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06-30-2015, 12:47 PM
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I should start out by saying that this is NOT a request, I don’t do those.

This is a story involving Vitamita’s OC Randi, who looks like this;

I read some of the stories he has requested, and I couldn’t resist not making a story about her.

So without further adieu, Randi’s Ticklish Payment!

After a long night out with her husband, Randi opened the door to her apartment, where she greeted and hugged her two young kids.

For being out for a night on the town, she wasn’t really dressed for it, she was wearing a thin white tank top covering up her white bra, holding back her massive, natural 32F breasts and yoga shorts that outlined her firm rear and white panties.

“Hey honey,” Randi asked her husband, “you mind tucking them into bed while I pay the babysitter?”

“Sure!” Her husband said, before they kissed and her husband went upstairs to tuck the kids in.

“Ms. Fisher?” Randi asked, peaking her head around the corner to see Ms. Fisher resting on their blue couch.

Ms. Fisher was in thin, petite woman in her late 70s. Her short pixie cut hair was still as black as it was from her youth, though the rest of her didn’t age well. She had wrinkles covering her face and body, white teeth only slightly crooked, and ocean blue eyes. She had long, manicured nails on her liver-spotted hands. Ms. Fisher was wearing a much less exposing outfit than Randi, a long blue sweater, black reading glasses, and khaki pants.

“Yes, Randi?” Ms. Fisher asked, getting up from the couch.

“How were the kids?” Randi asked, reaching into her purse to pay her.

“Oh, they were just angles, not a single fight or tear.” Ms. Fisher said, almost dreamily.

“Oh, you’re a miracle worker.” Randi smiled at her, still digging through her purse, not able to
find any money. Then Randi felt a sinking feeling in her stomach. She had spent all her money when she was out, completely forgetting about the babysitter.

Randi wouldn’t get her paycheck until the end of the week.

“Are you alright?” Ms. Fisher asked, seeing the concerned look on Randi’s face.

“Uh… yeah!” Randi lied “You mind if we go to your apartment real quick?” Randi asked, in case this
turned into an argument she didn’t want her kids to hear.

“Sure.” Ms. Fisher said, a little confused as she walked out of Randi’s apartment as Randi followed.

They walked to the end of the hall until Ms. Fisher pulled out a key and stuck it into the key-slot of the room on the end.

She opened the door and Randi followed her in.

The apartment seemed like a time machine back to the fifties. Her apparent smelled of cheap perfume and wet wood, she had wallpaper that was chipping away with repeating patterns of red, brown, black, and yellow flowers. There was an old bookshelf covered in thick novels and religious text. The floor was dark hard wood and large carpet in the middle, with a big blue arm chair and two large leather benches on opposite sides of the room.

Randi looked around for any sign of technology, but only saw a black rotary phone sitting on a small table next to the bookshelf.

“You have a very… nice place.” Randi said, looking for something nice to say.

“Thank you dear.” Ms. Fisher said, closing the door. “Now why did you want to talk to me in my apartment?”

Randi slowly turned around. “Look, Ms. Fisher, I am so sorry, but I can’t pay you.”

Ms. Fisher sighed, “Why?”

“I spent all of my money on my night out, I completely forgot, I am so sorry.”

“Randi, I need that money to help pay my rent.” Ms. Fisher replied, clearly upset, “I’m barley getting by as it is.”

“Look, I’m REALLY sorry.” Randi repeated, “I’m getting my check at the end of the week, and then I promise I’ll pay you.”

Ms. Fisher was still sad. “Randi, I can’t help but feel like you’re taking advantage of a poor old lady.”

“No, I would never.” Randi said, feeling very guilty, “Look, if you need ANYTHING done this week, I’ll do it for you.”

Ms. Fisher had a lightbulb moment, and instantly cheered up. “Actually, there IS something you can do for me right now!”

Randi felt relieved, knowing she could make up for what she had done. “Amazing! What is it?” Randi asked excitedly.

“Remove your shirt and shorts, please.” Ms. Fisher said calmly.

“Ex… Excuse me?” Randi asked, thinking she had heard it wrong.

“You know, to your bra and undies.” Ms. Fisher replied, acting as if there was nothing wrong with
what she was asking.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not going to do that.” Randi said, putting her foot down.

“What? Why?” Ms. Fisher asked, the happiness leaving her face.

“Because… you know,” Randi said, covering her cleavage, noticing Ms. Fisher’s eyes go south, “these
are mine.”

“Come on, please?” Ms. Fisher begged, look very disappointed.

“No.” Randi said in a stern tone, picking up her bag.

“Oh…. Okay… I see.” Ms. Fisher said, looking like she was about to cry.

“Please don’t give me that face.” Randi said, not wanting to feel bad.

“No, no, it’s alright, I understand.” Ms. Fisher said, going to sit down in the arm chair.

“It’s just ever since my husband passed I’ve been so lonely, and your beautiful young body remind me of when I was with him and young, I miss those days.”

“Fine.” Randi said, taking off her black ugg boots. “But this is between us and only us.” Randi said, trying to sound intimidating.

“Oh of course!” Ms. Fisher smiled, hoping out of her seat, jumping up and down and clapping her hands.

Randi grabbed the bottom of her tank top, she let out a big sigh and removed her shirt, her breasts bouncing in her bra as the tank top was taken out from underneath them.

“Oh wow, you’re so beautiful!” Ms. Fisher said happily.

“Thanks…” Randi said weakly, forcing herself to take the compliment. “Happy?” She sighed, tossing the tanktop aside.

“Ah ah ah, your cute little shorts too.” Ms. Fisher said, waving her finger and pointing to Randi’s crotch.

Randi sighed again and pulled down her tight yoga shorts.

Randi’s golden skin stood out in the dark, damp apartment.

Ms. Fisher began to walk towards the tall exposed blonde, whose arms where crossed.

“Arms by your sides, please.” Ms. Fisher asked kindly, in which Randi followed her instructions.

“Mmmm,” Ms. Fisher said, dragging two fingers down Randi’s arm. “such soft, beautiful skin.”

Randi wanted her to stop touching her, but did not want to get into another guilt fight with Ms. Fisher.

“When I was your age I was beautiful, but not as beautiful as you.” Ms. Fisher said, lightly pinching Randi’s butt, causing Randi to jump.


Ms. Fisher giggled, “I’m sorry dear, I couldn’t help myself.”

“It’s fine.” Randi lied, not wanting to hurt the old woman’s feelings.

Ms. Fisher began to drag her finger tips up Randi’s belly, causing her belly to shiver and tremble. Randi held in her laughs, but she wasn’t folding Ms. Fisher.

“Oh dear, are you ticklish?” Ms. Fisher asked, secretly smiling.

“Just…. Just a li-little.” Randi said, doing her best to hold in her laughter.

“I’ll get back to that later.” Ms. Fisher smiled, chuckled, continuing her way up Randi’s body until she reached Randi’s chest.

“Don’t you dare.” Randi thought.

“Ohohohoho my Goodness!” Ms. Fisher laughed, poking Randi’s underboob, making Randi want to scream and her breasts jiggled and wobbled.

“They’re so big, how this possible?” Ms. Fisher said curiously, her fingers circling around Randi’s busty mounds.

“Please tell me your secret, are they real?” Ms. Fisher asked, firmly grasping the in her hands and squeezing.

“OKAY!” Randi said, pulling away and covering her cleavage, stepping back and turning around so she could face Ms. Fisher.

“What? Did I hurt you?” Ms. Fisher asked, looking very concerned.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t pay you tonight Ms. Fisher, but this is making me VERY uncomfortable!” Randi grabbed her pants, getting ready to put them on and leave.

“I’ll pay you by the end of the week, but I can’t keep letting you touch me like thIHIHIHIHIHIHIS!”
Before Randi could pull up her yoga short, she felt ten bony fingers dig into her sides, poking and prodding her ticklish flesh.

“I never said I was done with you, pumpkin.” Ms. Fisher smiled, continuing her ticklish assault upon Randi’s poor belly.

“GEHEHEHEHEHHET OHOHHOHOFF!” Randi squealed, so ticklish she could barely run, she tied to turn around and swing at the old hag, but MS. Fisher somehow dodged it, going behind Randi and wrapping her left arm around Randi’s hips, digging her right index finger into Randi’s navel, wiggling it around.

“NOHOHHOHOHOHOHO!” Randi slowly fell onto her knees with the ticklish sensation running through her body.

Little did Randi know, she was going to direction Ms. Fisher wanted her to go.

Ms. Fisher switched it up, digging her nails into Randi’s armpits, making Randi squirm her body towards the couch.

Ms. Fisher too this time to pull out leather cuffs from under the blue arm chair, she clapped them to Randi’s wrists, which she then, seemingly fast as light chained Randi’s arms up to the leg of the leather benches.

Randi was in a position with her arms outstretched and slightly tilted up, revealing her smooth, hairless, ticklish, tan hollows.

Randi kicked violently with her free legs. “LET ME GO YOU HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAG!”

Ms. Fisher had mounted Randi’s thighs and began tickling Randi’s belly, her fingers kneading Randi’s sides and her thumbs dug in and shook around inside Randi’s lower belly.

Randi’s back arched into the air and screamed with laughter. “STOHOHOHOHHOP IHIHIHIHHIT!”

“Now, now dear, begging isn’t going to get you anywhere in life.”


“Oh, and you love it, don’t you?” Ms. Fisher smiled, digging her finger into Randi’s navel and twisting it.

“IHIHIHIHIIHIHIIHIHIIHIT’S TOHOHOHORTUHUHUHURE!” Randi screamed, her back arching in the air as her body squirmed, trying to escape her ticklish hell.

“You have such a cute tummy button!”

“STOHOHOHHOHOP IHIHHIT!” Randi screamed, tossing her head back.

“What’s the matter? Ticklwish wittle Wandi doesn’t wike her tummy wummy tickled?” Ms. Fisher cooed, similar on how she would tease her tickling granddaughter.

“Such a ticklish tummy, isn’t it?” Ms. Fisher cooed, her fingers spider tickling around Randi’s navel, causing her to sucks in and tremble. “So soft and tender, absolute perfection.”

“PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHASE!” Randi squealed, her massive breasts jiggling with laughter.


“Oh? Then what would you call this?” Ms. Fisher asked, rapidly squeezing Randi’s ticklish sides.
Randi’s belly rippled and shook at this feeling.

“OHOHOHHOHOHOHHOHOHOHOHHOO!” Randi howled, releasing a good old’ fashioned belly laugh.

“It’s been so long since I’ve tickled a beauty like you, usually I have to hire girls online, but you I get to do it for free.” Ms. Fisher winked, revealing her dark secret.


“I never said you were,” Ms. Fisher smiled, circling her index finger around Randi’s navel, giving her a break from the tickling, but still letting Randi know who was the boss in that situation.

“You’re my tickle toy.”

“Plehehehease!” Randi begged, panting, looking at her trembling stomach being lightly tickled by this old woman, though it was hard to see past her breasts. “Myihihhihihiy kihihhids nehehehehehheed mehehehehe!”

“Your little angels can wait.” Ms. Fisher smile, “And besides, I’m almost done.”

“R-really?” Randi said with relief. “KAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHHHAAAA!” A loud unexpected laugh pierced her lips as Ms. Fisher blew into her belly.

“PPPFFFFFHHHHTTTTT! I lied.” Ms. Fisher said, winking, making Randi feel somehow more uncomfortable than she already was.

“What? What was THAHAAHAHHAHHAHAHAT?” Randi was cut off again.

“PPPPPPFFFFFFHHHHHTTTTT!! Just a little raspberry for your perfect little tummy.” Ms. Fisher smiled, before laying a few more.


Randi’s soft stomach vibrated and squirmed with each one, gradually getting more and more violent of a reaction.

“QUHUHUHHUIT IHIHIIT!” Randi cried, her belly dripping with this elderly woman’s spit.

Ms. Fisher only stuck her finger into Randi’s navel, pushing it up and down. “Drill baby, drill!” Ms. Fisher laughed.


Ms. Fisher blew another raspberry, “PPPPPPPFFFFFFFHHHHHHHHTTTTTTT!!!!” before she used her fingers like little jackhammers, poking and prodding up and down Randi’s side and ribs.


“Oh, but this IS the other part of my payment,” Ms. Fisher smiled, “besides, this is MUCH better than money.”

Ms. Fisher reached under Randi’s arched body and grabbed Randi’s soft ass, causing Randi to erupt with anger.


Ms. Fisher only chuckled, “Always so mad, you see? This is why I tickle you, you need to smile more.”

Ms. Fisher began kneading Randi’s soft belly some more. “And because I love it.”


“Will you EVER be late on my payment ever again?” Ms. Fisher asked, increasing her tickling speed.

“NOHOHOHOHOHHOHOHOHO!” Randi cried, her face turning red and sweating.

“Am I the BEST tickler in this building?”

“YEEEHEHEHHEHEHHES! HAHAHAHHANDS DOOHOHHOWN!” Randi HATED giving the woman torturing her compliments, but it was the only way of possibly getting out.

“But than your husband?” She asked, going back the Randi’s navel.


“And if you EVER need someone to tickle you, it’s going to be me, right?”

“OHOHOHOHOHOF COHOHOHOURSE!” Randi screamed, her body twisting and turning, her mascara running down her face.

“And you’ll help me pay my rent?”


“And while I go run some errands you’ll let my tickle belt keep tickling you?” Ms. Fisher said, trying to get an excuse to tickle her longer.

“YEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHES!” Randi cried, until she realized what she had said, but it was too late. Ms. Fisher got up and headed towards a closet.

“No! I mean no!” Randi yelled at her as she saw her rummaging through the closet. “Come on, you tricked me into saying yes!”

“All I heard was yes dear.” Ms. Fisher said, returning with a modified belt. The belt was large and Velcro, with wires sticking out of it and blue bristles on the inside from hair brushes.

“What…. What is that?” Randi asked with fear, her body trembling as Ms. Fisher wrapped it around Randi’s belly.

“A like tickle tool I order a while back, it’s the tickle belt.” She plugged it into the wall, causing it to switch on, the bristles began to twist and turn on Randi’s ticklish flesh, causing the worst tickling sensation Randi had felt in her life.


But Ms. Fisher shoved a dirty sock in Randi’s mouth, muffling her swears and laughs.

“Well, I’m going to the store,” Ms. Fisher said, picking up her purse and putting it around her shoulder. “I’ll be back in an hour or two, and when I come back, I’ll let you out, I cross my heart.”

Ms. Fisher turned around and began walking towards the door.

Randi couldn’t believe it, was Ms. Fisher really just going to leave her?

Ms. Fisher opened the door and waved to the muffled, scream, trembling Randi before closing it, leaving Randi to endure her ticklish hell for hours on end with no breaks, making that night Randi’s worst ticklish experience she had ever had in her life.