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Daenerys awoke suddenly and for a moment felt her whole world spinning as she drowsily attempted to find her bearings. She looked around her and squinted as her eyes crossed paths with the only bright light entering the room. She felt herself propped up against a wide plank of wood and almost felt like she was standing up but was leaning back about thirty degrees. For a second, she tried to thrust herself forward, only realising then that her arms were restrained above her and her feet secured below her. Straps hugged her elbows and she was unable to bring her arms down or forward.
She wore a sleeveless singlet that had been cut down the middle, exposing her glistening belly from the waist all the way up to her bra. The soft fabric covering her belly had parted. She was stretched well enough that her ribs revealed themselves. For some time, Daenerys struggled to loosen her bonds, but the extra restraints on her elbows made it near impossible for her to wriggle, and as panic slowly began to draw in, the sound of a latch unlocking and a door opening distracted her. Her attention turned to a dark figure entering the room.
“Who are you?” she commanded. “What is this?” The person did not respond and as they moved closer towards her, the light from the window revealed a man with a shaved head, dark complexion with a concerned look on his face. “Who are you?” she commanded again.
“You don’t remember me?” he quizzed.
“What?” she was dumbfounded. “No! I don’t! Let me out of here!” she demanded as she struggled helplessly against the bonds. The man moved to the other side of the room, collected a wooden chair from the corner and positioned himself in front of Daenerys. He sat down backwards on the chair with his arms crossed on the head. From sitting position, his nose pointed directly at Daenerys’ belly, and he marveled at it for a moment, staring directly into her navel.
“You really don’t remember me?” he asked again finally.
“What? No, I don’t, please, whatever this is, I can assure you, I’ve done you no harm,” she tried to reason. The man s******ed, looked at the ground and paused to collect himself.
“No harm,” he muttered under his breath. Daenerys stared up at her hands, desperately trying to squeeze them through the leather bonds to no avail. “Your lizard...”
“What lizard?” she interrupted.
“Your dragon!” he raised his voice. “Or whatever you call the beast.”
“What about him?”
“It murdered my flock of sheep,” he stared directly into Daenerys’ eyes. Her belly fluttered ever so slightly as she swallowed the information she had just heard. “Do you remember now?”
“Y-You came to me at my throne,” she dawned. “I’m so sor...” The man stood up suddenly and slammed the chair to the ground angrily. Daenerys reacted startled, her eyes widened.
“No, I’m sorry,” he replied. “I shouldn’t be angry anymore. I’ve moved forward.” He moved closer to Daenerys who in turn tried to move away but was unable to. She realised that the contraption she was propped onto was raised slightly, so his line of sight met just above her breasts. She looked at him and he chuckled. “This isn’t exactly as comfortable as your throne, but at least you can still look down at me.”
“What do you want?” she demanded. “Money? Land?”
“Are you ticklish?” he asked. He pressed his index finger along the left side of her body and moved it down her ribs towards her waist. She flinched uncomfortably, and he saw her eyes widen even more so than before.
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“Am I what?” she panicked, but before she had a chance to say anything else, the door opened again. This time a guard entered the room pushing what appeared to be a trolley. He left it beside the man and left the room, shutting the door behind him.
“No, please don’t,” Daenerys began to beg. “I am not ticklish and you must let me go this instant.” She stubbornly lied as she watched the man remove the cloth to reveal the contents underneath. It was a table full of props, utensils and devices used specifically to draw the most ticklishness out of a person, and Daenerys did not need to be an expert to realise her predicament.
The man moved back in front of her.
“Oh, you’re not?” he placed both of his hands on each side of her belly, just below her ribs.
“Noooo!” she froze. He began pinching her sides and she let out a howl that dissipated into laughter. Her head fell back and she fought the bonds. “Hahahahaha, hahahahaha!!” The man did not need to move to any other part of her body, he comfortably straddled her sides and pinched lightly, then heavily as her stretched belly wriggled ever so slightly. “Hahahaha!! Pleaaase, pleeeeaase!” she begged between fits of laughter. “Awwwwhahahaha, noooooo-hahaha!” Delightful laughter had filled the room, bouncing off the chamber walls, echoing down the hallways.
“You’re not ticklish?” the man asked playfully.
“Ahhhhahahahaha!!” her laughter seemed to ramp up a notch as she realised her lie could not be hidden.
“Why lie for?” he asked.
“IIII’m soooorrry, hahahahaha!” she struggled to muster any words together. The man stopped suddenly and Daenerys gasped for air. Her head collapsed forward as she breathed heavily, trying to regain composure. The man moved his hands up towards her arms and condescendingly began to scratch down both of her arms towards her underarms. “N-No-no-no, p-pleeease, sir!” she begged him with furious eyes. She desperately tried to pull her arms down but couldn’t, and the man teasingly moved back towards her elbows again to scratch his way down to her underarms. Each time he did this, shudders of ticklishness released from her and she knew all too well that the closer his fingers moved towards her underarms, the unbelievable sensations heightened, and her dashing hopes of escaping plummeted to new depths.
This time, the man combed her underarms with all of his fingers and she squeezed her eyes shut, bit her lips and let out a helpless yelp. Again though, the man teased her and moved his fingers back to her elbows. However, this time it felt different. The scratches were deeper, the sensations were horrid. Daenerys could no longer contain herself. “Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaasee,” she begged through chuckles. “Let me go!!” She struggled and battled furiously against her bonds, but the restraints on her elbows left her underarms completely exposed. The man was able to draw along her stretched arms and she couldn’t do anything to protect herself. “Pllleeeaasee stop,” she continued to beg. His fingers entered her underarms one at a time until all eight were positioned in the hollows of them. He stopped wiggling his fingers and just left them there. The tips of his fingers made contact the the skin of her underarms but he did not tickle. However, for Daenerys, the feeling was hopeless. The anticipation was torturous. The two made eye contact – his eyes were wide in joy and preparedness, Daenerys’ eyes pled for mercy.
“Are you ticklish?” the man asked once more. Daenerys appeared to collapse in resignation, unable to move at all.
“I am,” she breathed. “I am ticklish.” For a moment, her labored breathing filled the room.
“Good,” he replied finally. With that, he squeezed his fingers into her underarms and began tickling her furiously.
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“Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!” she wailed. “Hahahahahaha! Howwaahahahah!! Hoooly..hahahaha!! I-I caaaan’t-hahahahaha!!!” Her head flailed from side to side, her eyes shut as she tried desperately to escape the sensations. Her arms refused to move, she couldn’t protect her underarms. He had total control over her and she knew it. “Ooooooooohhhh!” she cried. “Aaahhhhahahaahahaha!!!” She caught a grin from the man and felt herself becoming anxious at her predicament. The seriousness of the situation was taking hold, and as the man began to scrape his nails down her arms again, just like earlier, only this time much quicker, it was all becoming too much for her. The man would scrape one arm, and then the other, then both arms at the same time, until eventually settling back under her arms he his fingers danced effortlessly across the skin. “Hahahahahaha!! Oohh, pleeahahahaha!” Suddenly, the man’s hands returned to the sides of her belly and he pinched at them more furiously than before. This surprised Daenerys and her laughter entered a heightened pitch. “Oohhh, hahahahehhehehehehehe!!!” Single tears squeezed from her eyes. He took his index fingers and rubbed and prodded the sides of her belly. He had still not touched her ribs and her belly, glistening more beautifully than ever, teased him as it thrust about helplessly. “Hahahaha, stooooooop, hahaha!”
The man sighed and stopped.
“Oh my god!” Daenerys exclaimed as she struggled to capture her breath. He stood admiring her beautiful body for a moment and allowed her to regain some composure. She spluttered and coughed a little until eventually her attention drew back onto him. Once the man knew he had her undivided attention, he moved over to the table to different props he had. “Oh, god!” she exclaimed once more. The man peered over the objects, caressing each one as he moved to the next. She realised frivolously that this may be her only opportunity to ask for mercy. “I will get you a new flock!” she promised.
“The land is dead,” he responded. “There’s no grazing fields left.” He stopped his hands at a number of cotton buds, picked a single one up and held it to the window so the sun shone to it. Once more, Daenerys’ eyes widened with concern and anticipation.
“I’ll build you a new house!” she suggested. “On new land!” The man picked up the chair and moved it towards her belly. Again, he sat down backwards on it, his eyes meeting her navel, staring directly back at him. Desperately, Daenerys looked up at her wrists and wriggled them furiously. She looked back down to see the man pointing the cotton bud at her navel and slowly moving it towards it. “With a new flock!” she screamed. She felt the cottonbud hit the sides of her navel as it entered. “Don’t do th-no, no, NO NO NO!” she begged. Her back arched and her navel hit the cottonbud first. The sensation shot through her entire body like an electric shock. “Aaahhhhaahahahahahahahahhahaha. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. The man wiggled the cottonbud inside and around her navel, almost as if he was cleaning it. Her navel was deeper than he thought. He would occasionally allow the cottonbud to rub against the roof of her navel and exit as it drew up her belly ever so slightly, before purposefully, dragging it back down into her navel where he would prod and move it. The tip of the cottonbud had become moist from the sweat that had begun to form around her belly. All Daenerys could do was watch helplessly as the man continued to increase her sensitivity. Occasionally, without warning, he would use his spare hand and reach up and tickle the right side of her body, from below her underarms, beside he breasts, down dancing over her ribs, but then he would hold her hips tightly so she could not even thrash her upperbody. This was the worst for her, as there was no defense what-so-ever against that cotton-bud and her navel. “Hahahahaha, hehehehehe, ooooahaahaha!!” she laughed hysterically, her head tilted back, staring at the roof. “Iiiii’m beeegging yooou,
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stooooohahahahahaha!!!!” Suddenly, the man discarded the cottonbud beside him and danced all ten of his fingers across her glistening belly. She moved her hips from side to side, as far as they could go, but she could not escape his fingers. The man moved around the wooden table she was strapped to, keeping one hand tickling her ribs, until he was directly behind her. She could no longer see him, no matter her desperately she tried to turn her head to see.
“What?! What are you gonna do?” she demanded. She heard two pieces of wood slide open on either side of her body, and by chance, she felt two large gaping hole on either side of her. The man placed his hands through the holes and placed them on her underarms so they made contact but did not tickle. This still made Daenerys shudder. “No, NO, oh god, no, not again, please, please, I can’t, please!” she panicked. A silent pause, and then she violently shook as he began digging his fingers even aggressively into her underarms. “Aaaaaahhhhhhahahahahahhahahahahaha!” she screamed. “Nooooooooooooooooooo, hahahhahahaah!!!!!”

More to come.......