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Hi! This is my first story. English isn't my first language so i'm sorry for all the typos.

The story is written from the females point of view (since she is the main character).

She ordered her Martini and took a seat at a table besides the window.

"I'm finally here! In the US. i've only been here for a couple of hours but i love it already" she thought to herself while looking out through the window of this beachbar.

Sarah was 21 years old and came from a little town in southern Sweden.
She had a body to die for. Long legs, firm butt. Her stomach was flat and she had a small innie bellybutton and big boobs (75D european size). Her blonde hair and blue eyes gave her that "swedish look" every guy liked.

While she sat there in her red bikini, sipping her drink she noticed a tall man walking in. He ordered a beer and sat down at the same table as her.

"This place is full so i hope you don't mind."

"No ofcourse not!" she answered with a smile.

"You're not from here are you? you got a different accent, scandinavian i would guess."

"Correct! I'm from Sweden but i'm here on vacation" she said while taking another sip of her drink.

Her phone rang and she answered.

"What? what do you mean with no room? you got to be kidding me!"

"I'm already here! I need a room tonight! Screw you then!" she said and hung up.

She walked back to her seat and packed all her things, took her big suitcase from the corner and was about to leave when the man spoke up.

"I'm sorry but i heard the conversation. is there any problem?" he asked

"Somehow my hotelroom got doublebooked so i need to find another one right now. Thank you for the company" she walked towards the door.

"This might sound crazy but since you don't have a place to sleep, do you want to come to a party with me tonight? We - i mean you can sleep at my house tonight"

"I don't know.. you are a complete stranger to me, follow you to a party seems dangerous and stupid" she said, with a concerned look on her face.

"Oh, i'm sorry! My name is Joe. I'm 22 years old and i'm a pervy guy who likes to take advantage of lonely women."

she looked at him with fear before she noticed his laughter and realized it was a joke.

"You know what? since you are my only hope and you seem like a nice guy, i will go to the party with you. i don't have any clothes to wear for a party though."

"Don't worry about that. I'm buying the clothes you need. meet me here at six o'clock tonight!" he said and walked to his car.

"Joe!" she screamed after him.

He turned around. "yeah?"

"Thank you! and btw, my name is Sarah"

He did thumbs up and drove off.

Joe jumped out of his car and walked up to Sarah who was sitting with her headphones with her back against him. He pinched her sides while pulling her backwards.

"Hahaha stop that! It tickles!"

"That's the point!" He said and did it again, this time a little longer.

"Hahaha nohoho, stoop!" she was now lying on the ground.

"Take this bag and change clothes. You can use the bathroom over there but don't open the bag until you are in there.

Sarah walked over to the bathroom and locked the door. She opened the bag and she saw the clothes: leather shorts, a pair of black stilletto pumps, a black leather jacket, latex underwear and a pair of nylon stayups. In the bag was also a pair of handcuffs and some feathers.

"what the hell" she thought to herself. she picked up a note from the bag that said:

[I]This is you outfit for tonight. Maybe you realize it's not a normal party. We are going to a Fetish-party.

" Wow really? well, this could be fun and i can't say no now since he bought all these clothes for me" she thought while taking of her bikini.

Five minutes later she walked out of the bathroom in her new outfit. The jacket didn't even cover her belly, even less her boobs since the zipper didn't go all the way up. The tight leather pants showing of her great butt. the heels making her legs look even longer. it was perfection to a man - like Joe

"I'm not sure about this Joe. Isn't this outfit just a little daring? And what exactly is a Fetish-party?"

"Said the girl who was sitting in a bar, only wearing a skimpy bikini. A fetish-party is a party where people with different or similar fetishes meet and maybe even try other fetishes. You will be okay, i will take care of you since you are new."

Sarah was actually very excited. Tickling had been her secret fetish all of her life. She had kept it as a secret since tickling is considered as childsplay in Sweden. maybe she could find someone else who liked tickling tonight.

Joe was driving the car and thought to himself "I wonder if this Swedish girl have a fetish, we'll find out tonight."

after the 45minutes ride the walked in to a house and the sight that met Sarah made her gasp. Women walking around with only a piece of black tape over their nipples, women and men on leashes, led forward by their mistress or master, women giving men footjobs. "This is amazing yet very scary" she thought as she walked in.

The party went on and Sarah kept drinking and watching other people do their thing. She talked to a woman who liked spanking. Matter of fact. The woman named Patricia was being spanked as they spoke.

At one time she stood and watched a woman tickling a man, she was amazed and was getting aroused. Suddenly someone grabbed her sides from behind and started tickling her, it was Joe.

"Hahahaha what are you doing?" she asked while she laughed.

"I'm introducing you to my fetish ofcourse" he said and continued tickling her sides.

Sarah couldnt even speak because of the laughter. The tickling went on for a minute before Joe stopped.

"I thought your fetish was leather?" she said while looking down on her outfit.

"that isn't really my fetish even if it looks hot on you! i thought it might be your fetish!"

"No it isn't but i must agree, i feel hot in these clothes, let's find a private place, loose some clothes and learn more about your fetish?"

"Not so innocent huh? i know the perfect place for this, follow me!" He took her by the hand and led her into a room with a kingsize bed. Thay undressed eachother but let their underwear stay on.

"Lay down" he instructed and Sarah climbed onto the bed and laid down. Joe tied her arms to the bedposts over her head and did the same to her legs. She was now tied in a Spread Eagle position.
"Ready for this miss Sweden?" he asked and scribbled her underarm.

"As ready as possible" she said and tried to sound scared instead of excited.

Joe nodded over to the clock "I will go easy on you since this is you first time, 25 minutes from now"

"Bring it, big boy" she said and blew a kiss to him.

Joe started at the armpits. He took one of the feathers and flicked it in her hairless hollow.

"Hahaha nohoho"

Suddenly he digged in with his fingers hard which sent Sarah to hysterics.

the assault on her armpits went on for 5 minutes before it stopped.

"Lets try your ribs and belly, are you ticklish there too?" he teased before digging his fingers into her ribcage
"HAHAHAHA FUUCK YOUUHU! STOHOHP IT! HAHAHA! Sarah was thrashing in her bonds, unable to go anywhere. Joe started to tickle her belly instead which madeher laugh even more "NOHOHO PLEASE HAHAA JOE I'M GONNA PEE!"

Once again the tickling stopped after five minutes. Joe moved down to her nylon clad feet

"i didn't even notice the red nailpolish before. Your feet are truly perfect!"

"th-thank you! I take care of theHEHEHEM HAHAHAHA NOOO!" joe tickled her feet with his fingers while sucking on her big toe. "I can see that, they taste good too!
He scribbled his nails on her soles relentlessly an her laughter went silent.

This time it took 10 minutes for the tickling to stop and Joe changed position one last time. This time he sat down between her legs. he took a remote from his pocket.

"What is that?" Sarah wondered.

Joe didn't say anything, he just pressed a button on the remote and a buzzing noise could be heard. Suddenly the front of her panties started vibrating and he spoke up.
"this is a little secret of mine. a vibrator in your panties controlled by this remote. i wont let you go until you reach orgasm. Until then.."
He tickled her thighs with his fingers. this sent Sarah to hysterics once again.

after just two minutes Sarah had her orgasm

"AAAAHH FUUCK YEEESS!" as promised the tickling stopped and Joe untied her.

Sarah sat up beside Joe and saw his bulging boxers. "let me tie you up and i can take care of you member"

Joe obliged and laid down on the bed. soon enough he was tied up in the same position. Sarah pulled his boxers down and took a firm grip around his hard member and started stroking it. Joe moaned but managed to say "don't you want to go out there and find your fetish?" Sarah didn't say anything but she stroke faster and harder "Ohhh im gonna cum!" Joe said as he felt his whole body rocking.

Sarah looked him in the eyes and said "I found my fetish along time ago, my fetish is tickling, especially to tickle strong men like you while they cum. Enjoy your time" with that she took his cock in her mouth and tickled his sides while he came.


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