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Tell me what y'all think of the story I'm thinking about making her and ongoing story for different victims but as my other stories haven't gotten much review at all I'm thinking I may just abandon the works of writing and focus on other things so let me know what you think.

“Victoria”, cried out Sharon, “You forgot your keys.” “Thank you”, Victoria responded. Sharon was one of Victoria’s co-workers. At 5’3 kind of plump with dirty blonde hair Sharon looked nothing like Victoria, at 5’8 slender with curves, deep auburn, almost brown, hair, and beautiful sparkling green eyes she was the envy of the office every girl wanted to be her and every guy wanted a date with her. Victoria got in her Acura suv and sped off. Sharon stood there amazed at Victoria’s beauty.

Victoria arrived home, happy to be done with work she had a long weekend as it was Thursday and her office was closed for maintenance Friday and Monday. She didn’t know what to do with herself. Her mind kept wandering off thinking about finding a young girl to tickle. I’ll work on that tomorrow, she thought to herself as she kicked off her size seven and a half heels and plopped on the couch flicking the tv on. Flipping through channels she caught the end of a cheerleading competition. All those girls with tight cute petite bodies. Ooo, she thought, wouldn’t it be nice to tickle one of those girls. Victoria just loved the sensation of a girl’s skin quivering under her fingertips. She kept her nails neatly groomed for just such occasions. Every once in a while she’d give a quick tickle to one of her coworkers. Sharon would’ve been fun to tickle, Victoria thought, she’s a little plump but the plump ones are always really ticklish.

In the morning Victoria awoke and had coffee and eggs with a donut. She savored every second of it. After Breakfast she went to her garage and got into her van. The van was used when she wanted to transport a victim without anyone knowing. Though she yet had a victim for today she drove around town. Spotting a cheerleading team doing rehersals about a two miles from her house she stopped and got out to watch. Not wanting to look creepy she stepped inside of a coffee shop across the street and ordered a coffee and a cinnamon roll. Slowly picking at the cinnamon roll as she sipped her coffee and watched the girls. One of the girls in particular caught her attention a petite girl standing maybe 5’4 blonde hair she couldn’t make out her eyes from afar but her skin was so perfect, a light golden color as if she were outside on occasion but not all the time. From where Victoria sat her shoe’s looked small.

As the cheerleading team broke up their practice, Victoria casually left the coffee shop. “bye , Jenny,” Victoria heard as she approached her van, oh what a cute name, she thought. As Jenny walked along the side the van Victoria opened the sliding door and gave Jenny a shot in her neck that knocked her out cold she quickly pulled Jenny into the van and took her keys, locking the van she hopped in Jenny’s car and drove it several blocks to an area she figured no one would recognize Jenny’s car then walked back to the van and drove Jenny back to her place, still knocked out in the back of the van.

Pulling in the garage and closing the door behind she drug Jenny into a backroom, the windows were blacked out the room fairly dark but decorated with a few paintings to make it more homey along the back wall sat Victoria’s prized possession. A set of seated stocks with a long pole behind the back to raise the victim’s arms above their head, attached to lower portion of the seat via a pulley, a ratcheting crank to shorten the slack, the stocks were also raised high enough so that a seated person could worship their victim’s feet which she did but only when it tickled as she loved it even more when her victim would squirm under the soft wetness of her tongue. Two stairs on either side provided access to her victims ticklish spots. It also had an oval shape cut out that could slightly fit the top of her victims foot while her victim was in it, she purposefully cut this oval shape to which she lets each of her victims find out why. She tied her victim, Jenny, with her wrists bound in her lap and bound to a chain that went up and around the pulley to a ratcheted crank that would click every tenth of a turn so the victim couldn’t have any slack unless she allowed them to.

Drinking plenty of water and trying to keep calm as she always starts to hyper ventilate when she has a new victim as it is so super exciting. New laughter new smiles new face gestures and new feet to play with.

“Mmmmphhh, mmmphhh,” Jenny begins to move and starts awakening. Reaching to rub her face she realizes she’s bound. Her eyes open wide as she sees the figure of her captor. Pulling at her bonds she cries out “Let me go.” Victoria responds calmly “I can’t do that. You will be here for a short while and then I’ll let you go.” “Can’t we just skip to the letting me go part? Why do I have to be here? What do you want with me?” “My dear you will find out soon enough lets not rush things.” Victoria retorted.

Victoria steps over next to Jenny as she begins to ratchet Jenny’s arms above her head. Reaching up to ensure her bonds are tight and letting her long fingernails trace down Jenny’s arm. Jenny squirms and lets out a slight giggle. “What’s the matter my dear?” Victoria asks. “Nothing,” Jenny responds, “I’m just a little ticklish.” “Really!” exclaims Victoria as she walks toward the foot of the machine tapping on the toe of Jenny’s ked. “Tell me my dear, have you ever been tickled and unable to make it stop, unable to fight back, unable to MOVE?” That word ‘move’ rung out several times as if the room had an echo, as she looked at her captor mouth open puzzled look on her face her eyes wide in horror. Honestly she never really thought about being tickled without being able to move until now and it was a scary thought she could already feel her captors fingers finding all of her ticklish spots. It made her giggle slightly which she tried to hide from Victoria.

Victoria looked over her victim as if she were looking over a menu, Blonde hair just past her shoulder, beautiful shade of blue eyes. She was wearing a sleeveless girls tee, so it had sleeves just over the shoulder but left her underarms beautifully exposed to Victoria’s fingers, The shirt came to just below her ribs. She also wore a pair of cut off jeans really short that showed off her golden legs, and a nice pair of pearl white keds(size 6) with what looked like pearl white no show socks.

“Mmmmm” Victoria moaned as she stepped over to the left side of Jenny and raised her arm up to Jenny’s wrist her fingernails scratching lightly as her hands began to descend down Jenny’s forearm toward her elbow and ultimately the hallow of jenny’s armpit. Jenny bit her lip trying not to show her captor how ticklish she was. But as Victoria’s nails slid over the inside of her elbow Jenny let out a slight giggle and then sucked her lips in and closed her mouth around them trying not to laugh. She began to shake vigorously to her left and right struggling to get away from Victoria’s long tickly nails. Victoria whispers in Jenny’s left ear “I told you my dear, You can’t get away, You can barely move” As she said ‘move’ her fingers descended one by one scratching as they did into Jenny’s armpit and jenny screamed out in laughter.
Aaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahaSThahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaOPPLehehehe hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehSEOMYhaha hahahahahhahah

Victoria began to slide each finger maniacally inside the hallows of Jenny’s left arm. As Jenny jumps trying to get away from Victoria’s nails, each jump her butt plopps and the sound of it makes Victoria moan in pleasure
PLhehehehehehehehehehehSESThahahahahahahahahahhaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahOMYGahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahOH NONONONONONONONhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahhahahahahahahahahahah

Victoria stops and Jenny sighs a breath of relief, “Oh, wow” Jenny says panting “You can…….’t do that…………..anymore, Oh my………….. god I can………………. barely breath.” “That was just a warm up my dear, I told you, you can’t get away and thus I can do this as long as I like.” Victoria responds. “oh……..no……..Please……I …….. can’t…… take it”
Nohohohhohohhoohohohohohohhahahahahahahahahahahaha hahapleahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahOHMYhah ahahahahahahahanohohohohohohohohohohohoohohohSThah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaO P

Victoria now playing with Jenny’s ribs counting them up and down, “How many ribs do you have my dear, lets count, one” “NoooohohohhohohoStohahahahahahahp” “oh, no dear lets start over, one, two three” “PLEASEhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah” “Stop interrupting, one, two, three, four” “SthahahahahahahahPI’lldoanyhahahahTHahahahahahang ” as her fingernails and fingertips dance up and down Jenny’s side
PLeheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheSEheheh eSThahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahOP

Victoria walks around to the other side of the stocks, Jenny begins to protest, “oh no no no no no, what are you doinhahahahahahahah”hahahahahahahaSThahahahah
Before Jenny could say any more Victoria’s nails were in her armpit flicking up and down as Jenny jumped and squirmed in her seat. Victoria with a super happy grin on her face as if she just won an award and couldn’t stop smiling
hahahahahahahahaOHPleheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh ehehehehehhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahOHMYhahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaheeeekhahahahahahahahah ahahagrrrrrrrrhahahahahahahahaha.

Victoria jumped up onto the stocks to straddle Jenny and starting at Jenny’s wrists began slowly tickling down Jenny’s arms both at the same time. Jenny’s mind was going crazy as the sensations of tickling bombarded her from both her arms and as Victoria’s nails glided over the inside of her elbows she started giggling, when the scratching of all victoria’s nails reached her armpits she went into hysterics, nearly throwing Victoria off her as she jumped out of her seat.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahohhohohohohohoahahaha hahahahahahahahehehehehehahahahahahahahahplhahahah ahahahaICanhahahahahahahahahahahanohohohohohhohoho hohohohoOHMyhahahahahahahahahahahnohohohohohohohoh ohohoho.

Victoria stopped and pulled out a small bottle and showed it to jenny she said “Do you know what this is?” “NO” jenny scoffed out of breath, “Why, it’s baby oil my dear it’s actually warming.” Victoria pulled out an eye dropper inside and put a drop on Jenny’s wrist, “Now this won’t tickle…..yet, as it flows down your arm it will and when It reaches your armpit I’m going to rub it in.” Victoria put another drop as the warm fluid flowed down Jenny’s arm she couldn’t help but think she got a much needed break but as the baby oil started to flow past her elbow and near her armpit it started to tickle she didn’t understand why but she squirmed and tried to get it off her arm which made it flow faster and down into her armpit, maybe if it didn’t get to her armpit Victoria couldn’t rub it in right as she desparately tried to keep it away from her armpit.

As promised Victoria began to rub it in a whole new set of sensations took over Jenny’s body as she thrashed violently, Victoria’s fingertips rubbed the baby oil in her fingernails were rubbing on Jenny’s now slick armpit and the sensation was maddening.
NohohohohohohohohohhohohohoOhhohohohohoPlheheheheh ehehehehahahahahahahahahahahah
Jerking back and forth hahahahahahahahaha nohohohohohohhohohohohoohmyhahahahahahanoohohj hohohohahahahahahahah.
“OK, now for the other arm and when I get it done I’ll rub both for you” “OH……..MY………………..God………..No………Please………..Stop……I…… ..CAN’T……..Take………IT”
Victoria ignored her victims pleas as she dripped the baby oil down her arm she wanted her victim to know she was helpless as the oil reached past her elbow Jenny started giggling, when it did reach her armpit Jenny was already laughing and began laughing harder as Victoria rubbed it in both arms.

OH,MYGAhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahNOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH APLEAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Victoria got off Jenny and slowly traced her fingernail down Jenny’s body to her inner thighs, Jenny’s legs jerked wildly as she howled out in laughter PlehehehehehehehehehehseSthahahahahahanohohoho OhMyhahahahahahah
Jenny’s legs began to spasm wildly in an effort to get away. Pulling hard on the stocks. As Victoria slowed her torture Jenny began to plead, “please………let……..me…….go……..i……..can’t…….take……….a n…….y…………more”

“oh, I haven’t even gotten to the best part” Victoria said as she moved to the foot and started tapping on Jenny’s keds Jenny became frantic but tried to keep her composure, She could feel her fingernails scratching over her soles and as soft as they would be just out of her shoes.. she had to think of something. “Please, I’ll do anything you want” Jenny said.

Victoria responds “This is what I want, OK, I’ll make you a deal I’ll let you go if you can do one thing” “name it” Jenny says. “Don’t laugh for one minute while I tickle you and I’ll untie you and let you go if you can do it I’m gonna take your shoes off anyway cause I wanna see your feet” “Deal” responds Jenny. “Ok” says Vitoria “the clock starts when I touch and start to tickle you”

With a sly grin Victoria moves her hands near Jenny’s armpits and in the air motions to tickle them, Jenny shuts her eyes tight sucks her lips and tries not to think about it. As she opens her eyes she sees whats happening and widens them in fear as she sees Victoria’s nails mimicking tickling over her thighs shut her eyes tight “mmmm” she muffles as she tries not to sense it. “has it not been a minute” Jenny blurts out

“oh, my dear the clock doesn’t start till I touch you and I haven’t touched you yet” Victoria says. “That’s not fair” exclaims Jenny. “ok, I tell you what….I’ll begin touching you now”
With that Jenny felt Victoria’s nails glide over her slick armpits and tried her best to hold it in jumping and squirming this way and that. Vitoria moved down Jenny’s side and began to tickle wildly as Jenny bit down hard trying her damndest not to laugh.

Vitoria not wanting to let her victim go, started to countdown but her countdown started early so there was 17 seconds on the clock she told Jenny there was 15 and kept counting down from there as her fingers found their way to Jenny’s thighs jenny started to breathe quickly trying not to laugh 7….6…..5…..4….. as Victoria started to tap on the sole of Jenny’s ked 3…..2…. Jenny lost it her laughter coming from way down in her stomach
Victoria stopped, “wow,” she said “I thought you had it there, I’m sorry dear.” Victoria began to unlace Jenny’s shoe and pulling it off revealed a bleach white socked foot all of her amazing size 6 Victoria drug a nail up Jenny’s sock covered sole Jenny’s foot shook wildly,

Pulling up a chair Victoria began to tickle Jenny’s foot through her sock.
Hehehehehehehahahahahahahahahstopthathahahahaheheh eheheTICkleshahahahahahahPlehehehehehSE
Jenny could hold back a little with a slightly thick piece of fabric warding off Victoria’s nails. Victoria unlaced and removed Jenny’s other shoe and pulled her sock off. “oh, my, What a sight” Victoria said. Jenny had perfect looking feet no calluses a very nice round heel that flowed into a creamy high arch and flowed out into a perfectly rounded ball, her cute short and skinny toes topped it all off.

Victoria began at the heel of her now bare sole Jenny began to laugh immediately.

Victoria’s fingernails found their way up her sole as Jenny shrieked and jerked to get her foot away. Victoria noticed this and said “oh, my dear you aren’t going anywhere…. Just sit there and laugh as my fingernails glide over your soft delicious foot, mmmwaaa” she made a kissing motion with her lips as Jenny continued laughing.

Victoria removed her other sock and Jenny became hysterical started pleading,
“Please nonononononohohmynononondondondondon’thahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha”hahahahahahahahahnonhohohohohohoh ohohohohohohohohohohohohohomyghahahahahahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAPLEHEHEHEHEHESEHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Jenny’s feet began pulling away to no avail but that’s exactly what Victoria wanted as she pulled away the oval cutout in the stocks made her feet curl in such a way that it showed a hallow near the middle of her foot, “This spot right here my dear is my favorite, my fingernail fits just right in it and it makes you scream and laugh loudly” Victoria said as her nail glided past the hallow in Jenny’s sole. She screamed and began bucking wildly, each stroke made her convulse jumping and pulling hard on her binds

Victoria grabbed Jenny’s second toe and bent it back this opened the hallow up. To Jenny it felt like Victoria had gotten inside her foot her scream was loud and the laughter that insued of a girl that had been totally broken,

After a short while Jenny passed out. Victoria untied her victim and took her back to her car and left her there with the keys in the ignition to awaken to the belief it was all an intense dream, Victoria will find a new victim another day….

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great idea for a story. really enjoyed it!

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Awesome start

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Fantastic writing! Super hot :) please continue

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Fine story. :D
I especially liked the detailed description of the F/f foot tickling. :feets:

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Great story!

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yes excellent! More foot tickling please but the armpit tickling description was awesome too!

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