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06-19-2015, 09:56 PM
Disclaimer: My first attempt at a story and the idea just popped into my head and well I'd just love to tickle torture Elizabeth Olsen. It may get a bit weird for some but I hope it's enjoyable.

Elizabeth Olsen found herself at comic-con. A place for nerds and movie lovers alike. Now Elizabeth had a great body and she knew it, so she figured she'd show her figure off in a tight, leather, gray, dress. It's the least she could do right? Well she thought so. She also enjoyed the thought of teasing the countless virgins that'd be there.

About an hour into the con Lizzie had to use the bathroom. She bobbed and weaved through all the people without being noticed on her was to the restroom and just as she came up to them a girl said "Hey it's Elizabeth Olsen!" In a panic Elizabeth ran into the door and locked it behind her, closed her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. However when she turned around she saw two guys standing behind her. “Damn she’s so fucking hot!” The taller man said to his shorter but more muscular friend. “Yeah I’ll say, heh looks like she needed some alone time with us.” Said the shorter man. “Oh gosh please don’t tell anyone I went to the wrong bathroom, I’ll sign you autographs or take pictures with you if you help me out, I’m begging you.” Lizzie pleaded with the men who looked at each other before the tall one said, “Sure we can take pics with you.” With that his friend got his camera out and the tall man put his arm around Elizabeth’s curvy waist. Now, what you don’t know is the taller boy has a huge tickle fetish and also just happens to be a fan of Elizabeth Olsen. So he takes this moment to wrap one arm completely around her waist and before poor Lizzie can react he’s tickling her side with his other hand, getting an immediate reaction from the starlet. Hey what are yo-OOOOHOOHOOOO HAHAHAHA NO PLEASE I’M TICKLISH! Liz squirmed in his grip and got free and tried to run towards his smaller friend not realizing he too loved tickling and she was just too hot for him to pass up on. However him being slightly stronger than his friend he grabbed both her wrists in one hand and picked them up over her head, accentuating her boobs and also exposing her ticklish armpits while the taller guy then tickled her exposed pits. AAAAHHH HAHAHAHA NOHOHOHOHOHO STAHAHAHAP MY SISTERS USED TO TICKLE ME ALL THE TIME LIKE THIS WHEN I HAD TO PEE PLEASE NO MORE! Liz begged as she struggled to break free. “Aww poor Lizzie gonna piss herself?” The shorter man taunted her. “Hey man I’ll give you 5 bucks if you can hold her in that stall and make her pee herself. “Deal” Said the taller man, “It’d be my pleasure.” Completely over powering Elizabeth they shoved her in the stall nearest to them shoving her on the toilet. “Oh no please you can’t do this to me. I can’t go back out there if I’ve peed myself!” Lizzie begged and pleaded. “Haha oh don’t worry he only gets 5 minutes to try and make you piss doll, I’m sure you can hold it for that long. Before she could even say a word Liz got a full on assault on her ribcage from the tall man. AAAAAH HAHAHAHA NOHOHOHO PLEASE HOW CAN YOU DOHOHOHOHO THIS TO MEHEHEHEHHAHAHAHAHA OH MY GAHAHAHAD Liz thrashed and bucked in the stall much to her ticklers delight who was straddling her and holding on for dear life, and he couldn’t deny that basically dry humping and tickling one of his favorite crushes was easily the best moment of his life until now. This went on for another 3 minutes. It appeared Lizzie’s bladder would hold but then her tickler did something she’d never predicted, he shoved his hands into her tight top and tickled the bare skin on her ribs and even tickled her boobs as well. WAIHAHAHAHAIT NOHOHOHOHOHO Elizabeth shrieked as she felt the dam start to break and a little pee dribbled out. Her tickler refused to let up however and Elizabeth’s laughter and movements got harder and faster as her bladder gave way. UGH NOHOHOHOHOH GAHAHAHAHAHA I’M GAHAHAHANA PEEHEEHEHEHEHEHE FUHUHUHUHUCK! “THERE SHE BLOWS” Laughed her tickler as he saw the puddle of urine on the floor underneath her. Then he got up and looked at the wet spot on her dress and felt a sense of pride in it. “See Lizzie that wasn’t so bad was it?” The tall tickler chuckled at her. *Pant* asshole *pant* ok that’s it we’re done now. Elizabeth panted out, feeling exhausted as sweat caused her dress to stick to her body. “Nuh-uh now it’s my turn.” The shorter tickler announced as he entered the stall. “No please *pant* you ugh can’t” Liz huffed. “Pffft why not Lizzie, too good for me?” “I-I still have to use the bathroom!” Lizzie got out and turned red with embarrassment. “Haha oh, you gotta poop, well I guess that’s what I’ll do for my 5 minutes with you.” He chuckled as he straddled her. OH MY GOD YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS YOU SICK BASTARDS ARE GOING MAKE ME SHIT MYSELF TOO? Elizabeth hated these men now, before she almost couldn’t blame them, she felt it was slightly her fault for dressing so teasingly for the purpose of being a tease, but mostly she felt it was her fault because she ran into the wrong bathroom. But she knew she had to hold off this time for sure, she’d never live shitting herself down, even if nobody ever found out. Then the short boy whispered something to the tall one that Liz couldn’t hear but what he whispered was: “Hey man you should record this that way she can’t turn around on us without the whole world seeing and hearing her shit herself being tickled in a puddle of piss.” He got out his phone and started rolling and gave his buddy a thumbs up. “Ok Elizabeth Olsen, it’s time for you to get potty trained” Her new tickler chuckled before he dug into her sides like a man possessed. Causing the sweaty exhausted woman to scream and buck with laughter as she fought to hold her bowels. UGH FUCKIN ASSHOHOHOHOHOLES I CAHAHAHAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAHAHAHAPENNING. The next thing to happen was easily the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to Elizabeth, maybe to any celebrity ever. GAWD DAHAHAHAMN IT JUST STAHAHAHAP NOOOOOHOOOO I’M GONNA *FRRRRP* “What the hell Liz did you just fart?” The tall one laughed. “Have some self-respect” Chuckled her tickler. This went on for 4 long minutes Liz farted a few more times but then the tall man noticed her purse and its contents by the door and he tapped his friend on the back making him stop. Elizabeth all but collapsed from the strain of it all, the tickling, the torture, and the indignity of it all. Her hair was matted to her face with sweat, her dress was drenched in her sweat and it clung tightly to her sexy frame. “What dude? I almost had her.” His friend handed him an egg and he immediately realized what it was. “Oh you naughty girl Lizzie I bet you’ll wish I never saw this.” Her tickler who still straddled her chuckled as he turned it on high and pushed it into her pussy. This caused Elizabeth to arch her back and moan as her toy took effect on her body. She panted harder her breasts heaved with every breath she took. After all the torture her young body had endured it was as if her body raced towards the building orgasm. Her tormentors sat there watching her, waiting, just as she seemed ready to cum they tickled the hell out of her through her orgasm. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhh, Pleeeeeeeeeeze llllleeeettttt MMMEEEEE NOHOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! HAAAAA OHHH OH HHHHOOOO HOOOOOO! Elizabeth was losing her mind trying so hard to just focus on the orgasm but she found it almost impossible with all the tickling. Her body pouring sweat, UUUUUUUHHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! UUUUNNNNNGGGGGG! UUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AAaaaaaAAAAAaaaahhHHHHHhhh her nerve endings went haywire not knowing the difference between tickling and pleasure, OHHHHHHHHHHAAAA HAAA MMMMAAAAAAMMmmmmAAAYAA FAAAAAHAHAAAK!! Then Elizabeth Olsen let out a huge series of guttural moans and laughter as she came harder than she had in her entire life. UNGGGGGG!!! ARRRRRRAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!! UUUUUUHHHHH!!! UNNNNNUUUNHHHHHHHHH I’M CUHUUMING UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! With that Elizabeth collapsed to the floor exhausted. Satisfied the two men unlocked the bathroom door, they actually wondered why nobody noticed what was going on. Later on they found out that Scarlet Johansson popped out of her top or something. Their friends told them both that they really missed out on that. The two of them just chuckled and saw out of the corner of their eyes, Elizabeth Olsen with a huge wet spot on the front of her dress.
When she got home Lizzie took a shower and swore to herself she’d never try and tease her fans again, well unless she wanted to have as much pleasure as she had tonight. Well the more she thought about it the more Liz thought maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing.

The End

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Good story

TK 81
06-22-2015, 09:53 AM
Could have done without the references for pissing herself and attempt to crap herself. Adult, more like f**ing disgusting

07-01-2015, 05:08 PM
Eh to each their own.

TK 81
07-02-2015, 02:59 AM
what do you do for a buzz kill I mean encore? Write stories about girls getting puked on?

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Oh yeah totally...:facepalm2: