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In the quiet of the living room, Naomi paid no attention to the tiny ball of fur scurrying up her leg. She could tell by the pattern of scratchy little paws it was Hamlet. She lazily turned a page of her book, letting the rat do as he pleased, even as he stopped on the button of her pants to groom his whiskers. It was only when the little critter sniffed at her midriff that Naomi realized her shirt had ridden up and had to take action. Ryan- from his spot at the head of the couch- brought his nose out of his book to peer over his shoulder at Naomi. Pale blue eyes squinted to follow her hand as she pulled her shirt down. It startled Hamlet to scurry off. Naomi settled back in her place across the couch easily enough, but Ryan could not help the amused smile. “You’re ticklish?”

“I guess.” She answered and the dry page scraped across the still air. “Sometimes the rats will catch me by surprise.” Her light grey eyes had never left from the page, but as Ryan started chuckling, it was her turn to crane her neck to peer back. “What?”

“Nothing, really. You just seem so strong and mature all the time. It’s funny to think that someone like you is actually ticklish.”

Naomi regarded him for one long moment, before she smirked back into her book. “I am strong and mature. You think this makes me less so?”

“That’s not what I mean. It’s just not something I expected from you. It’s too cute, you know?”

Cute? Now that had certainly gotten her attention. Naomi was strong, tall, and gorgeous. She was not ‘cute’. “Hmph. Well I already know where you’re ticklish,” was her retort a she brushed her fingertips across the scar on his near-white cheek.

It had the desired effect, with the young lad flinching with a giggle. “Hey!” He grabbed the offending wrist with the opposite hand and lowered his book. “What was that for?”

“Just proving a point.” Naomi said easily, not even perturbed enough to pull her hand away. She craned her neck to smirk back at him. “You’re right. It is cute isn’t it?”

Ryan’s wide eyes sparked with surprise, enough to be a little pink in the half-light, before they narrowed in mischief. “Alright, you asked for it.”

In Naomi’s defense, she knew what was coming. It was the most obvious course of action in Ryan’s case. But even as her friend lunged with his extended arm to reach her stomach, it did not occur to her that she needed to bother with actually defending herself. Worst case scenario, she might chuckle a bit and get a few laughs on Ryan’s end. Hardly something to get worked up over.

But when those flying fingers touched down, she yelped and jumped to high heaven.

Ryan still had a firm hold on the girl’s wrist, and he held fast even as she lurched up defensively. Her other hand was still holding the book, and she held it to the side awkwardly to keep it from dropping it, but that left Ryan’s hand free to ravage her belly. She barked and yowled in protest, the sensation shocking her more than anything. The young albino leaned against the couch cushions, half sitting and half leaning in the space above Naomi’s head to reach her middle. His victim still held onto the treasured book out of sheer stubbornness and pride, but with her other hand pinned against Ryan’s chest, it was nearly impossible to defend herself. She brought up her knees in a defensive curl, head butting against the arm reaching over her.

“So here, huh?” Ryan teased. His fingers scuttled happily across the washboard abdominals, grinning good-naturedly. “Jeez, Naomi, you’re worse than I thought.”

“Wait, Ry-“ she shut her eyes and bucked. Her cheeks were already flushed pink as she dissolved into full-belly laughs. She cursed her luck and fate as she squirmed fruitlessly from the assault. “No- stop!”

“Looks like I found your weakness after all.”

For a young woman who was more sarcastic than friendly, her laugh was surprisingly rich and full. Ryan blamed it on all that singing talent and theater practice. The two small rats free from their cages darted for any nooks and crannies they could find to hide from the sudden ruckus in the usually peaceful abode, while their master’s laughter filled the once lonely, quiet space. Ryan decided to get daring, moving his fingers to scuttle along her sides, up her ribs, then back down to her waist. Unfortunately, it seemed that the farther he moved from the girl’s stomach, the less ticklish she became. But Ryan, of course, could not allow that. So he tried to the girl’s belly button.

Naomi curled up, hastily dropping the book on the coffee table to grab the offending hand. But alas, Ryan had grown obsessed with power. Drunk off the high of finally having an advantage over the usually cool, calm, and collected Naomi, Ryan tried to reach down to continue his assault, but Naomi’s superior strength kept him at bay, even as out of breath as she was. They were caught in a stalemate, with Naomi holding one of Ryan’s wrists hostage, and vise versa. They pushed and pulled alternatively, Ryan still hovering menacingly over the pinned Naomi as he wiggled his fingers.

“Oh no you… don’t!” The taller girl panted, and she tried to be intimidating, but her flushed grin refused to die, and with her usually neat dark hair in such a mess, she looked positively ridiculous. “Nice try… Ryan… but we both know you can’t-“ Ryan leaned over, head going straight to her stomach. “Ryan, what’re you-”

She lost it. The raspberry sent her into hysteria, though her howl was muffled by Ryans sweater vest. The fighter snapped, and shoved her attacker roughly off of her. She rolled off the couch and thumped onto the floor on her knees, with one hand over her aching gut. Her shaky laughter weaned away, but it was quickly replaced by Ryan’s loud, rounded laugher. She watched the boy laughing almost as hard as she had been. But unlike Naomi’s exhausted, spent laughter, Ryan was wide and open, his mirth filling the space willingly and freely.

“S-Sorry, sorry!” Ryan called out to his friend. “I just- I nehever thought you’d- you’d-“ but he snorted and laughed all over again, his statement lost as he curled up in his own fetal position.

Naomi raised a brow, but her suspicious leer was ruined by her haphazard appearance. “You think it’s… that… funny?” She panted.

“No! No, it’s just… I don’t know, I can’t stop laughing,” Ryan bemoaned, burying his face in his hands as he shook with laughter. “Oh mahan, my gut.”

Ryan fell against the sofa in his shakes and Naomi wiped at her tearing eyes. Viola had braved the waters and approached her master. She sniffed curiously at her hand, and rose up to her hindquarters to peer inquisitively. Naomi slid her attention curiously to the rat, before sliding back to Ryan and narrowing her eyes menacingly. The young boy laughed hard, oblivious to the approaching Naomi until he felt the other’s arms circle around him. “Ryyaaaaaaaaaan…” she sang.

He looked up questioningly, even through his tapering laughter. “Nuh-Naomi?” The encircling arms wrapped all the way around like a pair of iron bars, pinning his arms to his curled body.

“You’re scaring the rats.”

He chuckled a little. “Oh-ho, s-sorry ‘bout that.” The boy had the decency to look a little contrite toward the little guys. “I’m sorry, I-hi didn’t mean to. Guess I got a little carried away.”

“A little?” Naomi teased lightly, and leaned into the boy’s neck. “I’d hardly call that a little.”

Ryan flinched with a grin as she neared his sensitive throat, and squirmed. “Oh no, c’mon!” he protested, and broke into giggles when her nose nuzzled the side of his throat. He resisted more in earnest now, prying against the older, taller, stronger girl’s trapping embrace. With obviously little success. “N-Naomi!”

The girl’s long, dexterous fingers wormed their way between Ryan’s arms and sides to tickle him gently and test the area. Ryan jerked before dissolving into harder laughter, letting his attacker know she struck gold. The mischief maker kept her face in the crook of the sensitive neck, and nibbled away as her victim buried his face in the couch cushions, wiggling fruitlessly.

“What- no, c-cmon, quit it!” Ryan laughed. Naomi finally released him, only to dart her hands behind him and wedge her fingers into his armpits. The action actually made him collapse to the floor in a fetal position. “No-no, I’m sorry! S-stop, hahahaha!”

“I almost feel bad, this is so easy,” Naomi teased, finally releasing the boy’s neck, and moving her digits down the boy’s torso to test where else could make him squirm. “Is this seriously how you defend yourself?”

“I-hihi cahan’t hehehehelp it!” He broke as Naomi forced him onto his back. “M-mom an’ S-Sadie weren’t ticklISH-“ He burst out laughing.

Naomi was like a speed demon. As quick as Ryan got to cover the area, her hands darted to another spot to make him jerk and buck. He hugged himself to try to protect his weaknesses, but it just resulted in him rolling and rocking to try to avoid the demonic hands. From neck, to hips, to armpits and in different order, it was impossible to predict, let alone block. His face flushed and ached from the laughter. “Naomi, stop, pleaheahease, hahaha!”

“I guess I should, since I could probably kill you with this method.” She quipped.

The next movements were something that would make Naomi curse her foolishness for days to come. As though in slow motion, she stopped her torture and Ryan finally stopped jerking, though his laughter still tapered. She lifted her hands away and rocked back on her heels to prepare to stand.

Then Ryan lurched up and tackled her, hand going straight for her stomach “Oh you little-!” She fell to the ground in a new wave of tittering, and thus began the full-out tickle fight.

It was an epic tale of struggle that would be passed down from rat generation to rat generation. Once Ryan broke his habit of passive defense, Naomi actually had a harder time to subjugate him. Not because he lacked skill, but because although she could easily pin Ryan down indefinitely, her challenge was doing it in a way to leave at least one hand free to ravage the boy (shoving her face in the crook of Ryan’s neck proved far too dangerous and difficult with the now perpetually bucking boy). The smaller boy definitely laughed more often. But the rare times Naomi’s richer alto filled the room, his sense of victory was far greater.

And then it seemed, perhaps, Ryan’s victory was at hand. In their eager rough housing, they rolled and tumbled and scooted across the floor, all over the room. By accident they ended up next to the round kitchen table. Naomi was ticking Ryan’s neck with one hand switching back and forth, until the smaller boy finally managed to grab them, and promptly slam them into the wall to pin her down.

Both of them were a mess. Hair in disarray, faces flushed in laughter, and eyes bright and shining in hysterical tears, their physical exhaustion was obvious. Ryan was panting more heavily, having been at the receiving end of Naomi’s attacks far more often. Naomi watched him for a few moments through hooded shining eyes as she got her strength back, and smirked impishly at the opportunity.

“I never knew you liked it rough, Ryan. Try to treat me gently,” she cooed.

She expected surprise, and maybe a little cluelessness from the smaller boy (it was shocking, really, how out of touch he was). In reality the almost pink eyes peered up at her, with a quirked brow and an amused smile. “Oh, I’ll show you gentle.” He muttered.

Naomi’s smirk dropped faster than a rock when the other boy straddled her legs, and lowered his face to his waist. “Oh no- wait-!” She jerked and pushed against the hold on him, but Ryan had already slipped his head under her shirt, and attacked his belly.

It was madness. Ryan’s weight was enough to hold down her legs from kicking out, and her arms from yielding. The youth resorted to merely reacting; she flinched, threw her head back and howled. She rocked and bucked automatically, but could not move from her spot. When Ryan lifted his head to release a raspberry on another part of her stomach, her laughter came back with a vengeance. When Ryan nibbled her skin, her guffaws broke into snickers, and nuzzling her belly with his nose turned into deep ringing belly laughs. And Ryan discovered that although he was ticklish in more areas, Naomi’s weakness was far more crippling. She rarely, if ever spoke when she was laughing. He nuzzled his nose along the edge of her abdominals, nibbled along the rim of her belly button, and mentally cheered as Naomi slowly fell to pieces. He only paused when he felt something touching his hand, and pulled back out of the shirt to see Naomi’s hand awkwardly tapping at his wrist to get his attention.

“Naomi?” He asked and waited for the girl to gulp back her air.

“I give,” she panted. “I give, just… stop.” she panted.

“Is that a real surrender?” Ryan asked carefully. “You’re not gonna try something as soon as I let you go, are you?”

“No,” Naomi sighed, and flopped her head back against the wall. “I-I’m done.”

“Good.” Ryan released her, and true to her word, Naomi remained right where she was, although let her hands drop to her lap. Ryan stood. “I’m going to go put the books away. Try not to fall asleep while I’m gone.”

Naomi didn’t argue, closing her eyes and remaining where she was sitting against the wall. One of her rats came up to see her, crawling up onto her leg. It felt like Hamlet. She finally peered down at him. “This is all your fault.” The rat groomed his whiskers, and Naomi closed her eyes again. “Whatever.”

Ryan was still smiling as he slid the books back in the shelf, even as the second little rat came up to join him. “Naomi’s funny, isn’t she?” He asked her idly, before reaching up and gently stroking her head with his finger. “I didn’t think she’d actually let me win that thing. Wonder why.”

He did not see Hamlet settling on the stiff material of the cargo pants for a nap, nor the slight shift of Naomi’s head as she seemed just about ready to nod off for a nap herself. Nor did he notice the content smile as the once lonely girl relished in the once silent room, now filled with the sound of soft human footsteps and sliding tomes. For then, maybe, he might have had his answer.
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A drabble I wrote a while back but never posted. Went through it one more time to spruce it up and get the ending done. Consider this a warm-up as I try to get back into actual story writing. I have a few more projects in mind on the way.

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Love it!