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As Andrea cautiously approached the closed tent she could hear the sounds of a stereo. She knocked on the wooden pole to which the curtains were bound and quietly tried to find her voice. Getting no response, she finally managed to speak but received no reply. She used her new found confidence to slip in, all the while quietly explaining that she had forgotten her sandals in her submissive quiet voice. She found the front part of the tent empty, even the stocks had been removed. Approaching the dividing curtain she tentatively tried to make her way through, hesitating once before composing herself trying desperately to find her courage. She lifted the curtain and slipped through.

Her eyes widened at the sight she beheld. Betty and Ingrid were locked in the stocks from the show, their arms stretched out behind them as they lay on sheepskin rugs. Both had bare feet and all ten toes tied tightly to the stocks. Emily was lying on her tummy in front of Betty’s bare feet gently teasing them with a soft feather. In the brief moment Andrea took in the scene she noted how despite the ball-gag Betty’s bare feet seemed more ticklish than when in stockings. This didn’t make sense to Andrea as she had always heard such sheer stockings increased sensitivity, she also noticed how Betty’s feet were glowing pink. As she delivered the gentle torture Emily curled up and wiggled her toes a look of serene satisfaction on her face as she adored the ticklish feet that captivated her angelic attention, Angela secret wished she was on the receiving end of the feather but was overwhelmed by the overall sight that met her eyes.

To Betty’s right Ingrid was being tortured by Lilly and two black cats, the cats licking some kind of liquid from her large helpless soles whilst Lilly ran feathers up and down her helpless armpits. Lilly deviously used her toes to tease the backs of Ingrid's knees, she was not as good as Betty but the effect upon Ingrid was sufficiently torturous. Andrea noted Lilly was wearing special gloves with feathers attached to the fingertips, Lilly’s eyes brightened as she saw Andrea and her face broke into a broad grin, she continued Ingrid’s torture with a wink. The Geisha was driving the Amazon mad, her ginger hair a mess her limbs struggling against her bonds, the ball gag re-enforced with a scarf still barely managing to disguise her protests to the extent the stereo could drown them out.

The circus master was torturing Cleo who was locked in a box with her feet poking out of the front and her head and hands out of three holes in the top. Cleo seemed to be suffering a lot from the gentle feather tickling her soles were receiving. Andrea noticed a water wheel turning to one side of the box slowly tricking into one of two jugs on the floor, a second pair of jugs suggested a similar device on the opposite side of the box. Just before the circus master noticed Andrea, Cleo scrunched her toes pulling on the toe-ties which were suddenly sharply pulled back Cleo’s protests increased as the feathers held between her toes began to vibrate.

“Hey you shouldn’t be here!” The circus master declared in theatrical tones

“I… I… forgot my,.. my,… my,…. S…S…Sandals” Andrea mumbled submissively to her feet which curled up in the now cool sand. Shyly stealing glances of the intense tickle torture on display for her Andrea avoided the gaze of the circus master his beak face-mask frightening her.

The circus master had stood and began adjusting some dials and switches on the side of Cleo’s torture box causing Cleo’s involuntary struggles to change, her fingers desperately reaching out and her eyes pleading from above her ball-gag. This queen’s dominant demeanour was lost to pointless screams for mercy into her ball-gag her eyes wide with terror as her pleas for mercy were unheard. Something about the way she was moving and the nature of her struggles disturbed Andrea but she couldn’t place it and didn’t have time.

The circus master and Lilly had begun a covert conversation. Lilly not admitting she had surreptitiously invited Andrea, the circus master not wanting to admit he had heard and suspected Andrea would return later. The torture of all three girls continued as Andrea shyly watched and wished she could join in. Eventually the circus master addressed Andrea;

“So why are you here again?”

“I need my sandals….. the restaurant turned me away!”

Lilly gave Andrea a knowing look recognising the devious scheme to come back earlier than she had suggested.

“Perhaps she could read a contract whilst we carry on the tor-training…. I think I saw some sandals earlier” Lilly suggested

The circus master gave a sigh and nodded to Lilly who grinned. Andrea pretended to read the contract but all the time surreptitiously watched the tickle torture on display. After a few minutes the cats were moved to their baskets which were placed at Cleo’s feet. The vibrating feathers had been removed from between her toes and the evil toe-tie now held her feet taut as Lilly coated them in the sticky sweet liquid, the baskets were moved close enough to Cleo’s feet that they could lick through their baskets which seemed to be specifically designed for this cruel purpose.

The vibrating feathers found a new home between Betty’s toes which drove her crazy, Emily increased her torture further by turning to finger tickling, the soft feather not comparing to the new horrible sensations between her toes. Meanwhile Ingrid’s feet were being subjected to a vicious sole scrubbing by Lilly who had a bowl of hot soapy water. Andrea made eye contact with Lilly who winked;

“You done reading that contract Hunny? If you sign I have a second brush” an evil grin spreading across her face. Ingrid’s protests were drowned out her big feet becoming pinker with every second of cruel tickly brush scrubs. Andrea now understood Betty’s torment: her sensitivity had been increased such that any touch was torture, Andrea spotted a pair of hairdryers and bottle of baby lotion and remembered some tickling stories from the internet, this was rarely done in videos though and she couldn’t wait to try raising a victim’s ticklishness in this horrible way. Would Cleo get the same treatment? Were they working from left to right? Andrea couldn’t wait to find out and signed the contract not reading the last page.

As Andrea predicted, the sole scrubbing was followed by the use of hairdryers and baby oil. After instructing her in the correct temperature and distance necessary to not cause pain but raise the sensitivity Lilly handed Andrea her hair dryer and applied some baby oil to Ingrid helpless feet.

“We didn’t need this with Betty her tiny feet reached maximum sensitivity shortly without the risk of burning, hey since you are doing such a good job how about I give her upper body a tickle” Lilly grinned and made her way to the other side of the stocks.

Without Lilly beside her Andrea noted the water wheel on the side of Cleo’s punishment box. The circus master had refilled the funnel which fed the wheels placing the empty jug beneath the trickle of water that resulted from the contraptions cruel progress. Seeing her friend’s curiosity Lilly purred;

“Marvellous isn’t it? My own creation! The two wheels move feathers inside the box depending on the gears, which are themselves slowly adjusted by the machines progress to vary the tickling. If that wasn’t bad enough her elbows and knees have just enough movement that some of their straps move other feathers resulting in more torture if she moves!”

Lilly grinned a proud but evil grin as Andrea looked shocked. The circus master had begun tickling Betty’s upper body and Cleo was left to suffer the cats and feathers.From her hands and fingers it was clear that she could not keep still and was being pushed beyond insanity having long being since being broken.

“I based it on the Medieval Organ Grinder but replaced the spikes with feathers” Lilly beamed her innocent youthful face showing pride and satisfaction in the effectiveness of her creation.

Andrea sat aghast, carefully keeping the hairdryers in their correct zone but imagining being locked in such a device. What had she signed? Would she be locked in devices like this? Where there more, worse devices, was she in danger?!

Lilly continued: “But I couldn’t have done it without my partner here” nodding to the circus master who was driving Betty insane holding a feather in his mouth to tickle her neck whilst tormenting her underarms with his gloved hands. He simply grunted being unable to speak and completely focused on torturing Betty.

“Hmmm the main wheel seems to be out of alignment” Lilly adjusted a few of the dials and Cleo’s protests changed. Andrea didn’t like the feeling she was getting…. Some of the muffled sounds Cleo was making seemed… different! But due to her gag it was hard to place. Where were the feathers tickling her? Was she naked inside the box? Ingrid and Betty where clearly dressed in the remains of their clothes from the display. Betty was in her bra and lacked her stocking and hat whilst Ingrid was no longer masked.

“Hmm I think her feet are pink enough for the final stage” Lilly said with and evil twinkle in her eyes.

Returning to the front of the stocks Lilly found Andrea already tickling Ingrid’s feet mercilessly with her fingers. Ingrid was going crazy and it almost seemed as if this giantess would break out of the stocks.

“Oh it’s not quite time yet sweetie” Lilly purred on her approach

Sitting next to Andrea Lilly held the string restraining Ingrid’s right toe between her right thumb and fore finger and with her left hand gently slapped Ingrid’s soles. Winking at Andrea spoke like an advertiser or TV presenter giving a recipe:

“First cats then scrubbing then heat then a good bit of slap and tickle! Four times sensitivised for an unbearably ticklish outcome!”

Andrea smiled Lilly’s good humour and innocence making her forget her growing concerns about her predicament, she shyly sat back as Lilly slapped the other foot the final stage not taking long but turning Ingrid’s already pink soles into a deep red shade.

“And now to torture!” Lilly’s teasing tone again increased Andrea’s excitement her fears forgotten she enjoyed tickling Ingrid with Lilly’s the four feathers being more than she could stand her sensitivity raised temporarily beyond that of even Emily. Andrea lost herself in the tickling completely fascinated by the responses that could be produced by even gentlest touches of her feathers. She knelt her feet behind her completely focused on her work. Lilly took advantage of her trance like state to tickle her feet several times not being able to resist this shy blondes soles despite the fact they were not nearly as ticklish as Ingrid’s Lilly, enjoyed flirting with her new friend and smiled broadly at Andrea’s dedication to tickling Ingrid even trying to resist the tickling of her own feet to continue, smirking and giggling and trying to hide one foot under the other without much success. To Andrea’s left Emily continued to deliver the finger torture that she herself would not have been able to stand.

Noting Andrea’s brief distraction Lilly said

“Enjoy it whilst it lasts this level of sensitivity wears off!” nodding at Betty who whilst still going insane was now able to stand the finger tickling of her feet. Lilly noted Cleo’s feet where about ready and removed the cats sliding the bowl of hot soapy water closer to the torture box and adjusting a few dials. Andrea waited patiently and submissively for permission to begin the second phase of increasing Cleo’s sensitivity beyond bear-ability she eyed the dials and gears suspiciously as Lilly optimised Cleo’s suffering. With a wink Lilly asked;

“Want a closer look” glancing at a hatch in front of Cleo’s captive wrists and had secured by a padlock”

“Lilly!” The circus master warned from across the tent

“I was only asking!” Lilly protested

“Well she hasn’t been initiated yet and I don’t want any more trouble!”

Bashfully Lilly apologised and began helping Andrea to scrub Cleo’s feet. Andrea was terrified, what did he mean…. ‘Initiated’….. how were they going to tickle her? Still she was intrigued though, she hadn’t noticed the panel held down with a padlock and guessed that it opened up the front of the box like the way a piano lid opens to show the keys and strings and everything inside. before moving to the hairdryer phase of torture Lilly enhanced the scrubbing phase by cruelly introducing two electric toothbrushes to the equation to move the oil around Cleo’s feet and torture between her toes. Ingrid and Betty had been spared this torment the evil devices being stored under Cleo’s box.

After the slapping phase the vibrating feathers were returned to her toes, unable to keep her feet still under even the gentlest of touches Andrea and Lilly truly tortured her feet with ease. Eventually the circus master asked Lilly to return to Ingrid who had suffered at the hands of Emily during Cleo’s sensitivisation and torture, the circus master himself moving to Betty’s feet. Unhappy to leave Andrea Lilly obeyed. Emily was likewise instructed to tickle Ingrid's underarms which she did un-questioningly. Andrea noticed how the circus master was obeyed, his theatrical tones not being aggressive but commanding.

Eventually he decreed; “Okay that is about enough for these two we will leave Cleo in the box whilst we interrogate the suspect”

Andrea’s heart sank she enjoyed being tickled but was afraid it would be too much or some other ghastly torment awaited her, before she could react Lilly hand handcuffed her arms behind her back and was brought her up to her feet, Andrea submissively obeyed feeling calmed by Lilly’s calm just assertive capture and not sensing any malice from her friend. The circus master and Emily released Betty and Ingrid and gave them bottles of water to drink their torture exhausting them beyond their shifts in the stocks. Emily approached and gently tied Andreas hands to two scarfs the handcuffs being a temporary measure only.

“It is good to see you again!” Emily gently whispered to Andrea, both girls nervously scrunching their bare toes in the sand and barely making eye contact with one another, each nervously anticipating the delights of the other’s company. Lilly and the circus master held a scarf in one hand, Lilly teased her victim blowing in her ear Andrea cringed and giggled. Lilly purred;

“Now you can keep your clothes if you like, but if you want them to stay nice you might want to lose them” With this Lilly began teasing the zip on the back of Andrea’s sundress causing her to quiver and anticipate her bare skin being exposed. She giggled imagining her soft bare skin touching Lilly’s.

“O…O…Okay!” giggled Andrea. The girls slowly stripped Andrea removing her floppy woven sun-hat, and shades which she had kept her face hidden behind well into the evening. Lilly examined her prize taking in Andrea’s light tanned, toned body, lithe with a few curves. This was a real woman! Not a stick insect but a woman who truly looked like she needed to enjoy life, especially the joys of being tickled!

“Now you can stay at this level, or we can strip you naked! Your choice, if you lose the bra and panties the torture gown will be far more effective!”

“Torture gown?” Andrea asked nervously.

“Yes we have a range of clothing designed to enhance the tickling experience, my favourites are the silky soft ones designed to turn any breeze into gentle tickles. Did you know that Japanese wives used to tie up their husband’s mistresses in them so that the gentle breeze of a garden was unbearable! For you though I think a peasant shift will be more appropriate”

Andrea couldn’t remember speaking but wanted to be stripped, the girls gently undressed their victim taking delight in slowly exposing Andrea’s body. The peasant shift was not itchy but not smooth the fabric being ripped and patched such that tendrils of fabric dangled to tickle her skin. The holes in the fabric allowed convenient access to her most sensitive spots.

“This could work as her costume!” Lilly beamed

“I don’t know how about a Roman governess?” Betty suggested slowly recovering from her torture whilst trying hard to replace her stockings her hyper sensitive feet unable to stand the mere touch of her own fingers or the movement of the sheer fabric.

“No she is blonde that won’t work!” Ingrid teased “she should be a Viking woman’s slave”

“Hands off she’s mine!” rebuked Lilly teasing Andrea through the holes in her shift underarms.

“I like her as a medieval wench! I can command her dirty feet to be scrubbed clean!” Emily broke from her usual shy demeanour a haughty air infecting her sadistic intent. It wasn’t often Emily spoke like this and all the girls except Cleo turned to look at her aghast, normally so shy and gentle as if in a dream Emily was eyeing Andrea clearly imagining her at her mercy and pleading for clemency.

“Ladies if we could turn to the matter at hand!” The circus master intoned placing something through a hole conveniently exposing Andrea’s belly button. This was then secured with a fabric belt through which some wires where extended. Andrea quivered her belly button being different to the rest of her body, tickling wasn’t the word anything touching her belly button gave her unbearable sensations that ran right through her.

She panicked “What was that!”

“Just another of my little devices” purred Lilly

“Please not my belly button it is so much worse! The feeling runs right through me” Andrea begged her shy expectant demeanour replaced by pure panic

“Oh you will like it, we can attach remote receivers or trip wires so you switch it on yourself if you move or are disobedient in any way!”

“Please don’t!” Andrea begged the soft fur of whatever device was in her belly button already unbearable, her panicked breathing rubbing the device against the fabric belt and causing the unbearable sensations that went beyond tickling. The wires were attached to a receiver of some sort. Andrea approached hyperventilation as Lilly produced the transmitter and ran a cruel finger around the button enjoying Andrea’s complete focus on her movements. As she depressed the button Andrea screamed, Lilly had to release the button as the stereo couldn’t cover this noise.

“Whoops! Better bury her soon!” Said Lilly giving the circus master and apologetic look as he began to cover Cleo in a blanket to disguise the torture box should anyone stop by to investigate Andrea’s scream. In order to do this he extended four wooden poles which moved up from hinges, the water wheels continued to turn their gentle trickling tormenting Cleo. Lilly gave the dials one last adjustment mutter than the main wheel kept moving to far forwards.

“Want a look Hunny?” Cleo asked giving the circus master a nod, he nodded back and produced a key and undid the padlock and began to quickly open the torture box up like a piano. Not wanting to give any investigator a chance to intrude.

“Ingrid could you please stall any potential visitors” the circus master asked. Emily and Betty marched Andrea to view the torture box.

Andrea panicked the torture device worrying her. “I’m okay really!”

“Ah but you enjoyed torturing Cleo so much! Be a good girl or I will switch the device on again”

“Lilly! She doesn’t like it be nice” Emily chimed

“Okay if she behaves it will stay switched off! But she has to behold the wonders of my creation!”

Andrea looked through the open panels revealing the inside the box what she saw terrified her…..

End of part 2

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WOW! That is a spectacular part 2! I love where this is headed, & I really dug that torture box. Wish that was a real thing I could get, I would have soo many lol

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Cant wait for part 3