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Run Away Subbie....

* story is told from the perspective and view of the my Mistress *

I've run away from MistressL.....she's found me in hotel working as a maid....I gave up my nursing career to escape the tickling torture

You rather enjoy the monotony of your new job. So much less stress and responsibility than that heart attack waiting to happen nursing job at the hospital. You are less impressed with the actual maids uniforms they've given you. Thought they'd be more...sexy. *And given that your stuffy old manager scolded you at the end of shift yesterday after catching you in the presidential suite sensually running your hands over a pair of very expensive knee high stockings belonging to the mistress of that wealthy congressman, you decided to rebel a bit and wear your full body nylon suit under your uniform. You smirk a little, finally feeling sexy and a bit naughty while you work.

12 rooms down and you're starting to rethink your rebellious little outfit. There's a bit of moisture building up from the sweat of your physical exertions. Your toes pinch and your heel is starting to strain but you refuse to take off those lovely stiletto heels. "I may have a blue collar job cleaning up after people but they wont take away my pride and dignity" you say to yourself as you stare into the full length mirror of room 712, admiring how your ass just pops because of those heels... You walk out of the room and on to 713...you stop for a moment in front of that room, clutching the card key in your hand just above the lock and watch your hand tremble a bit. you shudder. You involuntarily unlock the memory of the day you walked away from the mistress. 713 was mistresses favorite number. 7 was universally touted as a lucky number. 13 universally hated as being quite unlucky...but mistress liked them together. juxtaposition was her thing. Being quite proper and ladylike in public and yet quite the sadistic bitch behind closed doors...it suits her well.

You shake it off and after clumsily missing the lock mechanism with the card a few times, finally get it in. it beeps twice and flashes the green light. slowly you push open the heavy door. you meekly knock twice and say "housekeeping?" no answer. Its ok to go in and begin cleaning. But....something....somthing just doesnt...feel right.*

You stand with the door wide open. the curtains are drawn and the lights are off. A sudden unexplained panic comes over you. You're gripped with fear. "No...nothings wrong dammit." you say trying to give yourself a pep talk "I changed my name and moved to DC and back without hearing from mistress...she hasnt found me. She doesnt care. shes not hunting me. there's nothing special about this room. nothing..." your mind is psyching yourself up but your numbed-with-pain feet are like cemented poles the ground. You cant bring yourself into the room. The paranoia sets in..."wh-what if my feet know something i dont know....theyre petrified...like...they're scared of some---"*

"WHAT DA HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM WOMAN?!" a hushed but stern male voice calls out from behind you. You suddenly snap back to reality. Its your boss, a big, burly jamaican man in a suit comes rushing at you from the service elevators. His bulging eyes search you up and down "whadda hell is on your feet? you cannat clean well in dem hook-air shoes, woman! I caught you strokin dem nylons yestidday and catch you a wastin my time like this? you need to shape up! now get in dair!"*
"y-yes sir" you say meekly as you march into the room and close the door behind you. its almost pitch black in the luxuriously appointed room. you search for the light switch blindly, patting the wall with your hand. You start venting your frustrations aloud, "ugh! stupid boss! what does he know? he's just a stupid---"*

"ha ha ha ...a stupid....man?" you drop your cleaning supplies in your other hand and go pale with fright. Its not just finding out you werent alone that was scary...it was that voice. That incredibly familiar voice...a voice you thought you would never have to hear from again.....you finally find the light switch and flip it up. To your horror you find that it does nothing. You impulsively switch it on and off in a feeble attempt to confirm your worse fears. Then haunting laughter encompasses the room. "HAHAHAHAHA...dont bother sunshine...I unplugged it." you back against the wall, almost pissing yourself with fear. you move like a newborn baby giraffe to the door, trying not to stumble on your shaking knees...trying quickly and quietly to make your way back to the front door...

More fear begats you as you feel a warm body standing between you and the door. you yelp a little but and reluctantly head further back into the room, tripping over the cleaning supplies you just dropped. More tortuous laughter burns your ears and as your eyes fight to adjust in the darkness, wanting to and not wanting to see your assailant... suddenly a lighter sparks up and dimly lights the room in front of you. You stare at it, mesmerized like a deer in the headlights... It stays lit and then slowly it is lifted up to light a cigarette in the mouth of....who else.... "muh-muh-miss-mistress..." you squeak out.

From an already weakened position on the floor, you instinctively sit up on your knees, fold your hands in front of you and bow your head...."how...di you fi---"... "how did i find you?" mistress says mockingly. Laughing and blowing a cloud of smoke out of her mouth and in your direction "My my pet, how fucking pathetic. I OWN YOU YOU LITTLE FUCKING WORM. you dont think i dont keep tabs on my property?"

Your heart beats faster and faster. your nostrils stings with the scent of burning tobacco. "You're not allowed to smoke in here, they could fine y--" ... suddenly a swift smack of your oh so favorite cane taps your shoulders "ohhh shut the fuck up you little bitch. you think I cant afford a fine?" mistress takes another puff and laughs..."Besides, your stupid boss sold you to me...haha". ..."oh by the way...meet me assistant, Harley...she'll be helping me today with you. Shes pretty good. caned you almost as good as I do"*?

You quickly wipe the beads of sweat from your neck. The confusion and fear is eating away at you. "wha-wha-wait...my boss sold--"..."sold you, yes" mistress says, almost in unison with you. "Ha-how can that be/" you pant out. "haha...that poor fool...operative word being poor" mistress continues after puffing more on her cigarette..."working here doesn't afford you much luxury, as you know...so a little extra cash talks. I slipped him a few bucks and had him reassign you to this floor. You were working the suites and now here. You didnt think it were odd that you were suddenly reassigned to this floor?"

Mistress suddenly stands up. Shes wearing only a bathrobe, undone. She takes a long drag off the cigarette and walks toward you. your impulses are screaming at your legs to get up but the firm, yet soft hands of Harley keep you on your knees on the floor. You let out a little whimper as mistress stands in front of you, looking down. She towers over you. "Of course you dont complain or ask questions my dear little pet..." she says as she strokes your cheeks with the backside of her hand, the long fake nails brushing your left cheek, she then caresses your chin and brings your head up to look at her. You have a moment and stare in to each other...she smiles. She then takes the cigarette in her other hand and presses it to your neck. "AIIIIEEEEE!!!" you scream...and mistress laughs...
"AWWWW, DID THAT HURT YOU, YOU DISOBEDIENT SLUT?!" Harley laughs in unison with mistress. You turn around and see a completely naked amazonian woman in a jesters hat smiling devilishly at you while licking her lips. She runs her eyes up and down at you, sizing you up...wanting a taste...

YOUR GAZE TURNS BACK TO MISTRESS..."why mistress?! I thought you were gonna let me go" you say solemnly. "WHY?" mistress scoffs. "You dont get to ask me why." she grabs a fistful of your hair at the back of your head and pulls down, making you stare into her devious face. "You should know by now you wretched little ****...you are MY property and I do whatever I want with my property!" she brings you to your tired feet once again. your feet pounding in those tight shoes and throws you to the bed. "Harley, get the feet. Ill do the hands..." ... you look up and see that *you are not on the normal hotel bed. How mistress got a four poster, tickle torture bed into the room is beyond you. But the feelings of fear (and despite how you wanted to force yourself to feel, delight) wash over all reasoning. "Yes, pet...you'll be suprised how far my reach and power go" mistress says as she straps your stronger right arm into the device and pulls the strap tight... she walks around and you immediately submit your left arm to her forceful hand..."Now, pet....you will make yourself available to me. Yes you will. *WHEN. EVER. I WANT." she says as she stares directly and menacingly into your eyes as she pulls the lefy wrist restraint excruciatingly tight.*

"i-i dont want this" you say in weak protest. "please mistresss, this is unethical. dont do this against my will" you say that almost robotically. Mistress looks are Harley and they both laugh "oh yeah...sure, i'll stop...you after school special" they burst into maniacal laughter. "No, I mean it. I dont like this any more. Please stop and let me get back to work" even you dont believe your protest. "ohhh. you dont like, this? Do you now, bitch. Well..." She grabs you by the V neck collar on your uniform and rips it right open with little resistance. You gasp a little (but cant deny you're ultimately turned on) She nods to Harley who *hands her a pocket knife. With the push of a button, a long switchblade pops up. It scares and excites you. Mistress carefully slips the blade in between your pants and nylon body suit, rotates the blade and slices upward, making tear between your navel and crotch. Mistress ditches the blade and grabs the left side of the tattered pant fabric and pulls away. Harley does the same to the right.

Now its just you in your sheer nylon body suit strapped into the bed. Splayed out like a medieval martyr about to be sacrificed. Mistress licks her plump lips and Harley wipes the drop from her chin "what was all that nonsense about not liking this anymore? that get up of yours says tickle the ever lovin' shit out of me before fucking my tiny brains out" Mistress comes and runs that long fingernail on her index finger down the center of your chest then plays with the underside of your right boob...The sensation of being touched, venting your second 'skin' out of those drab maid clothes makes your nipples harden.

Mistress sees your arousal and leans in, beginning to suck you off through the nylon. you feel yourself begin to moisten as the sensation drives you crazy. She stiffens her tongue and begins flicking that swollen nipple...teasing it. She takes her left hand and runs her long nails across your other breast, finding the nipple and tickling it gently with her fingertip. You writhe with pleasure at this sensation... "ohhh pet..." mistress says as she teases your nipples with her soft, curved nails..."did you...really...think tha...this...was gonna...be.... ALL NICE FOR YOU?!*

You snap out of euphoria from her abrupt gruffness.."Harley, lift her and rotate her!" mistress says as she dismounts you. You feel her moistness on your nylon suit as gets up. * Harley begins rotating a medieval looking wheel on the side of the bed and suddenly you feel yourself elevating like in a hospital bed. Only now, you're completely standing vertical. You're hyperventilating now. Not sure of where this is going. Mistress rubs her loins as she watches you fight and thrash against your restraints. "HAHAHA you stupid little bitch! you know better than ANYONE that you cant get out of MY STRAPS! why, you're only hurting your wrists!" She laughs as she moans from her own self pleasure. "Now rotate her!" Harley goes to a second wheel and begins turning it you panic as you realize you're being slowly rotated counter clockwise. It keeps going until you're completely upside down.

Mistress is ecstatic at your growing discomfort. She begins rubbing her nipples wildly as you continue to squirm about in the restraints... "Ohhhhh this is too rich...Harley...spread em" You watch Harley, believing she will be performing some act but instead Harley stares right back at you, smiling. You dont think you're gonna like what will happen next. You begin to beg "Puh-puhlease! Mistress! Im sorry...please just let me gooo-ohhh0ohhhh!" Harley is pressing a button on a wired remote which is slowing spreading your legs further and further apart. You fear you will be doing the splits soon and beg ferociously at mistress "Please please! you cant! Noooo!" ... "wretched little wench!" mistress barks back at you..."dont you eve...EVER tell me how to play with my things!!"*

You're upside down, legs forced apart wide...the moisture builds on your body, absorbed by the nylon suit...mistress wicks some of the moisture off and tastes it. "mmmmm...i love the smell and taste of your dread, you little bitch..." She then fits a fingernail inbetween the back of your heel and the stiletto shoe on your right foot. She lingers there awhile then quickly pops it right off. it falls to the floor about a foot away from your ever reddening face...* Despite your discomfort you do enjoy having that shoe off. You wriggle your toes and then immediately clench them as you feel the ticklish sensation pulsing through your leg. Theres no foreplay here, mistress is scritching away at your bare nyloned right sole.

Your head is filling with blood, its heard to breath but you cant fight the sensation. Your lungs let out a hearty blast of laughter...youre hissing for mistress to "s-sss-sss-sssstaaaahhhhp!" .... "Ah! but the silken smoothness of taut, moist nylon is such a pleasure to my fingernails, pet! I could keep at this for days! HAHAHAHA!!" Mistress is owning your foot with a combination of hard and soft and scratches all over the pads and toes of your foot. Shes having a ball, even piches the bunched up fabric from the tip of your clenching, tremblig toes and snapping it repeatedly against your skin....the sensation makes the nylon around your vagina very wet indeed.

As mistress works over your right foot, really digging her rounded tip nails into every nook and cranny of your sole, deviously enjoying the inverted view of watching you bite down on your quivering bottom lip to stifle your giggles, she remembers Harley standing over just watching you, ruggedly rubbing her bare genitals, tongue hanging in anticipation... "ohhh Harley dear...would you like to come join us? Would Harley like to come help me punish this disobedient **** into submission?" mistress asks aloud as she pries open your clenching toes to tickle and scritch the sensitive digits of your toes.. "THIS naughty little whore?"*

Harley claps and jumps up and down like a toddler. She wipes the drool off her chin and dives straight at your left foot. She caresses it like a child holds a new dolly. She presses her nose to it and inhales deeply. You can see her leg shake with joy at the intoxicating smell. She rubs the soft tip of her nose all over your heel...going from the back of your heel to the bottom of your sole. The soft yet firm cartilage was a strange but delightful sensation. It made you rotate and shake your ankles in the restraints.*

"that's right,Harley dear...make the treacherous bitch squirm some more! you know mistress likes it when you make the heathen squirm!" Harley laughs maniacally and uses her hands to gently caress the top side of your foot at the base of your leg, slowly moving up toward the toes...she puts her fingers in between each of your toes through the taut but malleable nylon...one fingers and toes are interlocked she begins stroking...rubbing the tender bits in between your toes vigorously...you really begin to writhe against the restraints...arching your back away from the bed.

You cant take it anymore...your already cherry red face is pounding for relief...your lip biting is futile...you let out a long, earth shattering scream that rattles your own ear drums. When you're done theres a long pause. A deafening silence settles on the room. then suddenly a blast of laughter from mistress and Harley. You look up at Harley and see her voluptuous rack sway and juggle as she chokes back laughter, her mouth busy, fitting your entire heel in her mouth...her hands skillfully handle the sides of your left foot...dancing about on your veiny sides...your foot crunches and crunches.

You look to the other side of your helpless splayed out body...you see an unmistakable line of clear fluid slowly make its way down mistress's leg...your eyes move upward following the lines of her statuesque body...she is howling with laughter "yes! YES! YES! thats right my pet...i get sooo wet when I hear my little terrible slut squeal with pain...you like that my little bitch? you like that! Again! Again I say! I wanna hear you wail!!" she refocuses on your foot, running her skilled fingernails all over the sole, heel, arch and toes...she rubs her hardened nipples over your big toes and moans "Ohhh yesss!!! you're giving it to me, pet...you are MINE! you understand, you vile whore?! MINE!!"

"Harley!" mistress cries. She's in a state you've never seen her in before. Usually shes so calm, composed...but right now she's different...she's drunk with power but even more so...drunk with passion. She is leaking every out of almost every orifice...consuming your body..."Harley! get your mouth off of her! turn her over again!" Harley is reluctant but does as she says... it feels good to have the blood drain back down to your body. Your face is read and you're covered with tears and slobber but otherwise alright..."The brush, Harley...get the brush" Harley rushes away from sight and returns with a stiff but very soft artist's paintbrush..."you know what to do..."

Harley heads over to your bound feet still trembling in anticipation and begins stabbing your left foot with the bristles...the vigorous soft brushes tickle something fierce. Its sharp but oh so effervescent sensation...you begin howling "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! please stop! stop! stop!stop!stooooopppp!!!"* Mistress stands back and just stares at your marvelous visage. She isnt touching you but is in fact touching her self...teasing you as she watches "Thats right you stupid little slut! thats what bitches get when they try to reclaim their autonomy from me! They get punished! naughty girls get punished! OH hahaha! faster Harley! paint that bitch's feet! get in there! make her squeal and howl for me! make her squeal!" A KOOTCHIE KOOTCHIE KOOTCHIE KOOO KOOO KOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Mistress begins moaning violently. She begins thrusting forward. Moaning deeply. Consuming every sensation from this scene. She can smell the unmistakable scent of your arousal. Its clearly running from your very warm, awaiting vagina. *It fuels her, her animal lust rising higher and higher. She smiles devilishly, comes over to your howling face. You bite your lip to try to understand what is happening next. She stares at you and then leans in, she begins to suckle and bite your neck, leaving countless rings of imprints from her teeth and dark, mottled bruises. Marking you as hers. She rubs your stone hard nipples and wicks away the moisture gathered in the crotch region of your bodysuit. she brings her hand to her nose and carefully takes a whiff. She smiles. "kootchie kootchie koo tickle bitch."
OMG its a bitch to be caught!!!