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Atti's Poetic Justice

The way to the dungeon wasn't really that hard to find.
If one would go down the stairs from the stairway to the master bedroom would end up in the Game room. It was littered with a few non-tickle (intended) games like a Pool table and a large flat screen TV hooked up to a ps4 just to name a few. However right against the wall was a rustic door looking like it was right from the middle ages and surrounding it was a painting of a rusty iron gate with in the center above the door was a plaque that said: 'Abandon hope all ye who enter here'.

In front of the door looking up at the plaque was Atti and Arnie, the two Artificial intelligence holograms modled from the two new owners of this home. They only continued to look at it mostly due to the fact that that inscription was supposedly written over the gates of Hell.

"seems like a bit much doesn't it?" Arnie said with a raised eyebrow.

"I don't know I kinda like it ... I could think off a few possibilities with this, wonder if I have a devil girl costume" Atti said seeming to enjoy the idea with a sly grin.

"maybe, but let's take a look first before you get any ideas" Arnie said as he opened the door and immediately they were greeted by the faint torturous screams of begging laughter. Both grinning ear to ear, though with different things on their mind to make them grin, they descended down three flights of stairs to a torch lit hallway. On either side were three holos two men one woman on the left and two women with one man on the right, being tickled completely naked all over by two holo demons each. They really were going for more Tickle Hell's Dungeon it looked like than a regular dungeon Atti had made. Even though these holograms were on a continuous loop, Atti looked like she wanted to take those demons places. Though Arnie had to admit: hearing the laughter for the both of them was enough to get them aroused, after all it was in their programming to see the writhing bound bodies and torturous begging laughter to be sexually stimulating. Atti was even starting to slip her fingers between her legs and started to rub.

"Hmmmmmm, let's hurry and find that holo you said was in here so we can tickle the fuck out of them!" Atti said but kept rubbing her pussy. "Oh ... Oh Maker, oh please ... Mmmmmmmmm ... Arnie, Arnie help I can't ... Ohhhhh-OhhhhHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!-NONOTTHAAAHAHAHAT!" Atti exclaimed. For at that moment: Arnie wrapped one arm around her holding her arms to her side and started to tickle the side of her tummy which got her to move at least.

"if you insist" he whispered into her ear as he tickled her forward

"WHAHAHAHAHAT ARE YOU DOING?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Atti laughed out as they approached the door.

"I am doing what you wanted ... Tickling the fuck out of the holo i said was down here ... And that's you baby" he whispered into her ear still tickling her even as the doors swung open showing a room full of torture devices, surrounding the chamber were dozens of doors with different holos being tickled naked in various situations, including one freckled redhead tied spreadeagle against a giant scrub board coated in suds being scrubbed all over: her soles, pits, ass, sides and breasts with a spin buffer right between her legs pressed against her pussy, written across her tummy in bold letters were the words 'WASH ME'. The only reason this holo was seen was because the door had been unhinged for final maintenance, but in the other cells were more holos suffering a similar fate: to be tickled forever which was exactly how Atti was starting to feel like.

She was screaming out laughter as she was lead into the room and was struggling to get away, but Arnie kept a firm grip on her. As soon as they reached the center of the room the doors swung shut and Arnie planted a kiss on her neck giving Atti a laughing moan. "Welcome to Hell, Atti" Arnie whispered as he lead her to a mantis chair and strapped her in while still tickling her, difficult and time consuming but doable. When he made sure Atti was completely strapped in he finally gave her a brake and moved in front of her and as he came into view she let out a shuddery gasp. Arnie had on devil horns.

"you enjoy tickling a bit too much Atti, soo ..." he said tracing his fingers on both of her sides from her armpits to her ass causing her to giggle "I think in fairness it should go: you be sadistic as much as you want to Karyn and Terry, but when they give us time alone ... Like tonight ... you get the torture instead" he said as he kept tracing up and down the sides of her body as he spoke then traced around her armpits making her squeal.

"N-n-no ... no-no-no-no please, Arnie s-stop" Atti said with a whimper seeing Arnie's hand suddenly trace "n-n-nooooooOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" she cried out because of Arnie suddenly dug into her armpits her squeals of laughter filled the chamber as she tried to move but only succeeded in jiggling her breasts every twist she made. "NEEEEEEEEEH!-NOHOHOHOHOHOHAHAHAHA! NO PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Arnie only chuckled as he saw this once seductive, flirty, dominatrix-like hologram now beg for mercy and that was only from her armpits. Arnie had a get in his eye and a mischievous grin as he moved his spider tickles over to her breasts which got a very cute reaction out of Atti: eyes closed shut, teeth bared, and squealing very high pitched as he tried to move her boobs out of the way, but no luck. She was under his mercy and, as it became apparent as he tickled her on her nipples, he wasn't showing any."you've been a very naughty program, Atti ... You know you deserve at least this ... You deserve to be tortured in Tickle Hell Arnie taunted as he moved down to her sides tickling her slightly harder which got her full blown laughing. Not even able to beg.

It was two hours of torture as Arnie explored all over her body except her crotch which he was saving for last on purpose but for now he was on her feet causing her to scream. "the hard-light upgrade is both a gift and a curse, you can be more personal in tickling but to balance it out you have to have artificial nerves which makes you seriously ticklish ... Both of us" he said with a wink at the end then stopped. Atti had a look like she was driven insane and just looked at Arnie giggling like she was still being tickled. "you know ... I'm so glad they kept you, you probably don't remember me when we were getting programmed ... I wasn't capable of it then, but I fell for you" he confessed as soon as Atti calmed down then blushed. True it was odd that she would after the fact they had sex on the plane, but that was because of a part of their program called the empathy circuit where they'd feel the emotions of their human captives. It was mostly why the both of them love to tickle so much, because it doubly got them off so the sex was due to Terry and Karyn wanting to fuck each other.

However with the two holograms now only being out of range for it to work, it seemed embarrassing for Atti to hear Arnie saying he was experiencing love and what's more was not only was it embarrassing to say she was too with him but also she hated that he stopped tickling her to say it. 'oh Maker ... he's turning me into a 'lee' she thought distressfuly yet excitedly as she bit her lip locking her eyes with his as they both slowly traveled down to her aroused pussy which had turned a dark red, almost purple, color. It was begging for attention that Atti didn't need to say anything. Smirking to himself, Arnie got a glove that was coated in feathers and put it on in front of her getting a shaky moaning breath out of her and grinned nervously

"this little beauty is a special toy for holograms only" he said as he tickled her left foot with it causing her to laugh louder than she ever did, then he stopped. "consider it like a tickle cheat code: increases sensitivity, ticklishness ... And ..." he said as he motioned the gloved hand over her pussy about a centimeter away from it then leaned to her and kissed her on the lips passionately for five minutes. Then broke apart leaving Atti moaning sadly and almost sobbing, looking down he could we why: her pussy was now a dark purple. He chuckled almost evilly and leaned to her ear "can cause endless orgasms" he whispered to her which caused Atti to gasp in fear and her eyes widened when Arie's head came back and wiggled his fingers.

"no! No not endless please! Please just a few! Please don't tickle me! PLEASE DOMT TICKLE ME THERE!" She pleaded but to no avail: Arnie approached her Venus lips and started spider tickles which was driving Atti crazy! "NOOOOOHAHAGAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!PLEHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-AHHAHASHAHAHAHAHAHASHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHH! She screamed out as she was cackling like she was insane. Her first orgasm him with laughing pleasure then soon after was another, and another. Her face was pure red from the constant laughing and cuming and Arnie just kept going then began to two finger-fuck her with the gloved hand. As if it were possible, Atti was laughing even harder from the new sensation as she bucked her hips and struggled all over, tears were streaming down to her nipples. "hope your having fun Atti, cause if you recall ... We were given the whole night off, and its still young" Arnie shouted over her screams of laughter then just laughed along with her.
Atti was secretly wishing they gave them the whole day as she went through orgasm number thirty six.

(Hope you guys like it, I figured since Atti was a devil to the couple that she deserved to go through some torture herself)

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Mmmmm we'd like to be in the next story, visiting the dungeon!