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Hello all! Being that this is my first time interacting with everyone I wanted to start out with a story I've been developing for a long time. I'm open to positive and negative feed back. I really wanna know where I sit as a writer. Now I will admit, my grammar and punctuation are terrible as with spelling too. Please be forgiving on those and give me as much feed back as possible on my story!

Here it is!

Courtney sat there staring out in front of herself. She was sweaty and out of breath. Nothing could have been worse than what she just experienced. It was torture,pure torture. Courtney began to sob to herself, she started to reflect on her past and how she got herself into this mess....it all started about 2 years ago...

Courtney was 26. She was about 5'6" pretty slender a hint of tan skin and jet black hair. To top it off she had the most beautiful green eyes you could imagine. Strangely she had been single for some time now,but she really wanted to meet someone and potentially start a relationship with them. She decided to create a dating profile and see what happens from there. She went to singlemingle.com and made up a profile and added some pictures. Courtney was careful about the whole thing. She knew the dangers of the Internet and didn't want to bring harm to herself. Even worse she didn't want to bring any harm to her niece. Courtney was the legal gaurdian for her niece ,Isabella who just turned 18. Her parents were both in a terrible car accident. Isabella was kind of a rebel child and didn't listen much. Courtney figured that if she had a strong male role model at home that things would be better.

Months passed and Courtney had met a few different people on the site but non of them really worked out. She had just about given up hope when she received a message from a guy named Sam. They had really good conversations back and forth for a few weeks and decided to meet up for coffee.

They met at a local coffee shop in town and talked the afternoon away. Sam was a gentalman and paid for drink. Courtney was shocked. Not many guys do that kind of stuff anymore. Sam was different. He was kind and listened when she talked and she found him to be kinda cute. He was about 6' toned, dark brown hair and brown eyes. Sam was 28.

Weeks then months went by and they were seeing each other more and more. Courtney had mentioned that if Sam was to be involved with her, he would have to meet her niece. Courtney invited Sam over for dinner the following week to meet Isabella. She didn't care much for Sam and stayed quiet the whole night. After dinner Courtney asked Sam if he wanted to go for a walk. Courtney explained the situation with Isabella and why she was the way she is. Sam understood and was willing to be patient and earn Isabella's trust.

On the way back to Courtney's place a man with a knife jumped out of the bushes and tried to hold them two of them up. The guy was an amateur however and didn't expect that Sam knew self defense. The thug was on the ground before he could blink. Courtney was so scared but so relived at the same time. The quickly made it back to her place with out being followed. The night was almost over but she didn't want Sam to go, but knew he had to. Befor Sam left Courtney invited him to another dinner. This time to meet her family. He happily agreed.
A few days later they met up to go to a fancy restaurant called Borelli's. He met her family and they had a wonderful evening. Everyone loved him and they started joking about when the wedding would be. Sam cleared his throat and said well that depends on Courtney's answer. He then got down on one knee and proposed. Courtney in tears shook her head yes and kissed him. He slipped on the ring, which wasn't any ordinary ring it belonged to his great great great grandmother. Turns out Sam was rich. Filthy rich and Courtney knew nothing about it until now. She asked him why he kept it a secret and he said that he didn't want that to get in the way of anything while they were getting to know one another.

Fast forwarding And two years went by. What you would have assumed was a happy engagement was now a bitter cold shell of itself. All they did was fight. After awhile Courtney decided she had enough. She went out to a bar to have a drink. Without thinking about it she started flirting with the local men. Just like when she was dating online she started going out week after week and month after month. Sam never knew where she was at.

Courtney finally got to the point of filing the divorce papers. She claims he turned abusive and controlling. That he threatened her and Isabella. Sam on the other hand had a different story. She got spoiled, greedy, only in it for his money.

Sam wasn't allowed near Courtney anymore she had filed a restraining order against him. Sam spent s lot of time alone, pondering what he did to get himself into this mess. Where did he go wrong. Did he really do something wrong, or was it her that was at fault? Time went by when one day a buddy of his called him up and told him to fix himself up and come over tonight. Sam didn't really want to, but after some convincing he decided to visit his buddy Drew. Drew was a history major at the local university. He was working on a project when Sam came over. Hey man how's it going Drew asked. Sam explained to Drew what had happened over the last couple of years. After he told his friend everything Drew tried to be the comical one he is and said you need one of these for a bitch like that, he then pointed over to a set of wooden stocks. What's that? Sam asked. Oh the we are a set of wooden stocks. They were used for punishment back in medival times. I'm working on these for a history project for my class. I kinda need to ask a favor though. I just moved in to the area not that long ago. My garage is full and I have no room in the house. Could you store this at your place for awhile? Sam agreed to help his friend.nounamd by the way man, there's this wicked party going on tonight at a friend of a friends. I'm invited and I can bring a friend to come along. You should come with. Sam unsure of everything said maybe next time. Drew kept nagging Sam until he agreed though.

They got to the party and everyone was drinking and having a blast. Man I didn't know people our age partied like this still Sam said. Our age?? You make it sound like we are over the hill. Sam what you need is to chat it up with a nice hottie. Go find one. He was pretty nervous and didn't really feel like mingling but decided to go up to a girl. He tapped her on the shoulder but what he didn't realize is that it was non other than Courtney. She looked a bit different since he saw her last.nuer hair was really long before and now it was about shoulder length and she was a little more tan now. She jumped back and screamed at him to leave her the hell alone. Just then a tall bulky man stepped up and said is there a problem here? Courtney's new boyfriend. Some dumb roided up air head. Didn't surprise Sam at all.

He didn't even let Sam answer, he just pushed him back and said beat it punk. The whole place was full of drunk attendants that a bunch of fight chants started. Sam felt like he was in high school all over again.

Sam said he didnt want any trouble but the roid head took another swing but missed this time. At that very moment something different happens to Sam. He snapped, he grabbed the lamp on the end table and cracked the guy right upside his scull. He may have been big but he went down fast. Courtney was in shock. She started cussing at him and tried charging at him to smack him. Before she could do that however someone yelled FIRE!!!

Drunk people and a fire, yeah this was going to end well. Everybody was trampling over everyone else. The house was burning up fast. There was so much cake that both Sam and Courtney fell and blacked out for a moment. Sam woke back up all of a sudden, he must not have been out for more than a min because the house was still in flames. He just wanted to get himself out but new he couldn't leave everybody else. When he looked though nobody was around except Courtney. Even her big dumbass boy toy was no place to be see. He grabbed Courtney and ran out of the house just in time before it collapsed. He heard sirens he had to make a choice. He want suppos To be near her, the restraining order was still in place. He could run now and deny that he was there or he could take her with him and keep her quiet. He picked her back up and threw her into his car and drove off. He decided that it wasn't safe to stay at his house, so he decide to go to his uncles cabin about an hour north. Nobody goes there anymore so he treats it like a get away place I'd need be. When he got there he knew he'd have to do something. His life was a living hell and it was all because of this bitch.

Sam brought Courtney into the house and down into the basement. He was surprised she didn't wake up yet. He had an idea. He thought about a way that he could make things turn into his favor again. He only had to set it up quickly before Courtney woke up. He grabbed the stocks from his trunk and brought those in the house and secured Courtney's feet into them. He found some old rope and tied the rest of her body up.

Courtney woke up about 15 min later. She realized she couldn't move an inch. Well we'll rise and shine sweetheart. What's going on Courtney barked, let me go! Sam snapped right back and told her to shut up. He said that they had some un finished business to go through. He felt like he never go closure and he was about to. Courtney I know your weakness. I know the one thing that you can't stand the most in this world. It's something so cruel that you'd rather die than experience it. He started to reach down to her shoes and untie them. Plucking her shoes off one by one. He then slowly removed her socks and tossed them both aside. Before she could say anything he turn his wrist right side up and started scratching downward on the balls of her feet. Courtney's eyes squinted shut, she let out a cute bubbly laugh which turned into silent laughter really quickly. This went on for a good 30 seconds. After Sam stopped Courtney got control of herself and looked up at him. She saw the anger and hurt in his eyes. She only had one thing to say.

Sam I'm sorry, please let's just talk this through. Talk? You wanna talk now? I hear your apology and it means nothing. This is time for you to reflect on past behavior. How you hurt me and used me. You think your apology is going to work? Courtney....Sam paused....courtney you have no idea how "sorry" you're about to become. He started tickling her feet again. She burst into another fit of laughter. Her whole body was shaking and she couldn't do anything to stop the agony. After 5 min he gave her a brake. There are 3 things of business that I need to go over with you. First some rules. If you try and curl your toes then you will get tickled longer. Secondly if you don't listen my orders you will also get ticked longer. Lastly I'll be asking you questions and if you fail to answer correctly you will suffer for longer.

First order of business take away the restraining order....
Courtney thought about it and said no. She's soon regret that answer. The torture continued. It was unbearable. 10 mins went by and he asked her again. Take the retraining order away yes? She nodded yes.

Good, now second order of business. My grandmothers ring...where is it?
Courtney looked down at her feet...she knew she was going to suffer but she was stubborn. She said that she didn't know. Fine Sam said...you've earned yourself 20 mins. He started torturing her toes when all of a sudden she started curling them and wouldn't in curl them for the life of her.

Damnit uncurl your toes!

Never!! Courtney shouted.

Sam decided to step up his game.bhe grabbed a feather from a nature walk he did a long time ago and starting flicking it up and down her heels. She lost it. Soon enough her toes were exposed and he tortured her toes with the feather now. Courtney tried pleading and asking for forgiveness. Non was given.

Because she had curled her toes 20 mins turned into 40 min. She couldn't tak anymore. She finally caved and returned the ring she had Hidden in a inside pocket of her jacket.

Finally...the last bit of business.nyoh are to agree to be my tickle slave. And to top it off you will lure your niece here to suffer the same treatment. If you don't I will find you. And trust me... What you've experience today will be much much worse.....for you and for Isabella.

Courtney once again shook her head no and spent the rest of her time giggling laughing and suffering. It took 3 hours to break her but she finally broke and shouted

OK OK!!! Please stop!!! It tickles too much I'm sorry!!! You win! I'll do whatever I you want.

So there you have it...Courtney reflected on why she was in the chair and why she went through six hours or tickling. She was let out and told to go fetch her niece.

Courtney called Isabella and explained everything. She didn't care if she got caught again, she wanted to protect Isabella at all costs.
They gathers their things and ran.

Although it didn't do them much good. Both ladies were tied tight...they heard a door open...and in walked Sam just as he had promised. Courtney you didn't listen to me did you. Don't you know karma will always catch up with you..... Eventually. He walked over to Isabella and started scratching downward on the balls of her feet just like he did to her aunt all those months ago...her reaction was...

To be continued

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A good story. The storyline is long but not too long. You might want to add quotations though to make it easier to read.