaha…nohohoho…Mahaharci…” Lillith yelled, squirming in the machine. Twisting, her feet popped out of the sides of the braces, dumping her unceremoniously to the floor.

“Mrow…” Gary called out, annoyed by the commotion.

Lillith found herself upended, backside to the sky, legs over her head, arms splayed to the sides, and looking through her black yoga pant clothed legs to Marci’s amused grin.

Ever since that day, since Lillith declared that she would have her revenge, Marci had only increased her predilection to tickling her. Every chance, every opportunity, Marci took, as if daring Lillith to make good on her threat. She could feel the excitement and frustration in her friend. She wanted the retaliation. Wanted her to try.

Lillith had held back for weeks, forcing herself to be patient, to get every little detail right, to set the perfect trap.

“Those snicker doodles better be ready soon or I’m going to entertain myself a different way,” Marci said, laughing at her. “Your backside is pretty toned though.”

Lillith shoved herself over to her side, covering her blush. Taking a deep breath she centered herself before giving an exasperated sigh.

Despite how confident Marci portrayed herself, Lillith knew she wanted to be in better shape, more flexible, and get rid of the tiny little pudge that stubbornly stuck to her waist. Barely enough to pinch, but to Marci, it was a spare tire around her waist.

“Scoff all you want,” Lillith said, frowning to cover the excitement building. Lillith carefully pitched her tone to sound a little hurt at her friend’s attitude. “I did get this for you and I. You said you wanted to get more in shape. Wanted some help keeping up an exercise plan. Well, here is the first step.”

Lillith watched as Marci’s face went through a parade of emotions. Mischievous glee faded to Disappointment. Disappointment slithered to shame. Shame blossomed into a look of wonder, her eyes shining to the point Lillith worried she had gone too far.

Suddenly, Lillith was wrapped in an embrace tight enough to make her ribs groan.

“I’m sorry,” Marci said, her voice quivering. “Thank you. I can’t even…I just...thank you.”

Lillith laughed, squeezing her friend back.

“Exercise is always best if you give yourself a little reward after,” Lillith said as they pulled away from each other.

Marci turned quickly away, rubbing her eyes with one hand.

“So what is this medieval torture device you have here?” Marci said quickly through the sudden awkwardness that sat in the silence.

“A teeter machine, or suspended abs equipment depending on the company,” Lillith announced. She placed her hand along the black metal support. “It’s one part of a bigger program I’ve got set for us. This is just a toy to keep things moving. Diet, cardio, body weight exercises, I’ve got the whole thing mapped out. You won’t be using this bad boy until you’ve got a little more experience.”

Lillith bit her lip, forcing herself not to smile as Marci held a dangerous look in her eyes.

“Saying you think I can’t do sit ups in your little machine there?” Marci said haughtily. “You think just cause I’m not built like a volleyball player, like you, you think I’m weak?”

Lillith kept her expression blank for fear of laughing. She’d laid out the challenge and Marci was all too eager to pick it up.

“I didn’t say that Marci,” Lillith said, feigning concern. “I’m sure you can do a few. It’s just…”

Marci flicked off her flats, her pink socks digging into the carpet.

“How do I get into this damn thing,” Marci demanded.

Lillith sighed, all the while drinking in her curvy figure, wondering how different it would look in a few minutes.

“I’m sorry Marci,” Lillith protested, almost shaking with anticipation on the inside. “But you are wearing a skirt, and you are going to be upside down.”

“Please,” Marci said with bemusement. “Like I haven’t gotten more than a little peek at your blue striped underwear.”

Lillith didn’t have to act the part, her face filled with all to real heat telling her of the blush that was showing clearly on her face.

Yes indeed.

Today was the day.

“Ok, ok…” Lillith announced. “I’ve got it on a difficult setting. At least let me…”

“Anything you can do sweetheart,” Marci growled.

It was a quick transition to show Marci how to slide her ankles into the holsters. A little over under with pads kept the feet steady and ankles supporting her slight weight. Lillith had to hold the machine for Marci as it was set for Lillith’s much taller frame. The pad that had been a solid support for her own backside was pressed almost to the middle of Marci’s back.

Then it was up and over. Marci’s hair trailed down to the ground, her head a good distance from the ground. Marci’s skirt flipped up, or down as the case may be. Lillith was a bit disappointed to see that they were plain, white, and thoroughly unimaginative. Still, they were tight and showed off Marci's curves all too well. Lillith's heart thudded in her chest. Only a few more moments.

“Okay, so let’s start easy,” Lillith said, as she slid the little improvements into place. Her talking covered the sharp clicks. Marci’s feet were now locked into place, without the escape she had afforded herself earlier. So far, Marci seemed oblivious.

“Forget that,” Marci challenged, smiling to take off the edge. “What’s this whole program you’ve been talking about? Pull out one of the harder ones. I’ll show you just how strong us little folk are.”

“You sure you want to go through a full work out?” Lillith said with an exasperated sigh. “It’s pretty intense, and once we start, you can’t stop.”

“Bring it on, legs,” Marci smiled, reaching over to poke Lillith on the thigh.

Lillith jerked away, giggling a little more than was strictly necessary. Apparently she was more nervous than she had realized. There was no turning back now. She’d never get a chance like this again.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Lillith said, finally allowing herself to smile. “Start by reaching up and touching your toes.”

Marci quickly did as directed, her face turning red as she strained. Lillith knew, especially at the beginning, it wasn’t about her core strength as much as it was her flexibility. Alas, Marci’s flexibility was not nearly where Lillith would have liked. Repeating the splits and subsequent tickle torture, while a satisfying turn of play, was impossible with Marci’s current level of flexibility. Which was why Lillith had thought long and hard after this particular set up.

With quite the effort, Marci’s fingers finally brushed her pink clad toes. Rocking backward, Marci huffed out in relief as her body flew backward to hang, her fingertips dragging on the floor.

Lillith locked the frame into place so Marci could not flip herself right side up.

“That wasn’t so hard,” Marci bragged.

“That was just to get you ready to begin,” Lillith said, smiling wickedly. She held up a small stopwatch in her hand.

Marci looked up, finally seeing her expression. Her smaller friend, for the first time showed an inkling of doubt. Her breathing began to quicken, as did Lillith’s.

“You are done after ten,” Lillith said airily. “Of course you’ll need some encouragement. Therefore, I’ll stop for ten seconds every time you manage to touch your toes. Ready?”

Lillith didn’t wait for Marci’s reply.

Lillith had begun receiving manicures every two weeks, strengthening her nails just for this. She’d never cared before, often biting them down to nubs. But now, they were long, strong, and perfect to use on the wiggling pink socks that began thrashing as soon as the first nail was dragged across the first foot.

Marci had a moment of realization before she squealed.


Lillith’s nails danced across one pink clad foot, scratching and trailing, the fabric bunching as she administered the beginning her revenge.

“Hehehehehey hahah…I cahahan’t get out…hahahaha…”

“Of course not,” Lillith said blandly. “I didn’t put the lock in for me. I knew you would wimp out. You haven’t even touched your toes once yet. Come on. Push yourself.”

Lillith smiled, the familiar warmth she had denied herself spreading through her body.

Marci reached upward, her fingers dancing toward her toes in a monumental effort even as Lillith’s sharp nails danced across one arch. Lillith found she enjoyed exploring Marci’s foot. The twitches and sudden squeals that were elicited after just the right scratch, just the right stroke, or when she found just the right spot were enthralling. She understood why Marci enjoyed it so much. Her heart was already racing.

Marci’s finger’s strained, moving ever closer to her toes.

Trailing her nail down to Marci’s heel was a revelation in itself, eliciting a high pitched squeal that sent the smaller woman crashing back down, her muscles unable to maintain the effort when the sudden sensation zipped through her.

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeehehehehe,” Marci squealed as her nail scratched along the heel base.

“Come on Marci,” Lillith said to Marci’s thrashing form. “You can’t even do one sit up? This is going to be a long night for you.”

Marci jerked herself forward, grabbing at the frame, trying for any leverage to help her rise. Gritting her teeth and with a little cry of triumph, Marci’s fingertip brushed her toe.

Immediately, Lillith stopped while clicking the timer’s button.

“Good job,” Lillith cheered excitedly. “I knew you could do it. Ten second break.”

“I never should have let you out of that wall,” Marci said between gasping breaths. “I’m gonna get you so bad for this.”

Lillith looked down at Marci’s red face, a smile drawing her lips back from her teeth.

“Five seconds left,” Lillith said. “And nine more to go. I’d save my breath if I were you . You’re going to need it.”

Marci gulped loudly, taking in deep breaths to fight the panic that was clearly setting in.

Lillith decided the other foot needed attention this time. No fair for only one foot to have all the fun. Her fingers hovered over the pink squirming foot.

Not for the first time, Lillith marveled at just how small Marci’s feet were. She always felt her own were practically boats, long toes and stretched arches. Marci’s, on the other hand, were these tiny squirming little cuties. Lillith marveled, holding her hands to the smaller woman’s feet, measuring. Her fingers could touch the tip of Marci’s big toe and stretch with her thumb to touch the heel of the same foot. That gave her other ideas, but she would wait. Patience was already being rewarded. No need to rush things.

Marci lunged upward, her hand swiping at her toes only to miss by inches.

“Better hurry,” Lillith said, wiggling her nails above the trapped foot.

Marci was already in hysterics, her giggles pealing out in waves before Lillith even brought her nails down. She wondered what would happen when she actually started tickling.

“Eeeehehehehe…eeeeeeheheheh….eheheheHAHAHAHahahaha …”

Marci’s squeal turned into a deep panicked guttural laugh as her nails dug into the stocking, the pink foot thrashing about, vainly looking for escape. Curious, Lillith grabbed Marci’s big toe, pulling the foot back and stretching her arch to its limit. Marci’s squeal reached a new pitch before, and then again after she brought her nails across her instep.


“You know how to get a break,” Lillith cooed gently. “The question is, how badly do you want it?”

Her finger made it’s way down the sole, moving ever closer to Marci’s heel. On some level Marci must have known what was coming as Lillith enjoyed the sight of her struggling through a set of desperate heaves to reach her toes.

Millimeter by millimeter, her gentle scratching drew lower, toward the heel as Marci’s laughing became more desperate. Just as she reached the center, a place that had cause Marci to go through particularly violent spasms, Marci managed to touch the tip of her finger to her big toe.

“Well done,” Lillith cooed. “I’m giving you thirty seconds break this time. Now that your warm up is over, I don’t think we need these socks anymore.”

Marci was apparently unable to answer, but her eyes spoke enough for Lillith to chuckle.

Peeling off her socks, slowly, one at a time, she reveled in their smooth look and the tiny little toes that wiggled in front of her face.

“I…I…” Marci gasped, trying to form the words.

“Of course you can,” Lillith replied, answering the unspoken statement. “After all, you are the one who showed me just how motivating tickling can be. You are going to burning through so many calories, you won’t even have to worry about how many snicker doodles you eat. Won’t that be nice?”

Marci shook her head, her long hair swishing against the floor. Lillith smiled down at her, her lip kissing Marci’s ankle. Marci gasped, this time not due to fatigue. Lillith’s lips traveled further down, slowly kissing along her shivering calf and along the inside of her leg.

“I know you can do it,” Lillith whispered, her breath raising goose bumps on Marci’s skin as she traveled lower.

Marci closed her eyes, her head rolling back, mouth open in a silent ‘oh’.

Just as Lillith came to Marci’s inner thigh, she stopped. Marci looked up with a hunger in her eyes. Lillith smiled knowingly.

“Five more seconds,” Lillith said with an evil grin. “Eight more to go, sweetheart.”