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06-01-2015, 03:14 PM
For some reason, a few days ago a very old story came into my mind.

Its about a girl that walks into a spa, The 2 geishas or asian attendants greet her and then drag the hesitant walk in for what she thinks is a massage or pedicure treatment. The main theme was that the girl was lost in the language barrier, her reluctance and struggles and attempts to tell them that she doesn't want to get their treatment are unheard. She gets tickled in the stocks for hours.

I tried to search for all the variations i could think of. Even tried the tk411 on web archive. Nothing!

Any ideas? id really appreciate your help!

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is this its it an Old JQuill story

J the Quill

"Just wait here, Helen. I'll check with my aunt to see what she wants." Miyoko disappeared through the door, leaving Helen to study the traditional Japanese décor of the garden.
Helen had always found Asian and Pacific cultures to be extremely enticing and mysterious.

She had visited Japan last year with Miyoko on a business trip, but hadn't really had a chance to explore the local scenery. Now that Miyoko had to come to San Francisco on a family matter, Helen offered to come along. She couldn't believe her eyes as they drove into the city and parked near the Japan Town Center. They walked a few blocks through the primarily Japanese neighborhood and came to an unremarkable building. As they passed through it's doors, they found themselves in a Japanese garden.

"All these statues are antiques brought over from Japan." Miyoko explained to her blond friend. "They have been in my family for generations." "Is this your aunt's house?" Helen asked incredulously. "Oh no. This is where she works. My family owns the business though."
"And what kind of business is it?" "Uh... Well, that's kind of a hard one to explain. I guess you could call it... Catering." "Catering?" "Yeah, catering." And with that, Miyoko had left her alone to admire the garden.

As she watched the coy swim in the pond, a sliding door opened up in front of her and a young Japanese Geisha stepped towards her. She was much shorter than Helen, who
stood about 5'7". This girl must have been about 5'. She said something to Helen in Japanese that Helen didn't understand and made a motion towards the door. Figuring Miyoko had sent for her, she allowed the girl to lead her through the door. Once inside the girl closed the door behind her and motioned Helen to a small wooden bench that sat on the edge of the pure white, carpeted floor. Helen sat and looked around the room, it was very plain, yet still piqued her interest at how elegant her surroundings were.

As she turned back to the young girl, she found her kneeling at her feet. The Geisha gently pulled her ankle forward and easily removed the high-heeled pump from her foot. Leaving Helen's stocking foot resting on her thigh, the young girl politely took the blond's other shoe off. She placed the blond woman's feet on to the white carpet. Standing, she kicked her own sandals off and made her way to one of the walls. Reaching out she slid the panel back to reveal another room beyond the one they were in. She spoke again in Japanese and another Geisha came through the door.

The new girl came up to Helen and spoke to her, giving a warm friendly smile as she did so. Not sure of what to do, Helen nodded and smiled back. The new Geisha bowed to her and took her by the arm. She led the tall blond into the next room. In the center of the room was what looked like to Helen an antique lounge chair. She took a moment to examine it before the second Geisha guided her into it. The design of the chair forced her to recline back into an almost lying position. The height and angle of the seat kept her feet swinging about four inches from the ground. The Japanese girl reached down and scooped up Helen's stocking foot and began to massage it. She asked her hostess what was going on, but again the language barrier kept the conversation to a minimum.

The first Geisha strode into the room, carrying Helen's black high heels. "Excuse me. Do you speak English?" Helen asked her. The girl smiled at her and replied something in Japanese, waving her shoes at her, just out of her reach. She moved to the far wall and disappeared through another sliding panel. She reappeared a moment later without Helen's shoes. She joined her companion and began to massage the blond's other foot. At first, Helen had tensed at the two Japanese beauties rubbing her feet, but as their massage techniques began to work into her tired feet, she began to relax and enjoy herself. The two Geisha whispered quietly to each other in Japanese as they pampered the blond businesswoman's feet. After five minutes, they let her feet dangle from the chair again and disappeared through the far panel again.

"Well, that was nice." Helen thought as she stretched her arms above her head. "I wonder if they have anything else in store for me." The two returned a moment later carrying a large desk. The Geisha were using all of their strength to move the heavy piece of furniture. They set it in front of Helen, allowing her to examine it as they disappeared through the door again. From her point of view, the portion of the desk she could see was
completely square with the exception of two small half circles hollowed out of the top. The desktop itself was padded and wasn't very wide, only about three inches, then it dropped of to nothing. About a foot back on the other side of her was a small bench.

Her two hostesses returned to her side carrying a small silk bag and another piece of wood, padded exactly like the desktop. Dropping the bag next to her the two returned to their respective ankles and guided them onto the desk, into the small half circles. They placed the other piece of wood over her ankles and fastened it down with two sturdy latches on both sides. When they were done they had effectively locked her feet into a very strong, yet comfortable pillory.

"Wait!" She exclaimed, forgetting they couldn't understand her. "What are you doing?" She sat up to reach for the sturdy latches that held her prisoner. The first Geisha laughed and smiled at her, speaking in a warm tone, while the other one picked up the silk bag. They stood beside her legs and each seized a wrist as Helen reached forward. The second Geisha held out a silk band to her cohort and the two quickly tied Helen's wrists together. They pulled her hands above her head and tied the loose end of the strong ribbon to the chair. She fought against all of her bonds but soon found she was helpless. She kept
talking to them, and soon found that not only did they not understand her, but also they were mocking her as she frantically tried to reason with them. She had decided to scream when the first girl cupped her hand over her mouth. Her scream was muffled as she watched the second Geisha knot up another silk band.

This one was wider and the knot was being knotted as large as a fist. The two soon forced the improvised gag into their captive's mouth, effectively silencing her cries for help. The two kept speaking to her, probably telling her what was coming next. The first Geisha knelt at her side and unbuttoned her navy blue blazer. The second seated herself on the bench on the other side of the desk, right in front of Helen's struggling feet. Unable to speak, Helen gave a pleading look to the girl at her side. Her entire body jumped as the girl at her feet dragged a sharp fingernail across her sole. Her pleading look turned to one of horror as she muffled a protest to the Geisha teasing her feet. The other girl held up both hands and began wriggling her fingers like claws. She slowly brought them down towards Helen's
sides as the blond struggled and squirmed. The vicious hands met their targets as the fingernails came into contact with the sensitive ribcage.

Helen's head arched back as her sides were subjected to the expert tickling of the Geisha.
The side tickling stopped. Helen had a moment to recover as the Geisha at her feet began to tickle both nylon stretched soles. The helpless blond's eyes grew wide with terror as the Japanese beauty tormented her feet with increased vigor than her rib-tickling counterpart. Her still muffled cries grew a bit louder. Soon the other torturer began softly scratching at her belly while using a free hand to search for ticklish spots on the inside of her knee.
Helen squirmed harder, expending what little energy she had left. Soon she was giggling without control. Within minutes, her strength left her and she ceased struggling. The Geisha noticed the blonde's strength leave her as well, as if on cue, the one by her side dipped her hands into the unprotected armpits and the one at her feet used one hand to spread her big toe from the others and the other hand to scratch between those toes.
Where no energy was before, renewed energy sprang forth from Helen's captive body.

It was pure torture. Helen prayed for the teasing to stop. She felt herself begin to lose control and she fought against her bonds frantically. She needed to get free and
compose herself. The two women had no sympathy for her. She felt the torture at her underarms began to slow, and then cease all together. She watched in desperation as the first Geisha reached a comforting hand under her skirt and searched out her womanhood. The first touches of the fingernails gliding across the smooth nylon panty were enough to send her over the edge. She would have lost control right then if the Geisha at her feet had not started tickling her sensitive sole viciously. It was enough to distract her for the moment. The two were engaging in an intentional tug of war over her body. Together they kept her on the edge of her orgasm for the better part of an hour. Finally even the grinding fingernails weren't enough to distract her. She felt herself let go. Growing extremely weak, she fainted.

She opened her eyes to see Miyoko, kneeling beside the chair. "Are you okay?" her Japanese friend asked. She looked around, to find no Geisha, no desk, and no gag. She wasn't sure if it had happened, but she did feel marvelous. "I feel great." She said
sleepily. "What exactly happened?" "Well," Miyoko blushed, "Keiko and Miho thought you were their 3:00 appointment." "I thought you said this was a catering business?"
"Well... that's almost true. I said they were in catering, but I meant they were into catering to people's needs. It's very reputable where I come from.

Tell me it didn't feel good." "It felt... Okay it felt good. I wouldn't mind being mistaken again." Helen said with a sly grin. "We'll see about that. Come on." Miyoko helped her from the chair. Helen's legs felt woozy as she stood. Together they walked to the first room. "Where are my shoes?" Helen asked looking down at her stocking feet. "Oh, Keiko's gonna keep those, as a sort of remembrance of you. I'll buy you a new pair, for right now, put these on." Miyoko gave her a soft pair of slippers to wear out to the car. Keiko and Miho met them in the garden. They both bowed to her and Keiko spoke to her in Japanese. "She is saying they are sorry for the mistake." Miyoko translated. "She hopes they did not offend you. She says..." "What? What did she say?" "Are you sure you want to know?"
"Yes." "She says, next time, hopefully you will have more stamina and make it more challenging for them. They kept your shoes as a symbol of an easy victory." Helen blushed at that, sending the two Geisha off giggling and speaking to themselves.

"Oh it's not so bad." Miyoko told her. "Come on, we've got work to do." "Why what's going on?" "My cousin has run away, and my aunt wants us to find her and talk some sense
into her." "That sounds easy enough." Helen said, following Miyoko out to the car.

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THIS IS IT! Thank You! thank you! and a million THANK YOU!

Its always good to read stories long forgotten. And this was one of those quite memorable stories I read.

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Great request, great response. Thanks.

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Fine story. :feets: New to me, too. :D