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Vacation Torment Part 7

You lie there.. Tingling all over way after I leave.. At first the thoughts of my hands on your feet, over your clit, your anus and sweet spot consume your thoughts.. You realize that you are getting excited again.. You don't want to get wet again.. You have no idea how long you will lie there. You start to get angry.. You stare at the ceiling, the noise of the oxygen tank mixes with the sound of rain hitting the windows. The afternoon is growing darker and you want to fall asleep but you can't. Your mind starts to play games with you and you fear that the oxygen will run out before I am back.. You panic enough, struggling against the restraints and you start to hyperventilate and pass out.. You are dreaming and thinking about the night of skinny dipping.. You dream of me kissing you and holding you in the water.. Then a wave comes in and you are pulled away from me. You are drowning and you see yourself gasping for air..the sea flowing over your head.. You try to reach out for me but something is holding you back. You awake with a start.. It is dark in the room and you realize where you are again. You are drenched in a cold sweat. Your eyes adjust to the dark. You realize that I have not returned and you have no concept of time.. You are relieved that you can still breath but your fear rises again. You stop yourself from panicking as you don't want to hyperventilate again. You try to remember the sights of Lesvos. You look up and see headlights beaming on the wall, lighting the room. If you could smile you probably would..
I walk in the room and come to your side.. How are you Ms. Gomez?? Sorry when I call you Lili it feels too intimate. You want to beg me to take the mouthpiece off and let you up. You plead with your eyes..
Hmmmmm you are all clammy!! Are you in pain? You close your eyes once to signal no. I hope you haven't had a set back.. I put my hand on your forehead.. Good no fever!! Let me get a towel and dry you.. I also bought some lotion. Would you like it if I put it on you? It will help to prevent bed sores and skin breakdown. You have no choice but to blink twice.. You want to please me..
I turn the bed upside down and take the lotion between my hands and rub them together to warm the lotion. You smell lavender and you feel my hands massaging the lotion over your shoulders, under the restraints, down your back and over your ass. My hands tease at your anus as I rub down between you stopping at your vagina.. I then continue down the back of your legs, over your calves and cupping your ankles. I then massage both heals and into your soles and between your toes.. You try to control a laugh under the mouthpiece. You can't believe but you are wet again.. Your feet wiggle and your toes curl. Now Lily let's try to control these reflexes and don't cumm. You really need to let your body rest and heal. We will do some tests after dinner. You blink trying to control yourself.
I turn you back over so you are on your back.. Okay should we try this side as well. I take more lotion and start at your fingers, massaging each one reaching under the splints and then up your arms. I get to your underarms where the pads are tight under your arm splints.. You twitch. Well look at that.. What a good response. I will make a note of that for later.. I tickle you once more. I then move from your arm pits to your breast massaging the lotion in circular motion over your breast and around your nipples. Your nipples are now pert.. Your breast feel swollen and ticklish.. You are once again sucking at the mouth piece trying not to giggle and choke..
Now Lili try to get control of yourself. You have too many involuntary responses,. Really could indicate permanent damage. Hmmm we really want to make sure your responses are a direct reaction to touch.. I then move my hands down your bare chest... I reach down under the restraints and massage your stomach. Down between your legs. Your body is tingling all over again. I tell you once again to be calm.. I am not trying to excite you my dear. We just want to avoid any skin breakdown... You are sucking in air deeply.. You feel sensation all over your clit... You are wet.. Your body fights ejaculation....
You are lying there breathing hard.. I pull my hands away as your vagina contracts wanting me to touch you and penetrate you. Your cheeks are flush.. And your entire body feels teased to distraction., you cannot control it as you shutter and cum.
Well I do not know what to think Lili.. It's great that you feel the sensation but I am still not convinced that we should stop the neurological exams before we move you.
What do you say we have one last dinner here and then run one more round of exams. You blink twice in agreement because you have lost all resistance.. You also can't believe that you have no control over your arousal.. You blink twice again and look forward to eating so this mouthpiece can come out. I leave the room and come back in with a tray full of Greek appetizers and pita, salad and grilled prawns.
I come to the bed and set the food on a tray and tilt you up .. You are on a slant and it is nice to see all around you not just the ceiling and floor.. You are elated when I remove the breathing vent.. I put a napkin around your neck and slowly feed you all the Greek mezethes. Here you should drink lots of water.. I poor you some but it spills and runs down your chin, over your breasts and into your vagina... I laugh And tell you not to be embarrassed, it could happen to anyone.. At least it knows the best place to trickle to, as I laugh..
We finish the meal and I put your bed back a bit. Would you like a sweet dear lili.. You don't respond before I leave the room. I come back with a cup of espresso and tiramisu. You have been through such a traumatic injury Ms. Gomez... I thought you needed a treat. I slowly let you sip the expresso and feed you spoonfuls of the dessert.
Well now are you feeling better? You whisper thank you for all the food. I will be back soon just relax we have plenty of work to do. Please don't leave me again you beg.. Don't worry I will always be here and in control.. You have no worries..
I leave you there and taking the leftovers with me..
When I return you ask me to please don't put the tube back and you promise me you will do whatever i want when we travel. You notice I have put on my lab coat and my pocket is bulging.
Well Ms. Gomez, I don't really think you have the ability to control what you want. Until you recover I think that you will be dependent upon me don't you think..
So it's getting late and we have a big day tomorrow as we travel to Chios. We need to run some more tests now. Do you think your ready?
You are pleading with me to stop for the night.. You don't know how much more you can take..
Listen I know it's difficult but without these tests we won't know the extent of the damage to your spine. We won't know the right course of treatment now will we. Now relax and let me test your reflexes again.. I slide the bed so your feet are slightly in the air above your head.. You see me walk to your head.. You beg me to not put the plug in.. Don't worry we have something else required for the test.. I pull a red leather hood out from my pocket.. Nooooo you scream.. I temporarily unscrew the vice at your head remove the straps and pull the mask down over your head.. It has no eyes and just small holes to breath. You can only wiggle your feet in protest. I put the vice back on and pull the straps back over the mask.
Now Ms. Gomez, as I told you.. The specialist I consulted with told me that some of your responses might come from seeing me and moving as you anticipate touch. Not by the actual touch itself.. In order for us to get you out of traction and start any physical therapy we have to make sure your muscles are responding and coordinating with brain. So that is why we have to use the mask. Now once you feel my fingers we will see how you respond. Now remember we are testing your sense of touch.. Not your sexual arousal. I am going to ask you to not cum until I tell you you can. Wiggle your toes if you understand.
You hesitate as you are so disoriented. You are stripped of your senses..
Ms. Gomez can you wiggle your toes. You can barely hear me walk as I have on soft clogs. You wiggle your toes and you sense that I am standing at your side. First let me check here, I touch you under your arms. I hear you giggle underneath the mask. Very good, that seems to affect you. Tickle, tickle.. I start to wiggle my fingers up and down under both arms.. Your feet start clenching.. Noooopffff under the mask.. You start to gasp in between chuckles under the mask. My fingers plunge in and out in your arm pit. I see your nipples grow hard. Your feet thrashing as I tickle you mercilessly under your arms. Kootchie koo, show the doctor you can feel this tickle.. I run finger in figure eights with my nails over your arm pits. Then circles pulsating light then hard not moving from your arm pits for what seems like forever. You want to move so bad.. You open your mouth to say noooo but all that comes out is a laugh, sucking in air through the mask. Your feet are thrashing as you fight the stimulation in your vagina..
You seem to really feel this let me try this at the same time and see if you can tell the difference. You feel me lean over. My fingers still tickling your underarms. I lick your right nipple.. Your vagina clenches with your toes. You are giggling, trying to scream no.. You have so little air.. You can barely breath and laugh at the sane time.. It is so dark and you have no control as your body wants to react to each touch. My tongue circles your nipple as my fingers circle under your arms. You smell my perfume waft under the mask mixing with the smell of leather. You can't help but breath it in and the scent even arouses you.
I lift my tongue for a moment as I still tickle you. You know Ms. Gomez you have a very hot body here, so toned and tan.. You make it hard to be a professional. You feel my right hand move from your armpit to the left breast. My left still tickling your right arm pit. My tongue sucking and licking in circles at your right breast. My fingers start teasing your left nipple. Circling all in rhythm with the tickling. You feel like you are being pillaged with all the tickles. You laugh and mumble yes Dr. Christian, sucking in air through the mask. You are wet and throbbing.. You want to cumm but you are trying to hold back.
I lift my head.. Look Ms. Gomez control that **** of yours. You can cum when I tell you...
Look at those feet thrashing. Let me see what your feeling here.. I move to the bottom of the bed. Oh, these stockings are so dirty.. Let me change them. You feel my fingers roll each one down and slowly remove them.. You feel them rub as i pull them from your feet over your toes. You feel me put on two new knee highs that are nylon and tighter on your skin. I slowly pull each one on over your toes and then caressing each sole. I slowly pull then up over your calves. Now that feels much better doesn't it.. My left hand grabs your right ankle. Pulls your foot up from the splint. I drag my right index finger up your arch under your toes as you try to clench. A muffled noooooo breaks into a chortle as you gasp. Your left foot wiggling. I run circles down the arch of your foot.. You want to struggle your pelvis pushing against the restraints. Very good Ms. Gomez. Nice response. I am pulsating my fingers rapidly all over your arch.. Tickle, tickle what does the dirty little Trojan whore feel.. You feel every throb in your vagina.. You feel the tickles driving you to ecstasy.. You want to breath but you laugh and gag.. I hear yessssss yessss yesssss.. Doctor Christiannnn. Can I cum yet is barely audible under the mask. You want to thrash. Your left foot twisting as you feel my nails run along the pads under your toes. Pulling the nylons.
No control yourself Ms. Gomez. This little piggy, koo koo kootchoooo....my fingers doing zig zags up and down your arch. Your **** clenching in and out.. Pleaseeeeee muffled under the mask. Pleaffggffffff. I have been tickling your foot for a good hour.
I take another plunge at your right foot. I see you try to arch up against the straps holding you in place.. Tickle tickle the patient can let go now you cummm all over the sheet and foam pad..
Oh my Ms. Gomez you respond so well. My hands are at both feet. You then feel the bed swing back so your head is higher then your feet. Your vagina still shudders with light convulsions. Your entire body struggles against the restraints. You hear something drop to the floor but it is a light sound like clothes hitting the floor. You want to see what I am doing. You all the sudden feel me raise your left foot. My hand still tickling your right arch. You feel something wet against your left toes as I put them in my vagina.. You gasp.. So Ms. Gonez, Lili do you think you can wiggle those left toes for the doctor. I am circling and plunging your right arch with my fingers. Your toes wiggle in time inside me. You are moaning as I grow wetter and wetter on your stocking.. I grab your breast with my right hand as I tickle your right foot. Your toes wiggle faster inside me. Your vagina clenching, my finger circling your nipple. I lean down and bite your panties down. I plunge my tongue at your clit. Sucking and licking. Your right foot being fondled all in unison as your left toes fuck me. I lick all around your vulva and back over your perineum to your anus. My weight bearing down circling your breast, your foot and your sweet spot. You struggle for breath.. Yes, Ms. Lili, respond, feel me. You shudder and we both cummmm together. You let out a huge moan. Godddddfffff. I lay over you as you entire body is vibrating in pleasure. You are sucking air in through the mask.. I come and take the mask off and kiss you deeply, your own sweet juices mixing in your mouth. You are soaked and shivering. I lay my chest across you and you relax as I kiss your sweet lips... Rest Ms. Gomez you have had a very eventful day. You fall asleep from exhaustion..


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NICE!!! Looking forward to the rest!

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thank you for the kind words Ravis....more to come!!:rainbowbounce:

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I have been following this series and loved every moment of it. I like the way you describe the mental aspect of the tickle torture. Very good! Please continue

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thank you Prime for the encouragement...coming from a veteran writer like you that means alot!

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I gotta agree with PRIME...this is a flaming hot series...where do you go in your mind to come up with this?? I need to visit the forum more often.

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I wouldnt say gotta...but it'd help "my friend"