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For those of you who follow my other stories, know that this story is not part of the same Universe as my others and is therefore not "Canon". Also this story is going to do a lot of "World building" so there isn't going to be as much tickling as my other stories have at least in the first story here. I definitely enjoyed writing this story and creating this world. If it is well received I may continue to explore this Universe as well as the Tickle Shoppe.

Sally didn't know how She had gotten to where She now was, the last thing She remembered She had fallen asleep watching television in Her apartment. She had then woken up in a dense, seemingly endless forest surrounding a dirt road. She was still dressed in the same clothing She had worn the day before, a blue flannel shirt that She wore unbuttoned over Her white spaghetti strap tank top, and a pair of tight fitting blue jeans the She tucked into Her tall brown boots. The panic She had felt upon waking up in this strange place had long since disappeared, and now She was honestly more bored than anything else as She walked along the road toward what She had decided, based on the movement of the Sun to be a Southerly direction. By the position of the Sun Sally would have guessed it was mid morning although it seemed to Her like She had been walking much longer than that, and Her watch agreed.

"Stupid thing must be broken." Sally said removing the watch from Her wrist and tossing it into the woods angrily. The air was already hot and heavy with humidity and Sally stopped to remove Her flannel shirt tying it around Her waist before sitting down against a tree to rest. After a short time Sally heard a rustling in the woods behind Her.

"Who's there!" Sally yelled Her heart racing. "I'm warning you."

The rustling began again but this time it was accompanied by what sounded like a Girl giggling. Sally stepped back away from the trees and watched as something moved through the forest rustling the leaves as it moved toward Her.

"Stay back!" Sally yelled out, but She was only answered with more giggling from the forest. Suddenly a small flying object burst out of the trees and stopped a few inches in front of Sally's face. Sally could barley believe what She saw flying in front of Her, it appeared to be a small slender Girl less than 3 inches tall only this Girl had wings. Sally put Her hand out toward the being and it landed in Her palm letting out the same giggling She had heard coming from the woods earlier. Sally examined the being closer, and noticed that it's wings seemed to be made of four stiff feathers, and yet everything else about Her appeared human even down to it's fingers and toes.

"What are you?" Sally asked moving Her hand closer to Her face. The being jumped from Her hand and began it's signature giggle again as it began to fly circles around Her. After a few laps the being began to brush up against Sally's arms the stiff feather like wings fluttering against Her bare skin.

"Hey! That tickles!" Sally said trying to shoo the being away. Suddenly Sally noticed another being was circling Her also brushing up against Her arms, soon the two where joined by another, then another, and another. Before long Sally was dealing with a swarm of the beings all circling Her and brushing against any bit of bare skin they could find.

"No stop!" Sally cried swinging Her arms violently at the creatures All of the creatures circling Sally stopped in front of Her and hovered looking at Her. Sally began to back away from the creatures nervously but stopped when Her back hit a tree. One of the creatures approached Sally stopping a few feet in front of Her and began giggling.

"Stay back!" Sally yelled pointing to the creature, who began to giggle again and pointed back at Sally. Suddenly Sally felt something touching Her wrists, She looked down to see thick green vines twirling around Her wrists holding them tightly before She could react. The creature was still giggling as slowly lifted its arm to point up above Sally's head.

"NO! NO! NO!" Sally screamed as the vines began to lift Her arms high above Her head exposing Her bare underarms as well as lifting Her tank top up just enough to expose some of Her belly just above Her jeans. Once the vines had Sally's arms taught over Her head two of the creatures positioned themselves in such a way that their fluttering wings would lightly brush the sensitive skin of Sally's underarms.

"Hahahahaha! No that tickles!" Sally laughed as the creatures began to giggle along with Her. Soon more of the creatures joined in on the fun lifting Her tank top to expose more of Her bare belly while others quickly fluttered about across the creamy smooth skin. Sally couldn't believe what was happening, She had always been extremely ticklish and now here She was trapped in the middle of who knows where by magic vines and being tickled by some kind of fairies.

"Hahahahaha! Please you have to stop!" Sally begged, but Her pleas for mercy were only met with giggles and more tickling. One of the creatures had begun to use it's wings inside of Sally's bellybutton driving Her mad. Sally pulled desperately against the vines that held Her wrists but it was no use, whatever magic had allowed them to restrain Her also seemed to have strengthened them. Sally continued to laugh as two of the creatures that were tickling Her underarms began to use their fingers to tickle the smooth skin there.

"Hahahahahahaha! Oh God! Hahahahahaha! Please it tickles! IT TICKLES!" The rest of the creatures noticed the increase in Sally's reactions and adopted the same technique causing Sally to become more desperate.

"STOP! STOP! STOP!" Sally screamed as one of the creatures began to scratch it's nails on the skin inside of Her naval. Sally was so engrossed in the sensations created by the devilish creatures that held Her captive, She didn't even notice the horse drawn carriage making its way down the road until it was nearly in front of Her.

"Hahahahahaha! Help me! Hahahahaha! Help meeeheheheheheee! Please!" Sally screamed at the carriage.

"Driver what is all the commotion!" A Girl's voice yelled from inside the carriage.

"Nothing M'Lady, just a young Lass who seems to have had a run in with some Giggle Pixies." The carriage Driver answered.

"GIGGLE PIXIES! Driver stop the carriage!" The Girls voice yelled out. The carriage came to a stop and the door burst open. Out jumped a young Girl about Sally's age wearing a beautiful dress that reminded Sally of something that would be worn on Game of Thrones. The Girl walked over and stood in front of Sally watching as the Pixies continued their tickling.

"Please! Hahahahahaha! Help me!" Sally begged the Girl.

"Now, now is that anyway to talk to a Princess?" The Girl asked putting Her hands on Her hips.

"Hahahaha! Whahahahat? Just help me! Hahahahahahaaaa!" Sally yelled trying to shake the Pixies off.

"Such insolence," The Princess began. "Although I suppose given the current circumstances I can't really blame you. Those Giggle Pixies can be quite cruel, their wings are bad enough but once they start using their nails one can barely be expected to keep ones composure, and it certainly looks as though they've been using their nails." The Princess smiled. "The worst part is they don't even need to tickle, it's not like they feed off of it or anything, they just do it for fun. Such devilish creatures."

"Hahahahahahahaa! Please! Please!" Sally begged.

"Oh and their trick with the vines, that's my favorite." The Princess continued, ignoring Sally's pleas. "Although they do have quite a bit of trouble with one thing." The Princess said walking up and kneeling in front of Sally, She reached down and began to unlace Sally's boots. "They just can't seem to figure out knots." Sally tried to kick Her leg to prevent the Princess from removing Her boots but the Pixies seeming to be aware of what the Princess was doing conjured up some vines from the ground to hold Her legs in place. "See how excited they get when they get a chance to tickle some feet." The Princess said happily as She began to slide off Sally's white socks stuffing them inside of Her boots that now lay on the ground next to Her. "There you go, some nice bare feet for you." The Princess said stepping back and sitting on a log a few feet in front of Sally. Almost immediately a group of Pixies began to attack Sally's now vulnerable feet.

"Hahahahahahaa! Not my feeeeeheheheheheet!" Sally cried out. The Princess giggled as She watched one of the Pixies pull apart two of Sally's toes while another Pixie began to slide Her wings in and out of the space in between them. After a few minuted of this, the Pixie holding Sally's toes began to wave Her hands around, and soon the vines around Sally's ankles began to produce smaller tendrils. The Princess watched excitedly as the tendrils wrapped themselves around the tip of each of Sally's toes pulling them back and spreading them apart leaving Sally's soles taut and revealing the sensitive skin between each of Her toes. The Pixie that had been using Her wings in between Sally's toes turned and began to use Her tiny fingers to scratch at the vulnerable skin the vines had exposed. Before long each of Sally's toes had it's very own Pixie fully dedicating Herself to causing the most ticklish sensations possible.

"Those little hands can fit just about anywhere can't they?" The Princess said with a giggle. "Just perfect for inside belly buttons and between toes."

"Hahahahahahahahaaaaa! HeheheheheheHEHEHEHEHEEEEE! Ahhhhhhh! Aaaahahahahahahahaaaa!" Sally laughed loudly.

"Careful sweetie laughing like that is only going to attract more of them." The Princess said with a grin. No sooner had She said this then another group of Pixies flew by the carriage and began to hover in front of Sally. After a few seconds the new Pixies began to take places all around Sally. A group of four began to scratch in the hallows of Her underarms while others began to tickle Her tummy and squeeze at Her hips. After a few more minutes another six Pixies arrived and began to fly up, down and side to side in front of Sally's stretched soles while raking their nails across Her skin.


"Oh I'm so glad I decided to take your boots off. This is so much fun!" The Princess said gleefully. "At this rate I'm not sure that they will ever let you go."

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA! MERCY! MERCY!" Sally screamed desperately.

"Oh they can't understand you honey, and even if they could I really don't think they would be giving you any mercy. For them your suffering is the most fun thing in the world." The Princess explained.

The Pixies continued to tickle Sally all over Her body whilst giggling devilishly as She squealed. All the while the Princess continued to encourage the creatures obviously enjoying Sally's plight.

__________________________________________________ ______________

When Sally finally awoke She found Herself in the back of the carriage with the Princess, Her boots and socks set neatly beside Her.

"Oh good you're awake." The Princess said with a warm smile.

"Why didn't you help me back there!" Sally asked angrily after gathering Herself.

"It's best not to interfere with a Giggle Pixie's Victim, they tend to capture anyone who tries." The Princess explained.

"Yeah well you didn't have to take my boots off!" Sally countered.

"That's true." The Princess said with a giggle. "But it was much more fun for me this way. Besides I could have left you there to be tickled again once you woke up."

Sally placed Her socks and boots back on and began to lace them up.

"What is your name?" The Princess asked watching Sally lace Her boots.

"Oh, my name is Sally." Sally answered not sure what else She could do but cooperate.

"You aren't from around here, are you Sally?" The Princess asked.

"No." Sally answered just now remembering that She had no idea how She had gotten to this strange place, wherever it was.

"I can tell by your clothes." The Princess said.

Tears began to well up in Sally's eyes and She began to shake slightly. The Princess reached across the carriage and grabbed both of Sally's hands holding them tightly.

"Well I don't know that I can get you back to where you came from, but you are welcome to stay with me for as long as you like." The Princess said smiling.

"Thank you." Sally said shyly.

"Of course, in fact we should be arriving any minute now." The Princess said opening a window of the carriage. Sally looked out to see a bustling city with a large white castle in the center of it, the carriage entered the castle through a large portcullis and came to a stop.

"Here we are." The Princess said with a smile. "Sir Jackson, please show our guest to a room and allow Her to freshen up, She's had a rough day. Also bring Her some of my clothes to change into then have Her meet me in the Hall for dinner." The Princess gave Sally a polite smile and walked off into the castle.

Sally followed Sir Jackson up a long stairway into a lovely bedroom, complete with a gigantic bed covered in pillows and quits. Large tapestries hung on the walls picturing dense forests and rolling hills filled with bright flowers. A pair of Girls only slightly younger than Sally took Her into the wash room and began to try and remove Her clothing. After explaining that She wished to wash Herself off the pair of Girls curtsied to Sally, and once they were sure Sally had everything She would need, took their leave. Once Sally had finished washing She found that someone, most likely the two Girls, had laid out clothes for Her to wear on the large bed. Sally put on the Dress and looked at Herself in the silver mirror that hung in the room. It was thin summer gown that flowed from bright white at the shoulders to a dark blue as it reached the floor. Rather than the shoes that had been provided for Her to wear Sally chose to wear Her own boots instead, since they would be covered by the dress anyway nobody would ever notice to take any kind of offence to Her decision. Sally was spinning around in the dress quite enjoying Her little game of dress up when She heard a quiet giggle from behind Her. Sally snapped around quickly to see the two Girls from before one of which was covering Her mouth as the other looked at Her in shock.

"Oh man, you scared me." Sally said relieved it was not another Pixie. Both Girls dropped their eyes to the floor putting their hands together in front of them. "It's ok, I'm not angry or anything you just startled me that's all."

Both Girls simply continued to stand their silently staring at the floor.

"Really it's fine." Sally said concerned, after a few moments adding. "Won't you say something?"

"We aren't supposed to speak M'Lady." The Girl who had giggled earlier said quietly as the other Girl elbowed Her.

"Says who?" Sally asked annoyed.

"Servants aren't to speak M'Lady." The Girl explained seemingly confused by the question.

"Not even if I ask you to?" Sally said growing more annoyed.

"I... I don't know M'Lady." The Girl said growing more and more distraught.

"What do you mean you don't know!" Sally yelled throwing Her hand in the air in frustration.

"Please forgive me M'Lady." The Girl said as tears began to well up in Her eyes. "We don't want to be punished is all." She added as the second Girl kicked at Her mumbling for Her to stop.

Sally walked over to the Girl who began to cower in fear as She approached. Sally wrapped Her arms around the crying Girl and began to speak in a soft loving tone.

"I'm sorry I yelled, it's been a very confusing day for me. You see where I'm from we don't have servants and anyone is allowed to talk whenever they want, to whomever they want." Sally explained letting the Servant Girl go. Neither Girl seemed to fully understand what Sally was talking about and simply went back to silently looking at the floor. "Fine then, silence it is." Sally said in a defeated voice.

"Th-thank you, M'Lady." The first of the two Girls spoke out once again. "You are very kind."

"That's more like it." Sally smiled brightly at the Girls. "So I'm supposed to be meeting the Princess for dinner right?"

The pair of Girls nodded and led Sally through the castle to the dining hall which had a large table covered in delicious looking food. The Princess was already sitting at the head of the table smiling as She watched Sally look around the room in awe. Slowly Sally began to hear voices murmuring around the room, She then realized that everyone was staring at Her in apparent shock. Sally's heart began to pound in Her chest, what had She done wrong, did She simply look out of place in this strange world, was it the dress She was wearing, or was it... The boots! It had to be the boots, how could She have been so stupid, they had given Her the proper shoes to wear and She had insulted them by wearing Her boots instead.

"M'Lady please you must curtsy." The Servant Girl whispered quieter than a mouse. "Curtsy to the Princess."

"Oh... Ummm. Sorry." Sally stammered as She curtsied awkwardly.

"This is an outrage!" A man at the table cried out. "Seize Her!"

Sally was unable to move from fear as two large men in armor approached reaching toward Her.

"ENOUGH!" The Princess cried out causing the guards to stop and snap to attention. "This young Lady is my personal guest and will be treated as such."

"But Princess, should not even your guests curtsy upon entering the room." The man asked in a much more reserved tone this time.

"Tell me Sally, where you are from is it customary to curtsy?" The Princess asked diplomatically.

"N-no." Sally answered nervously.

"You see Sir Frazier, She is simply not accustomed to our traditions. She meant no offence to me or anyone else here, could you not see how She was looking around the room in awe. Everything here is new to Her and She will need time to adjust to Her new surroundings."

"You are wise beyond your years, M'Lady." Sir Frazier said.

"Yes, and it would appear beyond yours as well." The Princess said with a smirk. "Come Sally you can sit here, don't worry about any of the formalities."

Sally walked over and sat next to the Princess looking down at Her lap in shame.

"See Sir Frazier, you have embarrassed the poor Girl." The Princess continued to scold the large Man sitting across the table from Sally.

Sally was on the verge of tears when She felt someones hand quickly squeeze just above Her elbow reassuringly. She turned just in time to see the Servant Girls hands meet in front of Her once again. Sally smiled at the servant Girl.

"Well anyway, I am sure that you are hungry." The Princess said turning to Sally. "Have as much as you'd like."

Sally was amazed at both the quality and quantity of food before Her, and was finally beginning to enjoy Herself when She suddenly realized that none of the Servants were eating but rather just standing behind the people sitting at the table.

"When will they eat?" Sally asked looking at the two Girls behind Her.

"No need to worry about them dear." A Woman across the table said dismissively. "They'll be given something later."

"But I am worried," Sally protested grabbing a sweet roll from Her plate and trying to hand it to the Servant Girl who had comforted Her before the meal began. "Here have this."

The Girl stood staring at the sweet roll in Sally's hand, the room fell silent once again as everyone watched the interaction in shock.

"Take it." Sally said defiantly. "Take it." She continued now shaking the roll in Her hand frustrated.

"I-I'm fine M'Lady." The Girl said quietly causing the entire room with exception of the Princess to gasp. Some of the other servants closed their eyes knowing that this Girl had broken one of the cardinal rules, and in front of the Princess no less. The Servant Girl knew Her mistake as soon as She made it and didn't put up a fight as the Guards approached Her.

"Wait! No!" Sally yelled as they grabbed the Servant Girl and began to drag Her from the hall. "What are you doing! Leave Her alone!"

"Servants are not permitted to speak." The Princess said confused by Sally's outburst.

"But... But I told Her to speak." Sally said looking to the Princess.

"Why would you do that?" The Woman across the table asked disgusted.

"Where I am from, Servants are expected to speak when spoken to," Sally began to lie. "For them to remain silent is considered insubordinate, much like if the Princess were to ask me a question and I were to ignore Her." Sally was proud of Her own quick thinking, She only hoped that it would be believable enough to get Her through Her current situation. "Please Princess, I know it is not my place to ask anything of you, but please don't punish this Girl for actions that are clearly a result of my misunderstanding."

The Princess raised Her hand and the Guards stopped and turned the Servant Girl toward the Princess.

"Is this true?" The Princess asked the Servant Girl. The Girl looked back and forth between Sally and the Princess as tears began to drip from Her chin. "You may speak, is what Sally says true."

The Servant Girl nodded Her head.

"Very well then." The Princess said looking at Sally. "Release Her." The Guards dropped the Servant Girl who quickly stood and curtsied to the Princess. "You may wait for Sally in Her Chambers."

With that the Servant Girl curtsied again, and then looked to Sally obviously wanting to thank Her but afraid to do anything that might jeopardize what Sally had done for Her.

"Well I do believe that is enough excitement for today." The Princess said pushing Her chair out from the table. "Sally would you join me for a walk?"

"Of course." Sally said trying to speak in a way that She believed would be appropriate.

The Princess led Sally to a large garden next to the Castle, it was now dark outside and the air was finally beginning to cool thanks in part to a light breeze.

"Tell me Sally, why did you lie for Her?" The Princess said without missing a step. Sally on the other hand stopped cold in Her tracks and began to sweat profusely.

"I-I-I" Sally stuttered nervously.

"Well?" The Princess stopped and turned to face Sally.

"Well, I... I didn't want Her to get in trouble because of me." Sally said looking to the ground.

"So you lied to protect Her, why would you do that for a simple Servant." The Princess asked. Sally explained how the Girl had told Her to curtsy and comforted Her just before the meal had begun, and also their interaction in Her Chambers before coming down to the meal.

"I see," The Princess began after hearing Sally's explanation. "By all rights I should have both of you punished for lying to me." Sally's heart began to beat hard in Her chest. "But luckily for you I have taken a liking to you, so this time I will spare the both of you. But please in the future do not feel as though you need lie to me, I understand that you are not from this place, I am not your Princess, but I am your Host and I would expect more respect."

"I'm sorry." Sally said looking at the ground once again.

"You've had a long day, you should get some sleep. The Guard will show you to your Chambers." The Princess said. "I will send for you in the morning, we have some items to discuss."

The Guard showed Sally to Her Chambers tipping His head to Her as He left. When Sally entered the room She found the Servant Girl sitting on the stone floor in the corner, hugging Her knees with Her face buried in Her simple dress. She looked as though She had been crying for hours. Sally quickly walked over to Her and embraced Her causing Her to begin sobbing once again. Before long Sally had convinced the Girl to lay with Her in the large bed and the two of them cried themselves to sleep.

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

The next morning came with a knock on the door, and two large Guards to bring Sally and the Servant Girl down to a large chamber with a Throne at the end of it. Upon the Throne sat the Princess looking absolutely majestic, Sally and the Servant Girl curtsied upon entering the room and were directed to take a seat at table in front of the Throne.

"Thank you, you may leave us." The Princess said motioning to the door. Both Guards left the room closing the door behind them, no sooner had the door shut then the Princess' composure completely changed.

"I get so tired of all this constant formality." The Princess said kicking off Her shoes, turning sideways and dangling Her stocking feet over the arm of Her Throne. "It's exhausting."

Both Sally and the Servant Girl were at a loss for words.

"I'm sorry I didn't think you would mind." The Princess said looking to Sally.

"Oh... Umm no, not at all." Sally said collecting Herself.

"Good, and don't bother with formalities like I said last night, I am not YOUR Princess." The Princess said now swinging Her legs. The Servant Girl simply sat looking between the Princess and Sally utterly lost as to what was going on. "So tell me about your world then." The Princess said holding Her feet straight into the air above Her.

Over the next few hours Sally told the Princess as much about Her home as She could think of as the Princess listened intently asking a multitude of questions. After a while The Princess called out to the Guards and instructed them to have some food and drink brought for them. That was when Sally noticed the scarred look on the Servant Girls face.

"Are you alright?" Sally asked Her.

"Y-you're not from here?" The Girl asked shaking, obviously to scared to remember Her courtesies.

"Well, no." Sally answered. "I don't even really know how I got here, or even where here even is."

"Oh." The Girl said looking to the empty table in front of Her.

"So then, Sally of Earth." The Princess began. "What will you do?"

"I... Ummm.... Well I don't know." Sally said Her tears starting up again.

"As I said before you are welcome to stay here. I can't guarantee we will get you home, or that it is even possible to do so, but I have this feeling that I was meant to find you yesterday." The Princess said with a smile. "So, will you stay?"

"I don't know where else I would go." Sally said still fighting Her tears.

"Very well then," The Princess began. "As you are new to this world and my Kingdom, I have seen fit to give you a gift of our goodwill."

"You have?" Sally asked wondering what it could be.

"Yes, I hereby present you with Erin." The Princess said smiling.

"What's an Erin?" Sally asked confused.

"I...I am." The Servant Girl said Her eyes opened wide in shock.

"You both seem to have taken a liking to each other and Sally will be needing someone to help Her get acclimated to this world. Erin now belongs to you Sally, this Kingdom does not rule over you and as such it no longer rules over Her, you may do with Her as you please but remember you are responsible for Her actions, and if either of you should become an enemy to this Kingdom" The Princess sat upright staring at the two Girls menacingly. "You will be treated as such. But I don't see that being a problem." She said returning to Her relaxed demeanor. "So now that I have given you my gift I would ask something of you."

"What's that?" Sally asked.

"This evening after dinner I would like you to both return to your Chamber and change into the clothes I provide you, and accompany me on another walk." The Princess answered.

"I don't see why not." Sally said before looking over to Erin, who was still in shock. "What do you think?"

"Me?" Erin asked after a long awkward silence.

"Of course you silly." Sally said with a smile.

"Oh... Yeah that sounds nice." Erin said returning Sally's Smile.

__________________________________________________ ______________________

Dinner had come and gone, and Sally and Erin had returned to their Chambers to find some clothes laid out for them on the bed. Both Girls looked at each other uncomfortably as they got dressed into their provided attire. The outfit consisted of a corset top, and short skirt that left nothing to the imagination, and long stripped stockings. Once dressed the two Girls made their way to the part of the Castle they were to meet the Princess and opened the door.

"Oh you both look perfect!" The Princess said as they entered the room. "I can't wait to show you what I have planned for you both." The Princess walked over to the wall and pulled on a candle stick causing a loud clanking noise to come from a nearby book shelf. Next She pushed the bookshelf aside revealing a large stone spiral staircase descending down as far as they could see. "Come on I can't wait to show you." The Princess said excitedly. The Trio walked down the stairs until they reached the bottom and were met with a large metal door.

"What is this place?" Sally asked nervously.

"It's one of the Castles Dungeons." The Princess answered unlocking the metal door.

Sally and Erin's blood ran cold as the words sunk in.

"D-dungeon?" Erin said backing away from the door.

"Oh come now, don't you think if I was going to throw you two in the Dungeon I would have brought some Guards along." The Princess said with a smile. "I just want to show you something if it interests you then great, if not then we'll just pretend this never happened."

Reluctantly Sally and Erin followed the Princess through the heavy metal door which closed behind them. After a short walk the Princess stopped in front of another door and turned to Sally.

"Sally how do you feel about tickling?" The Princess asked smiling.

"W-what do you mean?" Sally asked suddenly realizing how exposed Her current outfit left Her.

"Well I know for a fact that you are extremely ticklish yourself, but what do you think about tickling other people?" The Princess said Her smile growing even bigger.

"I mean, I don't know I guess it's kind of fun." Sally said not sure what the Princess was getting at.

The Princess just continued to smile as She opened up the door next to Her. Suddenly Sally could hear the devilish giggling of the Giggle Pixies and jumped back.

"Don't worry they can't get to us." The Princess said walking into the room and lighting some oil lamps in the room making it bright as day.

Sally looked around the room and saw Giggle Pixies zipping around in large cages. She followed the Princess to the center of the room and watched as She removed a cloth that was covering something, Sally looked again and was shocked to see a Giggle Pixie that was tied down to the table in a spread eagle position.

"This little Devil is the Pixie that was holding your toes apart for all the other Pixies yesterday," The Princess began. "I thought you might like a little revenge."

Sally watched as the Princess picked up a small paint brush and held it up for the Pixie to see, the Pixie began to pull at the strings that held Her in place. The Princess began to run the paintbrush along the Pixies tummy causing it to produce high pitched laughter.

"Poor little Pixies, they can dish it out but they can't take it." The Princes said continuing to tickle the Pixie.

"Hehehe, It's so ticklish." Erin began to giggle as She watched the Pixie writhe in ticklish agony producing the silliest laughter that She had ever heard.

"Oh yes Giggle Pixies are extremely ticklish." The Princess said stopping Her assault. "So would you like a turn Sally?" The Princess said handing the paintbrush to Her. Sally walked up to the tied Pixie and watched as it struggled to escape.

"I bet it's feet are even more ticklish." Sally said as She began to glide the paintbrush along the Pixie's soles, causing it to squeal with high pitched laughter. Before long Sally had picked up a second paintbrush and was tickling both of the Pixies feet as She giggled at Her tiny victims plight.

"Hahaha, listen to it." Erin laughed clapping Her hands.

"Erin grab those two brushes and get under it's arms too!" Sally said excitedly. Erin did as She was instructed and the two of them giggled gleefully as they tortured the poor little Pixie until it finally passed out from exhaustion.

"Awwww, darn it." Sally said looking at the limp body in front of Her.

"You two seemed to enjoy yourselves." The Princess said with a mischievous smile causing the two Girls to blush. "No need to be embarrassed, that's why I brought you down here. I need someone to run this Dungeon and I want it to be the two of you."

"Really?" Sally asked.

"Well it's either that or I lock the two of you down here to be tortured by whoever accepts the job." The Princess said with an evil grin. Sally looked over to Erin and saw that She had a big smile across Her face.

"Alright we'll do it." Sally said, still unsure.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Erin said grabbing Sally and hugging Her tightly.

"Perfect I'll give you a tour of the rest of the Dungeon then you can go to bed." The Princess said walking out of the room.

__________________________________________________ ___________________

After their tour Sally and Erin made their way back to their Chamber, deciding to pass through the gardens on the way. Once they finally reached their room Sally began to get undressed alone in the bathroom when. Erin called out to Her excitedly.

"Sally come look at this!" Erin yelled.

Sally came over to where Erin was and saw a large object had been placed on the vanity and covered with a cloth.

"What do you think it is?" Erin asked excitedly.

"Only one way to find out." Sally said pulling off the cloth cover. Erin squealed with delight as She saw what had been left for them. Under the cloth was a cage, split into two sections, in once section flew two Giggle Pixies while in the other section sat another Giggle Pixie with Her arms tied above Her head and feet out in front of Her locked into a miniature set of wooden stocks, There was a note next to the cage written in Princesses handwriting.

Sally and Erin,

I'm so glad you have decided to accept my offer, and I wanted to give each of you another gift. In this cage you'll see three Giggle Pixies, on one side you'll find your little friend from earlier this evening, fully restrained in Her very own set of miniature stocks complete with toe restraints. On the other side you'll see two very special Pixies. These Pixies have been trained to only tickle those that they're Master wishes, it shouldn't long before they accept you as their masters but the strawberries I provided will certainly help that along. Once you've fed them some strawberries go ahead and open the door between the two cages and let your new pets have a little fun.

Sally set down the note and looked closer at the two Pixies flying around the cage. All of the other Pixies that Sally had ever seen had been completely naked but these two were wearing clothes very similar to what the Princess had given Her and Erin to wear. Each of them wore a small corset top with holes in the back to allow for their wings, as well as a matching skirt, each of them also wore thigh high striped stockings with the stripes matching the color of their wings, one with pink wings and one with black. Sally reached over and picked up a strawberry opening a small door in the side of the cage and offering the berry to the black winged Pixie. The Pixie giggled and began to eat the strawberry sitting cross legged in Sally's hand, Erin followed Her example and before long the two Girls had fed the entire bowl to their new pets. The black winged Pixie smiled up at Sally as it turned to Her and knelt in Her hand.

"I think I'll name you Asuna." Sally said with a smile.

"Asuna? Why Asuna?" Erin asked with a giggle.

"Oh. Haha. It's from a television show back in my world." Sally tried to explain.

"What is television..." Erin asked even more confused then before.

"Hmmm... Never mind..." Sally said. "Anyway what are you going to name yours?"

"Risa." Erin answered smiling as Her own Pixie sat in Her palm with it's stocking cover feet out in front of it giggling.

"Risa, I like that." Sally said smiling at Erin. "So what do you say we let out new friends have a little fun."

Erin nodded Her head excitedly as Sally opened the cage, while Asuna and Risa flew back in giggling. Sally grabbed the lever on the top of the cage that would open the door between the two sides of the cage watching as the Pixie locked in the miniature stocks began to pull desperately at Her restraints as Asuna and Risa began to giggle excitedly.

"She's so scared." Erin said with a giggle.

Sally flipped the lever and the door slid open, Asuna and Risa zipped into the other side of the cage and began to torment the captive Pixie. Risa had taken Her place kneeling on top of the other Pixies thighs using Her sharp nails to tickle Her upper body, while Asuna had knelt at Her feet and begun to scribble Her own talons just below Her victims tied toes. The trapped Pixie squealed under the punishment of Her skilled tormentors, pulling at Her restraints.

"Hehehe. Poor little thing, listen to Her squeal." Erin said with a giggle.

"You're not feeling sorry for Her are you?" Sally asked poking Erin in the ribs.

"Eeek, Hey! No I just think it's cute." Erin said putting Her face closer to the cage. "I bet She's not used to being on this end of the tickling, wild Pixies never tickle each other, these ones must have been trained to do it."

Sally pulled up two chairs for Her and Erin to sit and watch the show when suddenly the trapped Pixie let out a loud squeal as Asuna and Risa giggled.

"What was that about?" Sally asked looking to Erin.

"Oh... Umm... Well..." Erin said nervously blushing a deep red when the squeal came yet again.

This time Sally watched as Risa danced Her nails down Her victims arms into Her smooth underarms and then down along Her ribs before squeezing Her sides and hips before scribbling them along Her stomach slowly bringing them up. Sally broke into laughter as the Pixie let out another long squeal as Risa's hands reached Her bare breasts tickling them all over before pinching and twisting Her erect nipples causing the Pixie to produce the high pitched squeals. Risa and Asuna looked to Sally as She laughed, taking it as a sign of approval and increasing their efforts. Sally watch in amusement as Risa resumed Her path from underarm to Hip employing multiple techniques causing Her victim to laugh loudly. After a few seconds of this Risa began to use Her lower wings to tickle the Trapped Pixies thighs adding to Her suffering.

"Uh oh, they're getting serious now." Sally said not taking Her eyes off the ordeal before Her.

Erin squirmed nervously in Her seat as the trapped Pixies laughter began to change once again into squeals as Risa leaned forward and locked Her lips around one of Her victims rock hard nipples and began to suck while also using Her tongue to flick at the hyper sensitive spot. Meanwhile Asuna had begin to nibble on the trapped Pixies toes while using Her sharp nails to tickle the rest of Her soles.

"Look at them go!" Sally said in amazement.

Erin gasped as Her new pet began to slide Her lower wings further and further up Her victims inner thighs. The trapped Pixie let out a high pitched squeal and began to pull violently at Her restraints before Her whole body spasmed as She threw Her head back. As soon as this happened Asuna and Risa began to tickle even more vigorously causing the trapped Pixies laughter to become even more desperate.

"Did She just..." Sally said in disbelief.

Erin continued to squirm nervously as She watched Risa continue to use Her wings to play with Her victims now wet pussy. Sally looked over at Erin who was now a deep shade of red shifting nervously in Her seat as She starred at the floor.

"It's ok." Sally said smiling at Erin. "No need to be embarrassed we're all girls here."

"I guess." Erin said obviously still uncomfortable.

Asuna and Risa continued to tickle the trapped Pixie mercilessly until She passed out once again. Sally opened the door between the two cages once again and the two Pixies returned to their own side obediently.

"Ready for bed?" Sally asked Erin who had finally relaxed.

"Sure." Erin answered as the two of them climbed into bed together as they had the night before.

"Hey Erin," Sally said rolling over and looking at Erin.

"Yeah?" Erin answered Her eyes still closed.

"Thank you for everything." Sally said hugging Erin tightly.

__________________________________________________ ______

It had been a few weeks since the Princess had asked Sally and Erin to run Her Tickle Dungeon, but the two Girls had already made quite a name for themselves within the Kingdom. The Princess had insisted that the two join Her in the Great Hall each day as She held Court and had even ordered a special set of chairs be built for them below and off to the side of Her throne. Both Sally and Erin wore the outfits that the Princess had given them as She requested that they do, and they both had also taken up the habit of not wearing shoes but rather showing off their stocking feet. Asuna and Risa also regularly accompanied the Girls wherever they went, either sitting on their shoulders or flying not far from them. Today's Royal Court had been especially boring, and Sally's mind began to wander until a Girl that She recognized as one of the high born Girls of the castle stepped before the Princess.

"Your Grace," The Girl began. "I caught one of the servant Girls trying to steal my shoes!"

"Steal your shoes?" The Princess asked. "Do you really think this is something that needs to be addressed at Court?"

"I... Well... No, I suppose not." The Girl answered obviously embarrassed.

"Sally, Erin," The Princess said turning to them. "Can you please ensure that this issue is properly dealt with."

"Of course." Sally answered smiling.

__________________________________________________ ________

A few hours later Sally and Erin were in the Dungeon preparing for the arrival of the servant Girl.

"Do you think you will know Her?" Sally asked Erin.

"Possibly." Erin answered as She grabbed a Giggle Pixie and placed it into a container and set it on the table.

"Does it bother you?" Sally asked with genuine concern.

"No," Erin said smiling at Sally. "She was caught stealing and now She is going to be punished. Besides, I have you and that's all I need."

Sally smiled happily at Erin when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Seems that She's here." Sally said walking over to the door and opening it revealing two large guards stood on either side of a small servant Girl. "Right here." Sally said motioning to the table.

The two guards lifted the petite Girl onto the table laying Her down and securing Her wrists.

"That won't be necessary." Sally said causing the guards to stop. "We'll take it from here thank you."

With that the two guards left the room closing the door behind them. Erin began to untie the Girls wrists as Sally began to speak to Her.

"We're going to leave your arms untied as long as you continue to cooperate with us." Sally began as She restrained the Girls ankles. "We'll need to tie your legs though."

The Girl just nodded cooperatively as Erin and Sally continued to work around Her.

"I know that you have a lot of work to get to today so we'll make this a quick as possible so you can get back to it." Sally said once She had the Girls ankles secured. "Erin take off Her shoes and socks please."

Erin walked down to the Girls feet and began to remover Her shoes and socks leaving Her bare feet out in the cool air of the dungeon. The poor Girl looked terrified as Sally and Erin walked behind Her to a large table.

"What are you going to do with me?" She asked quietly.

"We're going to give you a new pair of shoes." Sally said happily. "Isn't that what you wanted?"

"New shoes?" The Girl asked confused.

Suddenly Erin walked back into the Girls field of vision holding what looked to be a pair of clear shoes only the soles of the shoes were extremely tall, Erin began to put the shoes onto the Servant Girl.

"What about my socks?" The Girl asked. "Won't I get blisters?"

"You should be fine, besides your socks would get in the way." Erin answered as She fastened the straps on each of the shoes with a lock ensuring that they could not be removed without the key.

"Get in the way of what?" The Girl asked.

"Get in the way of your punishment." Sally said a She walked into the Girl field of view holding two containers, each containing a Giggle Pixie. Sally handed one of the jars to Erin, and they both proceeded to force the Pixies into the soles of the shoes before sealing them within. The Girl sat nervously not sure what was taking place.

"As I said we know that you have a lot of work to do today," Sally began." "Therefore we've come up with a way to punish you while allowing you to do your work. Each of these shoes is designed with a chamber in the sole that will hold a Giggle Pixie, the roof of this chamber is strong enough to hold your body weight keeping you from crushing the Pixie but it is also full of holes allowing the Pixie to tickle your bare soles. The shoes are also designed to fit very snugly so that your foot can't get out from within the Pixies reach, they're also locked onto your feet so that you can't remove them until we unlock them. Once we remove the barrier between the bottom chamber and your foot the Pixies will be free to tickle you to their hearts content no matter what you are doing."

The Girl looked down at Her feet as the Pixies tried to reach Her bare feet through the thin barrier.

"In addition to allowing you to do your work while still being punished, allowing the other Servants to see you suffer will make them think twice about stealing as well." Erin added.

"How do you expect me to work while I'm being tickled!" The Girl asked frantically.

"Oh we don't." Sally said. "But you are going to try, and you're going to make sure that everyone see's you as well because we aren't going to take these off until we're sure that everyone in the Castle has seen what happens to thieves."

"Please! I'm sorry I swear I won't ever do it again!" The Girl begged.

"Oh I'm sure you won't" Sally said smiling.

Erin reached over and pulled out the barrier protecting the Girls soles from the tickly creatures below them.

"Hahahahahahahaaa!" The Girl laughed. "Oh no! Oh! Hahahahahaaa!"

"Come on you have work to do." Sally said untying the Girls ankles.

"I can't! Hahahahahaha!" The Girl laughed.

"Oh no?" Sally said grabbing the Girls wrists. "Well then I guess you'll just have to stay here with us." Suddenly Erin climbed up onto the table and straddled the laughing Girl.

"I'd love for you to stay and play with us today instead." Erin said with an evil grin. Sally held the Girls arms up over Her head and Erin began to tickle the Girls ribs and underarms mercilessly.


"It's either go to work or spend the entire day tied up down here as Erin and I tickle you silly." Sally whispered into the Girls ear.

"I'll work! Hahahahahahahaaa!" The Girl laughed. Erin stopped Her assault and climbed off the Girl then helped Her to Her feet.

"Ready to go?" Sally asked as the Girl tried desperately to stand despite the tickling She was suffering.

"Hehehe, They even tickle when I walk Hehehehahaha!" The Girl complained between fits of giggles.

"That's the point." Erin said poking the Girl in the sides.

__________________________________________________ ______

Sally and Erin watched in amusement as a group of other servant Girls examined the special shoes they had designed. The Petite Servant Girl sat in a chair gripping the arms tightly with Her feet out in front of Her on a stool. Another Girl sat on the Petite Girls legs holding them in place as a large group of Girls watched the Pixies tickle the Girls soles through the holes in the shoes. One of the Girl tapped on the bottom of the Shoes and the Pixies began to viciously attack the Petite Girls soles.

"HAHAHAHAHAA! DON'T DO THAT!" The Girl screamed as the rest of the group laughed.

"Hey, I have an idea!" Another one of the Servant Girls said running off to the kitchen returning a little while later holding a small bottle.

"What is that?" One of the Girls asked Her.

"Cooking oil." The Girl answered carefully pouring the oil into the shoes, the constant wiggling of the Petite Girls feet from all the tickling quickly spread the oil all over Her bare feet.

"That will make it tickle even more." The Girl said setting the bottle down.

"Yeah and it looks like it's upsetting the Pixies too." The Girl holding down the Petite Girls legs added.

Both of the Pixies had begun to feverishly tickle the Petite Girls soles as if angered by the addition of the cooking oil. The Petite Girl was beside Herself with laughter and was thrashing desperately in the chair. The Girl holding Her legs let Her go and She began to roll around on the floor trying to pull the shoes off of Her feet to no avail. Suddenly all the Servant Girl scattered, as the High Born Girl from Court entered the room to see what all the commotion was about.

"What is this!" The High Born Girl yelled.

"Her punishment." Sally answered walking up next to Her. "Would you like to watch us finish it?"

The High Born Girl watched on, as Her Servant was carried over to one of the tables in the room and tied out spread eagle. Next Sally and Erin removed most of the Girls clothing leaving only Her most private parts covered. Erin then reached over and picked up the bottle of cooking oil and began to pour it all over the Servant Girls bare skin rubbing it all over Her.

"Ready?" Sally said looking the laughing Girl in the eye but before She could answer Erin began to squeeze at Her hips. After a few seconds Sally joined in on the fun and began to dance Her nails inside of the Girls bare underarms.

"Hahahahahahhaaaa! Please! Please!" The Girl begged.

Suddenly Asuna and Risa joined in as well moving around randomly never tickling one place for very long giggling the entire time.

"Tickle, tickle, tickle." Sally teased.

"Coochie coo!" Erin added.

"Hahahahaahahahahahaaaa! No More! Hahahahahahahahaa! I can't take it!" The Girl cried out.

"You can't take it?" Erin said mockingly.

"NOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOOO!" The Girl answered.

"You couldn't possibly stand any more?" Erin asked playfully.

"No! Hahahahahahahaaaa! No more!" The Girl begged.

"I don't believe you." Erin said looking to the High Born Girl. "Maybe your Master can help us find out, what do you say?"

"Me?" The High Born Girl asked.

"Mmmhmmm, after all it was your shoes She tried to steal." Sally said with a smile.

The High Born Girl slowly walked up to Her Servant Girl and started to tickle Her bare tummy, slowly at first but after a few minutes She was doing Her best to force the best reactions out of Her ticklish little servant.

"Seee I told you, you could take more." Erin said teasingly.

"I think She likes it." Sally said as She raked Her long nails from underarm to elbow and back a few times before scribbling Her nails in the hallows of the Girls underarms.

This continued for a long time before it was obvious that they had broken the Servant Girl. Erin and Sally united the Girl who curled into a ball on the table.

"Do you think She's learned Her lesson?" Sally asked the High Born Girl.

"Definitely." She answered.

"Please, Hahahahahahaaa! Take them off!" The Girl begged.

"I think we should leave them on Her all night." Erin said squeezing the Girls sides again.


"All right, you've suffered enough." Sally said unlocking the shoes and removing them. "But if I ever see you in my dungeon again it's not the Giggle Pixies you'll need to worry about."

Sally and Erin watched as the High Born Girl helped Her Servant Girl back to their Chambers.

"Well I'd say it's time to turn in for the night wouldn't you?" Sally asked.

"Mmmmhmmm." Erin answered as the two headed up to their own Chambers.

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