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Proposal or Punishment

At the exact same time Atti was cumming endlessly for Arnie, I was at the mercy of my sexy red-head girlfriend. Which was to say: none at all. And honestly with her, I wouldn't want any.

As soon as she had closed the door on our AI doubles, she kissed me furiously as i payed her back in kind as she was leading over to the bed and landed on top of me as I fell backwards onto the feathery sheets. It was just like the couches so the more I moved, the more it tickled so naturally a giggle escaped from me as we were kissing. I could feel karyn grinning but she didn't stop, instead she moved my arms spreading them out above my head. I knew what she was planning and good god I wanted it, so I let my arms stay there as she started strapping my wrists in whilst kissing me and slowly grinding her hips against my throbbing member. Very slowly.

I wanted to join in on the grinding, to hump her, but every time I moved even slightly, the feathers tickled me on my ass and lower back. At first I stopped as soon as the first bit of giggles escaped from my lips, Karyn still kissing me, but she broke the kiss and looked down at me. She was breathing heavily with a look in her eyes that made me seem like I was her prey. A dominant lustful gaze as she licked her lips moistening them then got up under my protests.

"Relax Terry, your just going to get fully secure ... Wouldn't want you to try and get away now would you?" She asked in the most flirtatious voice I ever heard her do as she grabbed my left ankle and slowly dragged it across the bed getting plenty of hard giggles from me and strapped that ankle in, the same with the right until in was totally spread out, vulnerable, and exposed of every nook and cranny of my front side of my body to her. I'm not sure how but it felt like my penis was getting harder and even touched a few times upwards as if begging Karyn to give it attention. Naturally she did and grinned at meas she climbed slowly onto the bed between my legs and laid down on her tummy with her face right in front of my balls and taint. She moved her head barely looking up from my crotch up at my face and bit her lip as she started to giggle now, the move went on the bed made it obvious she was wiggling her whole body so the feathers would tickle her. She kept doing this as she giggled up against my testicles.

"Oh God!" I said gasping, my neck had started to hurt watching her so it fell back and caused me to just look at the ceiling whimpering. "Please ... Please Karyn!" I cried out as she started to gently tickle me under my balls and directly on my taint. It tickled like crazy as I squirmed around which caused the feathers to tickle my back and ass, and I was laughing extrealmly hard now. Karyn was moaning with a grin as she kept tickling me until she moved her hands to my inner thighs which got huge screams from me, I was reduced to begging for her to stop. But I didn't want to! I LOVED this, being tied down spreadeagle position and tickled mercilessly by my girlfriend. Part of me wanted her to tickle me harder, to continue without stopping all night and into the wee hours of the morning, to be tickled to the verge of insanity! I wanted that so badly whenever I felt her tickle me, and only her. But then she stopped much to my displeasure.

As I laid there groaning in frustration, i felt something I didn't expect: something warm and moist slowly going down my shaft. With a wide-eyed jolt my head shot up to see a mound of red hair over where my penis was and started to bob up and down and felt her tongue start to lick it while it was still in her mouth. To say I was shocked was putting it lightly, Karyn never even shown any interest at all of giving me a blowjob yet she was crouched there, ass in the air and taking the whole seven inch thing in her mouth. I started moaning and I felt her grin as she kept going then moved her head back a bit to look at me and grinned still with my member in her mouth then giggled. Just feeling that giggle made me moan even more but then threw my head back cackling as she started to tickle my hips at the same time.

"NAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! PLEHEHEHEHEHE-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OOOOOOOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I cried out trying to keep still, my moans intensified as I felt an orgasm building and struggled against the bondage "IHAHAHAHAM GONNAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA CUHUHUHUHUHUHUM-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" I cried out. Just like when it felt like it was about to burst, Karyn stopped everything and got my penis out of her mouth denying my orgasm. "NOOOOOOO! NO PLEASE! PLEASE KARYN!" I protested as she just wiggled her ass and giggled at me. Dear god that giggle of hers was driving me crazy! Tears fell from the corners of my eyes as I felt my need to orgasm fade, much to my displeasure. "Please-" I said in a sobbing whisper giving Karyn an opportunity to wear her sadistic grin and crawled up enough so her breasts were over my still erect penis

"Please what?" She asked innocently as she dived her breasts down touching my penis causing me to moan moderately loud and started to move up and down making her tits gently stroke my cock.

"PLEASE!" I cried out struggling against the bonds resulting in a giggle from Karyn and laughter from me due to those damn feathers. "Do you wanna cum, baby?" She said as she lowered herself down more and wrapped her boobs around my shaft, gently stroking it with them. I was moaning and groaning in a millisecond just closing my eyes trying to feel everything as she tit-fucked me. "Hmm? You wanna cum or you just want the tickles?" She asked as all I did was kept whispering yes mostly because I felt my orgasm building up again, I didn't even hear her. Sure enough she stopped just before I reached the top and tickled my underarms while her boobs were still around my penis. "NAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OHOHOHOH GOD! PLEHEHEHEHEHE-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA SE! PLEASE LET ME CHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA-UM!" I was pleading and struggling, my face had gone beat red all the way down to the bottom of my neck.

"Make up your mind baby, do you wanna cum or do you want me to tickle you?" Karyn asked with a sadistic grin. She was turning into a very evil tickler, damn you Atti! But dear god thank you!

Karyn started to get bored with the boob playing apparently because she started to crawl further on me back to where she started and pressed her breasts against my chest with a fiendish grin that was inches from my face, just looking at that without kissing her was torture enough without the teasing and tickling, and she knew this. Though she was merciful in at least that as she reached over and kissed me slowly but I responded hungrily and whined when she stopped and backed away. I was the one becoming putty in her hands this time and she knows it, and she was enjoying every second of it. "Tell you what Terry, I'll make you a deal" Karyn said as she moved her hips closer so she was sitting her pussy on my shaft and slowly rocked her hips forward to back as the both of us gasped. Regaining her composure after a few seconds, she looked down at me. "I could keep giving you the tease and denial treatment and then tickle you, or I tickle fuck you till we're both spent. Ah ah ah ... Before you answer you need to know the condition: if you choose the second one then you need to tell me what you keep hiding from me in that rucksack you had on the plane" she said to me leaning her face over mine.

I didn't know what to do, what I had was the engagement ring I was going to propose to her with! I was going to be romantic, now either I blow all that and ask her to marry me right now like this or suffer a night, and possibly many more, of having a case of blue balls until I do propose.

"Karyn ... Please just listen p-please" I said but it looked more like she was about to resume my torture. "I-I can't tell you, not yet. Please Karyn ... Please mercy" she said as she looked down at me and made a pondering face.
"Hmmm ... Nope!" She said digging into my sides causing me to throw my head back cackling.

"NOOOOHOHOHOHO-HAHAHAHAHAHA! IT'S A RIHEHEHEHEHEHING! AHHAHAHAHAHAHA-STOHOHOHOHOHOHOP!" I cried out but it looked like Karyn wasn't even paying attention to what she was doing and just tickling subconsciously. Much to my unfortunate predicament, so bad I called the safeword, butterfly, at least five times to get her attention before she finnaly stopped. I was lying there a weakened, sweaty, red-faced and still giggle-drunk mess panting for oxygen, and my penis was still at attention and my face was streaming still with tears.

"A ... A r-ring?" Karyn asked looking down at me, when I saw her face I saw her look was of shock, but in a good way. Her cheeks were turning pink. "You ... You had a ring?" She asked nervously.

"I wanted to surprise you, something r-romantic ... I didn't think-" I said but was cut off from Karyn kissing me, she was smiling as she did it too. All I could do was kiss her back until she broke it and looked at me beaming "I guess your saying-" I started to say but she put a finger over my lips.

"Ask me first" she said grinning. She looked like she was just wanting to scream out her answer right now, but I think I knew why she didn't: She wanted to hear it for it to be real.

Taking in a breath I nodded."Karyn ..." I began feeling my heart race, I wasn't sure why because I knew what her answer was going to be. I suddenly started to feel really nervous but Karyn just looked at me and looked like her eyes were watering. Just her alone seemed to boost my courage. "Will you marry me?" I asked.

To say Karyn just said 'yes' would have been almost insulting after the way she acted when I popped the question to her. She sqealed like a schoolgirl and bounced on my penis, which I wasn't exactly fond of, then leaped forward hugging my neck and kissed me so and and so deeply, I was gasping for air as soon as she broke it.

She just looked at me and grinned grabbeing my shaft then started moving it to her entrance and grinned evily at me. "Well ... I did promise if you told me what it was" she said as I looked right into her eyes. I could tell we both were begging for it. I didn't need to hear her say her answer, she said "yes" for what lasted pretty much all night, while I begged for mercy as she tickled and fucked me simultaneously.

At least I knew we'd never be unhappy. That was my thought as Karyn collapsed on me exhausted after near four hours and fell asleep with me still in her. I was still restrained looking at her hugging me with her head on my chest. The only thing I could think of was how much she needed a good scrubbing in the shower room for being so dirty. Grinning, evily I expect, I closed my eyes imagining a plan to get back at my fiancé.

(Sorry about the long wait but this took quite a while to think up. I had decided to be more risqué in my writings but I still decided to omit the tickle-sex bit I originally had written cause I thought it was too much, anyhoo comments are appreciated)

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ohhh your being so devilish...i cant wait to see what happens in the scrubbing room *giggles* well done!!

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Excellent story. Love to find me a Karyn. Thanks for sharing

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Yes, HOT! More,please.