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Lady Feathers
06-30-2015, 11:52 PM
Captain deMonto's ship rocked gently in the bay as he and Jax were in the lower decks. They had the Lady Chantelle as their prisoner and was
trying to get information out of her. Since she is a royal from the court of King Jaquez I, the method of torture for information had to leave no marks on her body. Jax knew what to he was going to do. He was a "special" kind of torturer. He came form the Orient, where this kind of method was used to extract information. He first slid his hand inside Lady Chantelle's blouse. She squirmed as he slid his hand in. Jax smiled.
"Ticklish M'Lady?" he said as he ran his fingers across her belly. She bit her lip and held in her giggles.

Jax withdrew his hand and whispered to the Captain. "I'll have her giggling in no time and begging to give you the information about the King's ship movements." The Captain smiled. He himself was very ticklish and loved watching tickle torture as it put him in a ticklish mood. He put his face in Lady Chantelle's face and said, "Tell me where Jaquez's ships are." Lady Chantelle spit in his face. "I'll tell you nothing!" Captain deMonto ripped her blouse open exposing her naked upper body. Jax smiled as he saw her creamy white skin and firm, ticklish breasts.

Chantelle stiffed her body and bit her lip as she felt Jax's long, pointed nails on her ribs. The light strokes only tickled lightly and she could stand that for a short while. Then Jax's strokes got firmer and she bit her lip harder, but soon she was giggling and struggling against the ropes that help her firmly to the wall.

Jax stopped and the Captain asked Chantelle again where the ships were. She remained silent. Jax took a firm feather duster and begin tickling her smooth armpits till her laughing became hard and sweat rolled down her face. She breathed deeply from the laughter, but would not give in.

Jax went to the Captain. "She is strong and is holding out even though she is very ticklish. I just need to find the spot that is the most ticklish and then she will give in". "I hope so for your sake or you will be on that wall and I'll be tickling you!!!" Said a very frustrated captain deMonto.

Jax shivered at the prospect of punishment from the captain. DeMonto was an excellent tickler who showed no mercy when he was punishing his crew. Jax went to Lady Chantelle and pressed her nipples till the became erect. She began giggling loudly as he massed and pressed them. Jax knew he had found a very ticklish spot. I took a soft brush and begin tickling her nipples. She began giggling and pulling at her restraints wildly. deMonto watched as felt tingling in his loins as she laughed and struggled against the feel if Jax tickling her nipples.

Jax took is tongue and began tickling her nipples. Lady Chantelle screamed and laughed hard and pulled even harder at the ropes that tied her down. "ALRIGHT! I'll TELL YOU! JUST STOP! STOP TICKLING ME!!!" Jax smiled as Chantelle told them everything they wanted to know.

deMonto was feeling ticklish himself, he was feeling even more in the mood to do tickling; so he stayed with Chantelle. He looked into her eyes, the same eyes that were pleading for him to stop tickling her. "Tell me M'Lady... Do you get tickled regularly?" deMonto was sliding he hand along her sides. She giggled at his gentle, yet tickling touch. This tickling was not torture to her and she was enjoying it. "Yes" she confessed to her gentle tickler.