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Vacation Torment Part 9

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We pack up, eat some yogurt and fresh pomegranate seeds.. I rush out the door.. You always swollow hard now before traveling but no wheelchairs in sight..
So Lili, we are off to Athens it's a long day time ride.. We could get a cabin but if it's okay by you we can just rest in some lounge chairs on deck. You respond that that would be wonderful... Thank you Mistress you add.. You are so grateful that it appears no torture for now at least.. We go on deck and rest on the chairs.. You have on a persian red paisley printed sundress with two spaghetti thin straps and bra cups built in. You have just black lace thongs on. You lay back and pull up the dress to your thigh to get a tan. You are enjoying the sun.. You doze off as I read a book.. You awake and I have brought you some lemonade and a Greek salad for lunch. I see you shiver as there is a breeze on the deck.. I put my wind breaker around your shoulders. After we eat I get behind you in the chair and you lean back between my legs.. It's amazing how strong your attraction is to me despite the days of tickling torment..
A member of the crew comes by and asks for our passports.. He gives us an evil look as I hand them to him. You boldly ask if there is a problem? Is this not the land of Sappho.. And I hear Greek boys like it in the ass, you say to him... Luckily he does not understand English.. You smile the entire time you are telling him off. He probably thought you were flirting. I laugh as you have a chance to ask for help and instead your defending our relationship, as it is!
We anchor in Athens.. The docks are packed with locals moving back to Athens for the winter.. We finally get off the ferry, I carry both our bags and we make are way through the masses.. So my Lili, are you ready for your surprise.. Skeptical you nod yes. We don't appear to be getting on another ferry. We walk down several piers. I point to a sailboat.. So this will be our ride and home until we reach Santorini a few days away.
The boat is fairly large and you are very surprised and pleased.. It is hard for you to hide your excitement. There are two men there to help you on board..
They pull away quickly and handle the mast. You realize they are coming with us.. You are first relieved because there should be no tickling however you are also disappointed that we will not have privacy. I have the second crew member take our bags below.. I take your hand and we sit on the bow..which has padded cushions.. When the boat is far from Athens the sun begins to set. The moon above is shining in the blue dark sky. The sun is setting and a wonderful sunset overhead of reds and oranges lights up the night. The captain and his mate take down the sails and anchor the boat. They tell us we will head to Mykonos in the morning. The mate starts a small grill and makes us a lovely dinner of both chicken and kebabs.. We all toast with some pink prosecco.
I tell you it's time to head below. You wonder if there is enough room for the 4 of us down below. You climb down the ladder before me and you see only one bed that has a curtain to pull across.. On the bed you notice two Leather pieces which look like leg braces.. You start to turn around but i grab you around the waist.. You plead no mistress no.. Sorry pet but you've been enjoying this day too much. Time for your Mistress to enjoy some tickle torture.. You try to break free and kick your legs up.. All the sudden you notice the crew member. He grabs you by both legs and we throw you on your back on the bed. I tell him to sit on your stomach if he has to, in order to have you lie still..
You can't breath under him and you can't get up.. I push your dress up and buckle the binders around each leg. I take a clip and chain for each leg and clip them to steel rings mounted on the posts at the end of the bed.. You try to scream noooo. But you cannot draw enough air out to get a barely audible noise out. I then take each wrist and buckle into a black leather holder that straps your wrists in and around your thumbs. It has another steel ring and clasp that latches on to the outside of each leg binder. With his weight on your stomach you are helpless. You get angry and your head thrashes up and down on the bed.. You mumble nooopf you pigghhhhs.
Hey mate have you ever watched a grown woman be tickled so hard that she laughs til she cumms. Well watch little baby girl Lili for a few minutes. I walk to the foot of the bed. The tip of my right index finger lightly runs up your left arch to your toes.. You cringe, your toes clenching and you gasp to get breath under the weight. You are so humiliated that this stranger is watching you. You feel so violated.
I run the tips of my fingers back down like a spider down your arch. You try to stifle a giggle.. You gasp with his weight on you. Your head shakes no.. I dance my tips all over you left arch. You clench your feet. He lifts slightly so you can grab a breath. A snort comes out and you yell defiantly stoppppp. I tell him to sit back down.. No whining... What's the matter now the little slave doesn't want to be an exhibitionist.. You laying on the ferry almost naked pulling your dress up almost to your thongs..
My nails dig in to your naked flesh as I run them in circles. My nails only pushing enough that you feel the pressure.. You let out a giggle. Look see the little tramp wiggle.. Kootchie, kootchie, kootchie koo.. Hmmm don't be getting wet now.. Oh no is that a little wee on your pretty dress. Oh my how embarrassing in front of strangers. Tears start to well up in your eyes.. Oh the mistresses little girl is embarrassed.. I start to move my finger tips rapidly over your left sole. You are gasping as you laugh and fight for air. Your head still thrashing.. Get him off of me.. You demand. Oughhhhh as you try to push up on your heels and will him off.
Oh, that must really hurt.. I guess you need to be doing more leg lifts and sit ups.. Tickle, tickle my fingertips tickle up and between your toes. You are gasping so hard as you fight the laughter.. No, no... Fuck you, you yell...
Hmmmm, is that a way to talk to company in the Mistress' boudoir.
He gets up and you start to pull yourself up with your wrists grabbing hold of the cuffs. I dig my nails in til you fall back with a huge breath and laugh.. Look what you did now you hurt his feelings. I then take a wide strap and Clip it to the sides of the bed.. It pins you to the bed under your breast.. You really need to learn your lesson and be nice to strangers.
You see me pull a knife out of a fishing box.. You plead no no... "I will do anything you tell me to."
Just lay there and laugh my slave.
I take the knife and cut the straps of your dress. I pull the top down to your waste.. Nooooo.
Don't worry I just want to see them for now.. You here the music blaring on deck..
I think we need to finish this foot off don't you... Stoppppp you yell.. I start lightly and slowly with my finger tips, running in zig zag over your arch barely touching you. Your heels dig in, you squeal as your legs shake up and down in the binders.. Your head shaking from side to side.. My nails press in a little harder as they go fast up and down your arch just under your toes. You feel your self shake deep in your vagina. Look at those nice pert breasts. Asking me to lick them.. You wish little tramp, kootchie, kootchie..
Don't you dare cum until you ask your mistress permission. Go to hell, you yell..
Okay I think we better teach you a lesson with this right foot. Brushing finger tips caress your right instep. You moan, ohhhhhh my god.. Stop!!!!
Oh you want me to fuck this foot and then fuck you.. You let out a snort and try to wiggle under the strap at your waist.. I take out one of your stockings from your luggage.. Oh the little girl likes this silk on her skin. You look down and see me putting it on rolling it so it fits snug on your foot and bunches under the binder..
My nails snag on the silk and pull up towards your toes. The sensation making you laugh out loud and your ass and vagina clench you feel your clit pulsating.. Ohhhhh feel me glide over your foot. Think of my tongue gliding over your pussy.. All wet.. Shake your head yes, tell your Mistress to take you in her mouth.. Noahhhh you try to blurt out as you giggle..
What's that tickle you harder, make you pay for disloyal behavior. My fingers move in a frenzy between your toes.. This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home.. My fingers are jumping all over your arch. Oughhhhh, oh my god you yell. Just tell your Mistress you want to cummmmm.
Never you yell. I run my finger up to your thong teasing you along the the edge.. My fingers still raping your sole. Your **** clenching while you pull up to meet my fingers. Your wrists strain to pull up against the binders. Your legs spread wide. Your **** waiting to be plunged. I plunge my nails into your arch. My index finger goes in quickly to your snatch. I take it out and lick it and tell you "not done yet" You are throbbing as my nails run wildly all over your sole.. Don't cum until you ask permission.. Look at those nipples hungry for a tickle..
Noooooooo you scream... You hear laughter and music up on deck and you get beet red from the embarrassment. I now sit between your legs my knees on your thighs. My feet together at your crotch.. I pull your thong down so they are stretched over your thighs. My fingertips go up your sides slowly so lightly you let out a giggle. They go to your areola on each breast.. Lightly circling them so that they barely tickle you. You start to laugh while pleading with me to stop.. You know the secret words and I will stop. If not I will tickle your breast all the way to Mykonos. I caress my fingers so gently in slow circles around the base off your breast slowly tracing up in circles.. To the nipple, my finger tips ever so lightly brushing your nipple. Ahhhhhhhhh , you moan your legs shaking in the binders. Your wrists pulling up. You want to burst.. Oh feel this down in your **** . My fingers going back down the breast gently and slowly back up.. Oh baby, ask your permission for me to take you.. Laugh baby, laugh like a crazy hyena.. Both my feet at your crotch.. I reach for your other stocking and put it over your vagina. The toes of both feet tickling the silk all over your pussy.. My fingers still slowly tickling each breast.. My toes circling your clit.. The ties of my right foot digging back and tickling over your perineum and into your anus.. You feel the wet stocking gliding there. As you squirm and moan.. My fingers start tickling each breast faster and harder. You can't control your laughter which mixes with nooooo.
Tickle, tickle.. Feel me in your little ****..
Your feet are thrashing, your mound rising against my circling toes. The toes on the right plunge into your pussy. My tongue takes a lick over each nipple, my fingers tickle the rest of the breast.
You have to hold back until you show your owner respect. You are thrashing.. Your head rolls back. My toes raping you in time with the tickles, fingers vibrating at your breast. Ugh ugh yesmmmm.... Please ughhhhhmmmm oh yes oh yes.. Please Mistress let Me cummmmmmmm. Your body convulses, you gush all over my toes.. I take each nipple and suck as you have tiny eruptions... Shaking, shaking... Oh my goddddd.. You cry...
I put my head between your breasts and place my hands on your throbbing wet pussy.. You lay there drenched as I kiss you up your chest over your neck.. Over your chin and your mouth opens, you bite my lip as you shake.. Then you take my tongue into your mouth. The boat is silent now as the waves lap up against the rocking boat...


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good golly miss molly , Toes on clit...OMG....need me a cold shower...or maybe a cold beer at least...heehee...Keep it coming dear!

07-02-2015, 06:09 AM
lol....yes from personal experience warm toes can be soothing and also ummm tickly depending on the person. I believe I'll have a room temperature Merlot before editing part 10

07-03-2015, 03:58 PM
Another winner! Love the putting ON of nylons on feet rather than removing them as is so often the common thing to do. So glad for your innovative approach. Keep them coming (yes the pun was intended)!

07-04-2015, 09:22 AM
Thank you so much for that clever assessment.....most readers look past my subtle innovations in writing....I'm a rebel and refuse to write like everyone else....lol

07-05-2015, 11:23 PM
I really enjoy your "rebellious" way of writing for sure lol! Looking forward to your next scribing.

07-06-2015, 12:29 AM
We revel when you rebel, adventurous tickle traveller! May this be a vacation that follows no clock or itinerary. <br>
There MUST be a way to tap this passionate tickling energy to solve the Greek debt crisis. ;)

07-06-2015, 06:48 PM
Thank you Mr.Teehee...ahhhh..."let them eat Greek yogurt"