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The Perfect Holiday

Remembering back to when we had first met, I could still picture the shy look of excitement in her big expressive eyes. A small stray of hair hovered over her right cheek adding innocent sex appeal and bringing my attention to a few cute freckles. Meticulously styled silky smooth red hair clung to her slightly tense shoulders completing her beauty and the instinctive attraction I felt for her.

She was small in height yet proportionally petite, graceful, good looking and with fulfilling features of a grown woman. A self criticized average build assessed on a few curvaceous lines threatened her confidence, though truthfully told she had a great figure. Her imperfections had never affected my judgement and instead I had only seen them as cute endearing features that made Annabel, Annabel.

We had been dating for nearly a year now, a successful relationship that kicked off on mutual interests, values, humour, professionalism and an exciting sex life. Inevitable intimacy and strong affectionate feelings for one another had quickly led to the wonderful discovery of shy girl turned hot and horny.

Surprisingly adventurous and partly inspired by a few of my own reluctantly confessed kinky interests Annabel had a great love for our sex life. A few toys, blindfolds, fantasy role plays and even on odd occasions some soft restraints kept things exciting, daring and fun.

Annabel had loved how I managed to make her feel special, noticing and appreciating all of her extensive beautifying regimes. Whether it was her meticulously styled hair, her well nourished moisturised skin or her finely painted toes she simply loved the attention. It made all her efforts seem worthwhile, seeing the effect it had on me and soaking up all my compliments and words of flattery. So even when I did pay slightly more attention to her exquisite feet, she had just seen it as a cute acknowledgement, further impressed by my attention to detail.

Having a bright contrasting nail polish against her lighter white skin and making sure her feet were soft and blemish free made her feel particularly girlish. Annabel loved to show off following an evening of pampering, showering me with innocent flashes of hands, legs and feet. She lived for the thoughtful smiles of approval and clear signs of awe as I watched her adopt dainty little poses to accentuate her work.

I always took in all the details as I truly did admire all of her features, but those cast in memory were always the sights of newly painted toes and favourite flashes of soft pink soles. Annabel was still to learn of more acute wilder desires of mine, but unselfishly and against my greater will I had always managed to keep my interests conservative.

Through hilarity, excitement, or tomfoolery I had also been quick to discover that in addition to her pretty smile, Annabel also had the most adorable laugh. The first time I heard it, it made my heart flutter, admiring the cuteness of it, and realising how it was possible for her to be even more beautiful. Whether it was a titter, s******, giggle or chuckle it was incredibly satisfying to hear and had a sexy womanly depth to it that made me want her.

On a few rare opportunities I had even had the chance to force a few of those beautiful laughs through planted teases and tickles. The moments were as usual short and sweet, moments I cherished dearly, but again through fear of a learned obsession I had always held back to avoid suspicion.

Now opening my eyes I woke from my pleasant daydream with the suns heat beaming down on me, remembering I am holiday sunbathing on the beach, Annabel next to me looking beautiful as ever. Annabel loved a sun holiday and had been eagerly awaiting it all year, away from the drama of the office and day to day life.

She had literally been bursting to strip off into something summery, free, comfortable and glamorous with all a girls little accessories. Sunglasses, light jewellery, hats, flip flops, skirts and bikinis, she was a girl born for the sun, manicured and a pedicure ready for the world to see.

Today Annabel had been wearing a favourite of mine, a colourful and elegant maxi dress with her bikini underneath, a flowery summer handbag complimented by her matching style flip flops. She had been quick to lose her shoes the moment we arrived at the beach and the moment her toes had touched the sand. As we had walked down the beach a few quick glances of giddy excitement told me how much she was enjoying this holiday.

During our short walk I had been treated to a lovely view just below the line of her dress, bare feet purposefully and lovingly soaking up the warm soft sand. With each passing stride, still pink and distinguishably soft soles caught my eye followed by the cute splaying of toes as they pushed from the sand. Carrying a beach tent, towels and a small cooler bag I had all the excuses to slightly lag behind and innocently enjoy the show.

The day couldnít have been more perfect, the weather was as it had been all week, glorious sunshine blessed with a refreshing cool breeze. We had spent most of the day sunbathing as usual but dear to Annabelís heart we had regularly spent childish fun time messing about in the water. Picking her up and swinging her around like some newly beach wed princess, playful games of chase and general public affection made her feel special, loved and on holiday.

Having spent most of our energy acting the cute couple and Annabel looking gorgeous in her colourful bikini we settled to spend a lazier afternoon. I had always love to read on holiday and took advantage whilst Annabel who also like to read preferred to engage in another favourite past time, people watching.

As she would watch, read or sunbathe Annabel would sometimes twiddle her toes, gently caress the sand with the balls of her feet, or just a sign of pure relaxation enjoy wiggling her little feet in the cool breeze. The sight to me was an incredible tease, red nail polish toe points, toe splays and also crossing of the legs created a sexy perspective to cruelly draw my attention. I tried my best to resist her innocent tease but sometimes even my book wasnít enough to keep my thoughts from wondering.

It was normally at this point I took myself off for a small walk or a private swim just to let off some steam. But today I was kindly distracted by the daily wave of charity volunteers we had grown accustom to. They were a fun and light-hearted group, of which their jovial and mischievous nature had also become well known with jokes and small pranks played throughout the week.

On one day water balloons were being sold to anyone wanting to take an unsuspecting friend or family member by surprise. The sale of balloons was surprisingly successful with the amusing carnage spreading across the beach and the corresponding donations filling buckets like rain.

People carried and dropped into the sea and shocking cold buckets of water were just a few other amusing stunts they had pulled. They mostly picked out their poor victims at random but also looked out for particular people, young children, big families and pretty girlfriends to draw the most attention. Having watched the antics throughout the week and as they now passed through, I at least had most gratefully been left out but taking pleasure in watching others.

Annabel who had almost been ignorant to their presence started to tease me once again by gently caressing the soft sand beneath her feet. She had retired from people watching and had instead decided to just bask in the sun, her head tilted back and letting the soft sand massage her feet.

Lost in my own thoughts the sounds of commotion and nearby cheers caught my attention suddenly. Looking up and adjusting my eyes to confirm I saw two volunteers heading in our direction with a mischievous urgency. Annabel who was slower to react and clearly less concerned just exchanged me an unsure smile, her feet still playing in the sand.

It wasnít until they had been right upon us that our hearts really had sunk with dreaded anticipation with no doubt about whom their latest victims would be. Wide eyed and ready I was then exchanged several obvious knowing winks and cheeky smiles now realising who their true target was, Annabel.

One of them immediately worked his hand at courteously trying to encourage a wonderfully shy and confused Annabel to her feet. As she started to register her misfortune, with clear signs of dread and uncertainly she did however manage a sporting playful smile and looked at me as if may somehow save her. When she realised the wicked grin on my face she also playfully made a shocked awe as if discovering that I had been the one who had called them over.

As the other gentleman had been quick to re-assure me of their light hearted plans he was also quick to realise my approval and excitement to see what they had planned. As she initially cooperated, somewhat nervous and sexily looking back at me, I followed close behind noticing they were leading her up away from the shore.

To both Annabelís and my hearts surprise a few historical looking wooden structures started to come into view. Somewhat aware of her destination the now less shy giggling Annabel was reluctantly pulled closer, resisting and squirming not to mention blushing pink from the embarrassing situation that was developing.

It was at this point I was suddenly aware of the abandoned looking play park. It was partly shielded by a cafť complex and beach showers explaining why we had not noticed before. Some of the structures looked ornamental more than functional but clearly they were as Annabel was urged towards a classic head and hands stockade.

Despite her cute fight Annabel finally admitted defeat again feeling the pressure to be a good sport allowing herself to be carefully placed into position. The catches were well used but softly lined so at the very least Annabel looked like she wasnít too uncomfortable. As she adjusted to her new captivity having no choice but to laugh and smile about her predicament I adoringly watched her dance about on slightly tiptoed feet.

It was an incredible sight to see, my beautiful girlfriend placed into the stockade against her will in nothing but her bikini. Squirming hands and cute tests of her bondage completed a perfect image that I wanted to snap shot into my memory forever.

Her moments rest was as short lived as the fastening of the catches with the volunteers keen to make a start. Typical light teasing, pulling of ears and buckets of cold water poured aroused a few supportive cheers whilst poor Annabel could only make playful complaints, squirms and shrieks. Cutely flustered and still blushing she didnít know where to hide her face, occasionally looking my way smiling but getting no sympathy from me.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the perfect sight of Annabel squirming about on her delicate little toes I really thought I had gone to heaven. Exchanging eye contact once again she showed me her pretty smile admitting that she had some fun but also happy that it was soon to be over. Small pranks became less frequent and her shock and surprise to them even less with even a humorously unimpressed expression starting to show through.

But before she could get too confident one of the volunteers suddenly reached out unannounced and began to lightly grab at her side. Her reaction was priceless as she let out a soft ticklish gasp, proceeding then to reluctantly giggle, with a clearly tormented but also joyous expression.

As gentle and surprisingly soft fingertips began to relax into an increasingly ticklish and widespread rhythm Annabel started to sexily buck, squirm and dance on her delicate little tip toes. Hands opened and closed, knees bounced, and her pretty long hair shook side to side all the while cute barks of laughter filled the air.

Having watched Annabel being placed into the fairly hardcore stockade had been my idea of heaven. Now watching as she was being tickled in earnest by not just one, but now two volunteers, one at each side, my heart was racing away, completely consumed by her cute fight to resist them.

Her laughter was incredible music to my ears, deep, genuine laughter I had not had yet experienced in such wonderful concentration. Speaking volumes to her delighted tormentors Annabelís laughter communicated clear ticklish torment but also subtle signs of enjoyment that said tickle me more.

The message was certainly well received with a truly heart stopping change of tactic that nearly sent me to an early grave. Both volunteers suddenly went to one knee each scooping up an unsuspecting tiptoeing sandy bare foot and placing into a firm but gentle headlock for all to see. Still recovering from a few lingering titters Annabel was far too slow to react, unable to look behind with a momentarily clueless expression. The sudden soft grasping of her ankles and the following feel of weightlessness filled her with a late panic however it was too late.

Her delayed struggles proved only to be cutely feeble with only some light shuffling and a few adjustments required to re-secure their strong grasps. Watching as her pretty feet were finally secured in the cradle of their arms, I soaked in the delightful detail of soft pink soles as they wriggled and flexed in anticipation.

Already tickled, teased and playful Annabelís adorable pleas of mercy failed to portray anything but dreaded sensitivity & secret excitement with a giggly giddy anticipation betraying all her best efforts. As one hand chose to lightly trace circles on a supple soft heel the other teasingly grasped each of her delicious little toes in a game of little piggy.

Their first touches created incredibly sexy surprised squirms, light shifting and few telling escaped giggles as she over anticipated their first touches. Realising her over reaction she adorably worked to restore her composure adopting a sexy restrained but smiling expression that now attempted mind over matter.

But despite her cute efforts the gentle unrushed caress of her soft heel and light grasping of each of her toes was clearly too much to bare with wonderful signs of reluctant ticklish mannerisms starting to show. Annabel closed her eyes, scrunched her amused expression and even crinkled her nose as mind over matter started to fail her. Her shaking body, bouncing knees and squirmy pink feet further confirmed delightful signs of a crumbling composure.

Her fight to resist them had been adorable and wonderfully amusing to watch however it was all in vain as curious fingertips now openly explored her pampered soft soles. Just when I thought the sight before me couldnít get any sexier or Annabel anymore beautiful I watched as a delightfully surprised squeal burst from Annabelís lips followed by wild squirming and an overlapping reel of hesitant giggles.

Little piggy and light teasing of her heel had been replaced with still a gentle loving caress but now upon the clearly more ticklish territories of the shapely balls of her feet and wickedly soft wrinkled arches. Unrushed, gentle and despite her best efforts inescapably soft touches made her adorably thrash and whip her fiery red hair side to side. Desperate giggles and a delightfully joyous expression painted another perfect picture of electrifying ticklish reactions and the last few strands of any self control.

Within moments the tormentors honed in on their most wicked techniques and Annabel was finally reduced to wild unrestrained laughter. It was incredibly sweet laughter that showed defeat, clear ticklish torment, torture, but also joy, happiness and even a hint of excitement. Beyond myself I continued to soak up the precious remaining moments having fully fallen in love with my extra ticklish princess.

Light teasing circles on the balls of her feet made her squirm wildly in between her normal infectious submissive laughter. It was almost as if the sensation only registered intermittently, but each time it did it sent her over the edge. But the true cause of her torment was the unrelenting soft caress of her arches, insteps and heels, all wonderfully soft, supple and clearly very ticklish. An ever changing pitch and height of surprised giggles and laughter told stories of ticklish soft skin lost and found once more.

Even now as the intensity started to ease off Annabel laughed, bucked and giggled wildly to any slight change of technique or touch as her soft feet had become deliciously more sensitive. Giggly and giddy as ever Annabelís beautiful smile never failed to reign supreme through all of her torture easing the guilt for those avidly watching and satisfying her tormentors of a prank well played.

As her torture finally ended a clear look of red faced exhaustion and relief told everyone how much she really had suffered and clearly how dreadfully ticklish she really was. A few giggles, submissive laughs and gasps still escaped her lips even now as her tormented tingling feet were allowed to find soft sand once more. The fastenings of the stockade were then unbuckled but most adorably Annabel couldnít wait to rid herself of lingering sensations energetically rubbing her feet over the sand and each other.

Finally free a round of applause and cheers went up from what had been an ever increasing audience, drawn and curiously lured in by Annabelís wonderful torment. Blushing pink in the face and walking funny as her pretty feet had still not forgotten their cruel punishment she then leapt into my arms begging refuge from all the overwhelming attention.

Holding her in my arms was the sweetest thing as she squeezed me tightly whispering playfully curses and then giving me a few light jabs and retaliating tickles as I pleaded my genuine innocence. Not easily convinced Annabel had remained cutely mad at me for the rest of the day but clear and sexy to see was that the torment had not dampened her spirit or her smile.

The perfect holiday

The End

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