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06-21-2015, 08:33 AM
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“Huh! ARG!” Tori stretched and shook, unable to escape her bonds.

About 15 minutes ago Tori found herself in quite the strange position.

She woke up in what appeared to be an abandon hospital room. Her arms forced above her head, exposing her smooth tan armpits to the world, her arms forced above her head forced her tight green tank-top to shimmy up her torso, exposing just a hint of her tan, ticklish belly and beautiful navel.

Tori had a sinking feeling in her stomach that she knew what she was doing here. After all, she was quite beautiful.

She had long, dirty wavy blonde hair, a cute smile, a golden tan, blue eyes and a face everyone could admit was cute.

She tried to cross her legs to attempt to cover up as much skin as she could, but the denim shorts she was wearing didn’t help her with that.

“How did I end up here?” She thought, she had a flashback to a party she went to, lots of drinking, load music, and.... some things she’d rather not recall doing.

But how did she end up here? She remembers the cops knocking on the door, since she was only 19 and drinking she knew she would be in BIG trouble so she booked it. Being on her school’s track team she had strong legs, allowing her to run from the backyard to the woods behind her friend’s house and then… that’s all she could remember.

Was she drugged? Did she hit her head? Did she black out?

Tori was furious, she shook and screamed with rage trying to escape the bonds on her wrists hanging from the roof, only forcing her shirt up more so it stopped at the bottom of her navel.
She tried kicking, but trying to escape from the ropes around her ankles that kept her tied to the floor was like trying to remove Excalibur.

“LET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” She screamed, she heard her cries only echo around the empty hallway.

She was helpless, but before she could weep she heard footsteps coming down the hall towards her room.

“Oh my god,” She thought, “I’m not alone!”

“He-hey! I’m in here! Help me!”
The step kept at the same pace, but was still heading towards her room until they were outside of her room.

Then, a woman walked in. She appeared to be in her early thirties, blonde, tall, thin, but it was hard to see from the outfit she was wearing.

She was wearing a white face mask, similar to a dentist, and a white doctor’s coat, but the information such as the name, location, etc. had been removed. Her hair was tied up into a bun, and she was wearing some black glasses. Her pants and shoes were nothing special, just some jeans and black high heels.

She pulled on some latex gloves before pulling out a clipboard from a big black duffle bag she was carrying and picking a blue pen out from her bun.

“Name?” She asked, walking towards Tori, barley acknowledging her being there.

“Uh, Tori.” Tori responded, confused.


“19, why is this important?” Tori asked, relaxed now that she knew she was safe but confused by all the questions.

“Just some notes for the archives, you know how it is.” The woman responded.

“N-no, I don’t.” Tori said, “Hey, now that you’ve got your archives our whatever can you let me down please?”

“Well now we have to make sure you’re okay.” The woman said, laying down the duffle bag and unzipping it.

“What? No no I’m fine, I feel fine.” Tori said, a little nervous.

“I didn’t say it was up to you.” The woman said, kneeling down.

Tori tried struggling out again, “Come on, this isn’t funny!”
The woman just ignored her and began to feel Tori’s legs, moving her hands up and down.

“Hey!” Tori said, trying to back away.

“I’m just making sure you’re clean.” The woman said, “And you sure are, your legs are nice and smooth. Most likely you work out, track team perhaps?”

“What the fuck wrong with you, you pervert!?” Tori yelled, her body trembling.

“Such a dirty mouth…” The woman said, walking around Tori’s body. Tori tried to turn to look at her but her bonds prevented her from doing such.

“But such clean arms,” the woman dragged her palms down Tori’s arms, forcing Tori to squirm with ticklish sensation.

“S-stop th-that!” Tori tried to say seriously, but came off as playful with a forced smile across her face.

“What is it?” The woman asked, her palms reaching Tori’s sensitive armpits, causing Tori to squeal.
The woman quickly pulled her hands away.

“My apologize,” She said “I was not aware you were ticklish.”

“Whatever.” Tori said, looking away from her.

“Hey, don’t be mad.” The woman smiled behind her mask, she pushed Tori’s head up. “I’m just cleaning you up and make sure you’re all okay before I let you go.”

“Then why tie me up?” Tori replied, a bit agitated.

“Because let’s face it, there’s no way you’d let me do this to you if you weren’t.”
Tori chuckled, feeling safer. “Hehe, I guess you’re right.”

“Now,” The woman said, kneeling down. “We need to check your belly.” The mysterious woman began to lift up Tori’s tank top, allowing Tori’s tan belly to be revealed.

The cheap materials riding up her body made her giggle with the slightly ticklish sensation.

“Of you don’t mind me saying,” The woman said, tying the shirt underneath Tori’s bra so it exposed her entire midriff, “you have a very beautiful stomach.”

Tori was a bit taken aback by the compliment, it usually wasn’t one she received.

“Uh, thanks…. I think.” Tori replied, causing the woman to chuckle.

“You’re quite welcome.” The woman began dragging her palms across Tori’s stomach, causing Tori to giggle.

“You are ticklish, aren’t you?” The woman laughed.

“Yehehes.” Tori smiled, though it tickled, it wasn’t bad enough for her to despise it.

“Now I’m just going to see how your belly reacts to some simple pressure, it’s no big deal, should be over in a bit.” The doctor used her middle and index fingers to push into Tori’s soft sides.

Tori smiled and let out a giggle, “Hehehe!”

The woman only laughed again, “Very good, moving on.” She then pushed more around Tori’s hip area, causing her to jump, but not react that violently.

“Now this may tickle a bit more than the other areas, but this is VERY important.” The woman began to squeeze the ticklish skin around Tori’s navel, sending her into a fit of laughter.

“HAHAHHAHHAHA! STOHOHOHHOP IHIHHIT!” Tori yelled, her body squirming and bucking away. The doctor laughed and patted Tori’s belly, causing it to ripple just a little bit.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you?” Tori sighed.

The woman just laughed and gave her a wink. “Well that about wraps up our meeting, I can help you pay for a ca-“ The woman stopped talking and began staring at Tori’s navel, looking at it closely.

“Is everything okay?” Tori asked, a bit worried.

“Your belly button is really filthy.” The woman said, almost shocked.

“Uhhh… is that bad?” Tori asked.

“Well it’s not good,” The doctor replied, “do you even clean out your belly button? It takes like 15 seconds in the shower!”

“Is that a thing?” Tori said, very confused by this conversation.

“Look,” The woman said, reaching towards her bag. She grabbed it and pulled out a bottle of rubbing alcohol and some cotton swabs. “I’m gonna clean out your belly button, this will take roughly ten minutes.”

“Uh, not thanks… I’m good.” Tori said, sucking in her midriff a bit.

“Look if I don’t do it now who’s to say that you won’t forget to do it later?” The woman said sharply.

“You’re a mother aren’t you?” Tori asked.

The woman chuckled and poured some alcohol onto the end of the cotton swab.

“No no no, I just look at after girls I see in trouble.” The doctor wrapped her right arm around Tori’s waist and got in position to stick the cotton swab dripping with rubbing alcohol into Tori’s belly button.

“Wait, why are you grabbing my waist to hold me still?” Tori asked, sucking in her belly, trying to escape the swab.

“Do you think I’d do this if it wasn’t going to tickle you?” The woman smiled.

“Wait what does that me-EHEHEHEHEHEEHEHHEAAN!?”

The woman quickly dipped the cold cotton swab into Tori’s navel, twisting it around in various ways.

“See, now do you see why I hold you still?”

“THAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAT TIHIHIHIHIHIHHICKLES SOHOHOHOHHO BAHAHAHHAD!” Tori cried, her belly rolling, tumbling and practically doing belly dancer moves trying to avoid the tickling swab.

“Look at your tummy go!” The woman teased, using her free hand wrapped around Tori’s waist to squeeze Tori’s side.


“Because it’s fun silly!” The woman laughed, pushing the cotton swab in deeper. “And pretty sexy…” She said under her breathe.


“Oop, guess that one slipped out.” The woman laughed.

The cotton swab was penetrating Tori’s poor navel, nearly touching the bottom of her sensitive stomach pit, making a squishing noise with a the wetness of the alcohol.

“IHIHIHHIHIHIHIT’S SOOHHOHOHO FUHUHUHCKING COHOHOHOHOHOLD!” Tori screamed, looking down at some alcohol dripping down her stomach.

The woman sarcastically gasped. “Language!”

“FUHUHUHUHUHUHUCK YOHOHOHOHOU!” Tori screamed at her, her eyes watering.

“Oh, now you’re asking for it!” The woman got up, she pulled out a rubber piece of thick string and a toothbrush. “You’re gonna need to be punished for your dirty mouth.”

“And… how… do you think…. That’ll happen?” Tori asked, breathing heavily after her first true break from the tickling.

“By moving your ‘cleaning’” The woman did air quotes, “to another location.”
Tori felt a shiver go up her spine.

“L-l-l-look I-I-I-I’m sorry for what I said, I didn’t mean it, really!”

“Now’s too late for apologizes, dear.” The woman wrapped the string around Tori’s side. The string was sticky and didn’t budge even at the most intense movements.

“Just remember,” The woman placed the head of the tooth that she had just dipping into the rubbing alcohol into Tori’s navel. She used the string to hold it in place so it wouldn’t move if she let go. “All you have to do is let me do my job.”

She turned it on, the strong buzzing rotated the little whiskers of the brush back and forth inside

Tori’s navel, causing the most ticklish sensation Tori could remember.


The woman just walked around Tori and began spider-tickling Tori’s armpits. “Kitchy kitchy koo!”

Tori’s entire body was squirming, sweat was dripping from her forehead and tears streamed down her face.

“IT-NO-ICAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHHAHHAN’T!” Tori didn’t even know how to react, it was too much tickling for her to take.

The woman, while still tickling with one hand, wiped Tori’s eyes with the other, “Oh, you don’t like this do you?”


“Oh, do you think this is about the party? I’m glad you went to that party, if not I wouldn’t have been able to get you the way I did.”


“Hmm… I dunno.” The woman said, still continuing her ticklish assault.


Tori’s armpits were now so sweaty from the ticklish workout; the woman practically had lube to increase the tickling sensation.

“Hmm, though a car would be lovely, I’m thinking of something I could use to help me get far in life… like a job.”


“Make me a professional tickler.” The woman smiled.

“THAHAHHAHAHHAHHAT’S FUHUHHUHUCKING IMPOSSIBLEHEHEHHE!” Tori cried, her body shivering with uncomfortable sensations.

“I’m sorry, what?” The woman asked, digging her fingers into Tori’s soft, trembling sides.

The woman sighed and turned off the toothbrush, removing it from Tori’s navel.

“Thank… you…” Tori coughed.
The woman untied her, allowing Tori to fall to the ground.

After a drink of water and a rest the woman had let her have, the woman asked; “So, how are you going to get me a job as a professional tickler?”

“Oh…” Tori said, “I wasn’t.”

She then kicked the woman hard in the stomach, knocking the wind out of her. The woman feel back and Tori booked it out of the building.

“YOU LITTLE BITCH!” The woman shouted, staggering to go after her, but Tori being on the track team, she had no problem outrunning the wannabe tickle doctor.
Tori ran for a good 10 minutes before collapsing in front of a police woman.

The woman helped Tori up, Tori explained to her what happened. Tori was brought to the hospital, where she was looked over.

Tori wasn’t injured, so she went home, later that night she got a phone call. The police department had searched the area far and wide Tori had told them the woman was, but they found nothing. Not even the bonds or the duffle bag.

Tori was upset they didn’t catch her, but above all else, she felt truly safe. Until she heard her next voice mail that came from a blocked number.

A familiar voice cause Tori to tremble with fear. “Hello Tori, I’m so happy you were able to drop by my office today. And be sure to remember, we have an appointment next week.”

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This is phenomenal. Looking forward to next one with hopefully some tickling on those strong legs :-)