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The rain hitting the hollow roof was the first thing I heard when I woke up. Then the pounding in my head. Augh...my head..what? Where am I? My mind was racing as I looked at the empty room around me, my shirt hanging off of my shoulder as I got up off of the dusty floor. Beside me was a camera. I don't remember owning a video camera, or did I? Hmm. My sides were sore, and I felt this tingling that only happens when someone-no, that couldn't of happened. I carefully picked the camera up off of the floor and it flickered to life, cracked screen and all. On the inside was a sticky note. It had "watch me!" written in cursive with a heart underneath on it. The sound of static bounced off of the dark, pale white walls and I suddenly felt how very alone and out in the open I was. I didn't like it. I had to get out of here! I close the camera and head down a corridor, cringing at each footstep. Although the rain covered most of my tracks, my footsteps were still very loud.

"Woman's Ward?" my mind instantly flashes to images of inmates holding me down and tickling me. I could feel my face heat up as I passed the sign, vividly remembering their fingers all over my body. I stepped into a room and closed the door, finally opening the video camera. The static appeared for a moment before vanishing from sight, showing a cute girl with brown shoulder length hair staring into the camera and grinning.

"Oh! Good, it didn't break when we tackled him. Girls, hold him down. I have a message to give out to the rest of the doctors here!" My face heated up. I recognized that voice. What had she done to me- oh. OH. My thoughts went blank as the camera turned to show myself. Naked. Being held down by 5 different inmates. Oh no...

"We have your little security guard here! We want you to stop treating us like shit! And we're very mad. This is a warning from all the female inmates in the women's ward. Girls. Do it." She put the camera down and was out of sight, but you could still hear her voice. Her sexy, teasing voice. Oh god I can still feel all of their hands on me! Each one digging into my side, trying to find my sweet spots, my back arching and trying to squirm away from them.

"Hahahahaha!!! No no please-" My voice rang out as one of the inmates got her long fingers on my feet. "I'm-hahaha-not-ahahhahaha!!-evena-hahahaha-guard!!! Pleasehahaha!"

"Oh it sounds like someone is ticklish.." the girl from behind the camera practically purred, "girls show him what we plan to do to all his co-workers when we break out.. " oh no. No wonder my sides hurt so much! They were ruthless. Some tickled my sides, others attacked my underarms, but most of the attention was drawn to my feet. The girl with the long fingers was the worst. She'd worm her way between my toes, and I would shriek. I could feel my pants tighten at the film in front of me and moaned in humiliation. I was watching myself get tortured and was turned on by it! There was one girl with curly red hair that held my shoulders down and wouldn't stop kissing my neck.

"Mmm he tastes so sweet...I want to just rip off his neck so none of you can have it! haha!" I scream as she bites down, and I bring a hand up to feel the mark-multiple marks, actually, she left on my neck. I can feel the dried blood trailing down my back, on my arms. Ugh, how come I never noticed before?! The video turned to static once more, and I could feel disappointment rising within me. Did I want to know what those girls did to me? I felt my face turn bright red as the image returned. The video had skipped. They were still tickling me, all of them. Except for two; the one who was kissing, sucking and biting on my neck and the girl holding the camera. Her words never faltered though. Infact, they made it ten times worse!

"Aw, do you see this adorable freckled guard at the edge of defeat? Do you see how he bucks and thrusts to get away from our hands, all while shrieking at the top of his lungs? Hehehe....I'm surprised no other variants came to see what all the commotion is..." her words were cold, heartless. She belonged in a damn asylum, that's for sure. "Well well well......" there was a pause in the video and she turned her body to reveal myself once again. Except this time you could see how turned on I was! Oh no...this isn't good this isn't good at all! "Hahahaha!! Oh wow...how pathetic is this..? He's turned on by all of this. What was it, freckles? Was it the fact that your torture session is being broadcasted to every computer in the asylum, or is it our hands all over you, tickling you and making you beg for some sort of mercy?" While she's talking, she walks over to me, flicking my dick as it desperately tries to break out of my pants. "I say we use this information and attack where it'll hurt his-and their-pride the most."

"NO NO NO PLEASE OH GOD NO HAHAHAHA!!!" I'm screaming as they rip my pants off, revealing my throbbing cock for all to see. I pant to myself slightly, whimpering and eyes widening as I knew exactly what was coming. With my fully exposed cock out in the open for all to see, I can only pray they be gentle. Wrong. So very wrong. One girl immediately latched on, calling my dick Richard and talking to it like it was an actual person.

"Richard's so sad...he needs a face, something that's smiling!" she gasped, running off camera for a few minutes. She came back and I couldn't believe what I was seeing! She had a bucket, A BUCKET of blood that she dipped her fingers into and wiped on my dick. When she was done, she moved my dick back and forth, laughing and pretending it was dancing. She had drawn a stupid smiley face the head. "Mmm look how happy he is now! I bet he'll cry with joy!" I couldn't help but moan at the sight of her playing with my cock. Other girls got the idea, dunking their fingers into the blood and using it to make their fingers travel faster across my body. I shrieked, my whole body twitching as I tried to get away.

"Look at your employee, look at him as he shrieks and tries to get away from our fingers. He won't get away though! Haha not with us still around!" my breath becomes shallow, bowing my head pathetically as I watched the scene play out on the tiny camera screen. God this is so humiliating...I can feel myself tensing as I continued to stare at the screen.

"HAHAHHAHAHAHAPLEASENOTTHERE!!!" I shout when one girl tickles my balls. With everyone's hands everywhere, I knew I wouldn't be able to take much more. I moaned, thrusting myself into the one girl's hand.

"Hehehe he wants to cum, the little pig wants to be released!-we can't he's ours!-no! He's mine-hush you damn idiot, you're scaring him-and turning him on!" one girl began to shout, back and forth at herself like she was speaking to someone else. My whole body shook as she grabbed my balls. "He squeals like a pig-no wonder he works here, all they hire are pigs-hes a cute pig-a slut more like it-keep squeezing! He's making that funny face again!" I'm not sure how long I was in that corner with the camera pressed to my face. Time certainly passes when being humiliated. I refused to look up at the camera by the end of it all, my body heaving to take in deep breaths and my cock visibly twitching. The ringleader as I like to call her, came over and pressed down onto my thigh with her boot.

"Let this be a lesson to you, little guard." she started, using her whole weight to press down. It didn't hurt, it was more of a tingling sensation. "You come to our turf and we torture you. You try and bring backup, hehe they'll be dead and we'll still keep you hostage. Ohh that's a smart idea. You can be my little guard dog! And when dogs misbehave, they get punished.." she slapped my dick and I screamed, shooting my load everywhere. I moaned, panting and laughing still as they continued to tease and tickle me, not caring about how exhausted I was. Just as they were about to come at me again, the video cut out. Screaming and voices could be heard, followed by a man's cheery humming. The camera stopped, and on the little cracked screen, it flashed "no new videos." I was left speechless. What had happened? And why do I feel the sudden urge to-uh oh...my back hit someone hard and taller than me. Their hands grabbed my wrists, knocking the camera away. My face grew bright red as a pair of lips appeared by my ear.

"Miss me, darling?"
Another story made by my best friend. Hope you guys like it.

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