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This story is a continuation of "The Red Eye": http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?260359-The-Red-Eye

“Mom, really…” Jocelyn voice quivered with anxiety.

“I’ll go easy, I just want to see!” her mom said.

“I’m really - I just…I don’t think I can take being tickled right now….” For some it could have come off as earnest but somehow with Jocelyn it came off as bratty.

“Jocelyn, quit whining! I told you, I’m not going to cancel your pedicure until I have some proof.” With that she stroked her red-painted fingernail up Jocelyn’s left sole from her heel to the base of her toes.

“Woooooooooooooo!!” Jocelyn let out a high-pitched shriek and pulled her foot away, unable to help but break into a huge smile. It was as if as much as she was anticipating it, the intensity of the sensation still caught her by surprise.

“See?” she said, as if her point had been irrefutably proven.

“You react that way every time I do that to you! That was nothing special! Give me your foot back!”

“Mom, that was enough!” Jocelyn insisted with a pout.

“It was not enough. And I don’t believe you’re suddenly more ticklish than you used to be, out of nowhere! And if you’re in a bad mood, just come get a pedicure and it will cheer you up!”

“Ugh, MOM…” Jocelyn placed her left foot back in her mom’s lap, though somehow it seemed less like she had resigned herself to being tickled again and more that she just felt tired and pouty and somehow hoped her mom would rub her feet and take care of her instead.

Somehow her mom seemed to pick up on the vibe. “How about I’ll just rub them for a minute instead?”

“Ahhh, yes!” Jocelyn sighed with relief and delight.

With that, her mom took Jocelyn’s foot and began massaging it. Jocelyn, Mallory, and their mom traded massages as often as possible—it was their favorite thing to do when they were together. Rarely did they do feet, though Jocelyn seemed to have been encouraging it the last few times they were all together.

“Oh my gosh, that feels so good,” said Jocelyn, closing her eyes. “Oh my gosh, yes.”

“Um, Joce….?” Mallory teased her younger sister for how sexual her reactions sounded. “Should I…leave?”

Jocelyn smiled. “Shut up, dork. It just feels so good. You know how when you fly your feet get swollen? I think that happened, I think they needed attending to…”

As her mom started massaging her toes, though, Jocelyn’s eyes shot open. “Um….” she sounded panicked, “Well…um….aha….that doesn’t feel quite as good….” She winced, as if she were enduring great agony. Her mom proceeded without hesitation.

Somehow, Jocelyn had gone from trying to prove how ticklish her feet now were to trying to withstand the tickles without making a scene.

Her mom continued rubbing Jocelyn’s toes, working on each toe individually and then sometimes taking two or three at a time and softly rubbing them between her fingers. Jocelyn’s foot flinched and twitched as she took loud, audible deep breaths to try to hold still.

“Haha! I do the same thing!” Mallory exclaimed excitedly.

“Do what?” Jocelyn asked quickly, trying not to dwell too long on speaking.

“Take really deep breaths to try to withstand tickles,” Mallory replied.

“Oh…yeah….not sure…how much it helps….” Jocelyn said, wincing even more than before.

“Your face!” Mallory exclaimed. “So….distorted!”

“I’m trying not to laugh!!” Jocelyn explained, sounding exasperated.

“Well you’re doing great, Joce,” her mother said, sounding half-genuinely-encouraging and half-teasing. “I think you’ll be just fine for a pedicure…”

Jocelyn thought about it. Maybe her mom was right. She loved being pampered. Especially on her feet. This massage definitely tickled, but it was tolerable….well, somewhat. She had to remember that the relentless intentional tickling she endured on her flight was very different from getting a pedicure.

But her mom’s fingers on her toes tickled so much.

“Yeah…..I mean…..maybe…..but what you’re doing really tickles…” she said hesitantly.

“Well, you know Jocelyn, feet are a sensitive part of the body,” her mom replied dismissively. “They’re inside your shoes all day, no one ever touches them, and then when somebody does, it usually tickles. You just have to take it. In the end, it’s worth it to make them so pretty.” She was still massaging but had mainly moved away from Jocelyn’s toes and it was tickling a little bit less.

“Ugh, okay, okay, fine, I’ll go…” Jocelyn said, defeated but suddenly looking forward to being pampered. She simply loved any kind of pampering.

Her mom sighed. “Finally! Let’s go, the appointment’s in five minutes!”

* *

All three of the ladies sat in the pedicure chairs together. There were some little flinches and jerks as their feet were handled throughout the first several parts of the pedicure. When the pumice stones came out, Jocelyn suddenly felt like she’d been coerced into getting on a roller coaster and her car had just reached the very top before plunging downward.

“She’s been worried about being too ticklish for this part,” her mom told the female nail technician.

“Oh, you are ticklish?” the Korean woman asked.

Jocelyn felt embarrassed. “Oh, just a little, yeah…”

The woman smiled, and Jocelyn thought she saw a glimmer of wickedness in her eye. She took the pumice stone in her hand and grabbed hold of Jocelyn’s leg, lifting it toward her. Jocelyn closed her eyes and winced in anticipation.

She may have psyched herself out, but then again, maybe her feet really were just that ticklish. They sure had been the last time they all got pedicures together. Mallory had secretly been delighted to see her little sister in such ticklish agony when she herself was usually the family victim of unendurable tickles. And this time was no different. Jocelyn’s wince grew into a grimace and a slow, long, high-pitched “eeeeeeeeee” sound started quietly and over the course of ten seconds crescendoed until it exploded into a scream which almost instantly turned to laughter.

Their mom turned to Mallory. “Oh well. Pedicures tickle. What are you gonna do?” she asked rhetorically, shrugging.

Mallory smiled, trying to distract herself from the intensity of the ticklish scrubbing she was experiencing herself. Her toes curled and her foot kept jerking automatically, as much as she willed herself to hold still.

“You are ticklish too?” her nail tech asked.

Mallory blushed and made the understatement of the year: “Yeah, a little…”

“They’re both very ticklish,” their mom said aloud. That, too, was an understatement.

Jocelyn threw her head back in a fitful burst of laughter, then open her eyes spastically like a madwoman. She looked at her mom, as if to say, “I can’t believe you got me into this…” but her eyes were more full of desperation than anger.

A tinge of guilt creeping in, her mom said, “It’s okay, Joce, just breathe….it’ll be over soon…” in a patronizing tone.

Jocelyn was shaking her head through her laughter as if to say, “It is NOT okay, you have no idea how agonizingly ticklish this is….”

As the pumice neared her toes, she screamed, “OKAY!!! It’s too much!!! It’s TOO MUCH!! PLEASE, I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!”

The nail tech looked toward Jocelyn’s mother expectantly.

Her mother advised: “Look, she needs to learn that a little tickling isn’t a big deal. You just laugh and get through it as best you can. Don’t stop, let her learn that being tickled isn’t the end of the world.”

The woman smiled and kept going, tightening her grip on Jocelyn’s leg to hold it in place.

Jocelyn flew into a frenzied panic, pleading, “Noooooo-nonoooooooo-you don’t understand, it’s torture.” She paused to cackle and then started begging again. “Look I know it tickles everyone but this is a special case PLEEEEASSSEEHAHAHAHAHAA — I’ve already been tickled way too much on this trip and I just can’t - hahahaaaaahahahaa ohmygod MALLY HELP!!!”

But Mally had reached her own breaking point, too. It was subtler, quieter, more composed, but she had her head lowered in one hand and had broken into quiet giggles. And then a loud shriek as she pulled her foot away.

“Hold still!” the lady teased.

“Sorry….” Mallory giggled, blushing.

Finally, Jocelyn’s scrubbing stopped. She was beet red and sweating. Before she could even catch her breath, slippery hands full of lotion were softly rubbing and caressing her feet. Fingers slid between her toes. She screeched and began laughing again. Then she said, to no one in particular, “I’m seriously going to jump out of this chair…” It wasn’t clear if it was a threat or just an expression of her agony. She practically tried, though, as something about the massage seemed to elicit a different kind of reaction in her—less hysterical but far more squirmy. She quite literally squirmed every which angle and into seemingly every possible position the chair would allow.

Meanwhile, as the lotioned-up fingers began working their way through Mallory’s toes, Mallory gripped both arms of the chair tightly and stared straight ahead with an intense focus. After a few seconds, she bit her lip. Her feet twitched and flinched with every movement of the technicians hands and Mallory wanted to scream. Eventually, she couldn’t hold it in anymore and let out a brief, “Hahaaaahaaa!” More giggles followed. Her feet jerked powerfully out of the woman’s grip multiple times.

“You’re very ticklish!” the woman said. “Just like your sister!”

“I think my daughters my be the two most ticklish girls on the planet…” their mother said, rolling her eyes. “Can you imagine? Two grown young women, still THIS ticklish?” She seemed to watch with sheer delight as both girls squirmed and giggled their way through the massage.

* * *

“See Joce, that wasn’t so bad, you got through it…” her mother said as they drove home, glancing back at her daughter. Jocelyn had climbed into the back after Mallory had too, refusing to sit in the front with her mother.

Jocelyn shook her head in dismay. “That was torture,” she said in a deadpan tone.

“What were you saying about already having been tickled so much on this trip? You didn’t mean me right before we left…”

“Oh…” Jocelyn said, suddenly stumbling over her words. “No…I just, um….well…um….at the airport….they patted me down at security…it just tickled a lot.”

“Oh, poor thing. I always just go through the x-ray thingy.”

“Yeah…I wasn’t so lucky…”

“Where did it tickle you?”

“Oh…just my stomach and armpits, mostly…”

“Well, this is something both of you girls have been dealing with your whole life and are just going to have to keep dealing with, I’m sorry to say,” she said.

Mallory sighed. “Yup. That’s us. Basically….everything tickles us.”

“Hey! Speak for yourself!” Jocelyn said and poked her sister in the side.

Mallory shrieked and jumped as far as her seatbelt would let her. “Well! It’s true isn’t it??”

“Everything tickles YOU!” Jocelyn said, reaching over again and wiggling her fingers all over her older sister’s sides.

Mallory began flailing like a maniac. While Jocelyn’s feet had perhaps become more ticklish than hers, Mallory still appeared to have the upper body edge between the two sisters. She went into her typical panic/survival mode and was begging: “Nononononononononono….stopstopstopstopstopstopsto pstop” as she contorted her flexible yoga-girl upper body in ways that seemed impossible.

“Ah ha,” their mom said. “She can dish it out, too…”

Mallory couldn’t help but bursting into panicky laughter. “Okayokay, everything -hahahaHAAA HAA!!!!!! PLEASESTOP!!!! hhhhhhheeeeeoohhhowwwwwwooooO!!!!” The sounds were truly unique and humorous.

“Everything….yes?” Jocelyn taunted.

Mallory laughed and laughed harder as Jocelyn relentlessly danced her fingers up and down her sister’s sides, belly, and underarms. Mallory flailed and tried to reach for the seatbelt buckle to give herself more freedom to dodge her sister’s tickling. But as she reached, Jocelyn slid her hand under her armpit and she instantly lost all control, dissolving into silent hysterical laughter, flailing wildly.

Jocelyn loved finally being back in control again. It felt like sweet redemption. She’d been tickle tortured out of her mind twice—three times if you count her mother’s little stunt—since she boarded that plane and she’d felt so vulnerable, so out of control. Tickling Mally—her big sister—was making that all feel much, much better.

Mally couldn’t get any words out, she was laughing so hard. She thrust her hands toward Jocelyn to try to push her away but she couldn’t even reach her because of the seatbelt. Seemingly out of nowhere, a long, loud, high-pitched screech erupted out of her silent laughter. It seemed to give her the strength or ability to speak, so she quickly forced out the words, “EverythingticklesME…not you…HAHAHA JUST MEEEE…….heeeheeeeheeeHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!”

“Who’s more ticklish, me or you?” Jocelyn taunted further.

Mallory was in utter hysteria. She didn’t want to admit it, nor was she sure it was even true, but she would have said ANYTHING to get Jocelyn to stop tickling her. Literally—anything. “MEEEEEE!!!HAHAHAHAOHMYGODJUSTSTOP!!!!!HAHAHAAEEEE EOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!HOOO HO HO HO HO HO!”

The car pulled into the driveway. 

“Mally, do you need me to rescue you?” their mom teased.

Mally nodded silently, desperately. Jocelyn continued to tickle. Their mom hopped out, opened Jocelyn’s door, and began feverishly tickling Jocelyn’s sides. Jocelyn instantly let go of Mallory and began flailing herself, screaming. Mallory leapt out of the car, not wanting to be anywhere near any more tickling. She slammed the door and ran inside the house, as Jocelyn slid halfway onto the floor of the car trying to get away as her mom tortured her with no signs of letting up. Jocelyn’s own laughter grew harder and then silent, and her own flailing mirrored that of her “even more ticklish” big sister. 

After ten minutes, her mom stopped. “Okay, you’ve had enough for one day. Let’s go inside.” Jocelyn just lay there, panting, and said nothing.

“Okay…I’ll met you in there, then,” her mom said and walked away.

Shivers ran down Jocelyn’s spine as her mind flashed back to the flight, to the pedicure, to the car ride. Why? Was she simply destined to be tickle tortured? She momentarily prayed to a higher power, because being tickled like that brought her to the brink of insanity all three times. If it never happened again, it would be too soon.

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Great story! :D