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Vacation Torment Part 8

You awake in the morning naked, laying with your torso on my chest and our legs intertwined. You realize that you are no longer restrained and you are in my bed.. You feel so relieved.. You don't dare move and wake me.. You think to yourself that you don't dare tempt fates.. Plus you feel so wonderful actually being in my arms.. You kiss me. Lightly.. And lay quietly until I wake.. Hmmmm I look at you.. Surprised that you have not tried to leave.. Good morning my lili. Did you sleep well.. I think so!!
I hold you tighter but gently.. I push the hair out of your eyes.. I trace my finger over your widows peak. I close my eyes as I nuzzle your neck.. You whisper thank you in my ear.. I turn and look at you with a puzzled look. You tell me for letting me loose Mistress Sandy.. I can't help but smile..
Let's shower and eat shall we.. You climb out of bed and take my hand..we head to shower. I lather you up with the homemade oatmeal, and honey soap. You face me so our breast are rubbing.. We just hold each other letting the hot water run down over our heads.. Down our bodies..
We both want each other but we both resist. I am starving how about you Lili. Famished you agree.
We get out of the shower and put on two plush robes. We go to the kitchen wear I scramble us eggs and some ham.. You standing behind me holding be around the waste your breath on my neck. We have some warm pita with fig spread.. And because you liked it so much I give you the last bit of the tiramisu. Just so it doesn't go to waste. You sip your coffee slowly the sun shining through the window caressing your head and chest. Even it can't resist you this morning..
I hate to break the tranquility of the morning but I tell you we have to get the fast ferry to Chios in an hour.. I hold your hands and ask you if you think you could be good if I didn't have to restrain you for the trip.. You tell me that you can be trusted, that I have convinced you here in Lesvos that I have total power of you.. You said that if I had any doubt you are willing to go restricted in the wheel chair even with the air vent.. I am pleased with your willingness and tell you that I would enjoy being a typical touristy couple for the day.. Ok my slave Lili let's get dressed And go..
We leave Skala Erros driving over the beautiful land scape, the sky is bright blue and the temperature perfect. As you are not bound or restrained I feel I can open the convertible top. Your hair blows in the wind and you have a huge smile on your face as you feel relaxed and free for the first time in days..
Before we get To the ferry we stop at a little fishing village by the sea. The men are just coming back in their little boats unrolling their multicovered nets and dumping their catch. You smell the air and you think this is where I stopped for food the first day I pulled off the road and bound and gagged you hiding the car. You take another big breath and you think how much better it all smells since I am letting you walk freely into the village. You really hope the rest of our trip could stay like this because you could fall for me in these beautiful surroundings.. You stop yourself from day dreaming and getting ahead of yourself..
We go into a little bakery, really a tent with a small brick oven. The man is making the flat breads, like before. We choose three, one with just cheese, one pizza style and one with cheese and anchovies. We package them for the boat ride. We stop and get water and those delicious pears. The store owner flirts with you and tells you you are beautiful. You blush and say thank you but take my hand.. You don't want me to think you are flirting.
We get to the fast ferry as it is loading. I carry our bags on and we are on our way..
We arrive at Chios town and we get a car rental in town we use to see two towns in Chios. We travel first to Pirgy, You are amazed at the town as the buildings are all stone with etched Walls called graffito, a technique of painting the cement walls white and then chipping it away into shapes. These are called ksista and there are 3 different styles, geometric rectangles of different sizes, simple circles and triangles and finally more creative patterns, like flowers. The old balconies hung with tomatoes cultivated on a hanging vine upside down in bunches. Sometimes intertwined with garlic bunches. The red/orange contrasting with the black and white of the etched walls. You are amazed by the elderly women who are sitting on the side of the street... They are dressed in long black skirts, long sleeved shirts, aprons and black bonnets on their heads. They are holding flat metal circular disks that look lids of barrels. Laying on them are little black chunks.. There are also tuna cans on each filled with ivory colored opaque chunks as well. They appear to be peeling the chunks.. You ask me what they are doing. I tell you the history of the Greek chewing gum Mastic. It comes from the sap of the tree and drips into tear drops which are embed in the bark. The women are peeling the bark from the hardened Mastic which becomes primarily chewing gum. However it is believed to have Medicinal powers and it is used in many products like make up.
It's a beautiful day and we walk around the town and we stop to take photos of the very ornate designs on the buildings.. I have you pose in many shots where you look exotic against the black and white etched walls, especially the older ones with lots of character.
We the drive on to the medieval village of Mesta. We stop and look at sites on the road. We stop at an old monastery which has been made into a bed and breakfast. I carry the bags in. The bedroom has a canopy bed and being at the end of the hall it has a beautiful view of the hills going down into the walled in city of Mesta.
Before we go I tell you that we will change before we go in to town. I lay out for you an ivory colored sundress that ties over the left shoulder and belts at the waist. Under this you have on a black lace strapless bra and lace front thong.. There are however no stockings, only high heel tan shoes that have a braid that runs up to the ankle strap. The shoes and dress appear to be an updated version of the ancient Greek dress.
When I come into the room you notice that I have a Black and white striped shirt with a white blouse over top that could pass for a pirates shirt. You are now a bit apprehensive but curious.
Shall we go Lili. As you wish Mistress.
We walk down the hill and into the gates of the city. I explain on the way that the ancient Greeks of Chios had wealth through their Mastic trees and pirates and the Turks were constantly invading to steal the processed mastic. The villagers decided to build the walled in city.. Within the city streets are a maze that would confuse the invaders and make it easier for the villagers to to find them. There are only two entrances to the city.
We will go in the center and have some dinner and some traditional Souma a strong alcoholic drink only made in this area.
Walking through the maze we stop and take photo's. Me having you pose several times... The streets are so old and enchanting but you see how easily someone can get lost. You are so relieved to be enjoying the sites and even my company...
We arrive at the restaurant after first looking in the famous church the Tachiarchion. We sit down and have some saganaki and souvlaki. We toast the island of Chios with a shot. You then have some expresso and some home made chocolates. Your mood is very festive.. There are musicians playing in the square, you ask me to dance and I decline.. The man next to you overhears us and asks you to dance . You start to say no but he insists. You look at me and I nod and say as you wish. As you dance I don't take my eyes off you. You dance only one dance and thank the man but you insist on returning. You lean down and kiss me and whisper thank you mistress..
So I think it's time you do something to please me. Anything you reply.. (hopeful it's not more tickling already.). I would like to have a little role play and I want you to put everything into your part.. Ummmmmm, okay. I tell you that you will be a young greek virgin whose father is the owner of the Mastic factory.. I am a Pirate Captain and I have come at first to buy some Mastic. You are at the factory when I arrive and after our deal I pretend to depart.. However, my group of invaders are waiting for a signal to break into the factory. Our ship hidden offshore..
I tell you that I see you sitting here in the square and you recognize me. Now you have seen me still in the city. You need to go warn your father, as you are concerned that i am up to no good.. I will say hello and you will excuse yourself politely.. I am giving you a 15 minute head start. If you get out of the village before I find you, you won't be tickled tonight.. If I find you, well be forewarned..
You sit in shock, it had been a wonderful day and you thought I finally had trusted you.. Now more games.. You are bit angry but you need to get moving.. Alright my slave Lili, what are you waiting for? You said you would do anything I desired. Or do you want to stay and dance with that stranger???
You get up and in your role say.. I, I am sorry but I do have to go.. You put out your hand to shake mine.. You are quivering.. I pull your hand to my lips...Enchanté, Give my best to your father.. And I wink at you...
You start to walk fast down the narrow streets.. You think it is the street you walked in on.. You start to walker faster.. It's difficult on the cobblestone to go fast... You are so torn, you could stop someone and ask for help.. A part of you fears that no one will believe you.. How many people saw you walk free today.. If they don't believe you and I find out it could be much worse. You find me so unpredictable. Even more a part of you does not want to leave me..you have never felt such pleasure. But more tickling?!? You run on.. Your are becoming more disoriented. Each street looks the same.. Looks familiar.. At one point you turn and run right in to a wall.. A dead end... Your hit the wall and slightly knock the wind out of yourself.
I have climbed to a secret hiding place on a roof and I see the path you are trying.. I laugh to myself knowing you can't get out before I reach you.
You start running again.. Your feet are throbbing but you don't dare stop.. You see an elderly couple sitting in a door way.. You want to stop and ask for help, but you notice they are fast asleep. They haven't even heard you come up on them.. You decide to keep running.. Would they even understand your English.. As you run you feel like a rat in a maze..
I start down and head off to find you..
You finally see the tower and what you think is the exit. You stop to catch your breath, you feel awfully dizzy.. You get near the gate.. You hear a noise to your right. You turn....with your back to the door.. You feel my left arm grab you around the waste.. My right hand covers your mouth.. You try to scream... Noooppf.. My hand stronger against your mouth.. Your feet kick as I drag you back in the arched door.. Ayyyy, there little girl.. No need to fight me no one can hear you..
You continue to fight but I am too strong as I drag you back in through a stone hallway.. Your heels digging in the path trying to stop me. You see me pull you into an old dungeon in the turret.. So little princess, you want to be this pirates treasurer?? You thrash against me, your head shaking no.. I pick you up and push you against the stone wall. My knee comes up as I push you back in to the wall pinning you in the ****..
Yes, Daddy's little girl.. Think your better than any one else??? I push your shoulders back and you thud against the wall. I pull your left arm up and place a leather cuff around your wrist.. I hook the cuff to an old dungeon chain on the wall. My right hand still over your mouth.. I then move my left hand and switch it to your mouth freeing my right hand. You thrash against me but my knee holding you firmly against the wall.. My right hand grabbing your left hand cuffing it and hooking you to the other dungeon chain... You arms splayed against the wall. Your feet barely touch the floor as my knee pinning you there.
So daddy's little precious rich girl.. He thinks he can sell me his gum and make a profit.. What does his little Trojan whore cost?? Hmmmmm maybe all my mates Should decide.. Noooopffff you try to struggle trying to kick me.. You try to bite my hand..
Oh... Don't you try that again.. Do you want to be tortured.. I wanted to ask for ransom from your father but maybe he would be happy to be rid of you. I reach into my back pocket and you see I have the ball and blindfold harness.. You struggle harder to kick at me. I jump away from you and you realize your toes barely touch the floor.. Your almost hanging from your arms. You keep slipping trying to stand on your toes.. Please you beg me, help me... Aye, me little trojan wench.. You like me between your legs.. Be a good little prisoner..now open wide.. My pelvis now between your legs.. I kiss you and fondle your breast over your dress.. I push the ball in and put the blindfold on.. My mouth now sucking at your neck... You turn your head.
Hmmmm, you and a gum fortune..you both taste good today...you feel me move away again... Nmmmmpfffff. Your toes struggling again.. What's that's you little wench..you want me there between your legs again...
You hear me walk away.. You struggle in agony your arms pulling from holding your weight.. You gasp and choke on the ball.. I return and pin you against the wall. Lifting you with my thigh.. You feel a light feather brushing you under your left arm... My finger tips barely touching your right arm at your wrist.. Slowly tracing circles teasing you as I draw near your armpit.. The feather lightly caressing your left.. You stifle a giggle. You ride on my thigh.... Nompffffff. What's that you say my little trojan slave.. You want more... Tickle, tickle. Now my knee riding up as you struggle...and your **** thrashes into me... I move my left hand down and pull your dress up. Run my finger under my knee and lift the ridge of your thong. I put my finger in you and pull it out I come very near your lips.. And you hear me lick my finger.. Aye, the old pirate likes the taste of a Trojan whore.. But me thinks she is a virgin....
Have you been waiting for me, virginal lili isn't it.. A flower to deflower.. I laugh a hardy laugh... Now where was I tickling you I think.. No popping the cherry yet. With my men raiding the factory we have hours.. No need to rush.. You are struggling, your body rubbing on the stone wall.. I grab up and untie your dress so it falls off your shoulder. I unhook your bra.. Hmmm look at those tan breast and your nipples saluting your Captain..
Let's try this again.. I push harder into your pussy.. Both my hands start slowly teasing your arm pits with my fingers.. Kootchie, kootchie, koo. My toungue circles your nipples.. You grind into me... Your head rolling as you giggle and snort chocking on the ball.. Drool running down your face..
Don't you even think about coming.. I am enjoying tickling this virginal flesh to much... Your arms are straining pulling the ancient chains from the wall.. As I circle your arm pits my fingers dancing on them. My tongue lashes over your your right nipple back and forth..my fingers going in and out on your underarms.. Tickle, tickle little lili... My Trojan whore... Where is your daddy now.. Good thing your pirate mommy is here to take care of you.. My lips now suck your right breast in time with my fingers raping your arm pits.. You are thrusting into my leg as my knee rises and grinds into you.. My right hand lightly, toyingly, circles your left underarm, my left hand tickles down your right side and tickles you there as I lick circles over your left breast.. Ohhhh feel me tickle you with a full frontal attack.. Oh I like a good village pillage.... Virgin and all.. Don't cum now as you thrash and buck against me.. You feel yourself all wet and your vagina is aching as your clit rubs against the thong and my thigh..
Tickle, tickle..look at lili wiggle..I an caressing you, with each ran pit, slowly running circles over and over your skin. Reaching down from time to time to tickle your sides.. My fingers are pulsating all over your sides.. Into your armpits.. Tickle, tickle, slow and light then fast and hard.. You are laughing and choking.. Hmmmm me thinks the little girl likes this tooooooo much.. I move my left had down into your thongs.. Your pussy lifts toward my fingers. Your lips are engorged.. You are so wet.. Oh yes Mistress of the seas... Finger fuck my virginal pussy. I lean against you and my right hand lifts under you and lifts your anus... I am tickling your clit and your anus, holding you up over my knee.. I am tickling you with my tongue all over your breasts. Your throbbing up and down as my fingers penetrate your pussy and your anus. You feel the never ending vibrating of my fingers from clit to your anus and back again.. Kootchie, kootchie, koo. My right hand tickles your perineum... My left in and out of your wet pussy as it tickles your clit.. Oooooh you wet little pussy.. Virgin baby girl.. Wanting her pirate to make her blossom... My tongue back and forth between each nipple. You snort in air... My left hand riding inside you.. My right tickling your spot.. You push into me.. My knee grinding in circles.. Ohmmmmf , ohmmmmmf it's okay to cummmmm my little virgin.. You bite down on the ball and your body vibrates and shudders against me.... I put my head up pull the gag out leaving you blindfolded and kiss your drooling mouth deep and hard. Your body limp, the only thing holding you up.. My thigh.. Ahoy...me lovely slave......
You feel me grab for something, you feel a cold steel stool slide under your ass....
(to be continued)


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glad you thought it was a good read....this was one of my fav parts coming up...re-edited several times