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06-23-2015, 11:25 AM
It was close to midnight. Richard a 29 year old guy's guy is hanging out in the living room of his Echo Park apartment. Just lounging on the sofa in nothing but his boxer briefs. His toned long 6 foot frame stretched out as he watched television. His girlfriend had gone out with her sisters for the night so he was free to just be lazy except his girlfriend's miniature Boston terrier barking at him frantically jumped up at the sofa trying to get his attention "go away Scottie!" Richard pushes the dog away with his barefoot but the dog just comes back barking "shut up, Scottie!" but the little dog keeps yapping and yapping until Richard can't take it. "Fine I'll walk you but I'm not feeding you! That's not my job." Richard gets up angrily throws on some basketball shorts and a tee shirt and slips his size 11 feet into a pair of sandals before putting a leash on the dog and heading outside.

Late as it is Richard and the little dog seem to be the only ones out in the quiet neighborhood. Ten years ago you couldn't walk in this part of town during the day and you wouldn't even think about going out at night but over the past few years the neighborhood gentrified and got invaded by hipsters and gay couples and organic coffee shops and the gangs that once ruled these streets were pushed out and clean cut cool guys like Richard moved in. Now it's perfectly safe to walk around these streets in the middle of the night, or so you'd think.

Richard plays on his phone with his left hand while he holds Scottie on a leash with his right not paying much attention to the dog as he pees at every tree he comes to and doesn't take notice as they walk up in front of Johnny's house. One of the last remaining o.g.'s from the old days. A Hispanic gang banger in his late 30's who just returned home after doing 5 years for armed robbery and inherited the house after his father died from cancer a year ago. Now he lived there by himself and stood out in the changing neighborhood like a sore thumb but still on parole he kept to himself and stayed out of trouble and most night's like tonight found himself in the garage lifting weights and keeping fit.

Richard didn't even notice him in the garage as he walked up in front of his place and Scottie took a poop on the lawn but Johnny noticed from his weight bench and he watched Richard as he starts to walk away. "Excuse me" Johnny yells out getting Richard's attention "your dog just took a shit on my grass." Richard isn't sure what to say, "sorry man. I don't have anything to pick it up with." Richard starts to walk away again Johnny stands up in a bit of disbelief "I'll get you a plastic bag" Richard scoffs. He knows who Johnny is but Richard has never been someone to be intimidated, playing sports all his life and always being in shape and sizing up Johnny he isn't scared. "Then pick it up yourself." Richard blurts out before continuing to walk. Johnny tries to stay cool but his bloods boiling and he can't help but resort to his old ways and he walk toward Richard who sees him coming and gets himself into fighting stance. "You really want to do this, man?" Richard puts his phone away and let's go of the leash and before he knows it Johnny rushes him and tackles him down on the grass and with a quick wrestling move spins Richard around and pins him face down while Johnny sits on his back and Richard futilely tries to break free with out success. Scottie just walk up to Richard's face and tries licking his cheek as Johnny holds him down. "What the fuck, man?! You want go back to prison?! Let me go" Richard yells out. "I gave you a chance, princess. Thought you were tough? Now what?!" Johnny says in Richard's ear as he reaches over and unhooks Scottie's leash from his collar and uses it to tie Richard's left wrist who tries resisting as Johnny pulls his right arm behind his back. "What the fuck are you doing?" Johnny doesn't bother to respond as he ties Richard's hands together behind his back. "That" Johnny says triumphantly as he stands up leaving Richard squirming face down on the grass. "Somebody help me!!!" Richard manages to yell before Johnny puts his hand over his mouth and lifts up to his feet and one of his sandals falls off his foot and Johnny carries him into the garage with Scottie following them in. Johnny shuts the garage door behind them.

"What the fuck, man?! This is kidnapping!" Richard yells before making another lame attempt at defending himself with his hands tied behind his back he tries to karate kick Johnny who simply grabs hold of Richard's leg and tucks it underneath his arm leaving Richard jumping around one leg. "That was stupid" Johnny tells him. "You're going to be the stupid one when your back in prison getting back rubs from other dudes!" Johnny just smiles. His heavily tattooed arm still holding Richard's leg up off the air, he sees his bare foot sticking out and Johnny takes his free hand and runs his fingers over Richard's exposed sole instantly making him squirm on one leg and fighting back laughter for as long as he can which isn't long and then he bursts out into giggles and collapses to the floor. "What are you doing?!" Richard manages to ask before laughing even harder as Johnny continues the tickling assault. "What does it look like? Teaching you a lesson pretty boy" Richard tries kicking his other leg at Johnny but he just grabs that one as well and he holds both Richard's ankles under his elbow and drags him through the garage floor to some shelves where Richard has a roll of duct tape. Scottie walks around the garage free sniffing things while Johnny starts wrapping Richard's ankles together. "You know in prison when we wanted to teach little bitch boys like you a lesson and not have more time tacked on to our sentence we had to be clever. Make sure and send a message with out leaving any marks or evidence so we would find out if someone was ticklish and if they were then we made sure to use it to our advantage." Johnny finishes wrapping Richard's ankles together and his one bare foot and his other sandal'd foot move around helplessly. Richard looks up at Johnny as he flicks off the other sandal leaving both his feet exposed. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be a jerk. I'll pick up the dog shit. Please just let me go." Instead Johnny bends down and picks Richard up off the floor and carries him to his weight bench and lays him down on his stomach and Johnny proceeds to wrap him up to the bench with just his head and feet sticking out. "Please don't do this! Somebody --" Richard doesn't get to finish his sentence as Johnny places a piece of tape over Richard's mouth. Then Johnny goes back to finishing wrapping Richard's torso to the weight bench and once the entire roll of tape is almost gone Johnny stops and takes a step back to admire his handy work. Richard looks like he's wearing a tee shirt made of duct tape. His bound hands sticking out and sitting on his butt while his feet wiggle nervously and he does his best to turn his head and see what Johnny is up to but can't. "Mmnmphhmmphhh" he mumbles into the gag. "I know, I know." Johnny replies with a smile, he looks down at the little dog. "You want to have a little fun with your master?" The dog just keeps sniffing around the floor in search of food. Johnny smiles and goes into the door leading to the main house.

Richard alone in the garage bound face down to the bench tries uselessly to break free but he's completely immobilized and unable to gather any strength in his position. He can just stare down at the cement garage floor and occasionally see Scottie as he scampers by. Richard tries to get the dog's attention but he's not Lassie so he isn't going to help him much. Richard trembles as he hears Johnny walk back into the garage, he looks up to see the Mexican holding a bottle of pancake syrup and smiling. Johnny walk to the foot of the bench and takes Richard's bare feet into his hands and caresses them with his fingers drawing little giggles from Richard. "Your feet are so soft and smooth. Do you even walk on them? What do you lotion them up every day? Get pedicures?" Johnny laughs and wiggles his fingers up and down Richard's soles causing him to laugh hysterically. "And so ticklish too. That's perfect." Johnny upcaps the syrup and pours it over Richard's feet and then lathers them up with his hands making sure to get it on every inch of his foot and in between his toes. Richard moves his feet as much as he can but it only amuses Johnny watching him struggle. Once Johnny is done he calls the dog over "come here, boy." Scottie doesn't listen so Johnny goes over and grabs it and brings it to Richard's feet. "Go ahead and have a lick" Scottie sniffs Richard's honey covered feet and after a few seconds starts licking them excitedly causing Richard to squirm uncontrollably as the dog's rough wet tongue laps up every crevice. "Mmmmmmpolhhhaaaaaaahhaahhaammmmm" is just some of the sound escaping Richard's gagged mouth. Johnny walks over to the front of the bench where Richard's head is and he admires his tortured expressions as Scottie keeps licking away. Johnny bends down and brings his face right up to Richard's "how much can you handle?"

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Awesome story.

06-24-2015, 11:53 PM
It ends just as it's starting?

06-25-2015, 09:50 AM
Ha I'm sorry about that. It was the first story I was ever posting and I felt like I was making it go a little long. Hopefully I can finish it up soon with a part 2. Thank you for reading it though