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My name's Rachel I'm 28 and right now I'm the most embarrassed I've ever been in my life and before the night's over I'll be even more embarrassed. Which is saying something.

My husband, Jason and I are currently at his boss Victor's Pasadena house or mansion... Whatever. The house is huge and makes our one story colonial look like a third world shack. Victor owns a security firm specializing in large events such as concerts and sporting events and it's gone very well for him, obviously. My husband is one of his top security advisors and supervises several of the day to day operations such as preparing venues and training new employees which mostly consist of former police officers or younger people on they're way to becoming police officers. Victor relies heavily on my husband and keeps him pretty busy but just recently my sister had booked a 2 week stay at a high end resort and spa in the Bahamas that she won't be able to go to because a major job opportunity came up and since it was non refundable she offered to give it to me as an early birthday present which I graciously accepted. I was able to get the time off from work but now the hard part was going to be to get Victor to give Jason those 2 weeks off. Jason had only been working for him for less than a year and feels embarrassed asking but I kept pushing him and when he mentioned to Victor that he needed to talk to him about it Victor immediately invited him to come to his home and bring me so they could talk about it over dinner in his backyard. An offer Jason wasn't able to refuse so here we are sitting across from Victor and his wife Felicia and this is where my shame begins.

For starters this is the first time I'm really meeting Victor, I met him once in passing at the office but it was just hi and bye and this is the first time me and Jason are meeting Felicia. Now when Jason said backyard dinner we both thought barbecue, tiki torches, hot dogs. That sort of thing. So I showed up in some small denim shorts, a loose fitting tee shirt, and a pair of beige slip on Vans. Jason came in some cargo shorts, a muscle shirt, and some burgundy boat shoes that I can't stand. So we were pretty casual to say the least and on the other hand Victor is dressed in a designer suit and wing tips while Felicia is wearing what can only be described as an evening gown with some strapless heels. She looks like she just returned from the Oscars. I was mortified. Dinner was indeed set up in the backyard but they have a dining area in the patio that looks like the set up at 5 star restaurant. Like I said, mortified.

The way we dress is just the beginning of how different we are. I'm 28 years old, 5'9, short black hair. Always leaned more toward being a tom boy a direction my small breasts always pushed me in but I'd say since college I've feminized myself a lot more. Not quite like Felicia sitting across from me who's in her late 40's and a total knock out. Long red hair that I think has to be dyed, double D's that want to bursts right out of that dress. They have to be fake I think. She's significantly shorter than me about 5'2 but my dad always told me I was all arms and legs so I look pretty lanky compared to most girls. Victor is in his early 50's but he's aging well. He's about my height 5'8, 170 pounds, so he looks very thin and nerdy with a pair of trendy prescription glasses and my husband Jason is the polar opposite of him physically. He's 31 years old, about 6'4, 250 pounds of mostly muscle, former starting tight end for his college football team and he's never gone through a period in his life where he wasn't working out. My sisters joke with me that they don't know how we have sex with out him breaking me in half but that's a story for a different time. The physical differences between us and them is just the beginning. Not to be mean but these people are snobs, if I had spoken to them before today I would've immediately known that these aren't barbecue kind of people. Luckily they're personal servant Maria kept bringing one dish after another because the conversation was lacking so Jason and I just ate whatever they put in front of us and drank a few glasses of wine. Not enough to make this dinner experience any more enjoyable and now that we were done eating there was just awkward silence. "That was a delicious meal, Felicia." I said just trying to break the silence, Felicia just chuckles. "Oh I didn't make it." No shit I thought. "Well my compliments to the chef." I offered politely. "So would you two like a tour of the grounds to help settle all this food?" Victor asked. Me and Jason look at each other "Sure" Jason responds. Victor stands up "you coming, honey?" He asks Felicia. "I'm just going to head inside and rest for a while but it was lovely meeting you both." She lied. "Likewise" I retort "Maybe we can do it again sometime" and I upped the bullshit ante.

Victor walks us through what I guess you can call a backyard. It's like a golf course. A pool with a built in waterfall that cascades water down into the deep end. "That's beautiful" I say. "Thank you. Next time you two have to come and take a dip." Victor offers, as awesome as that would be I think I'd politely decline. Next Victor takes us all the way to the back to where he has four garages which each contains an amazing luxury vehicle except for one of them and that's where Victor leads us. The only thing inside is a pair of wooden stocks bolted to the ground that I recognize right away from all the times my dad took me and my sisters to the renaissance fair when we were kids. Except the ones there were just made of cardboard and just used as a prop to take pictures with. These ones were legit. They seemed to be made from a heavy wood with a bench attached behind it and eight perfect circular holes cut out in front of it and heavy metal locks on the side. Of course I was curious what these were doing in here. "This is what I wanted to show you." Victor walks over to it. "What is it?" asks Jason. "Stocks. I was wondering if after what happened last year at that rave we might be able to use them." Victor says excitedly. "What happened at the rave?" I ask. "Well there was some teens who were all drugged out and going out of control so we had to handcuff them to a fence and they were so high they started ramming themselves into it. They suffered some injuries." Jason explains to me. "Yeah and then they tried to sue us. Luckily they didn't succeed but I thought maybe if anything like that happens again we can put them in some of these. It keeps them in place and it keeps them from hurting themselves." Victor says as he admires the device. Jason looks skeptical "I'm not sure how practical these would be or if putting people in these would even be legal." Victor shrugs, "this is just a prototype I had a friend make. If they're affective we can update it and before we can clear it with the legal department we have to make sure they would even work first." Victor looks at me and Jason "you two want to test them out? The foam around the holes should fit whatever size your wrist and ankles and hold you in place." Victor says nonchalantly.

In my head I quickly say 'Hell no' but before I can get my mouth to decline politely I hear Jason say, "sure we'll give it a try."

Victor immediately starts unlatching the top part of the stocks and I'm shooting daggers with my eyes at Jason until he notices, "it'll be fun and I'll ask him about the vacation right now" he whispers. At this point I'm sure I don't need to mention that I didn't marry Jason for his brains, right? "You go ahead, honey. I'll just watch" I say very loudly. Victor opens up the top part of the stocks so there's 8 perfect half cylinder holes for people to place their limbs. "Oh no you go ahead and get in too. It'll be good to test it out with two different body types, especially a young slender woman like yourself. You'd be doing me a favor." I think it over quickly. Jason is already taking a seat on the wooden bench and he's looking at me like 'Come on'. "Okay, really quick." I say as I sit next to Jason. "All right both of you just put your wrists and ankles in the slots please." Jason and I do as he asks and I already feel ridiculous as I hunch forward and place my hands and feet into the openings in front of me and Jason does the same. Victor lowers the upper half of the stocks and sure enough our wrists and ankles get enveloped by a sturdy solid foam that molds around our limbs making us being locked in somewhat comfortable. Victor locks the stocks in place with a heavy looking bolt and lock and then steps back to have a look and how silly we must appear because he immediately giggles. Here's Jason this huge guy and me stuck with our hands and feet in front of us side by side. And I already felt like a peasant before with what I was wearing I certainly feel like one now.

"How is it?" Victor inquires. Me and Jason try to pull free or even move. "Not too bad." Jason says. "They definitely work. I can't move" I add. All I can do is slightly wave my hands and wiggle my beige Vans in front of me and Jason who looks even more hunched over than me because he's so much taller seems even more restricted in his movement as he shuffles around in his seat. "I can't even really get any leverage to try and break free. It's very secure." Jason explains and I can't help but grin. I'm so use to seeing him always being such an alpha male and to see him so helpless gives me a weird satisfaction. He notices me smiling, "I don't see you breaking free, Houdini" I laugh, I see Victor notice. "First time I've heard you laugh, Rachel. It's beautiful." He comments. That's a strange thing to say right now I think. "Thank you. So you ready to let us out now?" I say feeling antsy. I've never really been restrained before, once Jason handcuffed me to the headboard for like a minute but that was nothing compared to this. "I want you two too really thrash around first. See if you'd be able to break free or hurt yourselves." Jason and I look at one another not sure how to do that. He attempts to really shake free but gets the same results and I twist around a bit more but no we are definitely stuck. "I'm pretty sure we can't do anything but sit here." I say to Victor who just stands there looking at us. "I think I have an idea to really give this a test run." Victor walks over to some cabinets on the wall and opens it up. Jason clears his throat and says "As long as we're hanging around here there was a favor I really wanted to ask you, Victor." Victor shuffles through the cabinet "go ahead" he keeps his face buried in the cabinet. "Well Rachel and I just got a really cool opportunity to spend 2 weeks in the Bahamas 3 weeks from today and I was wondering if maybe you could give them to me off?" Jason asks. "We would really appreciate it." I chime in. Victor turns back to face us and he has two paint brushes in his hand and walks back toward us. "Three weeks from today? But we have that big event at the Rose Bowl a month from now" he tells Jason. "I know and I think I could get the guys ready before then and map out the whole plan before I leave." Victor thinks about it. "I'll tell you what. I will really consider saying yes if you really help me test these things out." Jason and I both look a little confused. "Aren't we really testing them out right now?" I ask. We're definitely stuck in this damn contraption. "We'll really test it."

Before I can ask what that means Victor flicks off my right shoe and then my left exposing my size 9 bare feet that I've always been self conscious about being kind of big so I'm immediately uncomfortable "Whoa. What are you doing?" Victor doesn't answer me he just goes to Jason and removes his ugly boat shoes exposing his big size 15 bare feet. "Hey boss what the hell?" Jason asks nervously. "Just like I said, really having you two test these stocks out." With a brush in each hand Victor simultaneously traces them down my right sole and down Jason's left sole getting immediate herky jerky reactions from both of us. "Hey Victor, what are you doing?" Jason asks with some anger creeping into his voice. "Just seeing how much these stocks can really hold you." Victor says as he traces the bristles down our bare feet again making me convulse and fight the urge to scream. "We already told you we can't move, you don't have to do that." I say notably annoyed. "Yeah but let me give you some motivation. Like I said we'll be putting people in here all drugged out at raves that'll really be thrashing around so let's try and get you two doing the same thing." This time Victor begins a full fledged attack on our soles brushing up and down and my ability to contain myself goes out the window and I start laughing hysterically as the brush sliding up and down my sole rapidly drives me insane and I do my best to move and twist but I can't avoid the brush and I can see it having the same effect on Jason as he giggles like a school girl trying to arch himself away with out success. The stocks hold us as we try with all our might too break free but all we can do is make the wooden device rattle and the lock bounce up and down. Victor grins ear to ear watching us squirm and become reduced to a couple of trapped hyenas and both our uncontrollable laughs form a chorus that Victor conducts like a symphony with those fucking brushes. I'm so busy shaking my head I barely bother to look at Jason but I'm shocked to see such a strong man broken down to a limp noodle with tickling. I had no idea he was so ticklish and the way he's turning red from laughing so hard I wonder if even he knew. Victor finally stops his assault leaving me and Jason gasping for air. "What the fuck?" I yell. "I'm sorry like I said we're just testing them out." Victor says smugly. "We tested them enough Victor. You crossed the line. Let us go right now!" Jason says sternly. Victor smiles at him. "Oh you're a tough guy again? Big bad Jason isn't so tough with a little tickling right?" Victor says as he aims both brushes at both of Jason's exposed soles and that anger he showed just a second ago subsides instantly "Victor please don't. I'm serious. This isn't funny" Jason practically begs. "Then why are you laughing?" Victor attacks the arches of Jason's feet and flicks the brush up to his toes immediately causing Jason to wiggle his feet in panic and "a hahahahahaha hahahahahaha"

I watch helplessly as Victor reduces Jason down to a little laughing bitch with no backbone what so ever as he just hunches over and screams. Victor looks maniacal and mad with power as he overpowers a man so much bigger than him with some simple tools. "Leave him alone you sick fuck!" I yell over Jason's laugher and sure enough I get him to stop leaving Jason sucking wind but Victor turns to me. Fuck... What did I do?

Victor steps directly in front of me and puts the brushes down. I muster some bravery while Jason still recovers "you had your fun now let us go. This is against the law now. It's kidnapping. You can get in trouble" Victor points to a surveillance camera hanging in the corner. "I think that shows I didn't force you into doing anything." Damn, he has me there. "Please just let us go now. We've had enough. These stupid stocks work." Victor wiggles his finger tips toward my soles and my bravery starts to fade "please. No. I'm begging you don't." I look to Jason but his head is still hanging down clearly exhausted. I see Victor grinning as his fingers inch closer "please don't" I wiggle my hands frantically which are just inches away from my feet but I can't quite reach to cover them. There's no protecting my soles as Victor runs his fingers down my arches and again I react like I've been hit by lightening and burst out into laughter "hahahahahahahahaha stop ahahahagahahahaha please!!!! Ahahahagahahahaha" I scream at the top of my lungs but as big as this place is I doubt anyone will hear me no matter how loud I scream. My laughter gets weak and all I can do is giggle as Victor continues his attack. I turn to see Jason just watching not even demanding Victor to stop torturing me. After a couple minutes tears start to stream from my eyes and I feel like I'm going insane, Victor shows mercy and finally stops and my dignity leaves me, "thank you, thank you, thank you" I repeat over and over for him just stopping. "You're welcome." He grins and looks to Jason "what about you?" Jason doesn't know how to respond "I'm sorry." He says randomly. Pathetic. "Sorry for what?" Jason doesn't know what to say. "Please don't tickle me anymore. I had enough. Please just stop" Victor's fingers inch toward Jason's soles and his face fills with panic. "Are you asking me or are you telling me?" Jason wiggles his feet, "I'm asking. I'm begging. Please don't." Victor smiles with satisfaction. He walks around behind us and we both try to turn our heads nervously to see what he's doing. "Where else are you ticklish I wonder?" The both of us get very scared. Victor traces his finger underneath Jason's armpit and gets an immediate reaction. "There's one spot." Victor moves down to Jason's ribs and wiggles his fingers over his sides getting even more of a reaction "No sir. Please! Please! Rachel is really ticklish in her belly button and right underneath her breasts" Jason snitches like a punk. "I can't believe you, Jason!" I scream at him. "Is that true, Rachel?" Victor asks as he steps directly behind me and I try twisting my body but there's no where to go as I feel his fingers probe my stomach and I convulse into a series of giggles as he wiggles his fingers up just below my breasts and I howl like you wouldn't believe. Victor stops and I get a breather long enough to shoot Jason a dirty look. "I think Jason is ticklish right between his thighs" I say without a hint of remorse. "Let's find out" Victor walks right to Jason's side and he tried to shrink himself but the stocks keep him exposed as Victor digs his fingers over Jason's cargo shorts right in between his legs and Jason screams bloody murder before dissolving into a high pitched laughter I've never heard from him before and Victor keeps exploring the area for a moment longer before stopping abruptly and Victor has a sinister grin "Oh Jason are you getting turned on by this or is that your cell phone I feel?" I look down to Jason's groin and sure enough I can see he's erect which surprises me. "Fuck you, Victor. It's just because your touching that area. I hate this and I want you to let us go right now." Jason says trying to sound tough again. "Fuck me?" Victor asks as he walks back to the cabinet and pulls out a long pair of scissors. I get scared. "Somebody help us please!" I scream but Victor doesn't seem concerned about my pleas for help as he walk back behind us. "What are you doing with those, Victor?" Jason asks but Victor answers by cutting Jason's muscle tee off with a couple of snips exposing his muscle bound torso which is no help to us at all right now. "What the fuck, Victor? You're going too far. This needs to stop right now." Victor ignores Jason and proceeds to cut off his cargo shorts which takes a little longer, Jason tries to squirm. "Don't move, these are sharp" Victor warns. Jason gets scared and holds still as Victor cuts off the shorts and rips them off Jason's legs leaving him in his white boxer briefs. "I'm going to fuck you up, Victor! I'm going to get out of here and I'm going to beat the shit out of you!" Victor doesn't look the least bit concerned. Instead he just traces his finger up and down Jason's exposed side making him giggle and once again you can see Jason's dick getting hard much to his shame. Victor goes down to his groin with his hand and teases his cock through his underwear "please don't touch that" Jason begs. "Would you rather be tickled?" Victor asks and Jason doesn't answer. Victor keeps playing with Jason's cock and I'm speechless as I hear Jason start moaning and giving in then Victor takes the scissors and cuts Jason's underwear off and throws it in the pile with the rest of his discarded clothes on the floor and Jason is completely butt naked now, hunched over with his limbs secured by the stocks, and his dick fully erect. I'm sure he's never been more vulnerable. Victor turns to me.

"I swear I'll shove those scissors up your-- Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!"

I don't get to finish my sentence as he tickles my exposed thigh and I just break down into a shell of myself. I feel Victor cut my tee shirt off and while I'm still recovering from laughing he snips off my bra and adds it to the pile of clothes on the floor. He uses his free hand to tickle my breasts and even those are more ticklish then I ever knew as I flounder around and erupt into giggles and I don't even have the strength to protest as Victor cuts off my denim shorts and rips them off my body exposing my baby blue cotton panties which get cut off next and now Jason and I are completely nude, broken, and trapped in this bondage device. Victor wiggles his fingers over my shaved groin and I can't help but laugh about that as well. I'm so disappointed in myself and my inability to just stay stone faced and angry. I'm utterly ashamed at being so controlled by this rich nerdy snob who you can just see is enjoying every second of this and just when I couldn't feel any lower I hear "What the fuck is going on here?" I look up to see Felicia standing there in her robe and slippers staring at us naked in the stocks and Victor standing behind us. "Felicia please help us Victor's gone crazy!" She ignores me and turns to Victor "you didn't tell me you were going to do this tonight." She scolds. "I felt an opportunity so I took it." Victor explains.


Felicia walks up and admires our bodies and grins at our position. She traces her fingers down my soles and then Jason's and we both comply with more laughter. "That's better then we could have hoped" she says excitedly. "I see I'm over dressed" Felicia drops her robe to reveal she's completely naked and that those double D's are either completely natural or the best plastic surgery money can buy because they're perfectly perky and for the first time in a while I see Jason look alive as he ogles her rack and her trimmed vagina and I'm surprised again to see she's a natural red head. She brings her mouth close to my feet. "What beautiful slender big feet you have" she runs her tongue over my soles up to my toes and inserts them into her mouth. This is the first time anyone has put their mouth on my feet and while it tickles I never knew it could feel so good too and my nipples get hard and now I know the shame Jason just experienced with his body betraying him "please don't do that" I whisper but she goes from one foot to the next and I start to moan as I giggle from feeling her wet tongue trace circles beneath my toes and now I've reached a new low. A foot tickle slave to this rich yuppie couple. I can only hope this torture ends soon. "We're going to have a lot of fun with these two all night" Felicia says to Victor.


To be continued

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Holy shit... great story, can't wait for more!

06-29-2015, 05:23 PM
Damn, angel! This story is even hotter than the last! Great job and looking forward to a part two of this tale too!

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I love these types of stories, shame you hardly see much couple tickle torture :thumbsup:

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Thank you

06-29-2015, 07:25 PM
I love these types of stories, shame you hardly see much couple tickle torture :thumbsup:

Very true. Or videos featuring couples tickled together either. Hopefully I can write some more stories featuring couples tickled together to fill the void.

06-29-2015, 07:26 PM
Damn, angel! This story is even hotter than the last! Great job and looking forward to a part two of this tale too!

Ha. Thank you. Appreciate it.

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Awesome start!

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Ha. Thank you. Appreciate it.

Love couples getting tickled or couples tickling together mf/mf, mf/m etc

06-29-2015, 08:48 PM
I, in my most honest assessment, self identify as ragingly heterosexual. That said, the thought of being reduced in such a manner in front of my wife is sooooooooo hot. Don't know why. Pretty primal......

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Oops forgot........unbelievably great story......thanks....

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I, in my most honest assessment, self identify as ragingly heterosexual. That said, the thought of being reduced in such a manner in front of my wife is sooooooooo hot. Don't know why. Pretty primal......

Yeah I'm the same way and the idea of tickle torturing a guy in front of his wife/girlfriend also appeals to me.

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Love couples getting tickled or couples tickling together mf/mf, mf/m etc

Me too. I wish there was more videos featuring that sort of thing but I rarely if ever see them so I'll keep writing stories like this.

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Great start, you should write a part 2.

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loved this one....

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This was nicely done. Well written and structured, and a fresh take on an oft neglected aspect of tickling. Enjoyable.


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Oh God YES! More please and be quick about it :laughhard:

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This was nicely done. Well written and structured, and a fresh take on an oft neglected aspect of tickling. Enjoyable.


Thank you very much and it definitely is. I hope after I finish this story I can write up a few more ideas I have featuring couples being tickled together.

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Well, that was pretty damn hot. From the trapped scenarios to the tortured descriptions, this one had it all, and it's only part 1!

Can't wait for part 2.

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Great story. I can't wait for part 2.

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Utterly wonderful. Sadistic and cruel... one of the best stories I've read.

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Super hot!!!!

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And I’m absolutely blown away by how many people ended up reading this story and still write me about it. That’s awesome. Sorry again about how I formatted it with long paragraphs but I was still getting the hang of posting on here.

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Canít wait for part II!

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OUTSTANDING STORY, please do more