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06-29-2015, 01:07 AM
About an hour ago Richard was enjoying his solitude relaxing in his Echo Park apartment while his girlfriend was out partying with her sisters until her little Boston terrier Scottie started harassing him to take him for a walk even though it was midnight so Richard caved in and took the little dog for a stroll but unfortunately it decided to take a shit on Johnny's lawn. A 38 year old Mexican gangster recently out of prison and when Johnny tried to get Richard to pick it up he decided he wasn't going to be intimidated by the cholo and refused which led to his current position. One in the morning in Johnny's garage with his hands tied behind his back with Scottie's leash laying face down and his upper body completely wrapped in duct tape to Johnny's weight lifting bench while his ankles are duct taped together and the damn dog licks the maple syrup Johnny smeared all over his bare feet and Johnny just sits there enjoying the show watching Richard squirm uncontrollably laughing hysterically into the duct tape gagging his mouth shut.

"This is better than television." Johnny says as Richard keeps wiggling his feet attempting to avoid the dog's tongue with out success. By now Richard is bathed in sweat and his usual neat hair is a disheveled mess and in the process of squirming his cell phone falls out of his pocket. Johnny kindly picks it up just as the sweat dripping from Richard's face wears the adhesive off the piece of tape covering his mouth allowing him to speak as he laughs exhaustedly "please, please, stop, stop, that's enough." Johnny nods. "Okay doggie stop for now. Good job" Johnny pulls Scottie away finally giving Richard a breather and yanks the loose duct tape hanging from his mouth. "Thank you." Johnny looks at Richard's iPhone. "It says you have a text message from Katie. Your girlfriend I assume. She says,'Hey honey, I'm going to spend the night at my sister's. Please take care of Scottie, I'll see you tomorrow. Love you. Good night." Johnny grins wickedly. "Good night for sure. Now you really have no where to be but here." The idea sends shivers down Richard's spine, he takes a deep breath. "Come on, man. Let me go now." Johnny literally lol's. "I don't think so. I'll reply to your girlfriend though. Make sure and let her know you're taking good care of Scottie. What's the code to unlock your phone?" Richard doesn't say anything. "Really?" Johnny asks as he bends down by Richard's head and starts to lightly tickle the back of his neck causing Richard to burst out into giggles again. "It's 5-2-6-1!!!" Richard yells out to Johnny's satisfaction. Johnny unlocks Richard's phone and starts texting Katie and reading what he's typing out loud, "Okay, honey. I love you too. Have a goodnight and don't worry about Scottie. I'll take really good care of him. Send" Johnny punctuates it with a smile. "Looks like you're all mine." Richard's starts to struggle again with renewed vigor but once again he just succeeds in getting himself tired after a few seconds. "Come on, man! Untie me right now and we'll forget this ever happened." Johnny shakes his head, "I don't want to forget this. It's the most fun I've had in a while. In fact let's take some steps towards remembering this." Johnny takes a step back and takes a few pictures of Richard using his phone. "Come on don't do that." Richard whines. "Lift your head up a little bit." Johnny commands and Richard ignores so Johnny calmly walks up behind Richard and pulls his basketball shorts down exposing his tight grey Calvin Klein boxer briefs "What the fuck are you doing?!" Richard yells. "Teaching you to behave. When I say to do something you just do it or there's a price to pay." Johnny instructs as he snaps some pictures of Richard in his underwear before moving back to the front. "Lift your head up" Johnny repeats. This time Richard does as he says and picks his head up and Johnny takes a few more pictures. "Now smile." Johnny waits, Richard doesn't so Johnny moves back behind Richard who starts struggling again "No! No! Okay I'll smile." But it's too late Johnny pulls down Richard's boxer briefs down to his ankles exposing his white ass. Richard wiggles it around trying to break free but it just makes Johnny laugh and he gives him a hard smack on his bare cheek. "You do what I say as soon as I say it!" Johnny takes some more pics. "Okay I will. Please pull my underwear back up!" Johnny moves back to the front to face Richard "you've lost your underwear privileges but listen good because you could lose a lot more tonight. Now smile for me" Johnny aims the camera at the sight of Richard upper body taped to the bench along with his feet and his bare ass sticking up in the air and he gives the best smile he can fake and Johnny snaps the picture. "Beautiful. See how easy it is when you just do what I say?" Johnny pets the top of Richard's head like a dog "Good boy." Richard is completely humiliated. Scottie just watches from the floor. "I think I'll get your dog something to eat. You want anything?" Richard stays quiet. "I asked you a question." Johnny says menacingly. "I want you to let me go." Johnny goes around to Richard's feet and immediately makes him tense up, Johnny lightly traces little circles with his finger tips over Richard's feet making him shake his head and fight the urge to burst out laughing. "You have no idea how lucky you are right now. Back in the day anybody disrespected me the way you did you think I'd give them a really bad tickling? Hell no. I would've shot you, I would've stabbed you, or maybe just beat the shit out of you. Right now you don't have a scratch on you. Consider yourself lucky, pretty boy." Johnny runs his fingers down Richard's soles one more time making him burst out laughing before going back into the house leaving Richard to catch his breath.

In the kitchen Johnny finishes cutting up some hot dogs for Scottie and put it down on the floor for him and he immediately starts eating it up. Johnny looks to the sink and sees the soap, a sponge, and the brush he uses on his pots and pans. "You can hang out in here, doggie. I'm going to go back and have some fun with your owner in private. Don't pee everywhere."

Johnny walks into the garage to see Richard got his legs free and they're hanging off the side of the bench in a weak attempt to escape since the tape binding his torso to the bench is holding steady with his wrists still bound by the leash. Richard just looks at Johnny holding a small bucket. "Come on, man. That's dumb" Johnny says as he puts down the bucket and walks to Richard and lifts his legs back up on the bench and sits on them facing Richard's feet. Since Richard manage to free his legs Johnny pulls his shorts and boxers off completely and flings them across the room. "What the fuck, dude?!" Richard tries bucking Johnny off but he doesn't budge. Johnny just tickles the back of Richard's knees and sends him into hysterics, then he goes behind him and tickles his thighs and gets the same results "Hahahahahaha please Hahahahahaha stop!!!" But Johnny's just getting started. Johnny keeps it going until Richard starts bucking less and his laugh gets more horse and once he feels Richard's pretty weak he dismounts his legs and gives Richard another hard spank across his bare ass that barely draws any reaction from Richard. "I'm going break your bitch ass down. I know you think your tough but your not. This is you right now." Johnny pulls out Richard's phone and he shows him the pictures he took earlier. Richard sees himself tied down the bench bare ass and smiling. He's ashamed looking at the photo. "Are you tough?" Richard shakes his head. "What are you?" Johnny asks but Richard doesn't know how to answer so Johnny tickles his exposed him causing Richard to jump. "What are you?" Johnny asks again. "A little bitch boy?" Richard replies. "That's right. You're my little bitch boy and I do what I want with my bitch boy." Johnny punctuates it with another slap to Richard's bare ass which is starting to get some color now. Johnny grabs the roll of duct tape and once again tapes Richard's ankles together and this time makes sure to tether them extra tight to the legs of the bench. Johnny picks up his bucket and kneels next to Richard's size elevens. Richard tries to look back and see what Johnny is up to but he's about to explain "I know your feet can't be feeling too good right now all sticky from the syrup and the dog's slobber so I'm going to do you a favor right now and scrub them clean for you" Johnny holds up the scrub and Richard immediately starts to squirm. "No please. Please you don't have to do that." Johnny ignores him and pours some soap over Richard's feet and dips the scrub in some hot water and begins scrubbing the soles of Richard's feet from the heel down to his toes. "Noooooo hahahahahaha!!!" Richard shakes his head from side to side wiggling in his bondage and trying to jerk his feet away but Johnny doesn't miss a beat making sure to go up and down circle back from one foot to the next and every single bristle seems to send electric shocks all the way up Richard's legs to his head and Richard feels like he's choking from laughing so hard and then he's just laughing silently and he's just humping the bench trying to get himself any sort of break, Johnny grins ear to ear and keeps his face inches away from Richard's feet really admiring the way he's making them dance so perfectly. Richard becomes filled with panic as he feels himself lose any sort of control he had over his body as sounds he's never made escape his mouth and his feet feel a tickle torture he's never endured and then he feels a shame he hasn't felt since he was a little kid as he loses control of his bladder and pees himself... the hot liquid puddles underneath him and drips down the bench. Even though Richard is the victim of a horrible tickling he feels completely embarrassed about it. Johnny stops tickling and Richard stops laughing. "Oh fuck." Johnny stands up and grabs Richard's phone and starts taking video "You're going to want to remember this."

To be continued....

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Getting good, aggressive. Feeling some tongue tickling and forced orgasm coming on.

06-29-2015, 01:27 PM
Tie each of his toes back and have the dog lick his feet. That should teach him a lesson.

06-30-2015, 08:23 PM
This is an incredibly hot story. Your writing powers are impressive. You have created real characters who speak like real people. Your total command of power dynamics between two guys is something to admire/ I love the scenario you created and the way the characters are interacting. The humiliation factor is strong and very erotic. I hope you continue.