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Hello everyone. I am back with a new story. This is just the first part for now so I hope you enjoy it....

Alice and friends in tickle land
Alice is a pretty 20 year old college student. She is about 5'4" 110lbs and has blonde hair to her mid back. She has nice size 6 feet. Alice is a good student and doesn't really have time for a boyfriend. She does have 2 close friends. Priya is a beautiful 20 year old Indian girl. She is about 5'6"120lbs with long slender legs and beautiful size 7 feet. She has black hair to her back but in a ponytail today. Priyas feet are so beautiful and the smell from her feet is so potent anyone would become infatuated with the smell of feet if they ever smelled hers. Till now no guy or girl has ever smelled her feet so she does not now of their powers. Then there is Scarlett, a beautiful shy Japanese girl. Around 5'5" 105 lbs with cute size 5 feet. She has jet black shoulder length hair.

Anyway, today is Halloween and Alice is dressed up as who else but Alice in wonderland. In white stockings and blue flats and a blue dress. Pryia not really into the holiday is just wearing a burgundy top with a black skirt, burgundy ankle socks with grey low cut moccasins.
Scarlett was dressed as a Japanese school girl with a white blouse, grey skirt and black knee high socks and black flats.

The three girls were walking to class early morning when they noticed a strange odd looking colorful cat in a field and decided to go check it out. The cat turned and grinned at the girls and jumped into a large hole at the base of a big tree. The girls giggling ran up to the hole and looked in. They couldn't see the cat anymore but there were strange colors and sound coming from within the hole. As the girls peered into the hole they didn't notice the ground giving way below them. Next thing they knew all 3 girls were free falling into the hole.
All three girls landed softly onto grass and they looked around at the strange land they were now in. Neither of them said a word for at least a few minutes and then the cat spoke from a tree limb above the girls. "Girls, welcome to wonderland" said the cat smiling.
"Okay this Halloween charade has gone on long enough!" said Alice. "Charade, oh no its no charade my dears" purred the cat. "where are we this is crazy!?" shouted Priya. The cat responded "this is wonderland my dear, or shall I say Tickle land". "We need to get out of here" said Scarlett. The 3 girls stood up and looked around. They saw a path that lead to a building down the way. "watch out for the queen and her guards girls. She doesn't like outside girls and she will tickle, she will tickle all of your feet" laughed the cat as it disappeared. All three girls are extremely ticklish and couldn't help but wiggle their toes in there shoes at the thought. "What do you think he was talking about?" said Scarlett nervously. "Who knows what that foolish cat was talking about" said Alice in a frustrated tone.

The three girls walked down the path to a the building that looked like a large cottage and knocked on the door hoping to find help.
A little window in the door opened and a man in a funny hat peered at the girls through the window. "Want do want? " asked the hatter. Alice replied "Hello there my name is Alice and I am sorry to trouble you, but my friends and I are lost and need help." The hatter then looked the girls over and was instantly turned on by their looks and outfits especially their footwear. The door opened and the hatter exclaimed "come in come in do come in." as the girls looked around the strange room and long table with what looked like a feast on it. The hatter spoke “Hello girls I am the Mad Hatter and that over there is the white rabbit and Cheshire cat. Please please do sit girls” stated the hatter as he spun around the room and produced chairs and placed each girl in one. “Oh no we must get you out of your shoes and make you girl’s more comfortable.” Said the hatter as he whisked the shoes off of all three girls’ feet.

Before the girls could even think they felt the air on their freshly exposed toes and feet and all wiggled their toes in their hose or socks. Scarlett whined “Oh no Mr. please give us back our shoes.” The hatter replied “Oh no darling no girls wear shoes in my home.” As he waltzed off carrying all 6 flats in his arms. Once in his room he couldn’t help himself but to smell the shoes of each girl. First Alice’s blue flats, the smell was sweet and slightly sweaty. Then Scarlett’s black flats had a nice sweaty but perfume scent. The he lifted Priya’s grey moccasin to his nose and the smell was overwhelming. Strong pungent yet sweet and sweaty and damp all at once. The scent consumed him. At this point a dastardly thought came to his mind. What if he makes the other girls inhale her foot smell? Would it consume them, and make them do as they were told for more of the sweet pungent scent?

As the girls sat nervous in their chairs the Cheshire cat walked underneath the feet of all the girls intentionally tickling their feet with his tail. All three girls being extremely ticklish erupted with laughter. “bwaahahaaa heeee haaaaaa oh nooooo please staapphhh” cried Alice as her stocking feet were being stroked. Scarlett and Priya still giggling as well.
The hatter returned from his room and said “lets feast” as they all ate and drank a strange honey wine. The Cheshire cat knew he needed to inform the queen of the new visitors as he knew the queen did not like girls in her land wearing shoes and felt they must all be tickled on their feet. So the cat left to inform the queen.

The cat made his way to the queen’s castle. Once inside the grand hall there was a set of stocks with a blonde girl inside no more than 21 years old with short blonde hair in a low cut grey tank top and black yoga pants. She had on sneakers that were laced tight and grey sweaty ankle socks. The girls arms were locked above her head and her feet locked side by side sticking out in front of her. She looked nervous and scarred.
There stood the queen in front of the girl. The queen was a beautiful 34 year old woman with fiery red hair and stood about 5'10" and 130lbs. She was dressed in a white and red dress with red sweaty smelly pantyhose on and red ballet open toed high heel slides which made her tits and ass look even more amazing.
Then the queen spoke “little girl, how dare you enter my land with shoes and socks on without my permission.” The girls nervously tried to respond “but your majesty I don’t know where I am or how I even ended up here.” The queen then cut her off “Silence, your punishment will be having your feet tickled until you learn your lesson. Off with her shoes!! Screamed the queen” and the crowd that was there in attendance started to chant. “Off with her shoes, off with her shoes” The poor girl cried “But noooo you mustn’t I am too ticklish please…” As one female guard approached each shoe covered foot. The female guards tried tugging at the heels of the shoes and the blonde girl curled her toes trying to keep her shoes on in a last act of defiance. Both guards just looked at one another with a wicked smile and slows started untying the poor girl’s laces. The guards deviously untied and remove the laces completely from the girls shoes. Now the shoes were loose on the girls feet and again the guards tugged at the heels and once more the girl tried to curl her toes, but the shoes were to loose. The shoes now dangled from the girl’s toes exposing her socked heels and partial soles.
One female guard smirked and said “You will actually remove your own shoes for use hunny. As both women started tickling the helpless girls socked covered feet. She tried fighting the urge to give in, to laugh,to actually let herself remove her own shoes by trying to fight the tickling. The guards after tickling around the girls socked heels slid their nails up into the center of the soles of the girls feet and slide their nails up and down slowly buy effectively. The girl exploded with the sensation on her soles and was screaming and shaking. "aahhhahbabha nooooo you ahabayou caannt!" and she wiggled her feet and trashed and one shoe dropped and soon after the other. Now her socks feet were fully on display and you could make out all of her toes from her sweaty socks. The queen then picked up the girls shoes smelled them then threw them to the crowd. The female guards dressed similar to the queen in red tops with white low cut skirts and red nylons and white ballet flats started taking all of their nails into the balls of the feet and all over the helpless girls socked feet. After about 5 minutes of this and the girl now a sweaty mess the queen said "off with her socks!" and reached down and peeled off both sweaty socks from the girls feet.
Her feet were smooth and white and had pink nail polish on her toes. You can tell the girl recently had a pedicure. The the queen orders the guards to give the girl the "brush treatment" for the next 20 minutes and walked into her chamber. The guards picked up a hairbrush each and got to work on the girls bare soles.
In the queens chamber she sat at her desk with a servant girl sucking and licking her hosed feet. The cat approached her and told her all about the newcomer girls. The queen couldn't believe what she was hearing and wanted these little tramps stripped barefoot and punished. The hatter told the cat about the Indian beauty's smelly feet and the queen had a plan.
To be continued....

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awesome start! Please continue!

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Love it

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Please put up part 2!!

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Great start! Please post part two soon. :D