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06-19-2015, 12:47 AM
After conquering my writer's block, here's Part 4

Having been captured by a pair of Narn spies hadn't been in my plan of how today was supposed to go. What started out as a nice trip to a renaissance fair with my best friend Melody had developed into much more.

“If you tell me what I want, this will go a lot easier on you. I frankly wouldn't mind tickling you both out of your minds but you might not be as keen on it,” said the diminutive Samantha, who was about my height at 5-4 with shoulder-length raven hair.

Like everyone else we'd encountered, she wasn't lacking in the cleavage department, sporting a solid D cup at my estimation.

With Melody still groggy from whatever was used to knock us out, I decided it was up to me to get us out of this mess.
“We'll answer whatever questions you want to know. I only ask you answer a few of our own, like what is going on between the Narn and Centari?,” I said.

“Fair enough,” Samantha replied. “But let's be clear I'm the one calling the shots, not you.” She reiterated that fact by tickling my ribs for about two minutes causing Melody to finally come fully awake.

“Hehehehehehe ok ok I got it,” I replied still smarting from my earlier tickle workout at the hands of my best friend Melody, Samantha's partner Tamara and two high-ranking Centarians, Esmeralda and Rayna.

“How long had you been inside the Centari castle,” was the first question posed my way.

“Not even a day, Melody and I stumbled upon it after being stranded here by an old gypsy woman.”

“Tamara told me that,” Samantha said. “I believe we were tricked by the same gypsy, we've just been here a little longer. My best estimate is a year.”

“An entire year, my God,” I said. “How'd you get in league with the Narn?”

I knew asking the question might be a bad idea, but luckily for me it was Melody who paid for it this time. Samantha grabbed a feather duster and made quick work of her breasts, much to my delight after what I had endured.

Seeing my enjoyment, Samantha appeared to tickle Melody's massive E cup breasts for several minutes longer than she tickled my ribs.

“Hhahahhahhrehehehehehe careful Cass,” Melody scolded me after the tickling stopped.

“My bad,” I giggled, not sorry at all.

“Now that you've paid the price for your question, Tamara and I first stumbled upon a Narn stronghold not long after arriving,” Samantha said. “After a few months we were told in order to earn our keep we were to become spies for the Narn, infiltrate the castle in advance of a raiding party. We both knew the risks but figured there was no other choice. If we left the Narn who knows who else we would have come across and they might not have been so welcoming.”

“May I inquire more about the bad blood between the Narn and Centari,” I asked.

“Much better,” Samantha said, apparently enjoying good manners. “From what I've been able to understand, there was some feud started long ago over who controlled a certain piece of land. Both people claim rightful ownership and so far the dispute has never been settled.”

Samantha would continue on. “If you agree to help us, I'll let you meet my handler Chelsea and she'll decide what to do with you two.”

I was then uncuffed, albeit left without a stitch of clothing. Melody, on the other hand was still going to be left chained in case I double crossed them talking with Chelsea.

A Narn sentry led me to speak with Samantha's boss, while I could hear Melody being tickled for Samantha's enjoyment. I couldn't help but wish this talk with Chelsea takes two hours, smiling as I walked.

I arrived at Chelsea's tent, to find Tamara talking with a woman standing 5-2 which had to be Chelsea. Her outfit looked to be a carbon copy of Rayna's with a few color changes. For being short, she had a more athletic build than I'd seen so far.

“Hello Cassie,” the Narn leader said. “Tamara speaks very highly of you. Especially your endurance.”

Was that a twinkle in Chelsea's eye when she said that?

“Having spent considerable time with the Centari war-criminals known as Esmeralda and Rayna, your services could prove very valuable to us. How would you like to lead a search party, along with Tamara, for the two cowards. When we overtook the castle, they had already fled through a secret passage way.”

Not knowing who to trust but wanting to avoid being tortured again, I agreed.

“Will Melody be joining us on the search,” I asked politely.

“No, she won't. After her actions witnessed by Tamara she's going to require a further level of debriefing at the hands of Samantha. She'll be released in, say, four hours,” now I could definitely see a smile come across the smaller woman's face. “You'll be given a standard Narn sword and shield for use should you face combat. Our weapons though here are a bit different, let me demonstrate.”

With a flick of the wrist, Melody was brought in on a cart. She was blindfolded and had ear plugs so she wouldn't know what was happening.

“All Narn, or Centari weapons, for that matter don't cause physical pain. They've been designed to send ticklish shock waves through our enemies bodies.” Chelsea then proceeded to strike Melody across her ass with the sword.

“Hahahah that tickles damn it,” Melody said, clearly not knowing who was tickling her.

“The harder the blow, the more it tickles.” Chelsea swung with all her might at Melody's ribs as the sexy redhead burst into laughter.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH SHIT,” she said shaking on the pole she was tied to.

I loved seeing Melody used a guinea pig for these new toys, but then I was given a small tickle dagger to try for myself. I didn't hesitate to strike Melody's exposed underarms repeatedly.


After about 30 minutes of practicing on Melody, it was time to go hunt the Centari tickle criminals. I was going to play soldier while my friend stayed at the Narn camp, tied completely naked for anyone to practice their skills on after she was so helpful to me. If I make it back, I'll let her know who made it all happen I thought giggling to myself.

Seeing as I was about to goto battle with experienced tickler soldiers, I needed some armor. I picked out a metal top which had purple trim, which oddly enough matched a purple bra and pantie set I was given. God was it good to finally have underwear again having been naked for far too long.

I then added a metal almost like shorts which protected my ass and the tops of my thighs. From what I could gather, my real weak points were my tummy and feet which didn't have as much armor as I'd like. Chelsea told me it was because being completely covered restricted mobility but I think they secretly hoped to get into a battle and be tickled.

For weapons, I had my tickling broad sword along with the dagger I grew very accustomed with as well as my shield.

Tamara walked into my tent wearing almost identical armor but hers had red trim. She explained red is given to officers while purple is to privates. I thought then maybe she had matching red underwear, which I was almost anxious to find out.

The rest of our party was comprised of two other women, most likely twins of Asian descent. They wore green armor of a non-com and stood maybe 5-1 with athletic builds. It was quite the contrast between the curvier Tamara and I but they were probably great to have in a fight.

We set out to find Esmeralda and Rayna, traversing through the woods when we stumbled upon a brunette woman trapped in what appeared to be quicksand. She was wearing a Centari crest upon her armor but Tamara said it could be a trap and not our good fortune so we sent the twins ahead to investigate while we hung back.

Our companions lowered a rope across a nearby tree to help pull the Centarin up. The twins, despite their athletic bodies were having trouble getting her out. Taking a chance, I exited my hiding spot to assist.

The woman's lower body was completely submerged. Wanting to help, I suggested to aide in our rescue she remove her upper armor to lessen the weight. She reluctantly agreed and tossed her armor into the trees. I then had a much more devilish idea.

I told her if she wanted our help her white lacy bra had to come too, with a wicked smile upon my face. It served no other purpose than to allow me to catch a glimpse of her firm C cups, but I was in a position to negotiate and she wasn't.

“Go to hell,” she screamed back at my request. “There's no way I'm exposing myself to you Narn scum.”

“So be it,” I replied. “Girls, let's continue on our way.” The twins and I were just about to let go of the rope when she yelled, “Ok, Ok you got a deal bitch.” The Centarin unclasped her bra letting her breasts spill out, which got a smile of approval from the three of us helping to pull her out.

We soon had her freed, from the quicksand at least. We weren't about to let her escape, so she was tied upside down to the same tree we used to pull her up. Her breasts were no match for gravity, falling to the ground and exposing their very sensitive undersides to me.
Tamara, ever cautious because of her time with the Centari, stayed hidden and gave me a look saying I was in charge of the interrogation.

I asked the woman politely if she knew where Esmeralda and Rayna where, but as expected, she declined to answer. After spending so long on the other end of this scenario, I was thrilled to be doing the dishing.

My nails danced along the undersides of her firm breasts causing the woman to giggle and jiggle helplessly.

With each stroke of my nails, this poor soldier was reduced to helpless laughter yet she wouldn't give me the information I needed. “Alright dear, maybe my two helpers should join me hmm,” I said.

The asian twins wasted little time, grabbing some grass and running it between her toes sending her thrashing upside down.

“STOP STOP I SWEAR I KNOW NOTHING,” she yelled although I didn't believe her.

“You leave me no choice,” I calmly retorted, grabbing my tickle sword and taking huge swings at first her stomach then each side of her breasts.

The last-ditch attempt worked as she quickly spilled her guts.

“OK OK,” she panted. “They're holed up in the forest about two miles from here until things settle down.”

“Now was that so hard,” I cooed back at her. “I wish I had time to get you down from there but sadly we've wasted too much time already.”

We left her tied upside down over the quicksand, but decided to tie her arms behind her back before leaving just for fun. Hopefully someone enjoys our little gift.