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The following is a NCIS tickle fetish fanfiction. I do not own any of the characters depicted in the story. All rights go to CBS.

For those who don’t know, Ziva looks like this; i.imgur.com/RiEqie2.jpg

And Abby looks like this; i.imgur.com/bnNTh7j.jpg

Enjoy the story! – HappyTriangle <3

“ZIVA!” Abby squealed, giving Ziva a tight hug as Ziva hugged back.

Ziva had been in Israel for several years at this point, and decided to visit her old office and surprise everyone.

“I came into the office, and nobody was there.” Ziva said, finishing up the hug, “So I decided to come to my favorite forensic scientist’s lab.” Ziva smiled her pearly white smile.

But Ziva’s smile wasn’t the only thing being show off. Ziva was wearing a black tank top with jeans, with just a hint of her belly peeking out. Her hair was long, flowing down her back. Abby was never attracted to women, but something about Ziva today made her feel… strange.

“Oh, you know them, always going off to investigate, I’m just waiting here for them to send some evidence.” Abby smiled, happy to see her friend again.

There was an awkward silence, usually Abby was very talkative, but she couldn’t help but be focused on Ziva’s body, particularly her belly.

“But enough about me,” Abby said, breaking the silence, “how’s Israel?”

“It’s fine,” Ziva replied, “nothing to exciting, but I made a decent living.”

“Meet anybody ‘special?’” Abby winked.

Ziva chuckled. “No, no, I’ve been too busy with work to do that, and most of my spare time is taken up by my new hobby.”

“Oh!” Abby smiled, “What’s your new hobby?”

“Belly dancing.” Ziva replied.
Abby froze up, “Be-belly dancing?”

“Uh… yeah.” Ziva said, a bit confused on why Abby was acting strange. “Are you alright?”

“What?” Abby asked, she had zoned out in a fantasy of seeing Ziva’s tan belly twisting and turning while Ziva’s hips moved up and down. “Oh, no, I mean yeah, I-I-I-I’m fine.”
There was another awkward silence.

“Could you uh… show me?” Abby asked nervously.

“Show you?” Ziva asked, confused, “Why?”

Abby knew that her real excuse would only push Ziva away, so she had to think of a lie. “I’ve been looking to get into belly dancing myself, actually.”

“Really?” Ziva asked, almost excited.

“Of course!” Abby replied, unbutton her lab coat and taking off her shirt.

“Uh, Abby, you really don’t have too…”

But Ziva was cut off by Abby eagerly adjusting her jeans and black bra so her entire belly was exposed.

“Okay, so can you teach me a few things?” Abby asked.

“Um… I guess so.” Ziva said, rolling up her tank top to expose her belly.

“Come on,” Abby chuckled, “We’re both adults here, you can take off your shirt.”

Ziva was a bit uncomfortable with Abby’s eagerness to see more of Ziva’s body, but Abby was a dear friend of hers, she knew Abby wouldn’t hurt her.

Ziva removed her top, showing her brown bra, and soft, sexy belly.

“So, show me what you’ve got.” Abby smiled, stepping back to give Ziva some room.

Ziva put her arms in the air and put her hands together, showing off her smooth, perfect armpits.

She began to twist her hips, her belly naturally slithering like a snake with it.

“That’s… beautiful.” Abby said under her breathe.

It wasn’t long after Ziva began doing belly rolls that Abby had this uncontrollable urge to touch Ziva’s stomach.

“You wouldn’t… mind if I got a closer look, would you?” Abby asked.

“Of course not.” Ziva said, thinking of it as an innocent question. “Just be careful,” she warned Abby, “I’m very ticklish.”

The word ticklish repeated over and over and over in Abby’s head, she began to sweat. Abby NEEDED to tickle her belly, she had to lie again, but how could she get Ziva to let her tickle her.

“Hey Ziva,” Abby said, “I think you’re cheating with your belly rolls.”

“What? How?” Ziva asked.

“You’re moving your hips, giving the illusion that your belly is moving, but it’s not.” Abby knew that it was a complete lie, Ziva’s belly rolls were flawless, but she had an idea to get Ziva tied down so she wouldn’t kick her ass as soon as she started tickling her.

“My hips aren’t moving!” Ziva said, almost offended.

“Are you sure?” Abby asked, smiling, knowing everything was going to plan.

“Positive.” Ziva said, rolling her belly again, not moving her hips at all.

“Hold on, I know how we can settle this.” Abby said, walking to the back of her lab.

Abby came back, with a big metal device that looked like a large silver “Y” with straps covering it. She had made it a while ago, in case Gibs wanted her to interrogate a prisoner. She knew it was stupid, but she wasn’t exactly in the zone at the time she was making it.

“This,” Abby said leaning on it, “is what I like to call the “Silver Y.”

Ziva looked at it up and down. “Okay,” She said confused, but how is that going to settle my belly rolls?”

Abby began to undue to straps, “This will hold you completely still, so if you ARE using your hips, it won’t let them move, the only thing able to move will be your belly.”

Ziva walked up to it. “This looks rather menacing.” Ziva said curiously.

“Oh, it’s perfectly safe.” Abby said, “Hop on it and I’ll make sure you prove me wrong.”

Ziva jumped onto it, putting her arms up on the outstretched arms of the device.
Abby began to tie her in, putting Velcro straps all across Ziva’s arms, two on her forearms.

“Okay, that settles that up there.” Abby said, applying a strap just under Ziva’s breasts, hold her midriff in place.

Abby added more, one across Ziva’s hips, three across her thighs, and three on her lower legs.

Abby stepped back to admire her work. “Perfect!” She said.
Ziva squirmed around a bit. “Wow, I really can’t move!” She said.

“Now, show me your belly rolls.” Abby said, putting her face close to Ziva’s belly.
Ziva began rolling her belly perfectly, teasing Abby’s fantasy.

“See?” Ziva said victorious, “I NEVER cheat when it comes to belly dancing.”

“You’re right.” Abby said.
Out of nowhere she blew a raspberry into Ziva’s unexpecting rolling belly.


“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Ziva let out a loud belly laugh. “Abby!” She said seriously, I told you not to tickle me!”

Abby sighed. “I’m sorry I had to lie to you, Ziva.” Abby, said, squeezing the flesh right under
Ziva’s navel, forcing Ziva to yelp and smile, “but it’s been so long since I’ve seen you, and tickling you is a fun and sexy way to catch up, isn’t it?”

“Maybe for you!” Ziva said, struggling hard in her bonds, but not budging, “Please Abby, I can’t
stand being tickled!”

Abby felt guilty, but she’s never going to have an opportunity to do this ever again.

Abby tried to justify her actions, “Come on, it’s not THAT bad, it’s only tickling.” She said, her fingers squeezing Ziva’s sides once, causing Ziva’ to jump.

“Abby, it really is for me!” Ziva pleaded, seeing if there was any way to get out. “Please, just let me go, and I’ll never bring this up ever agaiAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA!”

Ziva was cut off by Abby dragging her finger nails down Ziva’s squirming belly.

“Abby, pleEHEHEHEHEASE!” Ziva pleaded as Abby used her thumbs to dig into Ziva’s ticklish flesh, twisting them, her long nails scrapping a large area of her stomach.

Abby felt bad, she honestly did, but her lust for Ziva’s ticklish body was just too much for her to resist.

Her tickling ten fingers made circles, going up and down Ziva’s sides and ribs, sending her into a flurry of forced giggles.

“HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!” Ziva giggled like a little girl, grinding her teeth at the immense displeasure her body was going through.

Abby used her expert tickling fingers to scribble around Ziva’s navel, every couple of seconds switching to kneading before going back to full blown tickling.

Ziva began to sweat, her face turning red after only about ten minutes of tickling.

Abby pulled back, giving Ziva little break.

“Oh… thank Jesus.” Ziva said, thinking it was over.
Abby walked over to her desk, and grabbed a jar filled with clear liquid.

“What… what is that?” Ziva asked nervously, catching her breath.

“Baby oil.” Abby smiled, taking off the cap and pouring the very cold liquid on Ziva’s belly.
Abby placed her palm onto Ziva’s belly and began spreading it around, not in a way that would tickle Ziva, but in a way to make sure she knew her tickle torture would return in a short time.

“Abby, don’t you have a boyfriend to do this with?” Ziva asked, the oil being spread to her ribs.

“Now Ziva, you know not to get personal.” Abby replied, spreading it to the area under Ziva’s navel.

“My point is, why me? Why do this to me? Why not Eleanor?”

Abby giggled, “Face it Ziva, their tummy is nowhere near as cute as yours, plus, it doesn’t shine!”

Ziva looked down, and Abby was right, with the baby oil applied all over her midriff, her golden skin was now slippery and was reflecting light from the window.

Abby giggled and began gliding her fingers up and down, left and right all over Ziva’s now slippery, belly. The oil made it tickle 10 time worse.


Abby found herself aroused by Ziva’s begs, making her tickle faster and harder, no longer going easy on her good friend. “Kitchy kitchy koo!” She cooed, rapidly tickling everywhere on Ziva’s trembling, exhausted belly. “Such a ticklish tummy!”


“Oh, poor wittle Ziva wiva doesn’t wike it when I tickle her pwetty wittle tummy!” Abby cooed like she was talking to a child.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA! IHIHIHIHIHHIHAHAHHAHAHAHATEIHIHIHHIHIT!” Ziva forced out before falling into a fit of dry laughter, tears rolling down her cheeks.

Abby pulled back, letting Ziva gasp for air.

Abby stuck her finger onto Ziva’s navel and began pulling it in and out, making a popping noise.
Ziva, to Abby’s surprise, began to moan.

“Are you… liking that Ziva?” Abby asked, surprised.

“N-No! Ziva lied, “It feel baaa… oh….” Ziva closed her eyes and bite her lip.

“No way!” Abby laugh, pulling her finger in and out rapidly of Ziva’s trembling belly.

“Abby… keep…. Going….” Ziva moaned.
Abby continued, pushing her finger in deeper and deeper.

“It’s… oh… yeah…” Ziva smiled, this time not forced.

“You want me to keep going?” Abby asked.

“Yes! Please!” Ziva smiled.

“Well that’s too bad.” Abby smiled, tickling Ziva’s entire belly with her fingers.

“WHIHIHIHIHIHHIHIHIHIHIHHIIHIHY?!” Ziva screamed with laughter, missing her only moment of pleasure in the whole ordeal.

“What can I say, I’m a tease.” Abby winked, rapidly squeezing Ziva’s sides and digging her thumbs into Ziva’s belly.


This torture continued for about 15 more minutes, until sweat and tears were dripping from her chin.

Abby pulled back and began to wipe off Ziva’s face.

“Abby… this is too much for me, I promise I won’t do anything to you if you just let me out nAH!”

Ziva was cut off by Abby poking her side with one finger. “I’m sorry, what where you saying?” Abby asked, perfectly aware of what she was doing.

“Abby, this isn’t funnEYHE!” Ziva was poked again.

Abby was loving the feeling of power going through her veins.

Ziva knew what was happening, and she tried her hardest to get a sentence out, even with Abby’s torments.

“Abby, pleHEASE! I really HAHAte it! When I get out of HEHEre!”

“Who says I’m letting you out?” Abby asked, getting up and walking behind Ziva’s outstretched body.

“Because if you dohohohohon’t!” Ziva tried to look behind her, but only say Abby’s nails getting closer and closer to her armpits.

“Ahahabby, thihihink abohohout thihihis!” Ziva laughed fearfully, her armpits where easily her most ticklish spot.

Abby only dug her fingers into Ziva’s pits.

Ziva’s eyes went wide and howled with laughter.


Abby begin spider tickling with her long nails.


Abby just began to laugh. “Wow, this is really funny!”

“Awww, wittle Ziva has some tickly wickly armpities! She’s supposed to be a big bad agent, but she’s so ticklish she’s waughing wike a wittle girwl!”

Abby brought some baby oil p from Ziva’s belly and applied it to her armpits, before kneading Ziva’s armpit skin, which was a mix of pain and ticklish hell.


“Really? After AL you’ve been through, a little tickling is gonna kill you?” Abby sarcastically rolled her eyes.


“Oh, but this is all I want!” Abby smiled.

Ziva thought this would go on forever, until she felt a drop of hope. One of the bonds on her arm
broke from the device holding her in place.

With the strength of a rabid rhino, Ziva pulled her arm back and ripped it out of the device. She quickly got her other arm and legs out.

Abby knew what was next, she tried to run, but Ziva tackled her to the ground and straddled her hips.

“N-n-n-n-now Ziva, le-le-le-le-let’s be reasonable about this!” Abby quivered with fear.
Ziva cracked her neck and knuckles before pinning Abby’s arms above her head.

“You wanted to learn to belly dance, right?” Ziva, said angrily.

“Ye-yeah?” Abby asked, confused but still terrified.

Ziva used her free hand to dig into Abby’s exposed belly, causing Abby to erupt into laughs louder than Ziva’s.

“Well, how about we see that tummy dance?”

06-30-2015, 11:43 PM
Excellent! Can we get a sequel of Ziva getting revenge on Abby? Specifically her feet and toes?

07-01-2015, 12:33 AM
I second that. I'd love to read a revenge story.

07-01-2015, 05:30 AM
Fine story! :D

07-01-2015, 04:13 PM
Nice idea! Very good! I really enjoyed Reading it!

I also would like to read Ziva's revenge :-)

What about Bishop being tickle-tortured?
Pergaps by Ziva and Abby

07-05-2015, 03:58 AM
This was fantastic! Though I wish Abby would have gotten the rest of Ziva's body as well. Maybe stripped her too. However I get that it was at the lab. Please please post Ziva's revenge. I hope she is a bit more adventurous. We all know Ziva takes what she wants. ;)