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06-04-2015, 12:44 AM
Without being too explicit, I thought I would make an attempt to psychic-ly tickle my fantasy 'lee.. Something I've always wanted to give a try :manicd:

I absolutely love to tickle feet, ribs, sides, and underarms.. in that order also I suppose

I'm a dedicated switch, and am equally comfortable in either role, but this story will focus on many of the things I dream of doing to her. It shall be written in the first to second person as much as possible, except where descriptive language is necessary.

This will be considered installment #1, and there will be more, oh so much more, to follow :bump:

So, let's just imagine that you are coming down to visit and spend a little time with me as my ticklish prisoner ;) say, a weekend getaway.

I know you like the beach, so I've booked us a holiday weekend at a nice inn at the seashore. We meet up and have decided to drive down to the shore together in one car- I'll take your bags for you and place them in the trunk with mine - Hey, no peeking! Want to venture a guess what's in those? It'll have to remain a surprise.

I open the passenger side door to let you in.

I go around the car, get in, seat-belt up, start the car, and ask if you have a music preference.

And.. Off we go! You're smiling already.

"You're going to love this beach, [your name here]. The sand is as soft as the sand looked in that picture you sent me of your vacation."

"I've been looking forward to it," you say.

Me: "There are places along the shore on that island that are remote and desolate, and you can basically do anything you want and no one would ever know or hear."

You: "Oh my, sounds like you found the perfect place."

Me: "Well, I don't expect there to be a ton of kids running around and being disruptive to anyone, not here.. this is more a place for couples to escape. I brought a shovel, maybe we can dig in the sand for 'treasure' hehe" *snicker

"Aw would you look at that- the traffic's backing up on the causeway..."

You: "I can't wait to get there"

Me: "I think you'll like the layout of the rooms, and they all have private balconies facing the ocean. The motor lodge has 2 lounges, one of which becomes a night club for the late night crowd.. therefore any noise we have going on will likely go unnoticed hehe. Trust me lol I have thought everything through."

You: "Now what sort of noise would we make?" ;)
"Sounds like we're going to have a great time. Have you been there before?"

Me: "Yes, but not in a very long time. It's kind of high-end, so I only do this on super special occasions."

You: "Well I'm glad I qualified as such a special occasion... So do you have it all planned out or just play by ear?"

Me: "I figure I'll show you some really nice restaurants we can go to, if you're up for seafood. Or, we could get up early and catch the fishing boats to see what's biting and just kind of wing it. What's your preference?"

You: "Just wing it."

Me: "I like how you think. Speaking of winging it, let's pull in this LQ and pick up a couple libations for later on.. I suppose you like Barefoot wine?"

You: "Haha that will work

Me: "Well, we're just about there.. this place is only a few more blocks away.. I hope there's a parking spot."
(As I notice you looking around) Lovely around here, isn't it?"

You: "Very."

Me: "Glad they have express check-in, I'll just pull up right in the front, show my ID, and they'll hand me the key to our luxurious getaway suite."

You: "You make it sound wonderful."

Me: "Be right back, okay? Because I'm sure ours is out on the other end of the building, so we'll want to drive down and park closeby.

(When I return) Are you ready? Okay, let's go. We're on the 2nd floor, way down there."

You: "I'm glad we're away from the busy front of the hotel."

Me: "Me too. By comparison this will be a remote location. There is hardly anything better than getting up-close parking too, especially with so much luggage to carry. In fact, I'm going to back in.

(As we get out you walk back and ask if I need help carrying stuff in)

Me: "You don't have to do that, but I do appreciate it."

You: "Well thank you, I'll at least get mine."

Me: "Well they didn't locate an elevator this far down, but I'm okay with the steps hehe. Fair trade. Here we are. This is it."

(We walk in and both take a look around)

Me: "What a view."

You: "You have good taste in hotels."

Me: "Why thank you. So, what's the first thing you'd like to do? Glass of wine? Check out the seashore, or something else?"

You: "Oh, there's only one thing I've really been looking forward to, why don't I slip into the restroom and change and you show me some of the stuff in your bags?"

Me: "I like the sound of that- A lot! I'll be waiting right here for you, I'll just prepare a few things awhile so they're ready, in the meantime..."

Like these 2 freshly poured glasses of Barefoot Moscato.. And.. Like this 4-point harness, have to slip this under the mattress.

You slip away to the bathroom and "touch up your makeup", change into a red sleeveless dress, tight fitting top, a little looser skirt, black fishnet pantyhose, and heels- very open ones with just a couple of straps, and then you come back in.

You: "You said you had a thing for fishnets, right?"

Me: "Dynamite! You remembered" :)
You really look beautiful, [your name here]

You: "Thank you"

Me: "I wonder how much I can make your makeup run ;) but in the good way, of course"

You: "Hahah, well, let's find out!"

Me: "May I help you onto the bed and into the position I'd like to start you out in?"

You: "Why thank you. What position is that?"

Me: "I think for starters, we're going to have you lie face down on your stomach... Because I have an interesting twist that you may enjoy."

You: (smiling) "Oooooh"
(You then crawl to the middle of the bed and lie on your stomach)
(As you do this I am adjusting the straps on the 4 point harness to about the lengths we'll need them, and as you're settling in, I am readying the other straps, ropes, and connectors that I've pulled from my bag.)

You: "Spread eagle? Glad you got a king sized bed, I like being really stretched out."

Me: "Not quite spread-eagle.. I've got a last minute change-up regarding that, teehee... We'll get to that though. You will be stretched at opposite corners.. as in your left arm and your right leg. However, your right arm and your left leg will be joined in the middle, as in a half-way hogtie crossover. "

You: "Interesting."

Me: "I believe this will confuse your mind and instantly raise your sensitivity levels. And this restraint will also be incorporated into the harness by ropes and connections so that you're not flopping all over the place.. we wouldn't want that."

You: "Of course not"

(As this is our first session together, I don't yet know how violent your reactions are/can get, no sense taking chances)

Me: "Comfy?"

You: "Yes."

Me: "Now, about these heels you have on.. while they may remain for the moment, they eventually will have to be removed... One question though..

You: "What's that?"

Me: "I know you think you know what that question will be, but I'm not asking that one yet.. This question is about your heels- Should I loosen the straps now, or wait until I'm ready to tickle you on your fishnet-clad feet and toes? Hahaha!

Now I can ask you the other question"

You: "Ok"

Me: "Um, [your name here]- Are you ticklish??! :manicd:

(Not wasting a second to allow you to answer, I immediately start tickling your sides and ribs using just my fingers)

You: lol "Of course! Hahahhahahahahh

(You rock side to side laughing out loudly)

Me: "You reacted so instantly I did not expect that.. My, you really are a ticklish one aren't you?!"

You: "Very.."

(I allow my left hand to drift up toward your completely exposed and helpless underarm and tease the delicate skin in and around the hollows)

You: "Ooo o o o ooo... Ooo o o hhheheeeee"

(Just before getting in there really good, poking prodding, firmly, but not so much as to hurt.. while keeping the action going on your sides with the other hand)

Me: "I might be tempted to see if I can make you lose it."

You: "Haaaahhahahaha... What do you mean by lose it?"

Me: "Oh I could just tickle you for hours... especially after discovering how ticklish you are hehhe"

You: "Ohho ho ohh ohhhh"

Me: "You mention that your thighs are a good target spot... and here they are, looking so nice, so ready, so inviting dressed in their fishnets..
How do they like to be squeezed?" :neenerneener:

(What I'm going to try now, is a key spot on every woman I've ever met.. And it will be hard for you to block, you can try.. I'm going to reach my spidering fingers in toward your neck, hehe

You: "Hhehehe
(You're trying to lean your head toward my hand)

Me: "Yeah, I almost instinctively knew you'd like that, there's nothing more fun than a really ticklish tickle-toy. Or, "tickle-slave", as I like to refer to them from time to time ;)
Well now that you are warmed up, I've been allowing you to wait and dread your feet being touched.. a buildup. Hope they've been awaiting my touch- Here goes..

(A careless, casual finger across the back of your heel -at the achilles heel- just below the strap, and another at the tops of your toes)

You: "Hehe", you giggle lightly, flicking your foot.

Me: "This is only the beginning.. I love how ticklish your feet are :) and the look of the fishnets."

You: "I thought you would."

Me: "And the feel of your skin there under my fingers"
(the one that is tied at your back to your right arm, so that would be your left foot-

I'm wiggling my pointer finger into your fishnets, under the fabric and onto the sole of the same left foot- while you're still wearing your shoes)

You: "Hahahhaheehee!" giggling, waving your foot around...

Me: "Okay, time to undo the strap on this heel.. I can't wait anymore to torture this cute little foot!"

(As it comes off, I continue to tickle and cover more and more area)

(You are wiggling your toes as it comes off)

You: "Hhahahhahahhaha!!" (You are now waving your foot back and forth as I do this)

Me: "Oh, hello toes! :) We will have to see what sorts of toys I have that will keep the valleys between your toes entertained in a bit, but not yet... Right now I'm enjoying tickling your soles
(And, although you can't see I'm about to surprise you with a behind the knee tickle attack)

You: "OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH hahahaahaha!!!"
(Jumping as I move there)

Me: "If you could see yourself bouncing.. If it were not for these secure ties, parts of you would leave the bed as you do it!"

You: "Hahhahaaaahahha!"

Me: "Now that's funny.. Tickle, tickle [your name here] Heheeh

You: "Ooooonoonononoo!!!"

Me: "Yesssss, You and I both know how much you looooooovee to be tickled."

You: "mmhmmm Hhahaaaahahahahha

(While you're bouncing like this, I may be able to get a hand under you and get your belly... Here let's try it. I get the back of your knee, you bounce, and let me in so I can get your belly hehe)

You: "Oooohhhhhhhahhahahahhahhaahaha!!!

(You are laughing louder, more intensely, and starting to sweat from struggling)

Me: "Omg you are soooooo ticklish, aren't you??!

You: "Yeeeeesssss!!"

Me: "Awesome."

(I'm skipping directly down to your right foot now, and instead of teasing I'm just taking your shoe right off so I can tickle the bottom your foot in the manner that it requires)//...

***definitely to be continued...

06-25-2015, 03:34 PM
It seems that we have hit something of a snafu in our around-the-world tickle adventure, as I did not realize the extreme sensitivity and ticklishness of your feet is even far more intense than you originally described... This being our first session together and all. Not that I don't love it, mind you..

In fact, it knocks me out that your most ticklish spots are your feet!

It did not take long at all to notice:

Your laughter until you have expelled all your air, and struggling against your binds: the bucking, the begging, your face turning flush and mouth wide open, sweating, your eyes squeezed shut and feet scrunched as tightly as they could possibly go - all indicators to me that this is too much, too fast for you. A person with your level of ticklishness needs to be carefully, methodically and incrementally brought into more intense tickle torture scenarios, gradually, and not all in one session. You haven't the experience under bondage to withstand this and it is evident. It could actually take months to get you worked up to the point at which you would be fully ready to incorporate a strict bondage program into your play. In plain terms, you're too ticklish for your own good! Heehee. Consider yourself fortunate that I wouldn't be a complete sadist and exploit this discovery for my own pleasure :P

I began to pity your helpless situation, and decided to release you from your bondage- under conditions, of course. (hey, I do have a heart). You are to be commended for your daring spirit and willingness to try something you aren't yet quite ready for -- (Trust me, I do that sort of thing all the time, I'm just as impatient as you in plenty of regards, and from time to time need to remind myself to be more patient with the things life throws at me).

The conditions are that you don't scream while you are being tickled, only laugh. Laughter is the only acceptable response for this session. Although, the begging is wonderful as is the remarking of how much it tickles. Also, you must keep your feet still, as I don't particularly fancy being kicked in the chin, heheh. I'm trusting that you will have the willpower to comply, for if you do not, you will be placed back in your bondage and we will step you up one level. *(not really, that's just the threat)*

I have never before seen anyone with feet as ticklish as you have.. It's no wonder you have always said you would lose in a tickle-fight. I'm in awe of you, and because we have all the time in the world to play with each other, and I hope you'll agree, I am of the opinion that we should both make the very best of it that we can.

As excruciatingly ticklish as you are on the bottoms of your bare feet, I am quite intrigued with the idea of the kind of damage my tongue could do on your soles and your toe-stems, as well as in those lovely toe-valleys. Oh how I imagine you would be happily laughing away... :writersblock: