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Richard had never endured any punishment or shame at the hands of anybody. He might've dished it out more than a few times. Whether he was trash talking his friends in middle school while playing video games or just punking those weaker then him in high school and even embarrassing those dumber than him in college and now being cocky and backstabbing at work. He's always been that run of the mill asshole that was going to be better than you and let you know it or even if he wasn't trying to convince you that he was. Maybe because he was raised in an upper class neighborhood and because he went to private school he was always the alpha male by default. A trout in a aquarium filled with guppies. Nobody ever stood up to him, called his bluff, or questioned his toughness. Maybe he believed it himself. That sense of entitlement and that unmatched confidence brought on by a higher education, a trust fund, and classic good looks that never failed him to get women to sleep with him. But all that build up of unchecked aggression led to his current predicament of being utterly dominated by an ex con who duct taped Richard thoroughly to his work out bench face down naked from the waist down now laying in a puddle of his own urine while the tattooed cholo Johnny tickles his bound feet and records it with Richard's own phone and all he could do is forcibly laugh about it as Richard expertly moves from tickling the soles of his feet, to the crevices between his toes, then jumps suddenly to tickling in between his legs, the crack of ass, and back down his legs to Richard's size 11 feet again all of it keeping Richard laughing hysterically squirming rhythmically like a worm.

Richard and his girlfriend moved to the trendy neighborhood of Echo Park a couple years ago along with several other trust fund yuppies that pushed lower income families out along with all the gangs that once inhabited the land except for Johnny who held on to his home after his father past away a couple years ago and he had a front row seat to seeing his street change and make him the outcast. Out on parole he stuck to his good behavior ignored the aspersions cast on him by his new hipster neighbors that now ruled the block but when he was out in his garage lifting weights with the door open just after midnight and saw that pretty boy Richard walk up with his little dog that took a shit on his grass and then tried to politely get Richard to clean it up only to get blown off... That was the last straw. Johnny let his gangster come out and maybe Richard sized him up and saw that Johnny was five feet shorter and knowing he was on parole thought he could act tough with him with out consequence only to find out he couldn't have been more wrong. After a quick altercation Johnny had him pinned to the grass and took his dog's leash and used it to bind Richard's hands behind his back before dragging him to the garage and taping him to the bench and having his way with him for the last two hours.

"Hahahahaha-Please-hahahahahshaha-please-hahahaga I'm going to pee myself again!" Richard's plea doesn't make Johnny slow down in the slightest as he keeps working his hands up and down Richard's lower body with his right hand while recording it all on Richard's phone with his left and true to his words Richard's constant uninterrupted laughter leads him to lose control and he pees himself once again. Johnny stops tickling him and punctuates Richard's shame with another slap to his ass. "Fuck... Oh fuck... Please let me go, please. Mercy. Uncle. Whatever I give up!!!" Richard begs gasping for air while Johnny looks over the video he just finished recording. "This came out really good. You want to see?" Richard doesn't but he's too tired to answer. "Who should we send this to first?" That gets Richard's attention. "Nobody please." Johnny scrolls through Richard's contacts. "How about your girlfriend? Would she want to see you tied up laughing and pissing yourself like a little girl? Or maybe this guy Adam or Edgar or maybe even your dad" the horror Richard imagines of anybody in his contacts seeing him naked, bound, and tickled into pissing himself by a cholo scares Richard to no end. The humiliation would be as unbearable as this tickle torture he's endured for the past 2 hours. "Please I'm begging you not to send that video to anybody." Richard implores. "Well I just sent it to myself so I'll have the memory but what if I feel like sharing it? What if I want your friends to see you getting owned by me, pissing yourself like a baby." Johnny bends down right in front of Richard's face and smiles. "What are you going to do to stop me?" Obviously there's nothing Richard could physically do to keep Johnny from sending that video to anybody he wanted to. "I'll do whatever you want if you promise not to send that video to anybody." Johnny grins as he thinks about it and lightly tickles Richard's butt cheek "I'm already making you do whatever I want." Richard thinks for a moment. "Not just now but whenever you want" that gets Johnny's attention. "You'll be my tickle slave?" Richard doesn't like the sound of that but if it'll keep anyone from seeing him in this humiliating position he's willing to make the sacrifice. "If that's what you want? Yes." Johnny thinks it over. "I'll give you this night to show me what a good slave you can be and maybe I'll consider not showing this to anybody. Agreed?" Richard weakly nods. Johnny spanks him hard across his bare ass "Agreed?" Johnny asks again. "Yes." Richard submits. "Perfect." Johnny says as he grabs a razor blade from a shelf and starts cutting away the tape binding Richard to the bench and the tape binding his ankles and for the first time in hours Richard is free to stand up with his hands still bound behind his back by the leash. Johnny guides him up to his feet and while he has the razor out he cuts away Richard's tee shirt which is damp with sweat now leaving Richard completely naked, dick hanging out. His 6 foot lean swimmer's body, hovers over the shorter muscular tattooed Mexican but Johnny has Richard like a trained k-9 as he leads him out of the garage and into the house. Scottie the Boston terrier belonging to Richard's girlfriend and responsible for getting him into this mess is sleeping peacefully in the kitchen floor as Johnny guides Richard through his home and up the stairs like a prisoner.

Johnny brings the naked Richard into his bathroom and turns on the shower. "What are you doing?" Richard asks. "You're covered in piss and sweat. If you're going to be my slave you'll have to clean up." Johnny tests the water making sure it's not too hot. "You going to untie me?" Johnny thinks about it... "Not yet" Johnny says as he guides Richard into the tub and under the shower spray and the warm water cascades over Richard's body. "How am I supposed to clean myself if my hands are tied?" Richard wonders as the water rinses off the bodily fluids he'd been soaking in for the last hour. "I'll help you" Johnny says as he starts removing his own clothes making Richard immediately nervous. With in seconds Johnny is completely naked and Richard can see his entire body is covered with tattoos and has a few bad looking scars around his toned stomach, and the most alarming thing is that he sees Johnny's dick is hard. Johnny climbs into the shower and gets behind Richard and makes sure the leash is still tightly binding his wrists. "Turn around" Johnny commands. The two of them are face to face, the shower spray hits Richard's back, and flows down his ass. Johnny grabs a bar of soap and starts lathering up Richard's chest and stomach. Richard has never had anything remotely experiencing this sort of intimacy with another man. Johnny can see how uncomfortable and tense Richard is. "I spent a five year stint showering with a dozen guys at a time." Johnny comments as he lathers up Richard's ribs causing him to giggle. "Did you soap them up like this too?" Richard asks sternly and Johnny takes exception with the question. "You trying to be funny?" Johnny asks as he starts tickling Richard's sides outright making him stumble back against the shower laughing "hahahahahaha stop! Stop! Hahahahahahahahahaha" Richard begs as he slides down the wet wall with the water falling over both of them. "Think you're funny?!" Johnny asks as he keeps tickling Richard's sides bringing him to his knees and directly in front of Johnny's erect cock. Johnny stops tickling him and Richard continues to look at Johnny's erection and while he's on his knees with the hot water raining down on him he can feel his own dick becoming stiff. Richard looks up at Johnny who's looking down at him. This cholo had broken him down into a shell of the man he's always been, a leader, a player, a confident arrogant winner. He'd reduced him to being a laughing bitch for his enjoyment and humiliated him, tickle tortured him. Richard thought of all the women he had gotten to suck his dick in his lifetime and how in his wildest dreams he could've never imagined being on the other end of a blowjob but at this moment unbeknownst to him the urge filled him so overpoweringly that it was almost an out of body experience the way he leaned in and took Johnny's erect cock into his mouth and with his hands bound behind his back on his knees in the shower started blowing Johnny like it was something in the recesses of his mind that always desired it. Nobody is more surprised than Johnny as Richard starts going to town on him after everything he had made him endure over the last few hours. Johnny shuts his eyes and puts his head back as the water washes over both of them and Richard sucks Johnny's dick like he had been doing it his whole life.

To be continued

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This story just gets better and better. The characters are real and erotic, and their dialog super hot. Great power dynamics. I love Richard having to agree to be a tickle slave, and can imagine his future. Johnny is a very hot, naturally dominant dude,and I would love to read more about him. Thanks for writing.

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Fuck so hot!!!