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For the past two months, I've learned what it's like to be a tickle slave. I started as a 19-year-old college freshman looking for a job as a maid. What I got was whole lot more.

Don't let the name fool you, the pay is pretty damned good. My mistress, Italian private chef Antonia, decided to avoid any legal ramifications by paying me $17 per hour for both my day job AND night job. I'll have tuition paid off in no time.

Even though I was been tricked into becoming a tickle slave for the voluptuous 39-year-old chef, I've grown to actually love it, believe it or not. In addition to my hourly wage, as of the last week I've ditched my dorm for Antonia's guest room on a permanent basis considering all the time I spend at her house.

I also have acquired a new uniform, or lost one I should say. My mistress decided I'm to clean her house completely naked so she can admire my hourglass figure better. It took some getting used to, but even this isn't so terrible.

On my very first day, I learned Antonia had been given tickle toys to play with. And I don't mean a feather duster, real life tickle slaves from another mistress to enjoy herself with. Turns out, the bill for that debt was about to be collected.

I was cleaning the shower when Antonia came home from the restaurant she owns and startled me, tickling my ribs.

“Eeeee,” I yelled out not expecting her so soon as it wasn't even 3 p.m. “What are you doing home so early Mistress, not that I mind.”

I gave her a quick kiss, another new addition to our relationship, before she explained a friend was coming over around 5 and she didn't want to be late. After toweling off, I began to get dressed not knowing the nature of her friend's visit when Antonia stopped me.

“No need to put on clothes you'll just be taking off once Mae gets her,” she told me giggling as she did. “I owe Mae a very big debt that she's insisting is repaid today.”

“Oh, is this the mistress who loaned you her slave?” I asked with equal bits nervousness and excitement. In the two months of my tenure, Antonia never had any tickling guests over or even hinted she might besides that cryptic explanation that first wonderful night.

“She is in fact the one, yes,” Antonia said. “Mae is actually the head mistress in the city's group of tickle enthusiasts so she's not someone to offend or upset. If things go well tonight, I'll be full admitted into the group as a mistress having passed the earlier tests.”

“I'll be on my best behavior then Mistress so she can see how great you are,” I said beaming with pride. A few tickles along my ribs later, and maybe a light spanking, it was nearly time for Mae to arrive.

I was wondering how punctual she'd be, and as I thought that right when the clock struck 5 p.m. there was a knock at the door. Antonia greeted Mae at the door before leading her into the living room where I was waiting. I half expected to see some 50-year-old hag with white hair, to say I was wrong was an understatement.

What I saw was a gorgeous 30-something Asian woman wearing a cream-colored blouse with tan pants. Having seen enough Asian's around town I guessed she was of Hmong decent, with her rather large chest a dead give away.

“You have a lovely home, and an even lovelier slave,” Mae said. “She must be as good of a maid as she is a tickle toy.”

I'm not sure who was beaming more, me or Antonia.

“Thank you Mistress,” Antonia responded, which caught me off guard hearing my mistress use that title to someone else. “I filled Julia in with just the pertinent information per your request.”

“Very good,” Mae said smiling. “I'd say we're about ready to begin then. Did Antonia tell you the nature of our arrangement?”

“No, Mistress Mae,” I said not wanting to offend in anyway.

For the next several minutes Mae described how Antonia had come to her months ago looking to become a mistress, and refine her ticklish talents. The cost for the mentorship and use of Mae's slaves, yeah she has several I found out, was the right to test Antonia's once she acquired one....me.

I thought I was about to be pounced by these two beautiful women when I was caught of guard by what happened next.

“It seems your slave knows her manners very well, it's just a shame you don't have the same ability,” Mae said to Antonia who cast her eyes to the floor. “You should know all slaves in my presence are not allowed a stitch of clothing.”

Before my brain caught up to my ears at that statement, my eyes got a wonderful show. Antonia began to strip off her lime green blouse and charcoal skirt revealing matching lime green bra and panties. She quickly reached back and unhooked her bra, causing her supple D cups to fall free followed suit by her panties.

The look of her long-brown hair falling to either sides of her breasts was almost intoxicating.

“Now, you must pay a penalty for your failure to disrobe upon my arrival and who better to administer that penalty than your well-behaved slave,” Mae said with a huge grin on her face. “Now Julia, I know your instinct is to go gentle on your mistress. I would advise against that as your skills, albeit limited, when it comes to tickling are a reflection of Antonia's skills as a mistress.”

After two solid months of being tickled beyond my limits by Antonia, I hadn't as much poked her sides. The all-access pass I was just given to enact some revenge was like a gift from the heavens.

Mae ordered Antonia to raise her arms, so there stood my mistress, helpless and awaiting the same brand of torture I'd endured in her very own living room. I knew I'd pay for it later, but I wasn't about to hold anything back.

“Mistress, please beg me to tickle your pits,” I said with the most sinister grin spreading across my face as she was terrified knowing what was about to come.

“P-p-p-lease tickle my pits Julia,” she said nervously.

She knew, and I knew her underarms weren't my intended target, her breasts were. Within seconds she was cackling as my fingers dove deep into the sides of her breasts, causing them to jiggle deliciously. Every press of my fingers created a new tide of flesh to ripple.

“You bitch tickle my PITS not my TITS,” she screamed at the top of her lungs. I took great joy in making those breasts bounce after being called a bitch. I even saw Mae wink at me in approval which only further stoked my desire to make Antonia suffer.

Her breasts were shaking like a book case after an 8.6 earthquake, but I wasn't finished. Wanting to add a little something, I began to suck on Antonia's breasts turning her nipples into erasers before unleashing all 10 of my nails over them sending her into a ticklish seizure.

“Tickle...my...hollows...please,” Antonia managed to squeak out in between breathes. Unluckily for her, I wasn't finished with her tits yet. Before moving on, her undersides required my attention.

Between my nails and squeezing the ribs beneath her breasts she was a wreck. After 10 more minutes of attention she was nearly comatose when Mae told me to stop.

“That was...impressive,” Mae said to me. “I would have let you finish her off with her pits but I was worried she wouldn't be conscious still. You have an incredible slave Antonia, as hard as it is to take at the moment.”

All Antonia could manage was a slight nod as she swept back the hair from her eyes while she regained her composure. I was certain she was furious at me, but instead the look she gave me was one of love not hatred.

There we stood, Antonia sweating bullets and me standing proud like a peacock my own shoulder-length blonde hair matted slightly from exertion. After several moments, Mae said it was time for her to collect her payment.

I was startled when I was led away to the forbidden basement by Mae alone. She said it's part of the payment and Antonia needed her rest anyway, I couldn't even argue knowing first hand the exhaustion a tickle attack like that has on a person.

Mae ushered me downstairs and I got a first glimpse of my mistresses tickle dungeon. There were several sets of stocks, X-frames, cuffs hanging from the ceiling and ground in various spots. I also noticed a huge tool box like you'd see in a mechanics garage filled with more tickling implements than I thought existed.

Far in the recesses of the room lay my fate, a sort of tickle swing which stretches and curves the body upward pulling taunt my weakest spots. I just looked at it knowing what was in store but holding out hope I'd be spared.

“That's what you want me in?” I asked apprehensively.

“Oh yes,” Mae replied with a sadistic glee.

Within moments the swing was lowered and I crawled in, the harness supporting my waist and shoulders as my legs and arms were pulled to the sky so I resembled a giant C. The worst part was I was still somewhat spread eagle, almost in mid snow angel form.

“I should warn you,” Mae said almost lovingly. “I'm much more skilled than Antonia ever will be so this is going to tickle. You may pass out but I'll try to keep you conscious so we don't waste any time together.”

Her nails began to dance along the backs of my thighs, which were totally immobile despite what the name swing suggests. The light touches were worse than any full out tickling Antonia had done because the anticipation was so much more difficult to deal with. Mae's delicate touch worked from my thighs to my ass and back, squeezing my butt cheeks where the two meet.

My best efforts weren't good enough as I couldn't escape the torment. It was as if a thousand ants were walking up the backs of my legs, not just 10 skilled fingers.

“I love the way your thighs move when I tickle them,” she said. “They ripple from each touch to the next, it's almost mesmerizing.”

I wanted to say thank you, as patronizing as her words were but I was trying to process what I was feeling instead. My mind was racing at having this sexy Asian mistress inches away from my privates, wanting her to stay far away yet go closer in the same instant.

It was then that I began to wonder if she was secretly telepathic. Just as I'd thought that, a vibrating massager was strapped between my legs.

“If you're good, I'll turn up the setting to let you climax but for now I think we should just keep your engines humming don't you,” Mae cooed in my ear as she began spidering her fingers up my spine. She ran a single nail from the top of my ass to my neck and back sending the most sensual shiver I'd ever felt.

Wanting to turn things up a notch, she made a trip to the tool box and procured a pair of hairbrushes. I immediately realized what was next as she ever so gently ran them over my upturned soles. For the first time my ticklish body began to move the swing, which in kind caused the massager to work closer to my skin sending unexpected tingles across my skin.

All I wanted was for that device turned up, yet all I could feel were the bristles on my soles. It was impossible to concentrate on my pleasure. With each pass of the brush she drove it harder into my feet causing more lightning bolts of tickling to strike. Just as I was adjusting to the brush, she stopped abruptly.

Mae placed two long, firm feathers in my face before asking if I'd like these between my toes. I wasn't able to make an audible answer between my moans and guffaws so I simply shook my head. “Too bad,” she said as they were now sawing in between each of my toes one by one. Every pass between the webbing of my toes was the most ticklish sensation I'd ever felt, until the next stroke proved me wrong.

I was practically rocking side-to-side when she combined the two weapons, one foot received the brush while the other the feathers alternating every so often.

“You're doing very good,” she said sweetly. “Antonia passed out long before now when I did this to her. Maybe I'll buy you from her to keep as my own tickle you.”

Evidently I had pleased her enough to increase the massager between my legs enough where the tickling was now even with my pleasure. I'd let out long, carnal moans followed by hysterical laughing. Sometimes at the same time.

I was wondering when she'd move to my upperbody, and I soon got my answer when Mae's thumbs dug into my hollows sending me into renewed hysterics. Every twist of her thumb made me shake my ample cleavage, which delighted my tormentor immensely.

“That's it love, make those babies dance for me,” she yelled like I was a stripper on a stage, which was an apt comparison to how I felt. “You're almost done now, just a while longer.”

For the first time since I'd descended into the bowls of this dungeon hope was in sight. At least it was until Mae snatched it away from me, goosing my ribs sending my breasts in every which direction. She knew which spot once squeezed would elicit the desired amount of movement from my mammaries.

Next on her torturous tour was my stomach and navel. My belly button was quickly penetrated by her tongue, another first for me but something I wish was for the last time as well. The wet saliva in my innie stuck around with her nails skittering all around my tummy for good measure. My only solace came as the massager was again turned higher.

Her final trick was also the cruelest.

“Are you ready to cum my dear,” she asked with the politeness of a British school marm.


“Good, just one final spot to enjoy...your luscious tits,” Mae said with and ear-to-ear grin

My crotch wasn't the only part of me being massaged now, with her hands groping my massive mounds for all they were worth. She'd flick her nails on my nipples so they'd stand attention followed by her tongue making contact with them and copious amounts of my tit flesh to boot.

I was on the verge of mercifully climaxing when she pulled one last rabbit out of her hat.

“Since you're a maid, it seems only fitting to end with this,” Mae said, when I quickly realized what “this” was. She used the very same feather duster I use to clean to now twirl over my breasts. This was one step too far because my body was overcome with a rapturous orgasm.

Mae renewed her lust for my breasts, filling her mouth with them as orgasm after orgasm coursed through me. Still filled with the post-pleasure glow, she announced Antonia's debt to her was fulfilled with interest.

I was lowered from the swing and we both headed upstairs. After a quick shower I was treated to homemade pasta carbonara while the two mistresses talked.

In-between mouthfuls of Italian delight, I heard them discuss a meeting of the tickling community next month and that we were both invited.

“You'll be the belle of ball,” Mae said smiling.

That's what I was afraid of.


As before, thoughts/comments greatly encouraged. If there's interest I'll start working on another sequel.

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That was amazing, just as good as the first! I say you should continue with the story!

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Wonderful story! :D

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Please continue on. Looking forward to more :)

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So goooodd!!!! :)

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Great Second Part i hope you continue this story

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Amazing follow up.

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Don't worry everybody, I'm in the process of working on Part 3. Here's an excerpt to tide you over though:

I was a complete mess of tears and sweat covering my body. I wasn't given a moments rest as wave after wave of ticklers took their turn. Whenever someone left the woman who replaced her would pick a new spot to torment it seemed. My pits or feet would receive a reprieve only to have my ribs, tummy or ass tickled instead.