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Warning sexual content quite near the top

- - -

The verbal teasing was too much for Andrea and she began to plead into her ball-gag. Lilly removed the gag and placed a finger over Andrea’s lips shushing her as the torment at her feet stopped.

“Now how about we make a deal!”

Andrea listened panting and heaving with arousal, her body a tormented mess craving the release of an orgasm.

“I will let you Orgasm whilst you are tickled through the clever use of tongue….”

“But in exchange you must spend 20 minute in my torture box!”

Andrea contemplated the horrible tickling device but couldn’t stand another second of being held cruelly on the precipice of the most intense orgasm of her life and agreed pleading with Lilly for the release she craved.

Lilly smiled and returned Andrea’s ball gag knowing that her victim’s cries would be loud. Lilly then mounted Andrea placing her toes in her underarms, and reaching for the backs of her knees to continue the tickle torment into the sexual teasing. As her clever efforts were joined by the foot tickling at the stocks Lilly lowered her mouth towards Andrea’s engorged pussy and blew gently, even the gentle stream of air caused Andrea to sigh and Pant the long awaited orgasm being brought tantalisingly closer.

Lilly began to gently kiss Andrea’s pussy savouring the taste of her quim and enjoying the intermittent sighs that Andrea gave as the long awaited touches brought the withheld ecstasy of an orgasm closer and closer. The gentle tickling continued at Andrea’s feet and Lilly continued to gently tease the backs of her knees with her fingers whilst wriggling her soft toes in her victim’s underarms causing the sighs to be interspersed with soft giggles, the torture being enough to contribute to her arousal but not to cause her to buck and thrash in her bondage.

Lilly moved from kissing to licking and began to explore Andrea’s folds with her tongue ever careful not to drive her prize too close to an orgasm, enjoying the power she held over this quaking, quivering mass of aroused flesh. As Andrea’s sighs and moans increased in both frequency and intensity Lilly pulled back knowing that any further stimulation would push Andrea over the edge.

“Hmmm…. I think I can keep this up for an hour!” Lilly purred, taking an intense sadistic delight in Andrea’s desperate need for an orgasm. Lilly removed Andrea’s ball gag wanting to hear her beg.

“No please! I want to come now! You promised!” Andrea pleaded for face red, her breath a ragged series of desperate moans and pitiful sighs.

“Hmmm! I only promised to allow you to orgasm I didn’t say how long I would play with my food!” Lilly teased gently tickling her underarms as she writhed like a snake tormenting her victim.

“Please let me orgasm now!” Andrea pleaded. Lilly smiled broadly…. her evil plan was working!

“Tell you what sweetheart! How about a new deal? I push you over the edge right now and keep licking and teasing for as long as you keep coming and in exchange you have to spend an hour in my torture box! How does that sound?”

“Yes anything! Just let me come!” Andrea begged.

Lilly grinned evilly knowing that Andrea would have climaxed soon anyway; she took pride in her work, both the teasing and psychological torture of making her victim believe she could be pushed further into the torturous ecstasy and still denied the release of an orgasm.

“We will have to gag you again Hunny! Because no matter how hard you try you are about to get LOUD!” Lilly teased, making herself comfortable as Betty secured the ball gag in Andrea’s mouth.

Lilly lowered her mouth beginning with gentle kisses then introducing her tongue to Andrea’s favourite places she had discovered previously and made a mental note to avoid, wanting this Goddess to beg her and bargain for more time in the torture box. As Lilly began to hum Andrea climaxed the ball bag scarcely containing her moans, groans and sighs interspersed with giggles from the continued tickling. Lilly kept up the stimulation and changed the pitch and tone trying to find the perfect frequency to best stimulate Andrea. She also continued to cleverly use her toes and fingers to torment her ecstatic victim, multitasking the way only an ambidextrous acrobat can. Andrea climaxed multiple times, losing her mind to the sensations and suffering ever more as each orgasm raised her sensitivity to the tickling. Lilly was persistent and only allowed her victim enough breathing time between orgasms that she would not pass out from over stimulation. Eventually however Andrea’s strained nervous system could stand no more and with one last epic earth shattering orgasm she passed out taking gentle breaths into weary lungs.

Several hours later Andrea awoke. She was blindfolded and gagged but knew from the smell that she was no longer in the tent, the sandy smell of summer holidays being replaced by a musty almost oily smell. Andrea could feel padded stocks securing her ankles, wrists and head. As she slowly remembered the previous day Andrea realised her current predicament. Wiggling her toes slightly she felt the resistance of the toes ties which snapped back pulling her arches taut. Evil feathers and bristles whirred into life between her toes and Andrea screamed into her ball gag and kicked futilely in her bondage.

She immediately regretted this mistake as the limited movement her restraints allowed began to jolt and turn the feathers that tickled the backs of her knees. She remembered seeing Cleo in the device and managed not to squirm, keeping her elbows still and giggled from the feathers and toe tormentors that continued to torment her.

“Looks like little Andrea is awake!” she heard Lilly’s voice purr.

Andrea felt her blindfold being removed. As her surroundings came into focus Andrea continued to giggle from the slowing twitching feathers at her knees and buzzing feathers between her toes. Andrea looked around as much as she could and guessed she was in the back of a van, the tent had clearly been packed away and the stocks were also visible behind the canvas and tent poles. She mumbled into her ball gag as the toe tickling devices slowed to a stop. Lilly purred and blew gently on her stretched out soles. Andrea began to curl her toes but resisted knowing that doing so would restart their cruel buzzing.

“Don’t move your feet sweetie or else you know what!” Lilly teased as she began using two feathers to torment Andrea’s helpless arches, still super sensitive from the day before. Andrea could not stand it and curled her toes kicking in a futile attempt to rid herself of the terrible tickling sensations at her feet. Her toes were tightly pulled back once more and her knees rewarded with feather strokes as were her soft underarms, the feather tickling causing her to lose her composure and begin squirming in a futile attempt to escape the torture box.

“Such reactions to such little stimulation” Lilly teased and began skittering her evil nails over Andrea’s soles which were still held taut by the toe ties which would not let them move until the allotted time of toe-torture was up.

“I think you have earned some water for those wheels Hunny! You clearly can’t get enough of this!”

Andrea’s protests were muffled by her ball gag as Betty and Ingrid slowly approached with two jugs of water. Andrea’s eyes widened with horror, part of her anticipated the tortures the box would deliver whilst another part was petrified, a third part of her was amazed by Ingrid’s appearance with the jugs, her large bosom and plaited red hair making her look like a Medieval wench. Andrea wriggled as the empty jugs were placed either side of the box beneath each water wheel, her panic earned her further feather tickles on her underarms and knees. She desperately looked from side to side giggling from the foot torture and responses by the internal feathers to her helpless wriggling.
The girls slowly began to fill each funnel, Andrea screamed into her ball gag as new internal feathers began to rotate, twitch and flick back and forth drawing devilish patterns all over her soft skin. The main wheel began to stimulate her crotch the soft feathers being drawn teasingly to either side of her pussy and between her thighs and legs, the shorter feathers gently brushed against her and she felt the effect of the feathers change as they began to moisten with her juices. Her desires and lusts were recharged by her rest after Lilly’s skilled tongue had brought her to the peak of sexual ecstasy just a few hours before.

The main wheel moved back and the sliding feathers began to gently tease her crotch with softer more gentle touches. Andrea was returned to her previous torment as the girls tickled her helpless feet and adjusted the dials to vary the stimulation supplied by the evil internal feathers. The tickling itself was enjoyable to Andrea and only served to heighten her arousal. What truly tormented Andrea was the way the main wheel slowly drew back to deny her the infrequent soft feather touch that brought her almost to orgasm if she squirmed just right…. Now she understood why Cleo’s reactions had frightened her, this device not only tickled its victim but cruelly held them on the precipice of an orgasm just like Lilly had earlier.

The devious Geisha grinned at Andrea her broad innocent grin barely concealing the sadistic cruelty contained with this spry petite Asian woman.

“I thought it would do the same to you as it did to Cleo! I had to test it to see! It is quite by accident I just wanted a way to punish Cleo for torturing my little Emily” Lilly explained, nodding at the sleeping Emily who was curled up in one corner sighing pleasantly as she wiggled her socked feet.

Unbeknown to Andrea Emily's socks were specially kept by Lilly in a locked box since her traumatic experience had left her with a phobia of socks. Cleo still harboured a cruel desire to torment her soft angelic skin and the gentle Princess di not feel safe. Lilly was quite protective of Emily and resisted the urge to torture her in such a fashion as she now delighted in inflict on her new toy.
Lilly continued to tease Andrea blowing in her ears as she spoke: “Of course Cleo can’t stand tight bondage which is why I rushed this little project forwards rather than staking her out over that ant's nest we found”

Andrea listened to Lilly and imagined being staked out over an ant’s nest all the while whilst wishing for the main wheel to be brought forwards just long enough for her to orgasm. The girls would adjust it after they sensed Andrea had sufficiently cooled off. This kept her on the edge and her tormentors enjoyed the denial aspect of her torture as much as tickling her trapped soles with their nails, fingertips, feathers and soft brushes. Andrea pleaded the torment being unbearable. She was barely fifteen minutes into her hour session in the box but it felt like an eternity. Once again the climax she desperately needed was being dangled out of reach whilst her soft feet were being tormented.

Lilly purred that she wanted to know if the machine could indeed cause a victim to climax, not wanting to lose her new toy. She brought the main wheel forwards again and again keeping it close to Andrea’s womanhood. Adjusting another dial Lilly increased its speed. Andrea gasped and trembled the feathers quickly brushed against her engorged pussy, she pushed against her restraints to get closer to the damp feathers suffering the reaction of the dry feathers which were triggered into life by her movements to torment her soft skin. Andrea did not care and tried to squirm in just the right way to get the stimulation she needed.

Lilly brought the main wheel forwards and up again as it began the first part of its slow pendulum like shift back away from Andrea’s pussy. Lilly did this again and again wanting to see if the wheel could bring a victim to climax. After forty minutes of torture it seemed as if her efforts were in vain, Andrea still struggled and squirmed trying to get close enough to the feathers for the climax she craved. Eventually she could stand it no more and came hard her body physically incapable of being teased any longer. She thrashed wildly against the bonds in the box. She was still in the throes of ecstasy when the girls realised her, declaring she had served her sentence. It took Betty and Ingrid a little while convinced Lilly to let Andrea out the box, the Geisha was loathe to stop teasing her new toy but the pair didn't want to have to resuscitate Andrea from unconsciousness. Too tired to struggle, Andrea allowed Ingrid to lift her from the box and carry her to a mattress, she moaned slightly as the girls dressed her in a silken night gown. Betty gave her a kiss goodnight before guiding her husband to their bed leaving Ingrid to watch over the vengeful Cleo as her prisoner.

Andrea was barely awake, almost as if in a dream scarcely believing the day’s events Lilly held her tight whilst Emily’s socked feet subconsciously explored the backs of her knees. Andrea feel asleep between her two new friends and slept a sound dreamless sleep that brought her to the next day with a sense of serene satisfaction such that she matched Emily the next day as the girls ate breakfast discussing what costume their new colleague should wear for the show. The best fitting costume was a white linen gown with a burgundy dress that made her look like an Elizabethan Lady but could easily pass for other eras of history.

Finishing her breakfast Andrea wiggled her toes in the soft brown leather slippers she had been given and anticipated the day ahead, grinning at Lilly who ran a foot up and down her leg under the table teasing her and reminding her of the sweet tortures this new day would bring.

End of part 4

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Great story! :D

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Wow, great story & follow-up, Absolutely love the details on this Box, Its the perfect torture! hehe