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06-28-2015, 06:41 PM
Steve and Natasha had returned form another successful mission; but director Fury wasn't all smiles. Steve has sometimes wondered if the man had had the nerves to those muscles severed, lest he compromise his “bad ass” image.

“Rodgers,” Fury began. “Your the best there is for strategy and tactics but it's starting to look like they found your weak spot.”

Steve knew what he was going to say. He had hesitated and it could have cost not only the mission but their lives.

“Are you telling me that all anyone has to do to kick your red, white and blue ass is make sure that they send women to do the work. If Romanoff hadn't been there I'd be short one avenger, and some important Intel.”

Natasha, for her part was a little annoyed but could be too mad, after all she had seen the exact opposite in a lot of men. And had seen what they would do to a woman without a second thought, What some had tried to do to her. Fortunately that was easier said than done....Most of those men would never hurt anyone, man or woman, ever again.

“I know Nick. You know where.. or, when I come from, you didn't see women soldiers or cops.”

That irked her a little. “Steve, you have me on the team, you can't be too stuck on that idea.”

“That's because I know you're dam good at what you do. Besides, I don't have to hit you.”

“Okay, then, there's our solution.” Fury turned to Natasha. “You to are on special assignment. Romanoff, you and Rodgers are going to spend all of your time sparing. Kick his ass until he's hurting enough to kick yours.”

He then pointed to his office door and said, “Gym, NOW. That's where you two live until you get over your old man hang ups.

They each changed into more appropriate work out clothes and met in the mat room.
Natasha looked at her friend/opponent. Privately she admitted to her self that it wasn't a bad view.

They stepped toward each other. Steve nervously started to speak. “Well, shall we be...”
He was interrupted by Natasha foot in his mid section.

That should be enough to put anyone on the ground, Steve looked barely phased, mostly by the surprise. Glad he's on our side. She thought.

She continued to strike and he continued to block. But that wasn't the point of this, he was supposed to fight back. Steve just wouldn't compromise on his values. To be fair he did always find a way to win anyway but it was dangerous to be hobbled like that.

As they continued it turned into more of a grappling match. She was quick and could get out of his holds. He could power out of hers; but soon they were on the mat, She was on her stomach and he had her pined, with his weight on her hip and legs.

“Looks like I got ya pinned Nat. Ready to yield?'

“Steve this isn't a yield match. It's about you getting used to women enemies.”

Steve seamed to ignore her. “You know even your feet are pretty. You must take good care of them.” he said as he ran a finger from her heel to the ball of her left foot.”
As he did he saw her foot scrunch up. “Good Babinski reflex” he teased her.

“Really funny Steve. Now get up, time for another round.”

Steve wasn't done playing. “Not just yet.” He smirked. “Nat, I need to ask you a question.”

She had a suspicion of what that question would be. “Let me up and I'll answer.”

“I think you'll answer. So Nat, tell me..Are you ticklish?”

She didn't know. She had never played these kind of games when she was little. No tickle fights with friends or a dad or uncle playing tickle monster, but from his “reflex test” she didn't like the way this was going.

“Steve, don't you dare.”

“Let's find out.” he started to scratch lightly at the middle of her arch.
Natasha had her answer. Just what he was doing was maddening. She tried not to laugh but she knew her foot was twitching, telling Steve all he wanted to know.

“This little piggy went to market.” Steve said as he played with her toes.
Small, muffled giggles escaped from the super spy. I cant' believe I'm going to be broken with tickle torture.

Steve started stroking he sole up and down, heel to toes. Nat held her breath trying not to give him the satisfaction of laughing.
He then found a spot at her instep, it was too much. Natasha broke out laughing.


“Sure as soon as you yield.”

“No, I won't”

“Okay, tickle tickle tickle.” Steve said as he went to spider tickles.

The taunting made it worse. She felt his fingers wiggling across her sole, sending unbearable tickling sensations to her. And she could tell he was having fun. He didn't want her to give in too quickly.
She knew a lot about psychology and she knew it that the psychological part of this was as bad as the tickling it's self. The fact that she was pined and he could do anything he wanted.

He continued to play with her feet. Making circles and figure eights, running his fingers between her toes, that drove her mad, and of course spider tickles. All the while teasing her.

“My little partner is ticklish. Coochie Coochie Coo. I've got you.”

“Steeeeve Stop pleeese. This is going too far. I give in. hehehehe STOP IT.”

“Sure, as soon as you yield.”

“Steve HAHAHAHAHA, Doooon't make mehehee do that.”

Now that, Steve thought, is an accomplishment. She was no longer refusing to yield but pleading with him not to make her. He had her now.

“Steeevehehehe, Ihaha'll get you for thehehis. STOP IT.”

“ Tough girl has tender feet.” He bent her leg up, held onto it with one hand and continued running the fingers of the other over her arch. “Ticky, Ticky.

Steve loved the sound of her laugh. At first when they'd met his 1940s values and mannerisms got on her nerves, but the two had grown on each other and, in the course of their banter, he often was able to get a laugh out of her. But nothing like the howls of laughter coming from her now.

She couldn't take it anymore. She was thinking about giving him the yield he wanted just to make this stop. NO, she told herself. You've held up to horrible torture, and that by people who didn't care about you. Steve will never hurt you. Hold out until he's had his fun.

But then he did something she had never anticipated. He took her foot and blew a raspberry into her sole. She went insane, screaming with laughter.

He did stop. Only long enough to get another breath. Then he did it again, this time he had a full lung and could keep it going.

She was no longer squirming she was thrashing around and howling.


Steve was a man of his word and when she yielded he stopped tickling and let go of her foot. He got up, carefully, watching for some payback form her.

She got up, completely out of breath. She hated to admit it but playing like that had kind of been fun. Acting like a couple of kids. More like adolescents maybe, She thought.

“I'm not sure if I should help you after that.”

“Really, well I guess you could send Maria in.

Natasha found that she didn't like that idea. “No, I guess I'll keep working with you. But no more tickle games. Let's get serious about this...and don't you dare tell anyone about my...weak spot.”

He just smiled at her. “Our secret.” he said. “I guess I wouldn't want anyone else to know how easily you can be deFEETed.”

She just shook her head. “Captain, are you a hero or a villain?”

He leaned in and answered. “Which do you want me to be?”