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As before guys comments are appreciated. Constructive criticism is helpful as well. Also let me know what you think of the work, Enjoy.
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Moaning and groaning Victoria wakes from her rest on the couch. Her cell phone begins to ring, “ugh, what time is it” she whispers to herself as she looks at her phone 2:53pm. ‘Wow did I really nap that long’ she thought to herself answering the phone trying not to sound groggy. “Hi mom, how are you?” “I’m great, how are you?” “pretty good, to what do I owe this pleasure?” “Do you remember Gabrielle?” “Your old friend who used to babysit me?” Victoria said with an inquisitive tone “yes, I’m calling because we are having some dinner later and I wanted to see if you wanted to join?” “I’ll think about it” Victoria said and hung up the phone.

Gabrielle was Victoria’s babysitter when she was a little girl. Victoria could owe in part her tickle fetish to Gabrielle as she would tickle Victoria frequently and as she was much stronger than Victoria at that time, Victoria would have to take whatever Gabrielle would dish out. ‘this could be my chance to get her back’ Victoria thought. ‘I don’t want her to see me as I’ve grown up and definitely look different and she won’t recognize me, I need to know where they are going though…’

Victoria calls her mother, “Hi, Victoria” her mom says “Hi mom, I’ll join you and Gabrielle for dinner tonight, where are we meeting?” Victoria asked with no intention of actually going “Luigi’s over on main and Burkely ave” “ok, what time?” “Quarter after six.” “ok, I’ll see y’all then, bye mom love you” “love you too, see you soon”

‘Now I know where they’ll be meeting but I still can’t let Gabrielle see me.’ Victoria’s mind began to wander into the plans she had for
Gabrielle later and she began to get wet just thinking about it. After a shower she ate so that she would not be hungry at their meeting time as she didn’t plan on going…inside that is.

She called her mother again just before leaving, “hey mom, I’m not gonna make it I’m not feeling well I don’t know what happened but my stomach just isn’t feeling well” “oh, I’m sorry to hear that honey, hope you feel better” “thanks mom, enjoy your night, love you” “love you too sweetie.”

Victoria got ready and got into her van and headed over to the restaurant at about 6:45 knowing that they’d be leaving in the next half hour or so. 7:20 out came her mother and Gabrielle behind her in the doorway as they spoke their goodbyes Victoria looked over her prey, Standing about 5’6 fit but not skinny, curly brown hair about shoulder length, she wore a very nice white business skirt suit with blazer and a black frilly blouse with white heels. As her mom walked one direction Gabrielle walked the other, happily in the direction that Victoria was parked. As it was now dusk and there weren’t many people down Burkely ave, Victoria stepped out of the van walked across the street knocked Gabrielle out with a shot in her neck then dropped her into her own car and got the van and pulled around so that no one would see her drag Gabrielle across the street she opened Gabrielle’s door and pulled her into the van.

Back at Victoria’s house she pulled the van into the garage. Victoria hears a car pull up as the garage door closes she gets out and heads in to look out the window. “crap” she said aloud as she saw her mother’s car in her driveway quickly she got into bed as her mom came inside. “Victoria” her mother calls out heading towards her room she sees Victoria lying in bed. “Hey sweetie” she says “How are you feeling?” “I’m feeling a little bit better” Victoria responds. “I brought you some soup” “thank you” said Victoria. “You’re welcome sweetie, get some rest.” “Thanks mom, love you” “love you too sweetie, goodnight.” As her mom leaves she hears the door shut behind her and quickly heads into the garage to get Gabrielle. She opens the door to the van and sees Gabrielle is moving and beginning to awaken not wanting to shoot her up again so as not to have to wait longer for her prize. She grabs Gabrielle who is groggy and doesn’t quite know what’s going on and leads her into the room containing her stocks. Gabrielle steps up and sits down in the device and Victoria immediately removes Gabrielle’s blazer and ties her wrists together and quickly shuts the stocks over Gabrielle’s ankles noticing as she does that Gabrielle is wearing nylons. And is wearing what looks to be a size 8 heel. ‘mmmm’ she moans to herself.

Mmmmmphhhhhh, Gabrielle begins to awaken, Victoria’s heart is racing, that was way too close she almost woke before getting tied into the device. “What the, What’s going on?” Gabrielle blurts out confused. “Hi there” says Victoria. “What the fuck, get me out of here!” Gabrielle yells at Victoria and begins to struggle almost falling over Victoria catches her. “no,no,no dear you can’t do that” Victoria says as she begins to ratchet Gabrielle wrists above her head. “Fuck you” Gabrielle yells out. “oh, no dear that’s not what you’re here for” Victoria responds calmly. “What the hell am I here for then?” Gabrielle asks angrily her face scrunches up and she pulls gently on her bonds to find weak points without letting her captor know, Victoria runs a nail along Gabrielle’s jaw as Gabrielle snaps to try to bite her captor. “ooo, feisty” Victoria says “Well seeing as you’re not going anywhere I guess I can tell you, I want you to remember though you cannot go anywhere, you can barely move, you’re here for me to…. TICKLE you” ‘TICKLE’ she said in a low menacing tone.

“hahahaha” Gabrielle laughed mockingly “I’m not ticklish, You’re wasting your time” she continued glaring at Victoria. “We shall see” Victoria says calmly as she smirks evilly.

Playing along with Gabrielle Victoria Grabs a stiff feather and steps up next to Gabrielle with a smile she starts to use the tip of the feather making circles along her inner bicep and down her arm. Gabrielle just sits there straight faced as if she had a great poker hand and didn’t want anyone to know. Victoria using the feather begins circling her armpit circling closer and closer to the center. Victoria could see that this was bothering Gabrielle, she could feel Gabrielle’s skin quiver under the tip of the feather even though she wasn’t showing it. Victoria dipped the feather down into the side of Gabrielle’s sleeveless blouse the sensation made Gabrielle jump slightly.

“Hmmmphhhh” Victoria said sounding disappointed “I guess you’re not ticklish.” Walking around the other side of the device Victoria begins in the same way creating circles. Gabrielle begins to smile a little trying her best to hide it. Victoria begins sliding the feather in and out of the side of Gabrielle’s blouse. “ugh” Victoria says “this isn’t working” as she throws the feather away. “I told you I wasn’t ticklish” Gabrielle says. Victoria jumps on top of Gabrielle and her fingernails immediately leap into Gabrielle’s armpits. Gabrielle jumps and begins to buck wildly as she begins giggling. “I thought you weren’t ticklish” Victoria asked, as she said ticklish Gabrielle broke down.
ooohohohohohohohPLehehehehehehehSEhahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Victoria’s long fingernails lightly scraping Gabrielle’s armpits flicking each finger in and out of her armpits as Gabrielle bucked wildly and screamed in ticklish agony.

aaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahPLehehehehehe hehehehSEhahahahahahSThahahahahahahahahahahahap

“Oh no dear, we’re just getting started.” Victoria said “Please no, don’t tickle me” Gabrielle pleaded. “Oh… I thought you weren’t ticklish, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you” with that Victoria began to rake Gabrielle’s sides the sheer blouse was of no help if anything it made it worse as Gabrielle howled with laughter

ooooohohhhahahahahahahahahahahahahPLEhahahahahahah ahahahNOhahahahahahahahahSThahahahahahahahahahahah OHhahahahahahahahahahahahaNohahahahahahhahahahahah a

Victoria’s nails began dancing down Gabrielle’s abdomen as Gabrielle continued to cackle madly
hahahahahahahahahahPleasedonhohohohohohhohohohohoh ahahahahahahahahOHMyhahahahahahahahahahSTOPhahahah ahahahahahahahah
Jerking wildly on her bonds breathing heavily “Stop…..it…Pl…..ease………huuuuh” “No dear, I have so much more in stock for you” “O please…..how…….huuuh…….can…..you……be……so..cruel” “Oh, don’t tell me you have never enjoyed tickling someone who couldn’t fight back” “I….haven’t..ever..thought about it” “I’m glad you’ve caught your breath” Victoria said as she began to tickle Gabrielle’s thighs the sound of her nails on Gabrielle’s nylons was intoxicating to Victoria and maddening to Gabrielle as she jerked her legs back and forth staring at them as if she could control Victoria’s nails on her thighs and screaming in laughter.

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaPLheheheheheheh ehahahahahahahahahahahahahSthahahahahahahahnoohoho hohohohohohohohohohohohohoahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahSHhahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

“Now that you can’t hold back your laughter I’m gonna tickle your feet” “NOOOOOO!!!!” Gabrielle screamed. “ok” Victoria says “I’ll make you a deal… If you can keep your heels on for just one minute I won’t tickle your feet” “deal” Gabrielle snaps. Victoria goes to the foot of the stocks and flips up two soft clips that cradling Gabrielle’s heels and sitting just inside the heel of her shoe. “ok” says Victoria “if you pull at your binds your shoes will come off, if you can sit still they won’t” with that Victoria began to run her fingernails up the inside of Gabrielle’s legs starting at her ankles Gabrielle’s legs twisted out and in, as she again stared trying to make Victoria stop with her mind, but didn’t pull at her bonds. Victoria’s fingernails began to reach Gabrielle’s thighs Gabrielle laughed wildly trying her best to hold her legs still. ‘Gotta hold legs still can’t let heels come off no tickling my feet’ Gabrielle thought to herself through bouts of exhaustive laughter

aaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahanoohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoPlehehe hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh.

Forty five seconds began to approach Gabrielle pulled at her binds and felt her heel come off slightly as she stopped and tried to squeeze it back on but to her dismay couldn’t. Victoria dug her fingernails into Gabrielle’s thighs halfway between her knee and her vagina, Gabrielle screamed throwing her head back and jerking wildly at her binds as both her heels popped off. The left one fell to the floor as the right one hung on her toes. Victoria stopped and Gabrielle could feel the cool air on her nylon soles While the toes of her right foot were still warm.

“Mmmmmmm” Victoria said “I love the feeling of nylon soles under my fingernails, It’s just delightful” Gabrielle begins to plea “please dooonnnn’t tickle my feeeet ooohhhhhhhh myyyyyy Plllleeeeaaaassseee” “oh quit faking like this hurts, you know you love it” Victoria retorted, as she began scratching a single nail from heel to toe of Gabrielle’s left foot, “that right heel will fly off on its own” she said scratching along Gabrielle’s arch as Gabrielle’s giggling became laughter Victoria’s other nails joined in, Gabrielle became hysterical

hehehehehaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahPLheheehahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaahahaha hahahahahahaaaaaanohhohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho oohhohohohohohohohoSThahahahahahahahahaaaaaap

scratching up and down her soles heel to toe watching her face contort and scrunch up, Victoria face was lit up like a kid on Christmas, Gabrielle tried to avoid the tickly fingers of Victoria her right heel flew off and Victoria began tickling that one all her fingernails scratching at Gabrielle’s super sensitive nylon covered soles.


“oops, I ripped your nylon guess you won’t be needing that anymore” Victoria said ripping the nylon fabric, She grabbed a chair and pulled it up next to Gabrielle’s soles, “you have such beautiful feet” Victoria said and she stuck her tongue out and began licking at Gabrielle’s soles. Gabrielle couldn’t believe the sensation Victoria’s tongue caused and her laughter began again.

HahahahahahnohohohohthahahahahahtTICKhahahahahaLES hahahahahahahahahahahahahPLeheheheheheheheheSThaha hahahahahahahahp

Victoria’s tongue now finding her way into every ticklish inch of Gabrielle’s soles flicking at the sensitive skin between her heel and arch sliding near the hallow that Victoria loved so much and would return to after she spent some time licking and sucking on Gabrielle’s toes. Gabrielle screamed with delicious laughter.


As Victoria’s tongue came back to flick at the hallow spot Victoria grabbed the toe of her victim. Gabrielle shook as though she were having a seizure and screamed wildly in laughter. Jerking her foot against the wooden frame of the stocks to no avail the feeling of helplessness made her laugh harder as Victoria’s tongue pressed hard into the hallow of her foot.

“Oh, so this tickles I know another hallow spot I can lick that may tickle” Victoria said as she began toward the head of the stocks. Victoria started to lick Gabrielle’s armpit, Gabrielle bucked wildly and began laughing heartily, her laughter grew and so did the heat in her loins. Victoria’s tongue flicked at Gabrielle’s armpit as Gabrielle both moaned loudly and screamed with laughter a warmpth came over her body and it felt like she had an orgasm from the tip of her hair to the tips of her toes as she passed out.

Victoria returned Gabrielle to her car.
Until her next victim………..

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I like your series keep it going

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