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Hi so here is part 3 I havn't fully spell check it etc but I might not get enough time to post it otherwise

I noticed a few mistakes in part 2 which I shall amend when I get a chance

WARNING this part is more sexual than parts 1 & 2

- - -

Andrea looked through the open panels revealing the inside the box what she saw terrified her!

Cleo was completely naked inside the box and multiple feathers tormented her soft body, some being moved or jolted by the gears powered by the wheels, others being moved back and forth on spring loaded hinges that responded to the limited movement her straps allowed. Her elbows could turn slightly and this powered four of the five feathers that tormented each of her underarms.

What truly terrified Andrea was what Lilly had been calling the main wheel; this was a vertical wheel that contained two rows of soft feathers splaying out. As the wheel turned downwards it stroked the soft skin to either side of Cleo’s shaved woman hood the longer feathers being drawn cruelly across the skin, the shorter feathers tormenting her with swifter strokes of their tips. The wheel itself was not static and adjusted itself on a curved runner to vary the angle and distance to Cleo’s helpless crotch. This erratic movement was influenced by the straps detecting Cleo’s movements such that any response to the torture would not only result in more torture but making the sensations impossible to predict.

Andrea was both amazed and horrified. And watched the torturous dance of the feathers until the machine was closed to accommodate the cover. A tickling device was placed at Cleo’s exposed feet which consisted of several mechanical arms bearing feathers and brushes that rose and fell in an almost unpredictable pattern causing Cleo to scrunch her toes and earn the vibrating feathers as a punishment. The new device was powered a battery but clearly had been made to appear like the torture box in its quirky steampunk style and a cylinder turned driving gears as if the result clockwork and a coiled spring.

Andrea could hear Betty explaining to a concerning dog walker that a spider had scared one of her friends, Cleo’s muffled protests being undetectable as a result of the ball gag, covering sheet and stereo. Whilst the girls waited for the dog walker to leave Andrea quietly asked why Cleo was being tortured more than Betty or Ingrid. Lilly sighed and explained that Cleo’s last punishment clearly hadn’t worked…

“About three weeks ago we were all going out for drinks only Cleo and Emily didn’t show. It turns out Cleo had tricked Emily into the stocks by filling her socks with itching powder and promising her the antidote if she agreed to be restrained. She had just started the tickle torture phase when I returned to see what the hold-up was! It was lucky I got back when I did not only was she using her cruel nails to torment Emily but she had clearly sensitivised the poor girl using hot water and the hairdryers! As if the beautiful Princess Emily wasn’t ticklish enough!”

Andrea looked horrified knowing how sensitive the divine Emily’s feet were already, she listened in fascination as Lilly continued recalling Cleo’s previous punishment for this cruel trick.

“We decided it would be appropriate to mummify the Egyptian Queen, covering her in her own itching powder and securing her tightly to a plank of wood on top of two trestles. We even gave her a taste of the socks she had coated in itching powder in order to earn her coveted prize! Cleo cannot stand tight bondage so the hours of tickling and itching broke her! We thought we had put her back in her place but clearly not!”

The concerned dog walker long gone Andrea was guided to a corner of the tent where a blanket was held down with stones. Ingrid removed the stones and blanket revealing a V-shaped hole dug into the sand with four short pieces of wood poking up at one end. Andrea’s breath quickened as she submissively allowed the girls to wrap her up in the blanket and lower her into the hole with her arms behind her back and only her head and feet poking out of the sand. Before burying her the girls guided her feet into the correct point in between the four pieces of wood and secured her ankles.

A blindfold and ball-gag were produced and Andrea submissively accepted them not wanting to anger her captors. She felt herself being buried and struggled to get comfortable. She had seen videos and drawings of this online and accepted her fate, being glad of the protection the sand would provide to everything except her feet. Her toes were tied back probably to the pieces of wood although she suspected a thin something was secured between each set of stakes, she could feel all five toes being tied directly backwards. Upon the completion of her burial she felt Lilly’s breath in her ears as the sultry Geisha whispered:

“Sorry Hunny! But we can’t take any risks! We need to check if you are investigative journalist, spying or something! I really like you but my partner doesn’t trust you. Normally you would never get this far but I like you! A lot! And I have convinced him to interrogate you”

Andrea mumbled into her ball-gag

“Yes about that you will be tickled whilst gagged then given the chance to confess, if you don’t the ball-gag will be re-applied so that you know you will have at least X amount of time in which to suffer. Of course if you are innocent you will be tickled all night long. We have buckets to cover your head and feet should anyone visit us and we will post better look outs from now on” Simon added

Andrea contemplated her situation. Gentle tickling all night long might be okay perhaps with some more moderate torture. She giggled as the first sandy tickles arrived the sand increasing both the sensations and her sensitivity to them. After a lengthy tease with fingers, feathers and soft brushes Andrea felt a wet sensation on her feet. She was confused at first but then all too soon she realised with a start what was going to happen! The Cats! They are going to use the cats! What if they scrub and sensitise my feet like we did to Ingrid and Cleo I won’t be able to stand it!

She began screaming into her ball-gag but she was drowned out by the stereo which artfully covered the muffled sounds of gagged tickle torture without drawing unwanted noise complaints.

Lilly smiled as she placed the baskets at her new friend’s feet. She liked this girl but she had to see how sensitive those feet could become. She hoped she would be forgiven, perhaps Andrea wouldn’t hold a grudge if she let Emily take the first feather tickle when those pretty feet were at their most sensitive…. Well most of it!. … Well some of it at least!

“Oh well back to torturing Cleo I suppose” thought Lilly, she really deserved this for always trying to tickle Emily beyond what she could stand. Lilly had the same desire of course but contained it, treating Emily like the precious flower she was. She considered the precious flower currently buried in the sand but decided it would do her good to be planted!

Andrea struggled as the cats, rough, sandpapery tongues explored her feet. They just began to approach the painful stage when the cats were removed. She knew the scrubbing brushes would be next and squirmed in her bondage anticipating the warm bristles any second. Suddenly the scrubbing began on both feet the soles and arches being mercilessly scrubbed, Andrea screamed and bucked her torment enhanced by her thrashing pushing on the torture device in her belly button, which whilst switched off was still unbearable. The scrubbing of her soles was added to by whirring bristles exploring her exposed toes and the sensitive areas beneath them. Andrea could not count the number of toothbrushes but knew her feet her being tortured by at least three of her captors.

The scrubbing phase seemed to last an eternity to Andrea her uncontrollable bucking and thrashing pushing on the device in her belly button. She sighed as the scrubbing stopped, scarcely able to catch her breath as nails she recognised as Lilly’s skittered over the soft skin of her arches to test her sensitivity. The girls allowed Andrea to catch her breath before switching the hairdryers on, not wanting to cause their victim any pain the oil was applied and the heat carefully controlled, after all excessive heat would reduce sensitivity rather than enhance it. As Lilly and Ingrid practised their art Emily tormented Andrea’s face and neck with a feather. Andrea knew the shy blonde was responsible for the sensations on her face, neck and ears as she could smell Emily’s perfume and the sun cream that protected the pale Princesses gentle skin.

The hairdryers were switched off and again Lilly tested Andrea’s soles with her nails and smiled with satisfaction at the increase in sensitivity. Should she slap these feet? As if reading her thoughts Ingrid placed both hands across Andrea’s toes removing the tiny range of movement her toe-ties allowed. Lilly grinned

“Okay but just me Hunny! You don’t know your own strength!”

Andrea squealed slightly with each slap, they were not painful but she could feel her sensitivity rise even further. Lilly grinned satisfied with her handiwork, a broad smile lit up her face.

… “And now to torture!” she said her voice full of anticipation and sadistic delight.

Andrea squirmed as Lilly blew on her toes even the gentle breeze being unbearable. As the first feathers brushed against her soles she bucked and thrashed desperate to escape. Six feathers tormented her soles, some stiff and firm brushed her arches, other fluffy plumes danced torturously between her toes. Andrea now knew how sensitive Emily must be!

The foot tickling was torture but Andrea loved it, she could not bear it but she loved it. What she hated was the device in her belly button that caused horrible sensations to run through her as her uncontrollable convulsions rubbed it deeper into her belly button. As the foot tickling moved from feather to fingers tears streamed down Andrea’s face. She panted as the torture continued on her feet the only respite coming from her exhaustion which prevented her from rubbing the terrible device deeper into her belly button. As she approached unconsciousness she felt the tickling ease and hands gently tease the ball gag from her mouth. The circus master’s tones declaring….

“So you have sampled the torturous techniques we can inflict! Now confess to spying on us or else suffer for another twenty minutes!”

Andrea continued to giggle despite the respite from her torture the ghosts of sensations still dancing around her nervous skin.

“You pretended to leave your sandals here but it was a rouse!” the circus master intoned

Andrea continued to giggle and insisted it was a mistake, her oversight being genuine until Lilly reminded her.

After some interrogation Andrea confessed to leaving her sandals but only so she could be tickled the way she saw the others being tickled.

“A likely story you want to shut us down!” the circus master had begun to gently tease her soles with his gloved fingers and Andrea giggled quietly not wanting to alert any passers-by to her situation and enjoying the torment, as the sensations increased she began to wriggle too much and the device in her belly button resumed its cruel sentry. Andrea pleaded for the removal of the device hoping that it’s removal would free her to enjoy this torture,

“Hmm I wasn’t aware that was switched on still, Lilly switch it off so I can interrogate the suspect!”

“NOOOOOO!” screamed Andrea as she heard the click of the remote.

Her screams filled the tent as the device; previously switched off, whirred into life causing the dreaded sensations to shoot through Andrea’s body, the torture was even worse when buried since her involuntary bucking and thrashing pushed the device deeper into her belly button.
Her mouth was quickly covered and the device switched off. Her ball gag was replaced before her head and feet were covered with the buckets. She could vaguely hear the muffled sounds of the girls taking up position around the tent. In this brief respite Andrea considered her situation, she could almost hear the sounds of Betty explaining the sound away to some onlookers but not hear any words.

After a respite the buckets were removed and the smell of the tent returned to Andrea’s nostrils, replacing the smell of summer holidays at the beach she had enjoyed as a child. Andrea could smell Betty’s perfume and giggled as the brunette traced a feather across her neck.

“I don’t know what they did to make you scream sweetheart! But what I’m going to do will be a thousand times worse!” Betty’s tone was playful but intimidating and Andrea giggled and cringed as the feather explored her ears, the verbal teasing raising her anticipation.

“I just explained away your scream and now it is Ingrid’s turn on guard duty, no one is coming to rescue you and we will torture you all night long if that is what it takes to make you crack!”

Andrea chuckled as Betty explored her neck with two soft make up brushes, Betty’s intimidation continued.

“My husband and our friends have put a lot of effort into setting up this project and we aren’t going to let some little church-mouse bureaucrat like you shut us down!”

Andrea continued to giggle and noted that Betty was married to the circus master, at her feet the soft sensations of feathers continued. This tickling was bearable and even enjoyable to Andrea and the device in her belly button was forgotten as the gentle teasing continued as each of the girls took a turn at verbally intimidating and teasing her. Andrea cringed the verbal teasing raising her sensitivity and helplessness. She did not buck and thrash but squirmed her toes as much as the toe-ties allowed. As this gentle torture continued she found herself becoming aroused, she also learnt about the girls history, the interrogators revealing secrets as the tormented their helpless victim.

The circus master and all the girls except Emily had once been a circus group. As she already knew, Betty was a contortionist but as her captors spoke she learnt that Lilly and Cleo were acrobats and Ingrid was a strong woman. The circus didn’t make enough money and the four performers had a mutual love of tickling so branched out. Emily it appeared was a friend of Betty’s and had met the girls whilst at the circus master’s wedding. Andrea enjoyed the gentle tickling her arousal slowly increasing, without thinking she began to rub herself against her bonds but was quickly reprimanded by the device in her belly button. As the erotic torment continued she moved from subconscious attempts to pleasure herself to deliberate ones her arousal unbearable. However a method of rubbing her pussy without also causing the belly button device to torment her was impossible.

As the torment increased she couldn’t stand it anymore and began writhing unable to resist and gritting her teeth against the simultaneous stimulation of her belly button. But it was to no avail the belly button sensations overcame her and she had to stop, her attempts had not gone unnoticed however and as her ball gag was removed Lilly teased her…

“Hmmm sweetie, it looks like you are enjoying this a little too much!”

Andrea begged in a desperate husky voice for the device in her belly button to be removed…

“Please!..... I’m so close! But I can’t with it in there! Please take it out!”…..

Lilly convinced the circus master that this was not a woman who was trying to ruin them but clearly another tickle-phile like them. Andrea panted as she was dug out, her ankles and toes were released and she wiggled her freed toes enjoying the cool air. Ingrid who had completed her turn on guard duty scooped Andrea up out of her hole and held her in her strong arms, one hand up her back and the other under her knees. Lilly purred as Andrea was carried by the giantess to the centre of the tent.

“Now I believe you came here wanting to be tickled in the stocks sweetheart!”

Andrea submissively allowed the giantess to pin her down anticipating the sweet torture without the horrid interruptions of the device in her belly button. As Betty secured her ankles in the central set of stocks Ingrid stretched her arms out over her head and secured them to a stake in the ground, placing a sheepskin under Andrea’s back for both comfort and ensuring her upper body was stretched out. Lilly removed the belly button device to Andrea’s relief. As the girls restrained their victim their familiar touches, smells and coos of delight in their work alerted Andrea to the fact that Emily was on guard duty.

“Ladies before we begin I think it is time to let Cleo out of the box” the circus master intoned

Without protest the girls removed Cleo from the box, the broken queen was dressed in a linen gown and tied to a stake in the corner of the corner of tent where she curled up and slept on the remaining sheepskin her feet occasionally twitching as she dreamt of the horrible tickling torture she must endure.

“And now for your reward!” Lilly purred as she teased the blindfold from Andrea’s eyes.

Andrea took in the sights of the tent including the sleeping Cleo, she curled her toes as Betty began to prepare the toe ties and giggled as Lilly impatient to begin started tracing feathers up and down her underarms. To add to the torment Lilly began to use her toes to tease her victim’s knees tummy and sides practising the techniques perfected by Betty, but not having the full range of flexibility the bendy Betty could achieve. At Andrea’s feet Ingrid and Betty had divided Andrea’s soles into two territories of torment: Her toes belonged to Betty who teased them with feathers, occasionally blowing on them or scratching at the sensitive area between the toes and the balls of Andrea’s feet with the hard quill end of her feathers. Below this Ingrid delivered a merciless finger tickling, the firm pads of her finger tips driving Andrea crazy.

All these techniques tormented Andrea to the point of madness and brought back the arousal she had been tormented by when buried in the sand. She was spared the torments of the belly button device but also denied the pressure of the sand and as her arousal was increased by the tickling, she began to squirm and writhe trying desperately to rub herself against anything that she could but it was hopeless, detecting her victim’s torment Lilly carefully avoided allowing her the release she craved adding to her torment by verbally teasing her that they were going to tickle her all night long without allowing her the release of an orgasm.

Betty looked up from Andrea’s feet seeing Lilly’s attempts to mimic her contortionist skills.

“Nice try Lilly but let me show you how it’s done!”

As the girls swapped places Ingrid also released Emily from the guard duty she shared with the circus master, the shy girl needing help in case more insistent unwanted visitors intruded upon the torture tent in which Andrea was a willing captive.

As Betty tormented Andrea’s upper body Emily and Lilly tormented her soles each scribbling their nails over her soles whilst the vibrating toe ties were introduced by the circus master who had left Ingrid to watch the tent. The increased torture only further inflamed Andrea’s lust and she writhed as much as Betty’s python like grip would allow. With both fingers and toes Betty tormented Andrea’s upper body, she even managed to blow in her ears and on her neck. Andrea’s naked body was pink and panting with desire. But no matter how much tickle torture was applied she couldn’t reach a climax. After what seemed like an eternity of writhing and squirming Lilly and Betty swapped places again.

Lilly was not as effective a torturer as the contortionist but her presence aroused Andrea, the smell of her perfume and the feel of her breath and feathery touches teasing the quaking blonde who could no longer stand being denied the release of an orgasm. Enjoying her victim’s torment Lilly purred and teased her new favourite toy.

“Yes!... You enjoy this don’t you!”

“But you can’t orgasm just from the sensations of being tickled! Can you!”

“I can if I’m tickled just right! As can Betty if she is wearing sheer stockings!”

“But you’re like Ingrid! You just become redder and more aroused, desperate for the release that tickling alone cannot bring!”

The verbal teasing was too much for Andrea and she began to plead into her ball-gag. Lilly removed the gag and placed a finger over Andrea’s lips shushing her as the torment at her feet stopped.

“Now how abut we make a deal!”

Andrea listened panting and heaving with arousal, her body a tormented mess craving the release of an orgasm.

“I will let you Orgasm whilst you are tickled through the clever use of my tongue….” Lilly suggested, flickering her tongue like a snake.

“But in exchange you must spend 20 minute in my torture box!” The geisha concluded.

Andrea contemplated the horrible tickling device but couldn’t stand another second of being held cruelly on the precipice of the most intense orgasm of her life and agreed, pleading with Lilly for the release she craved.

Lilly smiled and returned Andrea’s ball gag knowing that her victim’s cries would be loud. Lilly then mounted Andrea placing her toes in her underarms, and reached for the backs of her knees. As her clever efforts were joined by the foot tickling she lowered her mouth towards Andrea’s engorged pussy and blew gently…..

End of Part 3 to be continued

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Great story! :feets:

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My my, this series is HOT! I love the burial described here, the interrogation that it was used for & the further description of that lovely box! I'm in love with this series & eagerly await the next part =) Keep up the amazing work