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The Fox and the Feather

~Part 1 ~

“And now, girls, we can begin,” Mark announced with a broad grin. Amy, a petite, adorable, hazel-eyed girl with a lovable laugh sat before him in a plaid miniskirt, secured tightly.

Moments before, Sarah and Jessica had fastened Amy’s feet to the lower rung of the back legs of a stout oak chair in the physics study room while he secured her wrists behind her. Amy giggled the whole time. “You guys are crazy! What are you doing?”

A couple of ties below her knees and some cross-ties behind her sealed Amy in nicely, and the trio stepped back and spent a moment admiring their work.

“So… what are we going to do?” Jessica inquired as Amy instinctively squirmed against her stolid predicament.

The three girls had stayed after class to prepare for their university engineering exam, and when their professor, Mark Hammond, told them that he would show them an experiment that really ‘shows what it’s all about’, the girls leaped at the opportunity. Amy happily volunteered for the experiment, and a handful of neckties were all it took to cement her in.

The legs of the chair croaked as she briskly pulled at the restraints, in a half-hearted attempt to break free. Mark knelt down on the floor behind the chair, looked at Jessica mischievously, grinned, and said in a characteristically academic tone: “We are going to tickle the ever-loving shit out of Amy.”

Amy blinked heavily a couple of times as the words began to register.

A smile of interest crept first into Jessica. “Really?” Mark smiled, his eyes searching hers. She looked intrigued. She liked the idea.
Jessica and Sarah looked at each other quizzically, but their smiles grew bigger on their lips.

“Wait, what?” Amy snapped.

As Mark began slowly removing her shoes, she started taking her predicament seriously. She was helplessly, terribly ticklish, rendered to fits and seizures at a single poke of her tender ribs. She never even let her boyfriends tickler her. She’d kick and fight to the end. She yanked in earnest to free her hands and feet.

“You’re going to WHAT!?”

“We,” he nodded his head slightly towards Jessica and Sarah, “are going to make you laugh and beg helplessly; you will say that you are our tiny tickle toy forever. Then you’re going to repeat it.”

Amy blinked even heavier and looked around incredulously. There was probably no-one in the school but them – it was late at their small, private university and Mark had the keys. After her second shoe came off, Mark began slowly, softly rubbing her foot.

“No, W-wait,” she instantly pleaded, “You can’t! Wh-wh-what are you doing?” She was breathing heavier already.

“Just relax, sweetheart,” He cooed in reply. “Today is a day you’ll never forget.” He continued, in a reassuring, tender tone.

Jessica and Sarah stared, jaws agape, speechless. The three girls had been friends in class since the beginning of the semester. Mark had seen them play-fight a little bit, and he knew both Amy and Jessica were fantastically ticklish. Sarah, the quiet one, usually reminded them to get back to work, but she got a poke every now and then too, and it was clear that they all enjoyed… touching each other in front of him. Or so he liked to think. So it seemed.

It was rather distracting at times for Mark during some of his passionate lectures. If they didn’t always do so well on their classwork, he’d have been more upset by it... at least a little. When they played in class, poking and giggling like curious, playful, charming schoolgirls… it drove him crazy.

Finally, today, the focus of the lesson was Amy and her tender, sweet body. They could play all they wanted.

Mark could finally play with them.

He couldn’t believe this was happening.

As he stroked her stockinged sole, he leaned closer to her long, brown hair. She smelled so fucking good. She always has. The closer he got to her, the more desire inexorably manifested in him, from her… she was fucking adorable. Delicious. She always seemed to brush off her sexuality in the past, with a shy, (blushing?), averted gaze… and sometimes a bubbly giggle.

She found herself suppressing the urge to smile as Mark gently rubbed her foot. She was too shy and too smart – too inaccessible - for most guys. She rarely let them touch her. She had never had her feet carressed like this before. Scared has she was, it felt oddly tantalizing…. A giggle and a gasp escaped her lips. Her heart began to speed… she felt a quickening beginning to stir in her and though it excited her, she found herself embarrassed… blushing… she blushed more as she thought about it. She clamped her eyes shut.

“Aha-Hey! Wait. No - HEYYYAhahahahahahahhahah waitahahahaokokokahahaha” She became a trickle of sweet laughter, immediately bubbling out from her. Mark was gently scraping a single finger up and down her foot. It was musical. Divine. She was instantaneously rendered helpless.

Amy always knew she was incredibly ticklish since she was a little girl, and there was always something exhilarating about it. But never having had more than a quick poke of an assault that she always immediately fought off, she couldn’t believe how much she needed to get out. She couldn’t fucking stand it at all. Mark was only softly stroking a single sole, but she immediately began to plead.

“hahehehahahOKahahahOKOKOKwaitwaitwaitahaahahWAITA haHAhahaOKOKOKOKAHAHAhahahahaha~” she spouted on as he gently stroked her sole.

The girls had walked around to get a better view of the event. Mark was gingerly tickling a single foot, first with one, then five, and then ten eager fingers. He started to move more briskly around, paying attention to every surface of her foot as Amy’s laughter intensified.

“Com-COME ONahahahahahah! You can’t do this to meheheheHEHEHAHAHAHAHAH waitwaitwaitwaitWAITahahahahhahah” she blurted, between sweet peals of laughter.

She bucked and tugged at her arms and legs as Mark prodded and scratched with more vigor.

Eager to get in on the fun, both Jessica and Sarah had begun to approach the squirming victim with flanking, eager, wriggling fingers, but Mark gestured for them to wait, and instead he gave Amy a moment to breathe.

Amy was panting a bit with a weak half-smile still lingering on her face. She couldn’t account for the feelings she was having. It was madness. Entirely crazy. She had no choice but to struggle. She had to get out. Yet she felt so alive… buzzing with energy… almost as eager to feel what was next as she was to be free of this insane torment.

“Ok, so.. we’re done, right? OK. You got me,” Amy flashed a sheepish smile over her shoulder to her captors.

Sarah turned to Mark quizzically, “Is that it?”

Mark glanced at Jessica, and found her gaze lingering on Amy. Lapping her up, it seemed. She was too busy struggling and recovering to notice. Mark chuckled and broke into a broad, child-like grin.

“Hell no. Watch this. Girls, get the left foot together while I get the right. Have fun. Trust me - she likes it.”

Amy’s eyes widened as her feet were pounced upon by twenty eager fingers. She opened her mouth to protest, but was she was swept over with sweet laughter.

“PLEASHEHEHWAITHEHEHEHAHAAHAHNONOnonoNOHAHAHWAITAH ahahaAHOKOKOKOKOKAHAHAHAHAHAHahahhahHAHAHHAHAHAHAH fuckingWAIT STAHhahahapahahahah pleasehehehehehehehehehehhahahah~” she cackled on and on. She was in fits. She squirmed and pleaded and demanded while peals of laughter rushed into the air. Thrashing and bucking, she giggled and tugged at her bonds intensely.

Her foot felt so soft and supple under Mark’s fingers. Her little white ankle socks with tiny red roses. He leaned closer and noticed faintest, sweetest odor clinging to them. He wanted those toes in his mouth.

He quickly pulled off her sock. She tried in vain to grab it with her toes but only saved herself a second or two. He stroked her soft, sweet, naked soles.

“FUCKAHAHAHhahhahahaOKOKOKOKAHAHahahaahahahpleasew aitahhahahaWAITahhahhaHHAHA I CAN'TAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAApleasepleasePLEASEHEHeheh hahah!”

Jessica followed suit, and her helpless feet, bouncing frantically, had all their attention.

His tickling apprentices were enjoying themselves, and really getting into the act. He wasn’t sure how much more Amy could take. He had never tickled someone so much before. She was gasping hard for air. He was worried she’d hurt herself pulling so hard on the ties.

“OKOKOKOKOKAHAHAHAAhehehehahahahahahAHHAHcomeonguy shahahahahahahahaWHYMEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA whyplease plehehehhehease letmeGO hohohoahahahahahahahahahhaha~”

They stroked and poked and spidered her bare soles for another moment before he told the girls to stop to let her breathe.

“Now, just hold her foot but don’t tickle it.”

Amy continued to giggle as her feet were embraced. “Just stroke. Rub. Appreciate. Move up slowly to her knees. Don’t forget how much she likes it.”
Amy bit her lip as tiny, forced giggles continued to erupt.

“Guys, this… I… can’t…ahhhhh…” Amy exhaled audibly. She was a fountain of feeling. She wanted more. She couldn’t believe what this was doing to her. It was fucking crazy. Her cheeks were flushing red, and this faint, burning tingle was building up inside her, between her legs. The trio rubbed their way around her tiny feet, and began slowly moving up to her ankles and calves, stroking and ever so lightly began spidering in tandem with their 30 fingers, the girls taking the lead of Mark.

Amy was in a trance. Entrenched in soft laughs and bathed in this exhilarating sensory bath, she giggled, moaned, and continued to gently tug at her bonds.

“mmmmahahaahhAAHHHHAH Uhmmm aahhhh.. this is… AHHHHHaahahahahahahahhhh whatahhhhh~” Amy groaned, giggling continually as they worked their way up her soft calves to her knees, pushing back the hem of her skirt. Mark stroked her calves and the girls followed suit. Her skin was… indescribably soft. He wanted to take a bite out of it, and nibble his way up towards her love.

Patience, he reminded himself.

He slowly stroked up and down her calf as he moved to her side to get a better look at her… he had never felt co close to Amy before, and he wanted to savor every drop of it.

Right as he looked up at her, his hand beginning to close around her supple, warm, just barely quivering thigh, she looked up at him, her eyes wide and tender with beauty, and that briefest second became the tiniest eternity, where there was nothing but happiness and love. Nothing but him caressing her and her loving it.

Through prodding and planning and great care, he was setting her love free. Now, this sweet little girl was becoming a voracious, passionate animal. It was indescribably sexy.

He was so in love with this tender creature. This tiny, bubbly, adorable volcano of sweetness, gasping and moaning in tandem with his probing ministrations. He had never seen eyes so sweet in his life – he had not seen an expression on anyone’s face that so drew him in before.

The pause continued, and his hand, now wedging closer to her, but still slowly… slowly…. was met with an almost imperceptible thrust of her hips towards the feel and the promise of his grasp. Her lips parted slightly as she gave herself over to their caresses. His broad hands lingered on her knees, looking keenly at the sweet distress manifesting on her face as she clamped her eyes shut and struggled again in response to the tiniest grab of her knees. They all broke out in smiles, even broader.

Amy tossed her hair with a flick of her head, and pulled against her bonds to bring her body closer to his hand. She burned to feel his touch move up more.

He wanted her right now. And she wanted him.

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This is my first foray into fiction. Comments are welcome :bounce:

Should I keep the story going?

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Awesome story

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This is my first foray into fiction. Comments are welcome :bounce:

Should I keep the story going?

Are you kidding? Please continue. This is a great read!

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Thanks, all. Finale en route.... :boogie: