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Vacation Torment Part 6

You wake and open your eyes and start to choke and gasp on the oxygen tube.. You remember where you are... You see me watching you sitting by the bed..
Good morning Ms. Gomez, how are we doing this morning? Do you remember why your here? Just blink twice if you remember. You blink but then start crying.. Oh don't cry, I am here to take care of you. I take a tissue and wipe your tears..
You hear the rain and wind outside. I am sorry to tell you that we were going to move you by ferry to the mainland so we could have you seen by a specialist however the storms are severe today and I am afraid we can't chance sailing today.. I am afraid we have to do the best we can here for you.
Is that tube bothering you...try to relax you will be able to breath better.. You try to struggle but you can only move your feet..
So it's been along night, do you think you could eat something this morning. We will have to see how your breathing, hmmm should we try to take that out and see.. You blink twice again..
Okay before that we really want to check out and see if your still able to respond to touch. You open your eyes wide and you are already clenching your toes down. You try to shake your head no.. Try to speak again choking on the breathing tube..
It's okay Ms. Gomez no need to worry before we try.. So hold on I am going to tilt you back a bit. I tilt the bed up and walk to the foot of the bed.. Your feet are squirming as you anticipate my touch. Hmmm, that's not good, involuntary movement... That is concerning. You stop moving your feet. Okay now Ms. Gomez I am putting my hands on the bottom of your feet.. Can you push against my hands.. You try but you can't feel my hands.. Now you are worried because you can't feel my hands.. Your confused for a moment and with the shock of your situation, you question if you something has really happened to you.. I am actually not touching you but you can only see the ceiling being at this angle..
This is not good, we are going to give you extensive testing today. You are shocked when you feel my nails lightly brushing the stockings at your soles.. You suck in a deep breath.. Oh good you feel that a little.. Good, good. Let me try this. I rub my right nail up your instep.. Your foot clenches.. I run the nail along the pads under your toes.. Blink twice if you feel that...I am still tickling so you can't help but blink your your eyes rapidly.. Oh what does that mean.... I start running my nail up your left instep...and back down your arch.. You are clenching your feet as it is the only part of your body that can react.. Tickle, tickle... I am tickling both your feet intensely running figure eights all over your soles. Oh that is looking much better Ms. Gomez.. Do you mind if I call you Lili?? You blink twice. I start tickling both feet again.. You feel so helpless and you are trying not to laugh as it cuts the oxygen each laugh.. You feel the vibration from your feet move up to your clit and your nipples harden.. Oh how you want to squirm, struggling against the restraints.
Hmmmm amazing Ms. Gomez, I mean Lili, you appear very ticklish, despite the swelling on your spinal cord.. And well you certainly seem to have not lost sexual arousal. Look how you are responding.. I crank the bed so your feet are now level with your head. I then tilt it so are at a 45 degree angle on your side, Your left foot higher in the air. You seem to have a better response with your right side. Let me concentrate on your left foot.. I tickle your left arch with my right hand. My left had moves above your panties. Let's make sure that you have not urinated. No that seems good. I am tickling your left arch.. My left hand is ticking around your panty line then under finding your clit. Both my index fingers are circling with pressure your sole and clit. Your feet are flexing and you are laughing, sucking in air and gasping, I start to pulsate my hand on your clit as I drag my nail in circles on your left foot. Kootchie, kootchie, kootchie, koo. Your whole body strains against the restraints.. You shudder and your fluids gush out over my hand. You are gasping as your laughter chokes off the oxygen through the mouthpiece..
I turn the bed level.. So I think that will do for awhile we certainly need you to keep your strength up.. So I am going to clean you up first before we get you some breakfast.. I go to the bathroom and come back with a basin and wash cloth.. First you see me carry a bedpan and you are so embarrassed. I reach under you, and open the back rectal latch. I pull down your panties and I tell you it's okay to let go of your bladder. You try to hold back but you can't.
That's a good girl.. Don't hold it in. We don't want you to get a bladder infection. I go dump the pan and come back.. Let's leave this open for a minute. Unfortunately I can't remove the restraints.. We can't take any chances and have you move and have any other damage to your spine. I take the washcloth and slowly wash down your neck, slowly down each arm, down your chest to your belly. Then I start at the top of each leg and remove your stockings. I wash down each leg. Next I take each foot and slowly wash each foot.. Your nipples are erect again already and you convulse and slightly cum again.. Well there, there Ms. Gomez it seems that something is working well today.
I finish washing you going back up and cleaning your vagina and then reaching under and cleaning your rectum.. There you go Ms. Gomez.. Do you think you might be able to eat something.. That's a good girl blink twice if you want something. You blink and I leave you there for what seems like forever..
I come back in with a feta and tomato omlette and sausage links. The food smells delicious and you realize how hungry you are,,, Do you think your breathing might be better? Should we remove that tube? Okay I think that is a yes as you blink twice.. I take the mouthpiece out... And you take a deep breath and say thank you Dr. Christian. I wipe the drool off your mouth. And put the bed up so you are almost standing. I feed you breakfast.. I give you a big glass of juice and then wipe your face with a new warm wash cloth.. It feels so soothing.. And i ask you if you are breathing alright. You beg me to not put the oxygen back on..
Well Ms. Gomez I will let you rest while I go do dishes and check out the weather. You ask me to not leave you alone to long. I tell you i will be back to do more tests soon.. You lay there not sure if you want me to return but not wanting to be left there alone..
Lying there for what seems forever is torture.. You feel totally helpless and as always the fear that I will leave creeps back in.. You also are upset that you actually miss being touched by me... You hear the door open and you wish you could turn your head and see me..
I am at your side and before you know it i am placing another padded wide strap over your chest and screw it back in to the bed frame. IT is to hold you in even tighter in place as I am turning you upside down again. I make sure the head strap and chin cup are secure. I also place the bed so your head is down and your feet are up at a 45 degree angle again.. Okay as i told you we need to reposition you to avoid bed sores.. Okay lili?? You again plead , no Dr. Christian.. I am fine I need to see you.. Please..
Hmm I really do need to do a thorough exam.... Just awhile as we check out how your healing and what sensations you have on your backside.. We also want to see how your diaphragm is working when your not in an upright position.. If you can't stay calm, I might have to put the oxygen back in.
You beg me no and tell me just to do my exam and you will stay calm.. All you can see is my feet as I walk around the bed.. You take a deep breath as you see me move to your feet again.. Okay here we go again, Ms. Gomez... Please, please you ask me please call me Lili..
Okay, lili I need to check your feet again. But first i will have to put a new pair of thigh high stockings on. You really need support hose to avoid blood clots but we don't have any here on the island.. We will make do eith these... We will also do some flexing with your feet. We don't want any atrophy.... Use it or loose it.. Can you wiggle these toes again? Good now.. Tell me when I touch a toe and wiggle it for me.. I begin with your left big toe and you feel a light touch there. I then proceed to lightly run my nail over each toe. You try not to giggle as you wiggle each toe. As I touch each toe I sing this little piggy went to market, this little piggy roast beef, this little piggy had none and this little piggy went wee wee all the way home.. You start laughing.. Oh very good Lili, a sense of humor will help you heel. I start tickling each foot. Oh you want to move.. You can't breath well as being upside down makes it harder to breath deep.. Does the patient want to be tickled more?? You seem to get more range of motion when you wiggle your feet.. Tickle, tickle.. You try to struggle, your are feeling the pulsating on your feet up to your ****. Your anus is clenching and I can see your vagina doing the same. I continue to tickle your feet.. My left hand touches your buns. You realize that I never pulled your underwear up and a shiver runs through you.. God you want my hand in you... Your feet are being raped.. Me alternating my right hand on each foot nails sliding over your bare foot.. My left had reaches up and tickles your clit. I slide my finger back and circle your vagina.. I slip my finger in and then two then three. In and out back to your clit.. Back into you, then up your perineum with a big tickle then circling your anus.. My right hand in figure eights over each foot. You are straining, laughing, you are clenching your **** and your anus. You want to say no but you yell, yes Dr. Christian, yes I feel you, keep touching me.
Tickle, tickle. I lean over.. Patient Gomez can you feel me now.. I still tickle you but I bend over you and start to tongue your clit. Around in circle as I tickle your feet, my left hand in you as I lick your clit in circles in time with my fingers on your foot... I move my fingers to your anus. I lick inside your pussy and lick your perineum as I tickle your anus. You are laughing and fighting to breath and struggling to move. I breath and yell tickle, tickle as I finger your foot and anus. You are screaming yessssss. As I dive back in lick your clit again and then dive in your throbbing pussy, my fingers diving at your feet. You shudder as you cumm into my mouth.
Ohhhhhh god Dr. Christian,!!
Well, Lili, I think you are doing much better.. Hopefully on the road to recovery.. Let me turn you back over.. When I turn you back over I lay you level, you are gasping from the orgasm. Oh my maybe you need some help breathing again while I step out to get you some medication. You plead again... No it's for your own good Ms. Gomez, Lili!! Noooooo, as I kiss you deep then push the mouth piece back in and turn the oxygen back on. You shiver and i pull a blanket back over you. Please get some rest.. You need your strength for more tests and exercise later. I want you to be ready for a transfer tomorrow. I turnout the lights and leave you immobile, exhausted and scared that I will leave you.. I peak back in before i leave. Oh yes I forgot the specialist says we have to make sure that you are in complete control of your movements. Sometimes he says patients can see you moving and touching a foot or other body part. And the small part that does have sensation is reacting from a visual cue. Not touch. So for precaution we will have to adjust for that later. Be brave Ms. Gomez, lili you know you are in good hands.. I laugh as I shut the door again..

Part 7 will follow the end of the week....out of town next week


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mmmm my goodness Phehe...youve been a busy girl...I havent kept up with this series thought you were done....wow!