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First story ever written any comments are welcome.

The boss

Let me tell you about the time I tied and tickled my beautiful bitchy boss.

But first a little about her.

My boss Samantha or Samm as she goes by is 5'9" tall and thin. Shoulder length black hair, early 30s, pale white skin, looks a lot like Katy Perry. Samm is direct no nonsense type of women that can come across as having a bitchy attitude.

Samm likes to wear skirts with sheer black nylons and black heels. Now that the weather is getting warmer she's taken to wearing strapy thong sandals that show off her shiny black painted toe nails. A perfect contrast to her creamy white skin. Her feet are size 10, with high arches and long shapely toes. She has a large tattoo of a rose on the top of her right foot. Absolutely perfect.

Samm likes to dangle her sandals during meetings and I'm sure she has to notice me checking out her feet. A fact I later confirmed and begins my tale.

I have been the top employee in the our small department for several months, but I have worked there for years and I am getting burnt out. I had been ready for a change for a while and was ready to move on. I set a meeting with Samm to put in my notice of resignation. Little did I know Samm had other plans.

During our meeting I tried my hardest not to glance at Samm's sandal clad feet, but I knew it would be a losing battle. Her legs were crossed and it was like she was trying to draw my attention to her foot. She was dangling her shoe as she wiggled her toes and the sandal audibly slapped at her sole as her foot bobbed up and down.

I told Samm my plans to leave but she advised it would be best for me to stay. She told me how I had been carrying the team and she could not afford to lose me. However I held firm with my plans to leave.

At this point she dropped her shoe to the floor and looked me in the eye. She then said "The department won't last without you and my own job is at risk." "You are not going anywhere" she added with a firm tone. Samm then said "I see you checking out my feet and I know how to treat boys like you."

She then propped her big creamy white soles in my lap. Her toes flexed then curled, creating the sexiest wrinkles in her arches.

I was in heaven seeing her bare soles and decided to see if they were ticklish. I reached down, placed my index fingers in the center of her heels and stroked up the center of her tender milky arches. Samm squealed and jerked her feet out of my lap. "Hey! Nobody tickles my feet" she added.

I was conflicted, I wanted to see what Samm would do next but knew I had to change careers. I told Samm I had to go and got up to leave. Her stern manner changed and she pleaded. "Don't go I, please, I need you to stay, my job is on the line. I'll do ANYTHING." I saw my opportunity and I could not pass it up.

I told Samm to wear her sheer black nylons on Friday and not to make any plans after work. I had a plan for how she could convince me to stay. Samm agreed but added with a wink that she hoped I didn't have anything too wicked planned.

The week went by quickly as I fantasied about how I was going to torture Samm's big ticklish feet. Her smooth sensitive soles filled my dreams at night as I made my plans. And no matter what I came up with Samm couldn't refuse.

When Friday came around Samm was wearing skinny jeans. I could see the sheer nylons covering her feet, hidden in her black heels. I could barely concentrate all day as I watched the clock tick down to five.

When five arrived the rest of the office left for the weekend. I stayed at my desk, my heart beating in anticipation. I waited for 30 minutes staring at the closed door to Samm's office. Suddenly the door slowly opened and I heard Samm call out in a slightly annoyed tone. "Well are we going to get started?"

I went into the office and sat down in the chair across from Samm. She got up and locked the office door.

"I'm wearing the nylons you wanted, so you going to smell my feet or suck my toes or something?" Samm asked as she leaned back in her chair, arms crossed across her chest. I could tell she was annoyed to not be in full control of the situation.

I told Samm to go over to the couch in the office, and to lay down on her stomach. She reluctantly agreed. "Lets just get this over with."

I sat down by her legs and placed her up turned feet in my lap. I removed Samm's shoes exposing her moist nylon clad soles.

Samm rubbed her big silky soles against each other and spread her long toes. There was a slight smell coming off her feet but nothing over powering. I took her feet in my hands and raised them toward my face. I buried my nose in Samm's sweaty nylons and inhaled the intoxicating aroma of her feet.

"Uh, are you sniffing my stinky feet?!?" She questioned. "Ha, you're such a wierdo" she added with a laugh.

I then began to rub her long soles.

"That feels good" Samm admitted. "But you better not try to tickle me" she added.

I kept massaging her big feet and was kinda surprised when Samm claimed "I'm really glad you are not trying to tickle me. I'm soooo ticklish on my feet." It was almost like she was asking for it. But I think Samm just liked teasing me.

It took all my willpower to keep from digging all 10 fingers into her soles right then. But I didn't want to rush the fun.

I began to rub each of Samm's long toes and as I did she really squirmed and giggled. Her toes curled and wrapped around my fingers.

"My toes are too ticklish" she gasped and shook her head.

I continued working on her feet when Samm said "this is great, I'll take weekly foot rubs if you stay. I thought you would be licking my feet or worse . . ."

It was then I put my plan into action. I quickly took off my tie and wrapped it around Samm's ankles. I bound her ankles together and pulled the lose end around my thigh. Samm's upturned nylon clad soles were now all mine and not going anywhere.

Samm tried to pull her legs free but was stuck. "Hey what are you doing?!?" She gasped.

"Now comes the 'or worse' part." I said. "I've always loved big sexy sensitive feet and you have such extremely ticklish feet. I can't pass up the opportunity to TICKLE YOUR FEET."

"No! You can't do this!" Samm started to get angry. "I'm your BOSS! Let me go now!"

"Nope. You said you would do anything to make me stay. And I'm going to enjoy tickle torturing you after I've had to put up with your bitchy attitude for years."

This really brought out Samm's defiant personality. "Fine you freak! Do your worse, but you probably suck at tickling and will never make me beg." "Besides I'm not really that ticklish" she added smugly.

I grinned wickedly. Seeing this strong willed women put up resistance even when totally helpless was making this even more enjoyable.

"Well we better get started."

Samm knew what was coming next and buried her head in her arms.

I began by drawing circles with my index fingers around her fleshy round heels. The silky black nylon let my fingers easily graze her feet.

Samm bit her lip and desperately tried to ignore the growing teasing sensation on her heels. "Damn this nylon" she thought. "It makes my feet slippery and more sensitive."

Samm tried to protect one foot with the other but there was nothing she could do to cover her heels. "Does Sammie have ticklish feetsies?" I teased.

I could hear Samm giggling into her arms and I was determined to make her really go wild. Between giggles she proclaimed "Don't call me Sammie."

I moved to tickling the base of her heels. I scratched at the nylon material and Samm really reacted. She tried to twist on the couch, but still could not pull her feet free.

"Hahahaha" Samm laughed out loud

I kept scratching at her heels and right below where it meets the arch.

Samm was giggling like crazy now. "Pleeeehhheeeheheheseee heheeheheh I caahahhahahan't hahahahaa"

"Can't what?" I paused my tickling to ask. "Can't stand the tickling Sammie? I thought you said you weren't that ticklish."

"Ok! I'm ticklish. You knew that!" She gasped as she caught her breath.

"And about me not being a good tickler?"

"What, you are not that good. And STOP calling me Sammie!" she added with snarky defiance.

"I'm going to love punishing your naughty soles." I replied.

I then began raking all 10 fingers up and down Samm's long flexing arches.

"Hahahahahah pleasheheheheheheheh sthahahahahahahhahahp" she laughed. "Not my arches, anywhere but there"

"Poor Sammie, the nylons must really make your feet super ticklish".

Samm desperately tried to squirm her long tender soles away from my fingers. But it was useless. No matter how her long toes curled or spread or how fast she covered one foot with the other. There was no escaping for her ticklish nylon clad feet. My fingers danced across her arches as Samm clawed at the cushions of the couch. She franticly tried to escape my torturous touch.

"Hahahahahah stohahahahhaha!!! I can't take it!!! Samm laughed desperately. "Not the arches! Not the arches!! Not the arches!!!!!". She pleaded. "Pleashehehehehehs it tickles hahahahahah it tickles tooooo muchahhahahah!!!"

Her begging was music to my ears. I had been tickling her arches for a good 10 minutes when I gave Samm a break.

Samm sucked down air and brushed the hair from her sweaty face. "My god that tickled so bad" She admitted. "But I'd still have to say you are only a mediocre tickler." She added with a grin.

I couldn't believe it. I was tickling this women senseless but she was still taunting me.

"I guess I have more work to do then" I said before I started attacking the balls of her feet.

I tickled the pressure points at the center of the balls of her feet. Samm renewed her struggles and laughter.

"Hahahahahaha stahahahahhapp it tickles." Samm was losing all control from the constant tickling. "My feet are so ticklish. I can't stand the tickling!!!! Please no more feet!! Please not my feet!!!!!"

Samm's pleas fell on deaf ears. I was going to make this women suffer. "Are you ready to admit I'm the best yet?" I paused to ask.

"Yeah, best at smelling my stinky feet" she teased.

She knew just what to say to make me renew my assault on her soles. "Are your long toes ticklish?" I asked as I started to scratch the base of her toes.

Samm flopped about on the couch and her toes curled to try and protect the sensitive spot at the base of her toes.

Samm pleaded for mercy "not my toes!!! Plehehehesssehehe get out of my toes!!! I cahahahahan't take the toes."

I wormed my fingers between her toes and really made her buck when I scratched the base of her big toes. "Looks like someone has ticklish tootsies" I taunted.

"Nohahahahat thehheheher" she shrieked.

I found her spot. I teased Samm saying I could make her scream just by tickling her fleshy big toes.

Samm reached a new level of hysterical laugher when I loosened the tie from around my leg and lifted her foot toward my mouth and nibbled on her toes.

I tasted the slightly salty nylons as my teeth grazed the curls of her toes. I could barely wait to rip off her nylons and taste her bare toes, but that would come soon enough.

I spent the next fifteen minutes alternating between raking Samm's arches and biting at her toes. When I finally stopped Samm had tears in her eyes. She giggled to herself for the next few minutes and struggled to catch her breath.

Eventually Samm rolled over on her side and propped herself up on an elbow. She brushed her sweaty hair out from her face. And said "Well you keep trying, but you just can't make me admit you are a great tickler."

I was shocked. I had her screaming with hysterical laughter the past 40 minutes and she was still taunting me.

"All that was just warm up. The real fun begins now!"

"Bring it on footboy"

I then pinched the nylon material in the center of one foot and tore the silky material with my hands. I repeated the process on the other foot.

I was greeted with the sight of Samm's big, creamy white, unbearably sensitive, bare soles. I gripped Samm's big toes with one hand, and pulled down her toes making her arches flex across my lap.

I loved seeing her smooth upturned soles completely helpless in my lap. I knew I had to break Samm and I had a few more things to do to her horribly ticklish bare feet.

I grabbed a pen off Samm's desk and used it to stroke up and down her taut arches.

Samm wiggled on the couch and pleaded for me to stop the tickling. She could not stand having her bare feet tickled. "Coochie coo" I teased. "Does Sammie have ticklish feetsies?" I inquired.

"Plehehehehase my bare feehehehet are soo ticklish I'm dyyyyying." She shrieked. "But don't you dare stohahahahpppp" she firmly commanded.

She was loving this. No matter how much I tickled her, Samm was begging for more.

I kept stroking her arches with the pen but released her toes so I could watch Samm's sensitive soles wrinkle under the pen.

Each time she wrinkled her arches it gave me ticklish lines to trace the pen over.

"God that pen is teasing my soles so bad. Can't you scratch them a bit?"

"If that's what you want" I said, as I dug my fingers into the ticklish flesh. Her toes fanned apart then curled giving me a clear view of her sexy black toe nails. Her milky soles were starting to get pink from all the tickling.

Samm's bare feet danced in my lap as she alternated between flexing her arches and wrinkling her soles. I especially loved when she give me her deep delicious wrinkles to assault.

I finally gave her a quick break after scratching at her meaty big toes.

I had been tickling Samm for close to an hour and knew this could not go on much longer. I knew I had to break Samm soon.

I grabbed Samm's purse and looked for the two items I would need to finish her.

I pulled out the bottle of lotion and her wide plastic hairbrush.

I squirted the lotion on to her big feet and began to rub the lotion all over her soles and toes.

"Giving up on tickling me?" Samm asked, almost sounding disappointed.

"Not just yet, wait til you see what the lotion does to your ticklish feet."

When I scratched my fingers across her lotioned arches, Samm screamed and rolled off the couch.

I quickly repositioned so I was on the edge of the couch. Samm was on her belly on the floor, knees bent, ankles pinched between my knees and big helpless insanely ticklish soles still in my lap. I gripped her big toes and began Samm's destruction.

I took the hairbrush and gave Samm's heels a couple quick strokes.

Samm squealed "gohahahahaddd whahahaht is thahahtt?!?"

She then whipped her head back to get a look at the item that would be her downfall. "My brush?!? How does that tickle so bad?!?"

I worked the brush side to side across Samm's squirming wrinkled arches. And then up and down the balls of her feet. Samm LOST HER MIND.

She twisted and bucked but her feet were defenseless in my lap. No amount of toe wiggling or sole scrunching could stop the terrible bristles of the brush.

Samm spasmed and screamed "Oh god yessss!!!!! Ahahahahaha Yes!! You're thahahaha behehehhesssst! The beehehehehst!!! Just stohahahahahppp! Pleeheheeesssssse just stop the tickling! It tickles sooo dahahaahamn much!!!"

I'd finally broke her but I was not done just yet. I haven't given her toes a taste of the brush yet. "Samm I'm glad you've finally admitted it. But now its time for your final lesson. I'm going to brush your toes"

Samm struggled like mad but could not free her feet. "Please I said you're the best, just let me go" she pleaded desperately. "I'll give you a raise, more vacation, just don't use the brush, OK? Anything but the brush."

"I wish I could, but you need to learn you can't keep teasing guys with your feet, you never know who might have a tickle fetish."

And with that I worked the brush into the long stems of Samm's toes.

Samm screamed and burst out in hysterical laughter and begging.
"Gahahahahahddd!!! meheheherrrcyy!! Pleheheheheseee not my toehohohohohohosss!!! Gehehehettt out of my tohohohhohohesss!"

The bristles tormented the curls of her toes. I knew the brush was too much for Samm's hyper sensitive toes, but I wanted to make her suffer. And I really made her cry when I stroked her big toes and firmly raked the balls of her feet.

I made sure to focus on her toes for a good 15 minutes. By the end Samm had lost the strength to struggle and just laid on the floor in a panting giggling mess.

I left the office to get Samm a glass of water and hoped I didn't push things too far.

When I came back, Samm had collected herself and was sitting on the couch.

She looked PISSED. "That was terribly evil of you to tickle my feet like that. I should fire you and call the police" she stated firmly.

But then gave a wicked smile and added "but you know, I was lying when I said you were the best tickler. And when we do this again next week there is NO WAY IN HELL I'll admit it again."

Challenge accepted.

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A very good story - well written!! :goodjob:

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very good story
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Fun story.

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Great story, always great to see a powerful woman refuse to admit shes ticklish and then get proven wrong

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Amazing tale sir. The visual you created about Samms feet is just incredible. Hope you continue to write.

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