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I was so excited Saturday night because Julie agreed to make my sex fantasy come true. For months I'd been telling her about my fetish, how I fantasized that she tied me to the bed and tickle tortured me. She always told me "some day" or "maybe." But one day, I opened up my laptop and showed her a point of view video of a model describing how she would tickle her male victim. The tickle talk amused Julie, so she made a definite date: the next Saturday night after her room mate went to bed.

We watched television and anxiously waited for Sherry to go to bed. I was so horny in anticipation that there was a noticeable bulge in my pants. It didn't help matters when Julie walked around the room. The curly-haired brunette wore Lil Abner short shorts, and I could see her fat sexy ass wiggling. She dropped the tv remote on purpose and bent over to pick it up right in front of my face. She turned and smiled. Sherry rolled her eyes.

After Sherry went to bed, we hurried to Julie's bedroom and undressed. Julie insisted on keeping the lights off...I think she was a little ashamed that she agreed to play this silly game. She used Gorilla tape to bind my wrists to 1 bed post, so I was lying diagonally in the darkened room with my naked girlfriend kneeling on the bed next to me. I had suggested the tape and mistakenly thought I could unravel it and free myself, if I had to. But Julie tied my wrists in an unexpected way, and I realized I couldn't escape. I felt slightly uneasy, but I trusted her.

"Hey, I really can't get away," I said.

"Are you having second thoughts?" Julie asked.

"No. I can take it."

She started caressing my ribs and belly with her long painted fingernails. I squirmed a little.

"How does that feel?" she asked.

"It tickles a little," I admitted.

She intensified her fingernail caresses and I grunted.

"What are your most ticklish spots?" she asked.

"I don't know," I said.

"I bet its your feet," she said and she stretched out and tickled my left foot.

I laughed silently and pulled my feet away from her fingers.

"Maybe you are more ticklish on your neck," she said and she sat up and tickled me there.

I laughed silently again, exhaling through my nose.

"Are you laughing?" Julie asked.

I didn't want to answer.

"I think you are laughing. Now let's see...I bet your underarms are ticklish," she said and she tickled me there.

I suddenly laughed loudly.

"Shhh! You'll wake up my room mate," Julie said.

The thought that her big blonde room mate might discover my predicament made me feel even more excited.

She tickled my underarms again, forcing me to laugh loudly.


"I can't help it. Stop tickling me there. It makes me laugh out loud."

"I've got a little challenge for you. Try not to laugh when I tickle you there."

I tried and failed.

"You're underarms are more ticklish than your feet or neck. Are your balls ticklish?"

The bed room door opened. Sherry stepped inside the room and flipped the light on.

"It sounded like someone was having too much fun in here," Sherry said.

Sherry was wearing a very short green nightgown. I could see the nipples through the thin material. I could see her cleavage. She has large breasts, I mean real whoppers.

Julie's face flushed a dark red. I tried to get free and still couldn't. We were both embarrassed to be caught doing something so kinky.

"Do you want some help tickling Mark?" Sherry shockingly asked.

She walked toward the bed and I got scared. The idea of 2 women tickling me at the same time frightened me.

"No. Get out of here. We want some privacy," Julie said.

"I want to find out if his balls are ticklish. Can't I play tickle too?" Sherry asked as she approached the bed. Julie jumped off the bed and tried to push Sherry out of the room.

"Get out, get out get out!" Julie demanded.

Sherry pushed back and pinned Julie to the bed. Sherry is 6 feet tall and weighs about 180, while Julie is 5'2" and weighs about 120. The wrestling match was one-sided. Sherry spotted the Gorilla tape and soon had Julie's wrists tied to the other bed post. I was alarmed, yet strangely still excited.

"Let's see if you're ticklish," Sherry said, and she tickled Julie's armpits and Julie laughed hysterically. I felt frustrated, unable to protect my girlfriend from the girl bully. Sherry tickled her for several minutes forcing Julie to beg her to stop. Sherry then sat on the bed between us.

"I wonder which one of you is more ticklish," Sherry said.

She tickled my belly with her left hand and Julie's belly wither her right hand at the same time. The way she tickled was different than the way Julie tickled. Sherry kept tickling without stopping. I frantically tried to get free. My hands involuntarily strained in futility to block the cruel merciless hand on my belly, but the tape held my wrists in place. All I could do was laugh and listen to Julie laugh.

Finally, she stopped.

"This is so much fun. You both are so ticklish."

Sherry straddled me, her big bosoms hovering and making me feel small.

"Now it's your turn for my undivided attention."


Sherry made a tickling motion with her hands over me.

"No, don't," I pleaded but started laughing just before she even started tickling me. She tickled me everywhere.

"To answer your question...his balls are ticklish," Sherry said.

"Stop, stop," I pleaded.

"I'll stop but I have to be tickling someone. If I stop, that means I'll tickle Julie. Do you still want me to stop?"

If I asked her to stop again, that meant I selfishly would be accepting relief while Julie got tortured. I was resolved to continue taking it, but Sherry kept asking me, if I still wanted her to stop, until I half involuntarily nodded. I felt so defeated.

Sherry straddled Julie and tickled her as I lay exhausted and frustrated. My penis was still hard and badly needed attention.

Julie begged her to stop and Sherry moved back to me and soon had me giggling in a frustrated high voice. I felt a panic, fearing she would literally tickle me to death.

The tape holding Julie's wrists to the bed posts snapped. Julie freed herself and pushed Sherry off the bed.

"Get off my boyfriend," she said furiously.

"ok. I guess I had my fun. Good night," Sherry said and she left the room.

Julie got up, closed the door, and locked it. She used scissors to cut the tape holding me down, and I felt relieved and rescued. Without saying anything we made love.

Later, I discovered we both had the same idea. We were going to team up and get revenge.

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Great story

Axel flame
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can't wait for the revenge :P

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Awesome story and I can't wait for the revenge

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Nice, love the set up