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Yep it is finally done and it is pretty damn horrible so if your not into this stuff dont look or read.


Kid entered Telma's Bar that dark night and found it to be a litter nerve racking. People at castle town had a reputation for being the most chaotic when shit goes down. The bar was buzzing with costumers, elves, worriers, and a Goron or two. All of them being a wide verity of drunks.

The hero Kid closed the doors behind him, it swatting his butt a little as it slammed. He looked around and saw exactly what he expected. People singing and having a great time, also fighting, dancing, yelling, flirting, anything the magic potion of alcohol could make a being do. True this probably wasn't a place for the soon to be legendary hero of Hyrule, but hey! Everyone has to kick back at some point.

He took a seat at the bar and continued to take in the sensory, and by doing so he couldn't help but notice the group of castle guards giving him dirty looks from across the room. Kid looked left and right to make sure there was no one else they could be looking at.

Then like a sack of deku nuts it hit him, those where the guards he had shown up earlier by saving that family. The guards all fled like cowards and kid how to save them all from that pig goblin thing. And now they looked pissed.

Kid wasted no time in doing what all great heroes would. Turn away, drink the milk that he ordered, and pretend not to notice them. LIKE A REAL MAN. But his idiotic ways of stealth could not avail the “great” hero as one of the drunken guards rose from his seat and stumbled his way.

The hero thought to himself as the guard got closer. He knew he needed to say something tough to scare him off. His mind raced. “Shit, shit, shit! Ok, act cool. Don’t be a little bitch. You handled that pig thing no problem……..You did pay him to stop though. Damn! I really need to get out of here before”-

“OI you!” The guard yelled in his ear standing far too close, so close in fact that he could smell every inch of alcohol on his breath.

Kid took a shaky breath and responded the only way he knew how, with piles and piles of sass. “Oh who me?”

“Don’t get smart with me boy!” The man slammed his fist onto the bar. “You that *hick* guy from today aren’t you? Mr. White knight coming in to save the day and making us guards look right tits!”

The all mighty hero of Hyrule felt a nice bead of sweat drip down his forehead has he could hear the drunken guards voice grow more and more hostel.

“Look, please go back to your seat before you make a scene. Kid got up holding his arms out hopping to calm the man down. “Just back off….MISTER!” Kid pointed sternly, his confidence sinking even lower then the guard’s tolerance.

“A scene? I’ll show you a scene fairy boy!” In a blink of an eye the guard pounced to grab the weak hero. What came next was what would be the beginning of end of this hero’s humility.

The guard grabbed Kid’s arms and forced them behind his back. He then rapped his other arm around the skinny young man’s neck. Kid chocked a little feeling the pressure of the man’s forearm crush his windpipe, his arms flailed and his body struggled, doing all it could to force itself free. The guard’s friends at the table watched and laughed at the poor sap dancing to be set free like a child.

“What’s that you got their Cliff?” The other armored guard shouted for his friend’s attention. “Aint that the same fuck wit from before that humiliated us” The man got up from the table to get a closer look. As he got closer Kid’s cheeks flared, he was the one getting humiliated now.

The two continued talking as if he wasn’t there. The one guy manhandling you answered casually with a mocking tone. “Oh yea this ones a regular fighter.” Just then the same guard let goof Kid’s arms but instead used his body to press against them and hold them still. With his hand now free he went to mockingly pat the helpless Hero’s torso. “Hey buddy why don’t you show my friend how well you sq-“

“HAAAAAAAAAA” Kid screamed load as soon as the guard’s hand came in contact with his stomach, but the scream wasn’t one of pain. Oh no these pen new the scream of pain this one was different but no less loud. They looked at each other through the slits in their helmets. They had heard the same thing. It was a scream of laughter, and they weren’t the only ones in the bar to hear it. People started to look, just one or too. But enough people that Kid felt himself wanting to disappear more then anything else.

“No you got to be kidding me.” The guard said to himself as he went to test out his theory. Forcibly he plunged his hand into Kids shirt and began to jab his fingers into his ribs.

Kids reaction was immediate as he started to squirm like a man with his life on the line. “Hahahhahahahah no! HHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHHAHAA”

At that moment the two guards looked at each other once more and shared the worst of shit eating grins as they watched the helpless young man dance and scream for their own amusement.

The guard holding the hero captive, still not letting up on his rib assault, laughed almost as loud as Kid. He moved his hand up and down the side of the CollaredKid’s upper body. Causing hell for each one of his poor sensitive nerve endings as they blazed with ticklish sensations. “OI, what’s wrong little weakling? You ticklish?”

The guard’s friend joined in their captive’s reticule. “You think you even have to ask? Look at the guy! Squirming and crying like a little boy wanting his mama! Haha!” He then joined in by lifting up Kid’s shirt completely with his forearm a pinching his sensitive flesh with his other free hand.


More and more people started looking at all the commotion. The guard’s friend backed off but the one holding him down still preceded to torment the smooth soft flesh he found under the ticklish hero’s shirt. He spoke loud and condescendingly. “ You think a man in your shape has any chance of saving us or yourself for that matter? Ha! Your gonna make ME die of laughter!”

Just then, like Kid was nothing, the tickling man shoved him out from his grasp. Before the tired warrior could even collapse to the ground with exhaustion the drunken guards friend grabbed him, held him tight, and jammed his fingers right into the young man’s smooth armpit. “Oh come on Cliff, I think your being a little rough on the guy! How about we train the fucker to toughen up and be a real man. How would you like that sissy?” He tickled harder to really get Kid thrashing. He wanted to show no matter how he struggled he wasn’t strong enough to get away from him.

Kid yelled his answer. “NOOOOO!NONONONONONONO!”

“What? No? What you think you’re too good for training? You think your some kind of great big hero? Huh?” The tickling guard used his hand holding Kid’s arm in place to poke the man’s side with each word. “Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?????”


“Too late meat! You already insulted our generous nature and now your gonna get it good!” The drunken guard said off to the side watching the hero’s humiliation unfold before his very pleased eyes. He only stood off to the side for so long till he was active again. He walked to his original table where all his military friends where now in fits of laughter and pointing at the week hero’s flails for freedom. He took his royal spear and held it like he was ready to in-pail it into kids chest.

Kids eyes got wide and his fear was in a fever pitch but not matter what he was still forced to laugh as the pointed knife got closer and closer, not to mention the tickling guard lifted Kid’s shirt up for an easy stab through his chest. People around watching now started to get a bit worried.

The guard at the last second flipped the spear around to the feathery end. “Ha! Made you look you fucking baby!” With that he began to wisp the horrible soft feather against Kid’s revealed nipple. This startling surprise might have been worst then getting stabbed. The feeling of the feathery kiss on his soft nipples made the hero of hyrule throw his head back and cry in agony and dropping to his knees not even strong enough to stop the few moans escaping his lips.

The guard holding him still found this incredibly amusing, as did the people in the bar, all of them laughing as the feather circled around and around Kid’s chest. “Oh ye! Get his weak little boy tits! HAHAHAHAHA” He stopped tickling and took the task and holding their victims arms back and stepping on his back so he had no choices but to stick out his chest. Forcing his nipples to feather endure the sweet caress of the feather.

CollaredKid looked up and what he saw made his stomach sink. His two tormentors laughing at his agony but also people gathering around him getting a closer look all smiling and shaking their heads as he gave a pleading look to help for each one. One naughty bar maid actually stole Kid’s tunic and giggled with a flushed face as she saw this mighty hero was wearing a thong, and didn’t look half bad in it.

But what might have been worse then all the stares where the comments they made.

“So this is our hero? I’ve seen stronger deku sticks.” A man yelled not too impressed by Kid’s slender form.

“Hahahah yea! And speaking of sticks look at that dick flopping around! A hero getting all hot by ticking? Maybe we should give him to king Ganon as a tickle slave! He can have just as fun tormenting this bitch as he does tormenting Castel town…..” His buff friend commented.

“Mmmmm get those sexy boy tits of his. Or just give him to us.” One bar maid said.

“Oh yea well make a real hero out of that fool” The other beside her said, bother of them making flirty faced and wiggling there nails at him. That alone made Kid’s cock stiffen, even if he would have begged the goddess that such a thing wouldn’t happen now of all places.

One drunken woman shouted. “If he’s our hero I want him strong! Train the tickle boy till he's a tickle man! Hahahahahaha.”

And with that a horrible chant started for the ticklish hero to be trained.

“Train. Train. Train. TRAIN! TRAIN! TRAIN!”

The guard threw his spear to the ground and laughed at the chant. “Looks like the people have spoken sissy man!”

The other guard let Kid’s body drop to the ground gasping for air. He walked to him and picked his head up by his side ponytail. “Your gonna get it now. Boys! Clear a spot at the table for our new friend!”

Both guards lifted Kid up to a rousing cheer form the crowd. He was brought to the table that the guards and where sitting. They threw everything off it and slammed Kid down. They maid quick work tying his hands behind his back and gathering around the table along with now all of the bar residence.

“Come on boys I think our “hero” is ready to learn.”

“Yea! And laugh his pretty little head off!” They all laughed and cracked their knuckles, ready to dish out a huge punishment.

Like that the guards where upon his tight ticklish body. Who ever wasn’t holding him down was ticklish the shit out of him. Fingers wiggled and probed where every they could. Wiggling in his belly button, scratching at his armpits and sides, and caressing his curvy thighs. Somewhere rough and probably wanted him to die laughing on that table, but some shockingly where light and teasing. Like the two guards taking great care swirling one single finger around his stiff nipples wile licking their lips.

One naughty guard spent a lot of time pinching and groping kids swollen cock much to the amusement of himself and others. The sensual feeling was just as intense as the gangbang of feathers many of the guards took turns ravishing Kid’s feet with.

Making matters worse was the sweet humiliation. With CollaredKid’s head hanging off the side of the table many woman (satisfying their own lust at the expense of the sexy victim) crowded his head.

“Well isn’t he just the best hero you ever seen.”

“He sure is the cutest. Just listen to that heroic laughter.”

“Mmmm, Honey don’t take it personally, We just wanted to come thank our future hero.” And like that they all crowded his face planting kisses on his cheeks to “thank him” and then giggle in his face as they left to get a better look at his sweet body being tormented.

They even started forming a line for each female who wanted to “Thank” their new hero. Sarcastic kiss after sarcastic kiss was planted on his face and lips.

The worst was two drunken twins who took a side is face and whispered in his ears while licking them tenderly. That coupled with that damn guards pinching fingers at his hard cock made him feel like he was going to burst right in front of everyone.


“Tickle tickle tickle hero man” one twin whispered


“Oh no our hero we need to make sure your nice and strong…..” The other twin giggled now bighting the ear.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH-“ was all Kid could get out as another woman came and planted a long kiss on his quivering lips.

The guards laughed and kept tickling faster. Two guards actually found a good spot at their victims revealed balls to tickle cruelly with the feather.

“Oh no….” The lustful guard pinching his cock whispered as he moved his nimble fingers to Kids very sensitive and aching tip. “I think sissy here is gonna make a biiiiiiig mess….”

The hole bar laughed as they waited for it to happen and then one woman broke this all up, the tickling, the grouping, the kissing, everything. Kid gasped for as much air as he could as all he fingers (except for the one holding him down) and lips left his body.

“What are you savages doing? Treating our hero with such nastiness?” All the guards and people looked at each other and back at kids sweating blushing body.

“SO?!” Everyone shot back in response and went back to tickling the poor thing.

“Honestly, come now…..!” The woman giggled as some people stopped again but few continued and slowed they touch. They all looked at her and finally they snapped out of their trance and noticed who was speaking.

Madame Fanadi, the town psychic, a highly respectable woman in the community.

The guard spoke with discontent. “Oh yea? And what do you want with him then. And how do you even know this wimp is suppose to be our hero?”

“Perhaps I could help to find that out. Let me give him a reading and well see who in fact this lovely man is. And who knows, maybe give him help for his journey ahead.” She winked and strutted on over. Kid watched as he breasts jiggled with each step and took a seat at the table. Guards moved to give the voluptuous woman some room to breath and everyone stood back and watched. “Now what’s your name fair hero…” She said showing her hands and hovering them over his body like it was a crystal ball.”


“Hmm. A shy one….. Not to worry love I just want to know your name. Come lets see if you actually are our hero.” She softly rubbed his smooth tummy with her amazingly soft hands. This made him giggle, loudly.

“Well?” Fanadi’s smile quickly turned to a look of fake irritation. Still Kid couldn’t tell id she was actually trying to help him.

“Pleeaaase….Pleaaase stoooahahahahap!”

“Oh my! You’re a rude one aren’t you? I simple want to help you and you tell me to stop?” She couldn’t hold back her laugher as her fingers wiggled in his poor belly button. People started to understand this woman had no intent on actually helping this man and began to play along.

“What you want her to stop?”

“How rude!”

“Maybe he wants her to stop helping and have us all tickle him again.”




“HAahhahhahhaha no pleaaaaasshshshshshshahahahahhahahahahhaah! Heeeelllllllllp!” The poor thing bucked and wiggled and thrashed. He wanted that mean finger out of his belly button so bad! Then he started feeling fingers and feather caress and teasing the poor arches of the feet.

“Help is what I was willing to give you sweetie. But you seem very tickled to laughing at my efforts. So no you can just laugh!” She moved her sensual hands to his sides as he dipped her head to his belly and used her wet tongue to torment his tickle button. Swirling it around and around. “Mmmmm, why hero you tastes so sweet….”


“Too late hot shot you had your chance! Now you’re ours again. Should have been nicer to Madame Fanadi…” The guard keeping his head still teased, laughing in his ear while he suffered.

“Yea! Now Fanadi is gonna get you good dummy!” a guy laughed and pointed.

Madame Fanadi’s fingers felt hellishly amazing. Kid laughed his stupid head as the curvy woman spend minutes wetting his belly with her sweet tongue. He hated it. But do to that stupid course his body could only get more aroused, as he began to throb once more in his tight thong.

“OH MY!” Fanadi gasped. “What a cheeky man you are!” Everyone pointed and laughed and reached out to phantom tickle Kid’s throbbing hard cock. “Why I think I am able to see your future as a matter of fact!” She then took her hands away from his sides and started to swirl her index fingers, bringing them closer to the side of Kid’s cock.

CollardKid was starting to panic as all the other people in the bar where getting more excited. They wanted to see him scream. They wanted to see him suffer, and maybe even a number of them wanted to see him cum. If this woman went through with her actions they will get what they want.

“Noahahhahahahahahahno!Hahahahahahahahah- HACK” Kid choked a bit as he felt the guard stationed at his head put his arm around him and choke him a bit, then mocked him by answering Madam Fanadi. “Wow Madam Fanadi, what do you see?”

“I hear laughing”. Her fingers made contact with his cock, they continued swirling around its sides making little circles. “I see much suffering.” She then moved her fingers from the sides to the underside that was still covered by the thongs. She used the nails on her both her index finger, wagging them horribly in the spot where the penis head meets the shaft. In addition to the nails the feel of the thong fabric didn’t help any in making her sexy victim scream.

Kid tried his very hardest to struggle away but to no avail. The more he squirmed the more fingers he felt having a field day with his feet. And he did mean field day. Fingers, feathers, and even a tongue or two were felt roaming endlessly around his hellishly ticklish feet.

“Oh dear, that sounds horrible! What else do you see Fanadi?” The guard teased as he started to flick the ear of their now teary breathless hero.

Fanadi smiled softly looking into the eyes of Kid. “Funny you should ask sweetie. Cause what I see, is spunk. Lots and lots of it shooting out of his poor little friend here, betraying him and his body with each shameful climax, making his body even more sensitive.” As she spoke she started to jerk him off. Kid could hardly enjoy it as the hellish feeling on his feet grew more and more, getting him to the point to where he couldn’t even laugh, he just lied on that table and trembled.

“Wow really?” One bar maid shouted

“Well we wouldn’t want to make you a liar Fanadim so lets help him get started with his first heehee.” The other bar maid said as she jutted her fingers to the “Hero’s” balls and tickled as quickly as her fingers would allow.

Yep, it was coming again. That feeling building up inside him was about to explode. As much as he didn’t want to in front of all these people, he was going to. He was going to cum. He closed his eyes as the horrible psych licked her lips in the anticipation for the explosion to come.

And then he came, and then he came again when the busty young lady with the bugs came, letting her caterpillars wander around his body. Then he came again when a black-haired warrior took a feather to his feet. And then when the owner of the bar came out asking what all that noise was, she didn’t blink twice before having her fun with the “Hero”.

At the end of everything kid woke up in the ally way naked and stumbling off. One thing was for certain. He was never going back THERE!

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nice story Kid :) it doesn't suck at all :)

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F/m is HOT!