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Here's Part 3. It's a little longer than the first two but has tons more tickling and our heroine gets her first taste.

Despite my utmost objections, it seemed I was going to have to submit to my punishment or be found in contempt. If an hour of torture by two women was getting off easy, the penalty for contempt is not something I wanted to see even not knowing what it entailed.

Esmeralda led us to an expansive room with all types of bondage equipment and more tickle tools than I thought possible. Every few seconds Melody would look at me, grinning knowing I was powerless to avoid what was coming.

“Are you ready for this,” she sneered at me.

“You don't scare me,” I said honestly. “Someone with a title of Chief Interrogator does.”

After a few minutes wait, the person I was dreading walked in the door wearing a tight uniform which displayed her rather supple cleavage. Rayna was almost a spitting image of Melody, about 5-10 with long, natural, red hair. Instead of medals on her uniform were tiny feathers, something that worried me to no end.

“Sorry I'm late ladies,” said Rayna. “I was busy with a rather mouthy guard who needed some...extra attention.”

I don't know what made me more nervous, the glimmer in her eyes when she said extra attention, or that part of me wanted to find out what that meant.

“Now, since this is a minor infraction I'll go easy on you,” the Chief Interrogator exclaimed. “There's no need to tickle you senseless after reading the charges.”

Melody was about to voice her displeasure but quickly realized doing so might not be the best idea.

Rayna turned to Melody and said “Please prepare the accused for tickling, as you were earlier.”

With a malicious smile, each of my breasts were taken out of my dress. With plenty of fondling and a quick lick or two. I could only giggle knowing better than to object.

“Is this how you were dressed?” Rayna asked Melody.

“Yes ma'am,” she replied.

Standing in the back of the room was Esmeralda, who shot Rayna a quick glance.

“I'm sorry, but this is simply unacceptable,” Rayna said.

Melody frowned and began to cover up my breasts when she was stopped by Esmeralda.

“I think you've misunderstood my loyal officer's tone,” Esmeralda explained. “Even though the charges aren't severe, the accused must still be naked when tickled. It's the lightest sentence we give out.”

To say Melody's frown turned upside down was an understatement. Before I could blink, I was stripped naked. I cupped my hands across my chest to hide my embarrassment, having never been naked in front of so many women before.

“I must insist you uncover yourself Cassie,” Rayna said. “According to the charges, Melody's breasts were tickled in particular so as a result yours must be available to us at all times.”

I slowly unguarded them, knowing full well Melody would take great pleasure in giving my breasts extra attention. And, maybe, so would I.

Just when I thought things couldn't have gotten any worse. They did.

There was a knock on the door and after a quick conversation between Rayna and the party on the other side, in walked Tamara.

I knew this wouldn't end well for me, and Rayna confirmed my fears seconds later.

“It's come to my attention that there was another woman affected by the same incident,” Rayna added. “This increases the severity of the charges and punishment. You'll now be tickled for an extra hour, and like before the afflicted party has the right to hand out the sentence.”

“It's only fair,” Tamara said. “I was tortured by that guard while you just sat and watched.”

“I thought you were being held for espionage,” I asked Tamara. It was Esmeralda who spoke up next.

“Tamara has been cleared of all wrong doing,” she said. “Her friend Samantha, on the other hand, has yet to atone for her crimes.”

“I've been asked to join the Centari army as a recruit, an offer I'm sure will be extended to both you and Melody after your punishment,” she said before whispering “Until then, I'm going to enjoy the next two hours.”

Soon my arms were cuffed to the ceiling and my three ticklers began to circle me like sharks smelling blood in the water.

Esmeralda was the official time keeper, tipping an hour glass while clearly enjoying my sheer terror.

The first to strike was Tamara, who dug her fingers into my pits which resulted in a few guffaws escaping my lungs.

Next up, Rayna used her long hair to tease the tops of my breasts. It didn't so much as tickle as send strange sensations down my spine.

Finally, it was Melody's turn. Not to be outdone by Rayna, she too decided my DDDs had more than enough flesh to warrant double the tickling. With Rayna tickling the tops, she began to skitter her nails along the sides and undersides.

I couldn't help but laugh harder, with a mix of ticklishness and arousal at the same time. With Tamara working over my pits and the redhead twins my tits, I wasn't sure how long I could last. I just knew even if I couldn't I had no say in the matter.

“Remember what that guard did to my nipples,” Melody cooed in my ear. Before I could respond I felt her nails lightly pinch my nipples one by one.
As hard as I tried, I couldn't lower my arms while my upperbody was being terrorized by 20 anxious fingers and untold strands of hair.

Tamara used that opportunity to use her thumbs to dig into my hollows, working them over like I'd never felt.

“HHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I....can't....take....this,” was all that would come out of my mouth, when words were even an option.

At this point, my nipples were hard as ice, and I felt Rayna and Melody stop their titular assault. Rayna looked at the hourglass, and much to my dismay only half an hour had passed. It was enough time though that my breasts were so stimulated the faintest breeze was unbearable.

Which made what came next that much worse.

I had thought Melody and Rayna were done with my tits, they were merely regrouping. Each woman bent down and began licking my breasts, from the bottoms to the tops and back again.

“Your turn Tamara,” Melody said. The curvy blonde proceeded to pick up my left foot. My skeleton about jumped out of my skin when I felt her lips begin to pop each of my toes out and her mouth, one by one, over and over.

“HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH AHHHH,” words were useless at this point. I had two tongues licking all over my breasts while another was sucking my sensitive toes.

Lost in a state of tickle panic, I didn't even hear Esmeralda walk up behind me and grab hold of my right foot. It was a complete jolt to my system as I felt her tongue run like sandpaper over my sole.

“Glad you could join us,” Rayna said.

“I couldn't let you three have all the fun, could I,” she replied.

I was a sweaty mess at this point. Another 15 minutes had elapsed and out of my tear-filled eyes I saw Melody and Rayna, like clock work, stop licking and commence sucking on my rather large tits.

With each breath the two took, they engulfed more and more of my breasts into their mouths. Having four tongues sucking and licking my body was beginning to be too much. I began to moan from the pleasure of my tits being sucked.

“We got her right where we want it,” bellowed Melody, who was now flicking her tongue along my nipple. It was too much to take, as my body began to shake with the most powerful orgasm I'd had in my life.

The final sands of the first hour hit the bottom of the hourglass. All four of my tormentors stopped what they were doing, with the tingling sensations of their tongues and my climax still coursing through my body.

“Well, that went even better than expected,” Melody said to her cohorts. “Just think, we still have another hour to REALLY torture her.”

“W-w-what did you do that for,” I asked, wondering why they made me climax right at the proverbial buzzer.

“Oh, that's simple,” Rayna chimed in. “A woman is far more ticklish after an orgasm. And by the sounds of it, you're in for a real rough final hour.”

My heart went in my throat when she said those words. I had no idea how I'd endure what lay ahead.

All four women walked away to discus what was to come next, and when I overheard someone say how evil the plan was, I knew my end was near.

“Ok, here's what's going to happen,” Rayna said. “We'll give you a chance to only be tickled by Melody and Tamara for the full hour, OR by all four of us for just 30 minutes.”

Now it was my time to contemplate a strategy. On one hand, it would be pure torture to endure all 40 fingers on me but half the time. On the other, I might be able to withstand it more with only two of them. God, my trip to a renaissance fair went from which foods to eat into do I want to be tickled naked by ONLY two women.

“I'll take the full hour with just Melody and Tamara,” I said reluctantly.

“Wise choice, although I'm a little sad by it,” Rayna replied. “Forgot to mention, the full hour does come with a little extra.”

“Oh dear God,” I cried.

I wanted to ask what a little extra meant but I was quickly blindfolded so I couldn't see a thing and a gag shoved in my mouth.

“Now, if the tickling becomes too much just speak up real loud,” Melody said, barely holding back her laughter seeing as I couldn't make a sound even if I wanted to with a gag in my mouth.

Finally, I heard Esmeralda signal the beginning of my hour. After my pits, feet and breasts were exposed last time, my ticklers appeared to want to focus on new flesh.

Melody grabbed hold of my ribs, squeezing really hard from the start. Tamara, meanwhile, kneeled behind me, tickling the backs of my thighs.

I tried my best to giggle but it all came out garbled. Having my thighs tickled by Tamara was a nuisance, what Melody was doing was a lot more destructive. Each squeeze of my rib caused my breasts to jiggle, much to the delight of Melody and a very attentive audience of Esmeralda and Rayna.

Wanting to scream for mercy and not being able to was really taking it's toll on me when Esmeralda called out 15 minutes had passed.

I'd almost forgotten about Tamara when, growing bored of the backs of my thighs, worked her way up to my ample ass. She must have grabbed a feather duster because I kept feeling tiny feathers along my butt. Try as I might, I couldn't dodge the feathers.

Melody, not wanting to be outdone, procured a duster of her own which was now being applied to my extra-sensitive post-orgasm nipples. I began to almost bite through the gag and if Rayna and Esmeralda enjoyed my bouncing boobs before, they had to have been in heaven as they swayed back and forth.

“Let's crank this up another notch,” Melody told Tamara, who dropped her duster and was now running her nails from the bottom of my ass cheeks to the tops and back again.

Knowing it was only a matter of time before Melody stepped up my torture herself, I wasn't surprised when she removed my blindfold and gag only to see Rayna and Esmeralda standing to either side.

I took this opportunity to catch my breath before stammering out “Hhhahahehehehahahhehehhe NO NO THEY CAN'T TICKLE ME.”

“We wouldn't dare break the rules,” Esmeralda said although I hardly believed her. “We're just going to help Melody out a little bit keeping your mammoth breasts still.”

The two spectators turned volunteers each grabbed hold of one of my breasts while, much to my horror, Melody began rubbing what only could have been a type of baby oil to each breast and armpit. When they were well oiled, she concentrated all of her attention to my pits.

Esmeralda called out 30 minutes left, although I clearly felt nails skittering along the undersides of my breasts by both “volunteers”.

“HEY you....hahaahahahha....said you wouldn't.....tickle....meeeee,” I managed to squeak out.

“But we're not. Our nails are holding up your breasts. It's not our fault you keep jiggling them against our nails. Stop moving them and it'll stop tickling,” Rayna said back with an evil grin.

It was clearly all hands/nails on deck for my upperbody assault when I felt five more nails along my breasts before retreating to my sides.

I was now covered in sweat, my hair matted against my head from a four-way tickle attack directed at my worst spots. The thought ran through my head if I'd only let that guard tickle me instead of Melody it'd be her cuffed up right now. I don't know when, but she's going to get it.

“You're almost done Cassie,” Melody said as Esmeralda gave the signal another 15 minutes had elapsed.

Being nearly free was of little consequence when all I could think about were the sensations coursing through my body. I could barely laugh anymore from all the tickling which somehow got worse as the time kept ticking away.

With my punishment nearly complete, something happened which caused Rayna and Esmeralda stop in their tracks. Suddenly there was a loud smashing noise and what sounded like screams.

The Narn were attacking and had broken through the gates.

“Let's get to the war room immediately,” yelled Esmeralda, who jetted out of the room like a bat out of hell with Rayna in tow.

Before I could even grasp the situation, we were shocked to see Tamara's companion Samantha burst into the room moments after Esmeralda and Rayna had departed carrying a Centari shield and sword.

“Thank God, help us,” I screamed while still cuffed to the ceiling.

Samantha gave me little acknowledgment before grabbing Tamara's hand.

“Hurry, we have to go quick,” she cried. “Our allies are here and they're waiting for us outside.”

Son of a bitch, I thought to myself. They really WERE Narn spies.

“What took you so long,” Tamara exclaimed. “I've been here for almost 2 hours you should have been here before I even made it to this room.”

“Our raiding party got tied up, literally, before I was able to extract them,” her partner replied. “Any ideas what to do with these two?”

“I've got an idea,” Tamara said quickly before facing Melody and I. “I'm sorry about this.”

Those were the last words either Melody or I heard until waking up at a Narn encampment.

“I'm so glad you're awake,” Samantha said with Tamara nowhere in sight. “We've got some questions to ask you.”

As I looked over, I wasn't the only one tied up naked. Melody had joined my predicament.

“Tamara told me you're both ticklish, that'll make this much easier on me,” Our new captor said without a hint of remorse.

I think I've just gone from the fire into the frying pan.


Thoughts on the latest installment and where it's heading?

06-02-2015, 06:25 AM
Love it! Just waiting to findout what is under those dresses? Haha. The underwear reveal.

06-13-2015, 08:42 AM
Love it! Just waiting to findout what is under those dresses? Haha. The underwear reveal.

New chapter soon? This is a great story!

06-14-2015, 12:52 AM
I'm working on it. Sort of stuck at the moment as to how I want to continue honestly.