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Hi there. LordMod helped me to find that great story back, thanks again to him.
It's from the great Duke Diablo on TickleTheater : http://www.tickletheater.com/showthread.php?t=39025 .

Duke Diablo :
Well, here is a thingy I wrote. It's f/f only, and it contains mature language and explicit situations, sex scenes etc. So, if you're offended by such READ NO FURTHER

Rest of you, hope you enjoy. It has been a while since I last wrote any tickling-related stories so hope it's not too bad.

This was going to be too easy, Esuniel thought as she quickly scanned the temple's surroundings and it's guardians... if you could call the few elven priestesses sitting in the temple's entrance vincinity guardians. She looked at them. Thinking they were so safe in that enchanted glade of theirs, with woods as their only protection. Esuniel didn't realize why no one from her guild wanted to take this job. No one applied for it since it was posted on the guild's billboard. When she came to talk to the petitioner, he told her he was about to loose hope of anyone applying for the job in the first place. He was a bit surprised, though, that Esuniel, an elf, would steal from her own kin, temple of her race's god. But she didn't care. Old elven gods meant nothing to her, being born and raised in a human city... by humans, no less, which left her an orphan before she could mature. The period of orphanage was a time when she learnt her craft as a thief. It was a thing she was really good at, using her natural grace and agility to quickly sneak in and out of people's homes, pockets and anywhere else she would put her greedy hands. The Guild of Thieves of Trellor quickly saw her talent and accepted her as one of them, as their equal. Esuniel was thankful to them for such honor, for thieves of Trellor were famous throughout the whole Tannar peninsula. To be accepted into the guild was a dream for every thief from the great city of Nalmund, where she grew up, to the southern reaches of the great Ironstone mountains, home of the Ironstone clan. That is why Esuniel firmly decided she won't fail this one. True, she had been the member of the guild for only a few months, but she didn't want to disgrace her guild... and herself in their eyes. That is why she stayed on her toes, despite the obvious ease of the task. The little pampered tramps were paying as much attention to guarding the temple as an elephant would to an ant. True, the glade did resound of mighty magical energies, that much she sensed, and that is the only reason she decided to remain cautious. Magical traps and wards were common things in temples, and they were to be expected, especially in the temple of Telunis, elven godess of magic.
Gathering her wits and making a final check on traps, the elven thief snuck into the temple, easily avoiding sighting by careless temple guardians in the front. As she passed the front doors, Esuniel gloated for a brief moment, again thinking how stupid the guardians in the front were, and then vanished into the shadows again. This temple was begging to be robbed.
Sneaking past a few traps, Esuniel searched the temple, room by room, searching for valuables to steal. What she found in most of the room were sleeping priestesses, with nothing of real value. This somehow put her in a bad mood, but she didn't care. The reward for the main treasure... the scepter of the Goddess, was enormous. The petitioner offered whatever price she wanted just as long as she would take the job. Even the advance was huge... she could afford an early retirement just from that, she knew. But, she wanted the rest, and she didn't intend to smirk her professional reputation. That is why she pressed on through the dark halls of the temple, looking for the room where treasure could be found.
Bingo, she thought as she finally found a beautifully adorned door at the very end of the hall. Deep down inside, she knew this was where her treasure was. She opened them silently, looking around the room. This was too easy, she told herself, getting up to make one last trap check. And then she left the room, closing the doors behind herself.
«What the...», she started, confused, but found out that she couldn't finish the sentence. She tried to return back to the room, but her body didn't allow it. She was slowly walking away from the room where her loot was located, confused. She tried her best to fight it, but to no avail. Her body acted like it had a mind of it's own. Whatever she would try was useless, as she slowly approached one of the rooms where she didn't look yet. It was a spell, she knew. They got her after all. But when? When did they realize she was here? She was certain she didn't alarm anyone. Those were her thoughts as she was approaching the doors. However, as she opened the doors, those thoughts were quickly replaced by new ones: ones of fear and terror, as she beheld the lonely contraption that dominated the small room. It was a large wooden device, made up from a tall pole, coming out from the floor and ending up at the ceiling, with a pair of manacles loosely hanging from the top. The pole was attached to a pair of stocks with a board large enough so a person can comfortably sit there. Thinking on what terrible tortures waited for her there, Esuniel fought her hardest to retain control of her body, to somehow run away from all of it. What her body did, though, was that it slowly started removing her clothes. Esuniel was frantically fighting for control, panicking. She was bound by some kind of spell, she knew. But she also knew she wasn't going down without a fight. Too bad for her that anything she tried just wasn't enough. The spell held her, and soon, she was completely naked, her clothes neatly folded next to her.
Ok, now you got me, Esuniel thought. She wanted to shout it out, but she couldn't even move her lips any more. She was terrified. What kind of tortures do they have in store for her? The pictures of hot coals, various knives and blades and whips went rushing through her head. If she still had such luxury, she would shiver. However, all she could do was to watch herself come to the restraining device, lifting the stocks lid and sitting on the wide board. Then, her body put her feet in stocks, carefully tying her toes back to the stocks with ten small, but gentle strings. Esuniel was panicking now. What were they planning to do with her? These crazy priestesses must know some horrible methods of torture she wasn't even aware of, she thought. But, she decided that, whatever they do to her, she won't talk. No. She couldn't betray the guild. With these thoughts in mind, Esuniel continued to watch herself bind... well, herself. She was now done tying her waist to the pole. All that remained were manacles, in which she put her hands in. Now, she was completely immobilised, she figured, with her hands high above her head, her waist tied to the pole, and her feet securely placed in stocks. But, at least now her body was back under her control. However, she still wasn't sure if she should rejoice or tremble with fear.
«All right, you got me now», she shouted out. «Do as you like.»
She waited to see if there would be any response. Nothing. She waited some more, convincing herself that she can take anything those priestesses could dish out.
Finally, the doors opened, and, one by one, four elven priestesses silently entered the room. All of them were beautiful, Esuniel found herself thinking, but so silent. She looked at them defiantly.
«Do with me whatever you wish, but I won't talk», she shouted at them. None of the sisters replied. They completely disregarded her remark, starting to place themselves around the room slowly. Why were they so slow, Esuniel asked herself. Finally, and without a word, two of them knelt before her feet, one sat down on her legs, standing face to face with the thief, and the last one went behind her.
That was it, Esuniel knew. Whatever were they planning on doing to her, they were going to start it now. She could feel their fingers reaching out for her skin. The long fingernails of the two maidens at her feet were already touching her soles, tickling her slightly. Why did she have to be so ticklish, Esuniel thought for herself. Then, as she felt the fingers of her other two tormentresses touch her waist (one from the front), and her armpits (one from the back), did she realize that her ticklishness is going to be more of a problem than she first imagined. Oh, no! They were going to tickle her.
«Oh no!», she screamed as loud as she could, before she was shut up by the voice of her own laughter. The fingers started moving all over her ticklish, sensitive skin. Esuniel, who was very ticklish, even for an elf, started to laugh as loud as her lungs would let her. These girls knew their craft well. Even one would be enough to drive the poor Esuniel crazy, but now there were four of them. And she couldn't even move a slight bit to stop them. Her feet, securely tied so she couldn't even twitch a toe were in hands of two skilled tormentresses. One was using her long fingernails to scratch her soles, using one hand to tickle the balls of her feet and the other to tickle her right above the heel. Those ten fingers dancing on her soles were an agony to Esuniel, her left foot tickling like mad. The other one, working her right foot, used long strokes, from balls of feet all the way to the end of the heel, and back. With the other hand, she tickled Esuniel's tender, ticklish toes. She would tickle between them, one by one, extending Esuniel's tickling agony to the right foot.
The ones tickling Esuniel's torso were as merciless as her feet tormentresses. The one tickling from the backs mercilessly dug her slender, agile fingers into the brown-haired thief's skin, wriggling them quickly to produce the feeling of intense tickling. However, probably worst of all was the one tickling her from the front. She had a large area to tickle, her for the picking. And she did. She tickled Esuniel all over her torso, except for the armpits. She would tickle her on her sides, on her belly, and when Esuniel would try to move them, the priestess would start tickling her breasts and neck.
Esuniel was going through hell. These women were masters of tickle-torture, it seemed. But, she was too proud to break. Let them tickle all they want, but she won't break.
«HAHAHAHAHA... IIII-HIHIHIHIHI... I-HIHIHIHIHAHAHAHA», she tried to shout out that she will never talk, but she couldn't. The tickling was so intense all she could do was laugh. After a few unsuccessful tries to shout threats and curses, Esuniel gave up and started to save her strength. She could already feel it slolwly draining from all the pulling at the bonds and trashing... if those few moves her bondage allowed could be called trashing. However, she decided, no matter how hard the torture, she would never break. She didn't want to disgrace herself. Broke under torture. What kind of a professional would she be?
An hour of torture passed, but to Esuniel, each second seemed to last an eternity. Her captors were masters of tickling, she knew. By this time, she was already exhausted, her body covered in sweat. Even her laughter let up a bit, her lungs too exhausted. She felt her heart pounding like it was going to burst out from her chest. Her will wasn't as strong as it was before, and during the torture she barely held herself from telling them everything they wanted to know. But, she endured, thinking about her guild, and her honor. Now, she even felt them letting up the torture a bit. They must be quitting already, she thought. And, she guessed she was right, as the tickling stopped for a while. Esuniel was breathing heavily, exhausted and covered in sweat, but still defiant.
«Do...», she said, trying to catch breath, «Do with me as you like, but I'll never talk.»
The priestesses said nothing. They just offered some food and water to her. Esuniel was really thirsty. She accepted the water, but rejected the food. Esuniel was gloating. They put her through a really nasty torture, but she endured. And, she will endure as long as it would take to break free.
«What goes next?», she taunted them. «Giving up already? I was just getting warmed up.»
The two priestesses who were at her feet looked one at another and smiled. Again, slowly and silently, they approached Esuniel's bare soles, kneeling next to them. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, provoking them, Esuniel thought. However, she didn't let any doubt to be seen on her ever-so-defiant face. She was prepared for what came next, for their cruel fingernails. Also, this time it was just the two of them, not the whole quartet. However, seeing what they were doing this time made Esuniel jump and straighten out in her bonds. The girls started to lick her soles, from heel to toes, sending Esuniel back into laughing frenzy.
«HAHAHAHAHA... AAAHAHAHA... Perverted.... HAHAHAHA.... Perverted bitches!... HAHAHAHAHA!!!», Esuniel barely managed to throw an insult, but it didn't affect them much. They continued to lick as if nothing happened, visibly enjoying themselves. It was the first time Esuniel saw any of them show any emotions. The one who was behind her first time sat down on her knees now and started licking her lips. Esuniel didn't even want to start imagining what she will do to her. Much to her surprise, the girl started to tickle her nipples, making Esuniel do everything she could to escape her. The licking and nipple tickling all tickled, but, in some way, they also felt so good. Esuniel cursed her position now. Tortured and raped by some perverted priestesses. Why did she have to have such bad luck? It just wasn't fair, she thought. Also, the fourth one was coming in her direction, now. Getting behind her this time, she pulled Esuniel's long, wavy brown hair back and, efficiently pinning her head so, started tickling her exposed neck. Esuniel was lauging and crying at the same time. She was really scared now. All that talk about honor and not telling them anything wasn't that important now. There, in that small room, surrounded by four women who did everything they wanted to her because they could, the thought of talking started to form in Esuniel's head. In the beginning it was small, but as minutes of ticklish agony passed, it slowly grew and grew. However, she decided, if she passed all this torture so far, it would be stupid to break now. And so she decided not to talk, no matter how long or hard they torture her.
Just as she made that decision again, chasing away the thought of telling her captors everything, confessing in exchange for mercy, the one tickling her neck slowly let her hair go and stopped tickling her neck. Slowly, she slid her hand between Esuniel's legs.
Not there, Esuniel begged in her mind as she suffered the other girl's ticklish torments, lauging as hard as she could after all that tickling. However, she recieved no mercy. The girl used her one hand to open up her pussy, tickling her exposed, swollen clitoris with the other. Esuniel released one more outburst of clear, frantic laughter, fighting for strength to beg her captor to tickle her somewhere else. She felt really embarrassed, being turned on by what was supposed to be torture. But it was torture, she knew. She was still being tortured, tickled to insanity. The girls at her feet finally stopped licking, but they started to nibble on her long toes instead. This didn't tickle as much as the long licks across her soft, sensitive soles, but it still made Esuniel go crazy with laughter.
However, new threat came in addition to laughter and the sensation of tickling: a warm, sensual feeling started to form in Esuniel's crotch, making her blush a little. Indeed, this torture had a soft, sensual touch to itself, caressing her erogenous zones (mostly in the second part, though). She felt hotter and hotter as the torture continued, becoming more and more embarassed. Why was she letting this happen? Why was she so clearly turned on by their skillful fingers and tongues? Well, she thought, even if she did come, she still wouldn't tell them anything. Trying to embarass her into telling them... nice try, but it won't work.
Almost as if they could sense her thoughts, the girls increased the tempo of tickling, making Esuniel squeal even louder, and sending new waves of pleasure throughout her body. Every last one of her erogenous zones was very sensitive by this time. She knew she was about to reach her peak, and discovered that the flooding of her tormented crotch displayed it all too well. Well, there was no use hiding it now. She had to endure it to the end, which, she sensed, wasn't far. She was already very close to orgasming. Her nipples were so hard and sensitive now that she didn't even try to run from tickling. Instead, she tried to get them closer to priestess tickling them. There was it now, she could feel it. She decided to try and hold it as long as she could, since she didn't know what would they do to her once she came. However, the two girls working on her torso suddenly stood up again, leaving the foot-girls to return to licking her soles again. Esuniel cursed in her mind, still laughing as hard as her exhausted lungs would let her. Every muscle in her body hurt by this time, exhausted by long pulling at the bonds and laughing. Also, the skilled tongues of the priestesses working on her soles didn't allow the pleasure to diminish. Her crotch was still flooding, herself on verge of orgasm. So close and yet so far, she thought. The tickling/licking continued for some time, keeping Esuniel on the edge all the time. This was even worse than tickling. She figured out this must be the method of torture as well: not letting the victim cum. But, she had made up her mind long ago. And again, she repeated to herself: no matter how hard they torture her she won't talk. She kept repeating it to herself in her head over and over again. However, each time it sounded more and more silent, as last drops of strength were leaving her body. Her laughter was reduced to quick giggling by this time, and her wet feet were completely relaxed; she didn't have any strength left to fight. Only her strong willpower kept her from telling them everything, and even that seemed to be breaking quickly under the skillful licks all across her soles. The girl's wet tongues felt like hell, tickling and arousing the captive at the same time. The priestess working on the left foot started using quick, cat-like licks, often licking toes and between them, to try and get even more squeals and increase the intensity of her ticklee's giggles. Esuniel rewarded her efforts with higher-pitched giggle. Where she got the strength for it, however, eluded her.
After around ten minutes of torment, insane tickling mixed with lust for orgasm that never came closer, but didn't go further away neither, Esuniel was ready to break. Just as she was thinking about telling them everything, a tall, blonde priestess came in. Unlike others, she was wearing a tiara, signaling her as a head priestess. As every other woman in the room, this woman, too, was exceptionally beautiful, her beauty coming from unearthly grace. The two girls who weren't torturing their prey bowed. The woman gave them a sign to rise, kissing each on the forehead.
«Telunis be with you, sisters.» The woman turned to Esuniel. «Is that her?»
«Hehehehehe... I'll... hehehe... never talk... hehehehe», Esuniel barely said. However, she asked herself, for how long would she continue like that? Her feet really couldn't take it any more. Her whole body was exhausted, and she was getting desparate to achieve orgasm. Right now, talking didn't seem like such a bad idea. She knew they could do this to her for a very, very long time, and that she would break sooner or later. She just couldn't take it any more. All of her strength was long gone, each movement... each giggle hurt, and her captors didn't seem to be running out of ideas. The two girls licking her feet seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot. The head priestess seemed amused as well.
«Telani and Luvien are doing such a good job», the woman said, complimenting the two girls who were still busying themselves with Esuniel. «How long have they been at it?»
«Oh, we just began, your grace», the one who was tickling her crotch replied. «We have only been torturing her for less than two hours.»
Only began? Esuniel froze in fear. To her, it seemed like an eternity has passed, and if anyone asked her, she would reply she was tortured for days and would be sure of it... but less than two hours? This really upset... and scared her. She felt her will and spirit being completely broken. She didn't feel any shame any more. Her honor, and that of the guild all seemed so distant. All that mattered was to stop the unbearable torture.
«I'll talk!», she finally broke. «Hehehehe... I confess! I... hehehehe... I work for...»
The head priestess shushed her, putting her finger on Esuniel's mouth.
«Don't worry... I know.» She smiled. «Poor child... didn't anyone tell you? I took all the information from your head when I took control of your body to get you here. We aren't doing this for information... we do this to punish you. We will be done soon, don't worry... done for today.»
Not for information? Just for punishment? These words crushed Esuniel like a giant hammer. All this time she thought this a matter of pride, thinking why don't they ask anything. The thought of someone using magic to dig through her memory never crossed her mind. What kept her defiant for so long in this torture was the very fact that somewhere, deep inside, she knew she could end it, but that it was her decision, and her decision alone to bear it. Now, that hope was crushed. She wasn't enduring this prolonged torture of her own free will. She was doing it because she had to, and there was no escaping it... not of her own will, at least. Esuniel would normally curse them all with the juiciest curses she learnt on the city streets, but now her will was completely broken. There, under the torturous touch of two tickling tongues, Esuniel pushed aside all of her former pride and courage, dismissing them, and started to beg.
«Pleaseeehehehe! Have meeehehehercy!» Her pride, her guild, her task, all seemed so meaningless now. All that mattered was stopping this torture... and reaching orgasm. However, the head priestess was merciless.
«Girls», she called out to the other two. «I think it's time for a little change in shift.» She turned to Esuniel and her two tormentresses.
«You know the drill... but be careful. You got her in just the right mood now. Don't want her to loose it, do you?»
Without a word, the girls changed shifts, one by one. First, the two ones still standing approached the ones still 'working' and, one by one, they changed shifts. As soon as one would stop licking, other came in to take her place, and thus, Esuniel didn't even feel the change. All she felt were the sensations of relentless, merciless tickling and of coming orgasm.
The torture went on for what seemed an eternity to Esuniel. No matter how hard she begged, or how exhausted she became, her captors didn't show any mercy. Finally, when Esuniel knew she couldn't take one more second of it, the girls made way for the head priestess to come closer to her.
«All right, child», she said. «It's enough for today.»
Esuniel had enough for her life, but she was thankful for them for stopping in the first place. To her surprise, the head priestess stayed when the other four priestesses left.
«No... please... no more...», the quiet, whining begs were all Esuniel could muster.
«Don't worry, my child, I won't torture you any more», the priestess said, placing her fingers on Esuniel's crotch. Much to her surprise, it was still craving for attention. «I put a spell on you to keep this little place hot... it wouldn't be fair to keep you on the edge for so long, and not let you experience the ultimate pleasure.»
Saying that, the priestess started licking Esuniel's crotch. It felt so good, Esuniel thought. The woman was a very skilled lover, it seemed. In what seemed seconds, Esuniel reached her peak. Arching her backs and closing her eyes, she let out a loud moan as felt herself leaving her body for a few seconds. Each second seemed like an eternity of sweet sensations, denied to her for so long. When it ended, Esuniel had a short moment to see the priestess beautiful, wet face smiling compassionately. Then, she fainted.
When she came to, she was chained again, but this time to a different contraption. Her hands were still chained to her head, but her legs were spread wide, each foot tied to an opposite side of a long pole, exposing her intimate parts.
Damn. Wasn't it enough for them to rape her once, she asked herself. She saw her clothes were so close to her. They were provoking her, she knew. So close, yet she can't reach them. Esuniel cursed silently, looking for a way to escape. She knew it was going to be hard, but she wasn't going to give up. She wasn't about to become a tickle-toy of some horny priestesses. No. She decided to fight, not to give up until she finds a way out, or goes crazy from the torture.
She was brought back from her thoughts by a sound of doors opening. Someone was coming in. Esuniel looked up to see another priestess come in. Her hair was blonde, like the high priestess' one, but this one had curly, not straight hair. She was carrying some food and water. Before, Esuniel would reject both, but she knew she was going to need strength to get out and endure the tortures they had in store for her, so she decided to eat quietly. However, soon she found out that she didn't have much of a say in the matter, being that her captors took her over by magics again. She was gulping the food thankfully, and when she finished, the priestess took out a feather.
«No... please... not again», Esuniel begged. She decided to beg as hard as she could... if that would save her even an ounce of strength, if it made even one sister a bit sympatethic to ease her suffering, then, she mused, it would be worth it. «I beg of you... if you know mercy... don't tickle me, please.»
The priestess looked her in the eyes and an evil grin appeared on her face.
«Suffer, thief», she said as she started running the feather across Esuniel's ticklish soles. It drove her crazy. Feather was slowly going up and down her ticklish soles, from heels to toes. Sometimes, it would stop to explore the area between her toes. Esuniel tried to wiggle her toes to catch the feather, but the priestess would just pull her toes back and continue the tickling.
«HAHAHAHAHA.... STAHAHAHAHAHAP!! PLEEHEHEHEASE!!!», Esuniel begged, but it didn't help. The girl continued to tickle her soft, tender, beautiful soles, showing her no mercy.
The priestess continued to tickle Esuniel's right foot until she thought one more stroke of the feather would kill her. Esuniel was laughing hysterically through all that time, begging her to stop. Then, the torturer did stop, allowing the exhausted thief to catch some air.
«Please... I'll do anything...», Esuniel used this pause as a chance to try and soften the girl's heart, «...I'll do anything you say, really... just please... stop.»
The girl looked insulted.
«Hmph», she said, «you didn't complain so much to others, from what I heard.»
Esuniel looked away, blushing. It seems everyone knew about what happened inside that room back then.
«You prefer the tongue?», the priestess continued teasing, continuing to tickle the helpless elf. «Talk.»
«All right!», Esuniel screamed when the tickling stopped. «All right! Do as you wish!»
The blonde smiled, showing a line of perfect, crystal-white teeth. «Atta girl.» She was obviously statisfied with what she heard. She started using the feather to slowly circle around Esuniel's asshole. Esuniel blushed even harder, moaning slightly as feather's touch started to cause small waves of pleasure to course through her body. Her tickler, on the other hand, seemed quite amused with Esuniel's embarassment.
«You would make such a good tickle-slave», the blonde elf said after a time. «Such a shame you are to rot here.» Then, still tickling her ass with a feather, the priestess came face-to-face with Esuniel, whispering into her ear. «I'm Alanis. I like you, you know?»
Esuniel didn't answer. Instead, she tried to look away, shying away from her moans. The woman was good. Even better than the high priestess, she caught herself thinking.
«Shy, are we?», Alanis continued provoking. «It's all right... I know how to help such matters.»
The girl didn't say anything more. She took out one more feather and started to tickle Esuniel on her lower lips. She ran it slowly across the sensitive tissue, causing sensations of extreme pleasure as well as tickling. Esuniel was fighting her hardest to escape the bonds and shut her legs, but to no avail. She was helpless, destined to take whatever tickling Alanis decided to demonstrate. Her cheeks were blushing red by now, and her moans became lustful and wild, interrupted by laughter. She remembered being caught once and whipped, but, she thought, that was nothing compared to this torture.
«Our little thief is ticklish», Alanis started to tease once Esuniel came close to climax. Esuniel replied with deep moans and laughter. «Let me patch this up so we can talk in peace, ok?»
That said, Alanis continued to tickle the helpless Esuniel until she climaxed. This time, however, she didn't pass out. She was still awake, breathing heavily, exhausted. Alanis seemed pleased.
«Well, now that's over, I'd like to make you a deal», she said. «Care to listen?»
«Say it», the bound girl replied, still breathing heavily. Hearing her say those words, Alanis stood next to the window, bathing in the rays of the morning sun. Her whole figure could be seen under her thin, white robe. Her face, body... everything became visible, allowing Esuniel to get a good look at her. Before, she didn't even realize how... pretty her tormentress was. Her curly blonde hair, her beautiful blue eyes and mischevious, thin lips, her small, cute breasts and long, silky legs... everything was there to see and, ashamed as she was, Esuniel found herself amazed with a woman's beauty for the first time in her life. Normally, she found women disgusting, but this one had that something... something that made her really desirable to Esuniel.
«First tell me something... do you like me?», Alanis asked, straight out.
«Umm...», Esuniel started, then blushed and looked away. She did like her, but she was too ashamed to say it out loud. Alanis came closer to her, pinching her nipple. Esuniel let out a deep moan, making the blonde priestess come even closer, again face-to-face. They were so close Esuniel could sense Alanis' sweet perfume, catching herself thinking how good it smelt. Before she could react, Alanis kissed her on the lips, and she returned it. Their tongues dueled for a time, and then they separated, each breathing heavily.
«So...», Alanis started again, smiling, «Do you like me?»
Esuniel swallowed. «Yes.» The reply was silent, but honest.
«And you would like to be tickled, day and night, by me?», Alanis continued.
«No!», Esuniel came alive after hearing Alanis' words, begging her not to tickle her to death. «Please... I'll go crazy if you do that.»
Alanis laughed. «Relax... I was just playing with you. But...», she continued, playing with her curls, «if I help you, you'll have to agree to some terms.»
«Help me?», Esuniel was interested. «How?»
Alanis kissed her again. «Little fool. I know why you came here. The head priestess told me. She also told me the bounty you were promised if you succeed. That made me think... I enjoy this life, but hell, I'd enjoy it even more if I had all that cash to spend... and a little love slave at my side.» She kissed Esuniel again, this time on the neck. «Now... I can set you free and make us run away with the scepter. All you have to do is come with me and collect the bounty. That done, you will sign a contract where we share everything we have, and where you accept to be my love slave, giving away your freedom.»
«Why would I do something like that?», Esuniel asked. «You will just tickle-torture me until I go crazy anyway.»
«Aw, come on», Alanis said, looking insulted, «do you really think I'd just do that?» She continued to kiss Esuniel's neck, caressing her breast with her one hand. «Come on. You get to go free. Away from the tortures, and into the life of a rich woman.»
«I'll agree», Esuniel said, «but I must remain a free woman.»
«Oh... but then, how will I know you won't trick me?»
«Because I will swear an Oath of Thieves», Esuniel said. She knew it was risky: Oath of Thieves was a powerful magic, actually, which was placed to ensure the honor of the Guild would never be tarnished. The people who made an Oath and then broke it would start dying a painful death. They would be dying for two days, all the while in pain, and even then, their souls would be trapped within the Soulstone, a mighty artifact containing souls of thieves who broke the Oath, displayed in the central hall of the main Guildhouse. They said that the souls of the dead are tormented there for all of eternity, and that, if you look closely enough, you will see some of the horrors they are put through. Those who did, often went sick for days afterwards, struck by the horrors they saw. «That we share everything, unless we both agree on who should have the both halves. That ok?»
«You would swear an Oath?», Alanis mused. She thought for a moment, and then nodded her head. «All right. You got yourself a deal. I will come again at evening, when my preparations are complete. Until then, at lunchtime, the shifts will change and a new sister will be assigned to torture you. I'm really sorry, but you will have to endure that one. I'll come at dinnertime. We'll only have a short time to escape, though, so save your strength, ok?»
«All right», Esuniel confirmed.
«Good. Then we understand each other.» Alanis sat down next to her new partner, putting her feet into Esuniel's lap... if you could call the place in front of her spread legs her lap. «I'll let you rest until lunchtime, then.»
Esuniel caught herself looking at the blonde elf's feet. They were really pretty, she mused. Her arches were neither too high or too flat, her toes just of medium length, with perfectly pampered toenails. They looked so soft, so tender, she caught herself thinking. She wondered if Alanis, too, was ticklish.
«They are very ticklish», Alanis said, as if reading Esuniel's mind. «Like them?»
Esuniel was really surprised by the bluntness of the question. Never before has she even thought of someone's feet as sexy or anything like that... hell, never before did she even dare to believe that some day she might start liking women. But, the recent events were anything but normal. She didn't think she will be so easily surprised anymore.
«Well?», Alanis said, still waiting for answer. «Like them or no?»
Esuniel hesitated for a few moments, and then admitted, blushing: «Yes... I like them.»
The blonde priestess smiled. «I'm glad. Thank you.» She leant over to Esuniel's feet, inspecting them. «You know, now I'm really sorry I used a feather, and not my tongue.»
«It's all right», Esuniel replied. «There will be time.»
Alanis laughed. «You know, I like you more and more with each passing moment.» Again, she kissed Esuniel, who was being torn apart inside: she was going to be set free, she knew, but she had to endure some more torture. Also, this freedom will mean a beginning of a totally new life to her. A steady relationship, and with a woman, at that, was something much different than one night stands she was used to having with males. She wasn't so sure about all of this, but then again, she told herself, maybe it will be for the better. Who knows?
The rest of the time she and Alanis had was spent in idle chatter, two women trying to find out more about each other.
When the time for their parting came, Alanis kissed Esuniel good-bye and then left the room in silence. Immediately after she went out, another woman went in. This one had straight, black hair reaching to her waist, much opposed to Alanis' golden curls. Also, this woman seemed very uncomfortable at the sight of Esuniel's genitals. She was forcing herself to watch and remain calm, but her blushing cheeks gave away her shyness and discomfort. Of course, she was bringing her more food and water. Esuniel gulped it down thankfuly, remembering what Alanis told her. Be strong, she said. And she will be. She decided to endure until dinnertime. After all, considering what reward awaited her, these few hours of torture seemed like nothing.
«Come on», she told the priestess, «let's get this over with.»
The priestess, who was still young, reluctantly took out the feather and started tickling Esuniel's foot, blushing and keeping her eyes away from the captive's crotch. She started to tickle Esuniel mildly, with no real joy and liveliness in it. It was still enough to send the extremely Esuniel laughing and trying to squirm out of her bonds. This time, however, she noticed an opportunity: due to her extreme reactions to Alanis' tickling, she managed to slip her hand into one of the handcuffs a bit. Funny. She didn't notice it with Alanis around. But, never mind that, she knew it now, and she knew that, from here, she had a chance to set herself free. True, it will be more difficult with a feather dancing on her soles and herself laughing like crazy, but she knew she could do it. Compared to what she went through so far, this was nothing.
And so, Esuniel did her best to try and wriggle her one hand out. Just a minute... steady... almost there... free!
Freeing one hand, it was really easy to free the other. And, she managed to do it without the priestess noticing it. That's what you call luck, Esuniel thought. Her both hands free, she quickly pulled the surprised girl's hair, bringing her face closer to her. The girl struggled and squeaked, but was calmed down with a swift punch to the chin. Now, she was practically free, she knew. She untied her feet and stood up, stretching out. Man, that position was really uncomfortable. But, what to do now, she asked herself. Well... best wait for Alanis. And while she does so, she could also have some payback on the priestess. Esuniel looked at the unconscious girl. Best take her clothes off and tie her up before she wakes up. And so she did.
Few moments later, the parts changed completely: former captor was now tied to the devious device, naked and in a disgraceful position, while the former captive was fully dressed (in her thief's outfit) and holding the feather.
Finally, a chance for revenge, Esuniel thought. Looking at her tied victim, still unconscious, she couldn't help but smile. This will certainly help her pass time until Alanis' arrival.
«Wakey wakey», Esuniel said, stroking the young priestess' neck with a feather to wake her up. The girl giggled and, very soon, she was fully awake. The girl looked around the room, as if trying to remember what happened. Soon, she realized her position, especially after Esuniel theatrically waved at her with a feather.
«No, no... please... you can't do that... please...», the girl begged. It sounded so sweet, making Esuniel's intent of tickling the poor priestess even stronger.
Quietly, without a word, Esuniel knelt next to girl's left foot and started running the feather up and down, all across the sole. The girl screamed, begging her former prisoner to stop a few more times, and then succumbing to helpless laughter. Esuniel was running her feather all across the girl's smooth soles, from heel to balls of the feet and back, sometimes stopping to explore the sensitive areas between the toes. As a reinforcement, Esuniel used her free hand to tickle the girl's knee.
«HAHAHAHA», the girl laughed with a beautiful laughter, blushing from embarassement... she was completely naked, after all. «PLEEEHEHEASE... please... STAAAAHAHAHAHAP!!!»
The girl's pleas for mercy had no effect. No matter how nice or how hard she begged, Esuniel just continued to quietly tickle her. She was so delicate, Esuniel thought. Her every body part was gracious and beautiful, but also gentle. This woman was made for royal courts, where she would be surrounded by young men courting her, not torture in the dungeons. Esuniel guessed the girl didn't even imagine this would happen if she joined the priesthood. Trapped in a dungeon and tickled to wits end. Hell, no one could have imagined that. Esuniel certainly didn't. But, now it was time to enjoy the vengeance. So, she continued to tickle the helpless girl with much enthusiasm. The girl seemed exhausted by now. Already?! She was frail indeed.
After about ten minutes of tickling, the girl tried to buy her freedom by the last, desperate measure: «STAHAHAHAP!!! I'll.... AAAHAHAHA.... I'll talk!», she barely managed to say. Esuniel was really driving her crazy with tickling. Nimble hands of a thief could tickle better than priestess' ones, that was for sure. Plus, she was able to learn everything on her own skin before, and was now utilizing the meanest tricks pulled on her by both Alanis and the tickle crew. Just one foot and knee were enough to drive the girl insane. The newest, desparate measure was a proof that her methods worked.
«Aw, c'mon», the newly-freed thief teased, «what could you possibly tell me that I don't know?»
«I... hihihihi... I know... hihihihi», the girl giggled as Esuniel started to move her ticklish strokes upwards, to her sides. «I know how to counter the... hahahaha.... the body control technique... hihihi...»
«I'm listening», Esuniel said, bringing her ear closer to the girl's mouth, ceasing the tickling.
After a few hours, enriched by the new knowledge young priestess imparted on her, Esuniel grew tired of waiting for her companion to come. Of course she didn't stop tickling the poor girl right away. First, she tried out every single trick that was pulled out on her during her imprisonment in the temple on the girl. The young priestess passed out three times during the treatment, so Esuniel decided to leave her for the time. She didn't want to kill her after all, but she did have a good time torturing her, though. Especially when it came to tickling her clitoris. The girl was shy about it at first, but in the end she totally lost it, and was begging Esuniel not to stop, which was a nice enough change. Well, she has lost enough time. Now it was time to find Alanis, who was certainly taking her time.
Looking through the halls, Esuniel heard some sounds coming from the distance. At first she hid, thinking it was some patrol heading her way, but since the voices didn't come closer, she decided to see where are they coming from. Who knows, maybe she'll even get a clue as to where Alanis went. So, she slowly and carefuly approached the source of the sound, on the tips of her toes, careful not to let out even a sound. The closer she came to the source, the clearer the sound was: it was loud, frentic female laughter. Also, someone was yelling in the same room. Mustering up the courage to peek into the room, Esuniel was surprised by what she saw: The head priestess and her crew 'working' on Alanis. The one who was yelling was the high priestess herself, while the others were giving Alanis pretty much the same treatment as they gave Esuniel, but this one seemed to last even longer. It seemed the rogue priestess was caught soon after she left her newfound partner's cell.
«Seriously, Alanis», the high priestess yelled in a high-and-mighty fashion that annoyed Esuniel to no end. However, the shining scepter in her hands was something that occupied more of her attention. That was it. Her quest. She was so close to it, and decided not to get caught this time: opportunities like this probably won't arise. So, she decided to play it safe and find a place to hide inside the room. That way she could observe the situation best and even eavesdrop on how did they discover the blonde in the first place. «Such a betrayal I would expect from a thief, but not from you... you who were one of us. Does that mean nothing to you?»
Alanis couldn't reply. She was laughing too hard. On the other hand, priestesses were having a good time, especially the ones licking her helpless soles. Funny... from here it even seemed like her feet were asking for more.
«You had it all worked out, huh?», the head priestess continued, obviously angry. «You betray us and then get the thief to sell the scepter. After that, it would be only a matter of a well-placed spell or a sleeping potion until you would throw her into chains and make her become your slave. Tickle-slave, huh?»
Hearing this made Esuniel very... angry. Who did this little priestess think she was? She, Esuniel, was the leading woman here, she did most of the work, and what did that priestess do? Betray her, that's what! She decided to get vengeance. Vengeance on Alanis, even if it meant for herself to be tickled to death. However, figuring how foolish it would be for her to run out there in front of the women, she decided to wait for a while... after all, Alanis was getting what was coming to her. Seeing her trash so hard in her bonds, her body shining with sweat, her golden curls all glued up to her skin and together made Esuniel feel better. She felt sorry for not being able to exact vengeance herself, but the time will come for that too. Right now, she had to wait for her chance.
She had to wait for quite a while. The priestesses were having fun torturing Alanis for one more hour until the blonde elf passed out. Then, the four priestesses stood up and quietly left the room, licking their lips and smiling from joy. The head priestess stayed, looking at the fainted traitor.
«I hate that I can't torture you any more», she said, her voice filled with disgust. Alanis was hanging in her bondage, breathing but unconscious. «Filthy traitor.»
Saying that, the woman took a whip and used it to hit Alanis on her sole. The sound of hit resounded through the room and captive woman came to, screaming from pain. She was twitching from pain for some more time, crying and weeping from pain.
«I'm so sorry», she said, blushing and crying.
«Silence!», the head priestess demanded. «You were the...»
Now was her time, Esuniel knew. Not paying any more attentions to moral teachings of the woman with the whip, Esuniel grabbed the scepter from the table the woman left it on when she picked up the whip and quickly used it to render her unconscious. Finally, scepter was in her hands and she was ready to run away, but there remained one more thing: vengeance. Alanis couldn't believe her eyes. Recognizing Esuniel, she started to greet her, but Esuniel gave her the sign to shut up.
«We have to be quiet», she whispered, untying the exhausted Alanis. The traitor really believed she didn't hear that conversation, so she started to put her robe on as fast as she could, which wasn't really fast due to the exhaustion. As soon as she looked down, Esuniel hit her on the back too, rendering her, too, unconscious. Hmm... torturing that priestess was a good idea after all, she thought. Not only did the girl tell her which hand gestures counterspell the movement control, she also told her that the very same ones prevent you from being detected by the head priestess' magical sight. So, it was time to get out and earn her pay. And as for Alanis...
Esuniel looked at her unconscious body, a sadistic smile on her face.
We'll see who tickles who, you bitch, she thought as she put her over her shoulder and vanished into shadows.

«Ah, another job well done», Esuniel told herself as she entered her newly-built mannor. After she returned successfuly from that mission, she became both rich and respected in the guild. Everyone recognized her as a top-class thief, and from then on, she was given only the best jobs availible. She was swimming in money.
«Welcome back, mistress Esuniel», Talara told her. Esuniel kissed her, taking the nymph's breast into her hand. She bought Talara from a slave trader on one of her recent missions. The stupid guy thought she was an elf, so she got her as a real bargain. The woman was a master when it came to pleasing sexually, something Esuniel stopped seeking in men. From that mission, her whole life turned around, including sexuality.
«Is she ready?», Esuniel asked. Talara smiled and bowed her head.
«Yes, she is, mistress. I hope you don't mind, but I have been... using her for purposes you usually use her while you were away.»
«No, not at all», Esuniel replied, grinning. «Take me to her and we'll have fun with her together, ok?»
Talara bowed again and led Esuniel into the tickling room, a room made solely with tickling in mind. Esuniel put loads of interesting bondage and tickling devices in there, filling it on every occassion. And there awaited her tickle slave, Alanis. She was such a good slave. Obedient. And it didn't even take long to train her... two days of non-stop tickling. It was almost as if she wanted to become a tickle slave. This time, she was prepared in Esuniel's favorite way: her feet were tied to a post each, posts were just so far away so her legs would be nicely spread. Just so that Esuniel could lick one feet and reach out to another with her hand. The hands of the slave were tied together to the wall next to her, making her fully open to tickle attacks.
«Hey, Alanis, how are ya?», Esuniel greeted. «Ready for some fun?»
«Yes... my mistress», the blonde replied. It was fun watching her like this. Completely submissive, her will totally broken. Esuniel stopped to smell her feet. They smelt so nice, bathed in milk and aromatical herbs all the time, as was the rest of her body. Esuniel ordered Talara to keep Alanis fresh at all times. And she did. Alanis was even better cared for now than she ever was at the temple.
«Mmm...», Esuniel moaned, licking the blonde's sole. She giggled, but her foot remained completely immobile. Esuniel remembered how hard it was to teach her that, but in the end it paid off. «Your feet are especially nice today. I'm going to lick them today.»
«Thank you, mistress», Alanis replied. Talara coughed.
«Ah, yes, Talara... would you be kind enough to lend us a hand here? See... take this feather there... yes the long, red one, and tickle Alanis'... sweet spot?» Then, Esuniel turned to Alanis. «Shall we break the record today? Twenty-two minutes on edge of orgasm?»
«No... mistress, please, anything but that», Alanis begged, but Esuniel gave the sign to nymph. Talara started tickling poor Alanis with a feather, slowly running it up and down, up and down her crotch. The poor woman could do nothing but laugh, surrendering to ticklish feather strokes. On the other side, Esuniel was caressing her slave's foot, smiling happily and then licking it slowly, from heel to toes again and again and again.
This is going to be fun, Esuniel knew.

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