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Hi finally got a chance to carry this one on from part 5. Have stopped numbering them because this one is a new story. Going to keep this series running for while and also have other ideas for stand alone stories. Need to do a proper spell-check of all my stories at some point.

Hope you enjoy

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Finishing her breakfast Andrea wiggled her toes in the soft brown leather slippers she had been given and anticipated the day ahead, grinning at Lilly who ran a foot up and down her leg under the table teasing her and reminding her of the sweet tortures this new day would bring. The other girls were also in costume, as was the circus master apart from his mask. As Betty and her husband Simon ate breakfast and chatted with Andrea the unmasked circus master twitched and blinked and strangely, Andrea made a polite attempt to ignore this but as Simon left the two girls alone Betty leaned in and explained quietly:
“He has Tourette’s Sweetie, doesn’t swear or tick apart from when he is extremely stressed, and with the mask he doesn’t stutter or twitch at all”
Andrea politely nodded and listened, shyly letting her new friend talk before helping set up the tent for the day’s show. The girls decided amongst themselves that Lilly and Betty would start in the stocks. Despite the start of the day entertaining a small crowd of bemused dog walkers most of whom did not participate the girl’s received a merciless tickling from their friend’s. The day slowly picked up as holiday makers seeking the sun and good times arrived.
Andrea enjoyed being tickled in the stocks and watching the other girls suffer at the fingers and feather of the crowd, she found taking the money and talking to the crowd difficult though, her shyness proving difficult to lose. Luckily one of the other girls was always available to lend her a hand, and she slowly began to find her confidence.
When in the stocks Andrea was tormented in particular by a short blonde whose roots were showing through her central parting, other than this she had the kind of hair Andrea always wanted, a short but effective nails that scribbled devilish patterns all over Andrea’s trapped soles. She took turns tickling the other girls, but Andrea was definitely her favourite! Her soft sensitive arches being particularly vulnerable to her cruel nails whilst the short blonde blew gently on her toes, occasionally using a feather to tease between them. She managed to earn finger tickling session on the sensitive soles of Emily but mostly focused her attention on Andrea, saving her money when it was Andrea’s turn to take the money after satisfying herself with the other girl. The short blonde woman never spoke but smiled to herself and giggled as she elicited helpless laughter from her victim. Andrea noticed her wiggling her toes in her plastic sandals, the kind Andrea had as a little girl that had recently come into fashion being available in adult sizes. Andrea could just make out black toe nail polish and longed for revenge on her tormentor.

The blonde had eventually run out of money, enjoying every penny’s worth of delicious tickle torment and going to take out as much money as she could after cleaning out her purse. Around lunchtime a workman in a high-vis top took a turn tickling Andrea’s feet, his rough calloused fingertips drove Andrea mad, the other girls were equally tormented by these fingers but unlike the blonde this torment was short lived and the workman returned from his lunchbreak leaving the costumed women to the mercy’s of the crowd.

Cleo was initially less imposing than the previous day, her night of torment subduing her dominant and sadistic spirit until the early afternoon when she began using feathers to tickle her co-workers necks and underarms. Whilst adding to Andrea’s torments in this fashion Cleo failed to notice a teenage boy placing matches in between Lilly’s toes, it wasn’t until he produced a lighter and began to click the wheel producing sparks that she awoke from her revelry at tormenting the new girl that she noticed the danger. The boy was chased off by Ingrid before the matches could be lit, the circus master loudly reminded the crowd that hurting the girls was unacceptable.

Andrea enjoyed the tickling on this warm Sunday afternoon, it was more peaceful than the excitement of the previous day but she was far more anxious about the cameras of the crowd. She had been so lost in the fun the day before she hadn’t noticed the films and photos that undoubtedly would find their way online. Would her co-workers from the office find out about this? Andrea dreaded being exposed, wanting to keep her new found joy in tickling and being tickled separate from her quiet little life. Her mask would protect her identity for today but she noticed some of the regulars from the day before, if they uploaded both sets of photos she was certain she could be identified. The day eventually came to an end and Andrea helped her new friend’s pack away the tent and stocks. Lilly took Andrea’s number and circulated it to the other girls inviting her to ‘Games Night’ and texting Andrea to ensure they would not lose their new recruit due to wrong digit.

At the office the next day Andrea was unable to focus on her work, remembering the delights of the weekend and smiling. Her co-workers noticed the change in her and assumed she had finally met the right person, a few of them asked her about her good mood and Andrea only smiled shyly returning to her normal self. As she was replying to a text from Lilly on her lunch break Andrea wiggled her feet in their nylons having licked off her smart pumps, she suddenly felt sharp nails scratching at her soles and squealed bringing her feet up to her chest. She looked up to see Helen grinning at her.

“Is someone ticklish?!” Helen teased grinning at Andrea’s submissive smile and shocked deep breaths. Helen had mousey brown hair to her shoulders and was slightly shorter than Andrea.
“So who is your new fella then?” Helen asked being far more forward than her co-workers not noticing the shy Andrea’s discomfort.
Andrea could not find the confidence to answer Helen and just giggled submissively, wiggling her toes as she hugged her knees. Helen’s interrogation was cut short as other co-workers arrived. Later that day as Andrea was reaching to reach a file from a high shelf her exposed sides received a brief tickle as Helen passed swiftly. Andrea squeaked as the sudden sensation was accompanied by a
“BOOP!” from the passing Helen.
This event recurred and although Andrea never heard Helen coming she noticed how the files and folders she needed were moved to the high shelves in her absence. Andrea didn’t mind the tickling but felt slightly nervous that her weekend life was going to merge with her ordinary office life. By Tuesday Andrea’s worries were replaced by anticipation of the ‘Games Night’ at Simon’s and Betty’s.

Lilly had text her the address and apprehension welled within Andrea as she knocked on the door, her other hand holding a bottle of wine. She waited patiently and wondered if she had the right house as it took longer than usual for the door to be answered. Eventually Betty answered the door, wearing clothes not dissimilar to her weekend costume, her stage persona matching her personal style. Betty thanked Andrea for the wine and led her to the living room where Emily sat with a glass of wine and Lilly was giving Ingrid a back rub. As everyone greeted Andrea Lilly teased…

“Don’t be jealous Sweetie, Ingrid has a bad back! Too much gardening again!”

As Andrea entered the room she noticed two women she had not met at the weekend. The most striking was beautiful Goth girl wearing a corset top and black and red stripy stockings, she had black and red hair and a lower lip piercing. In the corner were a large pair of spiky boots that Andrea presumed were hers. She intimidated Andrea slightly as she did not know there would be anyone new at the party. The other girl had long dark wavy hair, beautiful dark brown eyes and soft Mediterranean skin. She wore blue jeans and a white strappy top and as she walked to the kitchen Andrea noticed she had some ink on the soles of her long soft feet. As Andrea settled in offering the wine to Simon she noticed a blind fold and and some scarfs on the sofa and some feathery quill pens on the table, Andrea wondered what games had been played before she arrived.

Betty invited her to sit between her and Emily on the sofa and Andrea submissively obliged watching the Goth girl wiggle her toes in her stockings and eye her in return. Eventually the Goth girl spoke…

“So who is going to play next then?” She asked her eyes betraying Andrea as the next candidate for whatever the game was.

“Oh I think Andrea would like to play!” Lilly purred nearly finished with Ingrid’s bad back, her soft feet wrinkled as she straddled the enormous ginger maiden who lay face down with both arms in front of her under her forehead. Andrea saw her wicked smile as she turned to look behind her and caught her wink before the evil Geisha returned to massage the aching muscle of the giant beneath her. Although she wasn’t wearing her costume Andrea still imagined Lilly wearing her Geisha costume, locked in the stocks with her toes tied back, her currently wrinkled soles outstretched for torment.

Her dreams were interrupted as Betty and Simon seized her arm tying them with a scarf. She giggled submissively as the Goth girl grabbed her ankles and began removing her boots and socks.

“You weren’t kidding Lil!” the Goth girl teased, the way in which she ignored Andrea somehow made the anticipation of what was to come worse for Andrea. Her breath quickened as the blindfold was administered and she was eased into position to lay across Betty and Emily her ankles hanging of the edge of the sofa and her arms bent back at the elbows and secured to straps down the side of the sofa.

“Nearly finished here Amy!” Lilly replied, naming the Goth girl…

“You take her left foot I want the right!” Lilly offered

Andrea giggled as Betty began teasing her underarms whilst Emily ran a feather between her toes. She felt each toe being tied and held back by a piece of string which she presumed Emily was now holding in her other hand.

“Okay all tied up! Now to set up the game!” the voice of Amy the Goth girl declared

Andrea jumped as she felt something tickle her left foot, it was like the pointy end of a quill but different, suddenly she remembered the ink on the dark haired girl’s foot and guessed Amy was writing on her feet. The sensations continued in vertical and horizontal short lines and were accompanied by evil scratches from the Goth girl’s nails on Andrea’s other foot.

“We are going to play tickle-tac-toe!” Amy decreed her voice full of a childish joy.
“We will keep score on your toes and for every game you lose we will tickle you for 1 minute! For every game you win you earn a minute back!” Amy’s voice only made the tickling worse and through giggles Andrea just managed to ask…..

“Wha-ha… ha hah ha… what! Ha..ha-happens if I win more th-ha…han you!”

“You know… It has never come up!” Amy beamed finishing the girds on her left foot and switching to the right using a feather to breeze between Andrea’s toes adding to the torments still supplied by Emily.

Andrea heard the other girl return from the kitchen. And her soft voice asked

“Ah so are we playing again!”

“Yeah you can take my first few turns if you like Nat!” Lilly offered still working on some of the knots under Ingrid’s shoulder blades.

“Thanks Lil!” the dark haired girl beamed

Andrea was torn; she was anticipating the tickling game with relish but hadn’t expected to be tickled by the new girls. Her usual anxiety didn’t have time to linger as the grids were finished on both feet and the underarm and toe tickling continued from Betty and Emily. A scratching at her heels kept her giggling and the girls explored the sides of her feet not wanting to smudge the ink on their captive’s soles.

“So who wants to go first?” Amy asked….

“Oh after you!” Natalie offered….

“Wouldn’t hear of it! After the tickling we gave you I think you deserve to start!” Amy teased

Andrea was already half way to hysterics and too distracted to note the position of the biro as Natalie crossed a box on of the grids on her right foot.

“I will start here” Natalie giggled

“Which one was that?” Andrea barely managed to ask between giggles

“Oh you have to work it out by feel sweetie!” Amy teased placing a cross in one of the grids on Andrea’s left foot.

“That’s not fair!” Andrea protested

“Same rules for everyone!” Lilly chimed in working at that pesky knot the giantess had given herself carrying her enormous breasts around.

“Your turn!” the two girls teased in unison

“Which foot?” Andrea asked giggling as the girls turning the pens to use the feather ends to tease between her toes and scratching at her heels with their nails.

“Right then left!” Amy ordered, definitely being the more dominant and assertive of the two new girls.

“Okay Central Square in both!” Andrea giggled, she felt a circle being drawn on her right foot but nothing on her left.

“Oh that’s the one I choose!” Amy beamed interrupting Andrea’s incoherent attempt to pick a new square through frantic giggles: “That means I get to go again!”

“No fair!” Andrea protested as two new crosses were drawn on her feet. The odds were stacked against her and she lost all five games on each foot, losing after only three or four moves each time each defeat being marked with cruelly drawn lines back and forth through the winning crosses.

Despite the fact that Lilly was a far more cruel and effective tickler than Natalie she felt somehow more comfortable when Lilly finished massaging Ingrid to replace Natalie at her right foot. After losing all ten games the girls decided that she had earnt ten minutes of tickle torture from all three girls plus Betty and Emily. She was reduced to hysterics as the girls cruelly tickled her all over, Amy quickly learning all of Lilly’s most devious tricks and which ones most tortured and turned on Andrea. Through her giggles and pleas for mercy Andrea revealed her arousal with sighs and moans being held between agony and ecstasy the tickling being both torture and intensely erotic. After her ten minutes were up and she was untied she hugged Lilly, having missed her company despite their frequent text messages.

Wine was shared during a brief interlude in which the girls chatted. Andrea learnt that Amy worked weekends and couldn’t take part in the shows, much to her annoyance. Natalie meanwhile was too shy to be tickled in public. Cleo didn’t attend these events, and Lilly recounted her deployment of the torture box in the Egyptian Queen’s punishment. The tale of her mummification was also recounted whilst Emily quietly sipped her wine, trying not to remember the unbearable torture she suffered prior to this. Emily wore a white dress and black strappy sandals, despite not wearing her Princess costume she still appeared serene and peaceful.

Eventually the respite came to an end as Betty produced a Jenga set and placed it on a circular table. All the girls began sitting round the table with their legs outstretched. As Simon and Ingrid began binding the girl’s legs together: Ankle to thigh, Lilly asked…

“So how many do we think can fit”

Andrea didn’t understand what was going on and watched as Betty, Emily, Lilly, Amy and Natalie arranged themselves in a circle.

“Oh there is room for one more!” Amy teased and beckoned Andrea to sit between herself and Lilly.

Andrea obliged still not sure of the rules of the game, giggling as her feet were secured to her friends ankles by Simon and Ingrid.

“Last one to be tied up has to start!” Lilly teased

“But I don’t know what to do!” Andrea quietly objected in the most submissive manner possible.

“It’s easy!” Amy purred: “Just pull out one of those wooden blocks and put it on top of the tower….

Whilst we do this!” Amy began using both hands to tickle Andrea’s foot at her thigh, Lilly followed suit and Andrea squirmed and tried to fend off their tickling fingers. As she did so she was rewarded by tickles to her sides and underarms. Their victim subdued the girls slowed to a gentle tickle as the other girls in the circle began to get bored and tickle their feet the other side of the circle. During this distraction Andrea just managed to move one of the wooden blocks out of the tower and placed it on top.

“Sneakily done!” Amy chimed, I believe we go clockwise nodding to Lilly to Andrea’s right. Lilly giggling softly from Emily’s gentle teasing and managed to get her block to the top of the tower before Andrea could scribble her fingers over her captive sole, being repaid in kind by the victorious Lilly. Emily’s feet now freed from their sandals were only tickled with feathers which were ineffective in the hands of Betty and Lilly who themselves were suffering at the fingertips of Andrea and Natalie. With a few giggles the angelic blonde managed to get the third block to the top of the tower completing the first new layer. Betty’s stockinged feet were squirming under the gentle tickles of Natalie and Emily but the contortionist had enough control to successfully start a new layer despite her giggles. Natalie tried to fight the ticklish sensations on the soles of her long smooth soles still marked with the noughts and crosses grids. Betty and Amy exchanged a knowing look and a wink and paused their tickling, as Natalie took the opportunity to lean forwards they both quickly resumed their tickling using one hand to tickle her narrow feet and the other to explore her sides. The resumed tickling attack caused Natalie to explode and as she tried to tease a tile from the tower she screeched and knocked the entire tower flying.

Natalie’s wrists were quickly grabbed by Simon and Ingrid and she was pulled back to lie on her back whilst Amy and Betty continued the torture of her feet using both hands to cruelly torment her feet, bot Betty and Amy were just able to resist the soft tickling of their feet which was deliberately kept gentle to enable them to torment the loser. Both Simon and Ingrid held one of Natalie’s wrists and used the other hand to torment her underarms and sides. Natalie tickling punishment continued for ten minutes before she was let up.

“And now you need to rebuild the tower!” Ingrid teased tickling Natalie’s sides from behind.

After several attempts Natalie found it impossible to rebuild the tower whilst being tickled her cheeks a rosy red tears beginning to form in her eyes. It was decided that if she agreed to a tickling punishment the girls would help her rebuild the tower. Natalie agreed and after catching her breath asked….

“So what is my punishment?”

“Oh we will tell you later sweetie!” Lilly teased knowing that the anticipation would increase Natalie’s torment.

“Okay so my turn to start” Amy whispered hoping to sneakily make hr move before the tickling started again

“Hey!” Andrea objected tickling Amy’s left foot and side at the same time.

Amy jumped not expecting this quick response and being and knocked the tower over.

“Well that stayed up for a while!” Simon sarcastically said as he and Ingrid pulled a resistant Amy back into the tickling position.

Andrea enjoyed tickling Andrea’s stockinged foot as Simon and Ingrid tormented her underarms and neck with feathers. Natalie also seemed to be enjoying her revenge on the Goth girl, using one hand to tickle her friend’s arches and the other to explore her toes. Andrea got the distinct impression that Amy preferred to tickle to being tickled, which made torturing her all the more fun. Andrea especially enjoyed getting between her toes which she could just about see were painted black. Every time Amy curled up her toes Andrea would use one hand to tickle the top Amy’s foot and the other on her arch causing her to kick and wiggle her foot making the toes vulnerable again.

After finishing Amy’s punishment the girls decided it was time to play another game and upon being released from their bondage refreshments were enjoyed. Amy and Natalie took the opportunity to learn more about the newcomer and although Andrea was shy they persistent, complimenting her tickling skills and confirming her as a friend in their little tickling circle. Whilst not knowing how to answer their questions about her personal life Andrea imagined tickling them in a number of bondage positions, wanting to torture their feet and drive them both to the brink of insanity. As she was imagining putting Amy in Lilly’s torture box Betty appeared with a twister set.

Andrea agreed to play despite her opponents including an acrobat and a contortionist. Once the game was underway Andrea was snuggled up between Amy, Natalie, Betty and Lilly. Ingrid was spinning the wheel whilst resting her back in a chair.

“Amy right foot on Natalie’s back!” Ingrid declared

“It doesn’t say that!” Amy protested trying hard to stay upright in her slippery stockings

“Yes it does in Biro where by thumb has stopped it!” Ingrid teased

“Come on Amy!” Betty teased, her sheer stockings giving her no problems as she held a position Andrea could scarcely believe.

Amy obliged and the game continued. When it came to Lilly’s turn Ingrid called out…

“Okay Lil! Right hand hold Amy’s ankle!”

“Oh come on!” Amy protested.

“Natalie left hand tickle Amy’s foot!

Amy’s protests were quickly cut off as she giggled trying hard not to overbalance.

“Andrea also right hand tickle Amy’s foot!” Ingrid continued ordering all the girls to tickle the sensitive Goth girl. Amy couldn’t stand it and collapsed on the twister mat being helplessly tickled by all the girls after several minutes of tickling Simon declared…

“Okay Ladies and Gentlemen I believe it is time to adjourn to the basement”. He declared in his circus master’s voice, the comfortable environment preventing him from twitching or blinking.

As Andrea followed the party down into the cellar she noted the heavy door and some peculiar cardboard squares. Noticing her confusion Betty explained…

“Egg boxes, for sound proofing. The stereo covers the laughter from the gentle tickling games but later we will get louder and at night noise carries!”

Andrea shivered as the heavy door was shut and the procession headed down into the dungeon like basement prepared for the evening’s entertainment.

The basement was decorated in paces like a medieval dungeon, although half-finished projects, mostly restraint device were visible under sheet. On a black board the designs for Lilly’s torture box were decipherable alongside the chalk scribblings for other diabolical schemes. In pride of place was a long set of stocks with six pairs of holes available, the lower half of each was cut out of a long plank of wood whilst the upper half of each pair was sealed by a shorter piece of wood that lowered vertically over the victim’s ankles on two runners. Andrea watched as Betty sat and allowed her husband to trap her ankles and restrain her arms high above her head using one of the many sets of manacles.

Amy was removing her large spiky boots, and despite having already seen and tickled her feet in their stripy stockings, Andrea still watched as she exposed her feet once more. Natalie was the next to be restrained, Amy helping Simon secure Natalie’s wrists before beckoning Andrea over to the third set of stocks.

“So what are we playing?” Andrea asked as her ankles were locked down in the stocks

“Oh just a little game was like to call tickle-ual pursuit!” Amy teased sitting down next to Andrea. The girls were close and Andrea enjoyed the anticipation of the tickling to come, twitching as the nervous electric atmosphere was enhanced by the sensations of the girl to either side of her squirming. She noted Lilly securing Ingrid to a different device.

“Lilly! You coming sweetie!” Betty called.

“Yeah, Ingrid’s back is still bad! I’m going to stretch her out on the rack” As Lilly turned the wheel stretching the busty redhead taut Andrea longed to see the device used for tickling. She shuddered at the thought of being stretched and tickled herself on such a device but replaced torture box in her fantasies involving the two girls to either side of her instead wanting to stretch them and hear them beg as the tired helplessly to evade her tickles. Sensing her fascination Amy teased…

“Maybe later you will get to try it out!” Amy winked, Andrea shivered knowing she was the victim in the Goth girl’s mind.

After finishing stretching Ingrid out Lilly was secured next to Emily in the sixth pair of stocks. Simon walked behind each girl in turn and teased their necks as he blindfolded them using the travel eye masks that the group seemed to prefer. As he did so he explained the rules mostly for Andrea’s benefit.

The rules were simple, questions were asked as in the original board game. Except instead of moving around a board they were asked in order whilst the victim’s feet were tickled by Simon. If a question was answered correctly then the colour wedge for that category was awarded and Simon would move on to the next girl.

If a question was answered incorrectly or passed Simon would move to the next question on that card until reaching the end of the card. Each incorrect answer would also earn a punishment point for end of game forfeits, an extra punishment point was earnt if all six questions on one card were answered incorrectly.

The game ended when one of the contestants had earnt all six wedges, although each of the girls down the line would have one more turn in which to answer any remaining questions to make the game fair.

Upon completing the rules Simon informed Andrea that there were of course other rules but she would find out what they were when she broke them!

“Okay time to Begin! Betty my sweet your first question!”

Betty giggled as her husband began to tickle her feet

“Which city is con-considered as the Ancient Capital of W.W…Wessex!” Simon asked stuttering only slightly

“Wi-inchester!” Betty declared triumphantly through her giggles… “We went last year sweetie!”

“Yes a bit too easy I thought you would get that one!” Simon teased her finishing her tickle and moving to Natalie’s feet.

“Oh god!” Natalie moaned

“Ah yes our favourite seven pointer!” Simon teased tickling her trapped feet.

Natalie instantly broke down into giggles trying to wiggle her feet away from Simon’s evil fingers

“Ah now you know the rules Natalie! Naughty feet that squirm get the toe ties!”

“Please no!” Natalie protested trying to keep her feet still.

The combined concentration on keeping her feet still and answering the questions was too much for Natalie and after getting three questions wrong Simon tied her toes. Her helpless feet were tickled to distraction as she got the fourth question wrong earning her four punishment points. Luckily for Natalie the science and nature question was easy, this being one of her worst topics and she earnt a wedge for her efforts.

Simon moved to Andrea and began to tease her feet slowly building her anticipation, she giggled and resisted the urge to squirm keeping her feet upright.

“Name the second wide of Henry VIII” Simon asked

Andrea smiled she had always been good at history: “Anne Boleyn” Simon sighed placing the appropriate wedge in her little round thing and moved onto Amy’s feet. Andrea smiled at her success and wished she could see Amy’s tickle torment enjoying her helpless giggles as she got three questions wrong whilst giggling and squirming. Andrea enjoyed feeling her helpless involuntary squirms through her hips and sides, Amy was helplessly wriggling and unable to earn the toe ties that increased her torments. Through her helpless laughter she was somehow able to answer an easy question about Edgar Allen Poe. “Raven! Raven!” she managed to cry out through helpless peals of laughter.

Simon moved along to Emily’s feet, as at the beach only feather were used to torment her delicate soles. Through giggles she passed on her first question not knowing where the Nazca lines where, as a pair of make-up brushes extracted giggles from the sensitive Emily she got her second question right. Simon moved to Lilly’s feet. Lilly’s helpless giggles aroused Andrea as Simon tormented her soles whilst asking the questions. After getting the first two questions wrong Lilly’s toes where tied. Andrea had spotted that Lilly had painted her toes a deep shade of red and wished she could see them helplessly bound and awaiting their torture. Lilly proceeded to get her next four questions wrong earning herself a total of seven punishment points. Simon returned to his wife’s stocking soles gently teasing them before carrying on with the questions on her card.

Betty managed to get her art’s and literature question right having earnt two punishment points through giggles and squirms. Natalie the remaining question wrong on her card and not wanting to leave her soft feet be Simon decided to start a new card. The helpless brunette dissolved into giggles shaking her head and struggling to escape as Simon’s fingertips drove her insane. Andrea enjoyed feeling her squirms and hearing her helpless laughter. Natalie maintained her reputation as a seven-pointer getting every question on her new card wrong bringing her to a total of twelve punishment points. Andrea squirmed as Simon moved along to her feet running an index finger slowly down each sole before resuming her questions.

Andrea didn’t know the answer to her first question, what was Poland’s longest river she panicked as the intensity of the tickles increased squirming her feet to get them away!

“Danube!” she guessed knowing it was in Germany but hoping that boundary changes etc would give her a snowball’s chance in hell.

“Wrong! Vistula!” Simon beamed tying her toes.

Andrea giggled and laughter helplessly getting the next two questions wrong finally getting a question about pumice right.

“Hmm pumice we might use some of that to clean these inky feet later!” Simon teased, running a fingers up and down both Andrea’s and Natalie’s inky soles, the remains of their previous games being smudged from the tickling they had since received. Simon moved onto Amy’s feet and tickled them mercilessly earning their owner a further two punishment points as she thrashed and squirmed lost to helpless laughter. At Emily’s feet a further punishment point was earnt before she got a question about the Bronte Sisters right.

“Hmm you girls know your literature” Simon commented as he awarded the third wedge for this category.

Before he moved to Lilly’s feet Ingrid spoke:

“I think my back is fixed now!”

Lilly happily instructed Simon in releasing her from the rack without undoing the benefits to her aching muscles, enjoying the respite from her impending torture. She soon regretted her efforts as Ingrid assisted Simon in tickle torturing the trapped Asian temptress. It seemed as if Lilly would succumb to the torture earning herself a further five punishment points before getting her final question right. The tormentors returned to Betty teasing the trapped girls as they passed, Simon running his fingers along each girl’s soles and Ingrid teasing the girls soft underarms with feathers. Upon reaching Betty the girls drove her insane knowing she knew the answer but enjoying tickling her to the point where speech was impossible, especially for the answer ‘Komodo Dragon’ which after several minutes of disjointed syllables amongst helpless laughter Betty finally managed to say.

Moving to Natalie the pair took a moment to enjoy her apprehensive squirms knowing that their victim was the most ticklish of the six, apart from Emily who was a special case. Simon enjoyed torturing her soft soles as she helplessly laughed unable to answer the first question, Ingrid tormented her underarms and sides occasionally giving Andrea’s nearby sides an unexpected squeeze. Eventually Ingrid decided they were being cruel and the pair eased up on the torture long enough for Natalie to plead…

“I don’t know!” Her voice full of desperation

The torture resumed as Simon asked the next question, the pair returned Natalie to her helpless laughter for five minutes before giving her a respite to answer…

“I have forgotten the question, Please stop tickling me!” Natalie begged

The pair returned her to helpless laughter as Simon asked the question a second time, keeping her speechless for another three minutes before she was able to answer “Estonia”….. “Correct” Simon relented, leaving the brunette to sigh and sag in her bondage exhausted from her ordeal.

Moving to Andrea the pair continued their cruel trick of tickling their victim to a frenzy before asking the question. Andrea knew the answer but was unable to coherently for four minutes before answering her question correcting finishing her first card with half of the wedges earnt. The cruel trick was continued on Amy’s soles and sides before she was eventually able to get her history question right after several minutes of torture. It took less effort to reduce the sensitive Emily to helpless giggles however she didn’t know the answer to her last two questions and suffered greatly before managing to pass. Lilly truly suffer on her turn eventually getting a literature question right.

For the fourth round both Simon and Ingrid tickled the girl’s feet, Betty enjoyed her stocking feet being tormented and actually delayed answering the soft sensations being just right to turn her on. When Betty eventually answered not wanting to climax the pair moved to Natalie’s feet. The delay in Natalie giving the wrong answer was genuine, her soft feet being mercilessly tickled by the pair. After several further minutes of torture Natalie was able to earn her literature wedge, joining all the girls except Andrea who answered her history question wrong earning one punishment point before getting the next question right. Amy earnt a further punishment point her soft feet being tortured to distraction through their sheer striped stockings. Emily also earnt a punishment point but already had the wedge for her correct answer in the Geography round. Lilly also earnt one punishment point and answered a question for a category she also had.

Returning to Betty for round five the pair truly drove her insane, between the intense tickling and hard questions Betty earnt a full seven points for her new card leaving her with two slots in her little wheel blank. Natalie barely managed to earn the wedge for the last question on her card, her tormentors knowing she knew the answer but keeping her in the torturous silent laughter as the teased her soft tender soles, she had earnt a further punishment point but joined Betty and Andrea in having four wedges. Andrea knew if she got the next two questions right she would win the game but had never seen the film Predator and didn’t know the answer. The next question was easy and Andrea took the lead giving Sherlock Holme’s famous address. Amy was able to get her literature question right as was Emily, the latter earning one punishment point. Lilly truly suffered and earned a further seven points, the pair at her soles remarking on how she was seemingly taking Natalie’s place as the group’s seven pointer.

In the next round Betty and Natalie joined Andrea at five wedges, Betty needing geography whilst Natalie and Andrea both needed to win the film category in order to win. The other girls all earnt wedges and a few punishment points between them, trailing with three or four categories completed. At the start of the next round Andrea held her breath as the other girls were asked questions that could win them the game, luckily they didn’t answer correctly, on her own turn Andrea earnt a punishment point and completed a card with a correct answer, she realised she could win next time if she passed until the round she needed came up. The girls to her left earned more wedges and punishment points as their feet and sides were tormented.

Betty and Natalie were clearly using the same strategy as Andrea and passed on some easy questions only to be rewarded with difficult question on their respective remaining topics each earning punishment points that patience could have avoided. On her turn Andrea passed history and geography questions she knew the answers to earning sarcastic remarks from her new friends who knew her strategy and knowledge of these topics from previous rounds.

The dreaded moment arrived and Simon took a long time to ask the fateful question, teasing her soles with his fingers as he paused enjoying the suspense: Gladiator, she thought it was a hard question concerning one of the lesser known characters. She struggled to fight the distraction of the tickles, eventually managing to blurt out…

“Oliver Reed!”

“Ladies and Gentlemen we have a winner!” Simon decreed in his circus master tones, despite the fact he was the only gentleman present.

“Now we will continue for the next round to give these lovely ladies a chance to earnt the wedges and reduce additional punishment points”. The torture of Amy, Emily and Lilly’s soles continued and although wedges were earnt so were punishment points. After finishing the torment of Lilly’s soles Simon read the scores.

Well we have a clear winner in our newest contestant who has only earnt only 9 punishment points. Meanwhile my beautiful wife has earnt 15, the delightful Natalie 21, the dark and lovely Amy 16, the gentle Emily 10 and the lovely Lilly will suffer tonight having earnt 32 punishment points. I believe the best exchange rate is one minute of tickle torture for each point and an additional five for each wedge you failed to earn. As the girls were Blindfolds were removed Ingrid Adjusted the scores on the black board beneath the many drawings and designs of evil tickling contraptions the adjust scores read:

Betty: 20
Natalie: 26
Andrea: 9
Amy: 21
Emily: 15
Lilly: 42

“Now how about we start with the winner first that way upon completion of their torture each girl can be released to join in the fun!” Ingrid beamed. Glad her bad back had excused her from this game having lost far too many times due to her weak spot for film questions.

“Sound good to me!” Simon concurred preparing the scrubbing brushes to clean the ink of Andrea’s feet.

The sole scrubbing tickled Andrea and raised her sensitivity but not as much as her ordeal in the sand the previous weekend. There was no time to use a hairdryer and the pair enjoyed their torment of the helpless sandy blonde and her pink clean feet administering fingers and feathers after the promised pumice stones. Andrea panted and moaned as she was released from her bondage the tickling has turned her on and she wanted to tickle the other girls now. As the trio approached Emily Andrea skittered her freed fingers over Amy’s trapped soles enjoying the giggles and squirms of her new friend.

Emily’s soles were freed from their toe ties and jingle bells were used to replace them. As usual soft brushes and fluffy feathers were used to torture the soft sensitive soles of this hypersensitive blonde, however every time she jingled the bells the girls were allowed 10 seconds of finger tickling torture which reduced Emily to hysterics.

Next up was Betty who suffered tremendously for Twenty minutes growing ever redder as the girls rotted tickling her upper body and stockinged feet. Towards the end of the torture Simon asked the girls if they could tickle the girls of their choice and as the three devious vixens moved to their favourite targets, Emily to Lilly, Ingrid to Amy and Andrea to Natalie the circus master continued Betty’s torment on her stockinged feet. Andrea shyly slowed her tickling of Natalie’s soft soles as Betty climaxed the stocking tickle torture arousing her beyond her capacity to resist, as she approached the third or fourth wave of pleasure her husband teased…

“Time’s up!” slowing his tickles

“No please just a little more” his wife gasped her desired almost satisfied.

“Okay but you will have to wear the special panties!” Simon teased resuming the special techniques he knew caused his wife to climax.

She agreed climaxing again and again.

Andrea shyly continued her torture of Natalie who was oblivious to anything beyond the torment of her soft soles. As Betty was released the girls handed her the hot soapy water and scrubbing brushes from her own previous torture.

“How about you use this to carry on her torture whilst we torture Amy here!” Ingrid suggested topping up the bowl with some new hot water from a thermos to ensure it would bring the helpless brunette to the peak of her sensitivity.

“But I want to tickle Amy!” Andrea protested not wanting to miss a chance to torment the gorgeous Goth girl.

“Okay you help us for the first ten minutes then it is scrubbing time for Natalie!” Ingrid beamed relishing the soft pink soles of the tall slender beauty.

“Actually I wouldn’t mind starting her torture!” Betty declared still writhing as a result of the special panties that including a small vibrator positions in just the right place.

As Betty began Natalie’s special beauty treatment the girls tortured Betty whilst Simon tickled his wife’s freed stocking feet. The Goth girl thrashed and threatened them unable to stand the three girls torment, Andrea and Ingrid tickled her feet with their fingers whilst Emily used feathers to explore her underarms. After 10 minutes she could stand no more and cried out…

“Trade!... Trade!” her mascara streaked with tears and her red cheeks showing through her pale make up.

Andrea didn’t know about this part of the rules and as Simon and Betty looked up from using the hairdryers on Natalie’s feet she wasn’t sure what was going on. Whilst still tickling his wife’s foot with one hand and carefully heating Natalie’s right foot with the hairdryer held in the other Simon looked at Andrea.
“Well I think out winner should decide! Shall we allow Amy a short break and continue her torture on another device or disregard her cries for mercy and keep going?”

Andrea paused allowing Ingrid to keep tickling both feet, eventually she decided….

“I want to see her tickled on the rack!” She sadistically grinned always wanting to torment the tightly stretched body of a helpless victim.

Amy was released from her bondage and held firmly by Ingrid. Betty continued the sensitisation of Natalie’s feet as Simon helped carry the struggling Goth to the rack.

“No not the Rack! Please No!” Amy protested regretting breaking half way through her torture.

As Ingrid pinned her down Simon began adjusting the equipment he and Lilly had designed. The other girls began to strip Amy removing her stockings and corset under which her pale petite breasts sported two nipple rings. Her body was covered in unique and wonderful tattoos that Andrea admired, she was not usually a fan of body art but these suited Amy as did the small black panties the girls left her wearing as the locked her ankles in the stocks as her wrists were cuffed. Her ankle were further held by leather straps to stop the stocks rubbing her feet. As the wheel was turned Amy whimpered dreading the torture.

“Now! Now sweetie! You almost begged us to make one of these!” Betty teased.

“Yes but I want to torture Ingrid on it!” Amy protested

“Oh I’m going to make you suffer for that!” Ingrid declared starting the torture with a feather all over Amy’s upper body.

Simon turned the wheel until Amy’s body was stretched tight, not to the point of pain and well away from the point where any damage would befall her beautiful body.

“Now to restart the clock!” The circus master solemnly declared.

“Please No!” Amy begged turning her head from side to side trying to find mercy in the faces of the vixen who surrounded her wiggling their fingers. None was found and the sadistic grins of each girl only heightened her anticipation.

The tickling began suddenly and Amy exploded her soft body being explored whilst Emily used a feather to tickle her soft pale feet. After reducing her victim to helpless laughter Andrea decided to join Emily who she had not spoken with much in the evening of torment and titillation. She tied Amy’s wiggling toes back to the stocks as the divine Emily softly tormented them with feathers, Andrea knew the soft tickles would barely register over the upper body tickles. Here use these Andrea said handing Emily a pair of Electric toothbrushes. Amy was in hell, her Upper body was being tormented by Ingrid, Betty and Simon whilst her arches were being tormented by the new girl as Emily explored the sensitive areas between her toes with the toothbrushes. After five minute she began to plead with her tormentors with mercy unable to stand the torture any longer.

“I tell you what sweetie! Double or nothing! If you can resist the effects of what I’m wearing for Natalie’s torture session we will let you go afterwards if not we reset the torture clock to 10 minutes!” Betty teased knowing there were several of the wickedly effective panties squirreled away and that she would not have to give up her night of ecstasy.

Amy agreed helplessly pleading for the torture to stop. The panties were applied and switched on and her sighs of relief were replaced by moans and sighs of a different nature as the device changed between different frequencies and patterns designed to stop her getting to used to its stimulation.

The girls approached Betty whose pink soles were begging to be tickled. Ingrid applied some oil to her soles and Simon directed the final use of the hair dryers, as her feet were brought to the maximum point of sensitivity she whimpered and trembled knowing she would not be able to stand the torture.

She was right and each of the girls took it in turns to torment her soft soles, a total of four torturers were able to torment her hyper-sensitive soles at a time leaving one to torment her upper body and the backs of her knees, the girls and Simon took turns at taking this less favoured position but relished her torment all the same. For the first six minutes she was unable to speak, her face red and tears streaming down her cheeks. The girls let up teasing her that she had twenty minutes left! In the brief respite she began to beg…

“Trade! Please! I can’t take it!” Natalie was in hell the gentlest tickle driving her crazy, one torturer alone could drive her to madness like this but five was intolerable.

“Tell you what!” Betty declared! “I want you in the stocks this weekend! No excuses wearing that Graeco-Roman mask I got for you!”

Andrea remembered Betty’s desire to what a Roman governess by tickled and considered how Natalie was perfect for this role.

Natalie agreed under duress to be part of the show, Amy had the next weekend off work which meant that the triple stocks could be used raising the amount of money the show could take.

As the girls relented on the tickling Simon spoke…

“Now I remember a certain someone being owed a special torture from the jenga game!”

Natalie resumed pleading, any further thoughts of tickling being unbearable.

“Not now sweetie I have just got her to agree to my fantasies!” Betty interrupted.

“Well how about just two more minutes of tickling!” Andrea asked

“What do you think sweetie!” two more minutes of tickling now and you agree to come along this weekend?” Betty asked not wanting to risk losing her weekend desires.

“Not all at once please!” Natalie begged the combined tickling of forty to fifty fingers being unbearable

“Okay well one minute each then!” Ingrid proposed as a compromise.

Andrea was offered first turn and thoroughly enjoyed tormenting Natalie’s helpless soles which had not decreased in sensitivity from their scrubbing and heating. Next up it was Ingrid and as she watched the ginger Amazon torment the helpless brunette Andrea started to notice the distinct sounds of Amy struggling to resist the panties which whirred and buzzed bringer her closer and closer to an orgasm. As Betty took her turn the sounds of Amy’s valiant resistance against the devious device became louder and as Emily took her turn using a feather to torture Natalie’s soles Amy couldn’t resist any longer and climaxed again and again. She was still climaxing as Simon finished his turn and release Natalie, putting a white pair of socks on her feet before releasing them from the stocks.

The girls circled the ecstatic Amy who was grinding against the panties unable to control herself, Ingrid cupped the device and held it firm against Amy’s crotch enjoying the intensity of the orgasm that this closer contact produced.

“Well! Well! Well! Looks like someone has another ten minutes of horrible tickle torture!” Betty teased relishing the prospect of breaking this beautiful Goth girl.

Slowly both the vibrating panties were removed and Amy’s own quim soaked ones underneath were cut off with scissors revealing her shaved pussy. Amy had yet to get a piercing down there but was on her agenda and she struggled knowing the torture would be unbearable. To complete her torment she was blindfolded and gagged and it was decided that she could stand to have the tension of the rack increased.

A cruel device was brought forwards, it was the prototype for the ‘main wheel’ of Lilly’s torture box and it was placed between Amy’s legs such that its feather would torment her crotch. Further torture devices were woven between her toes and in her Belly button and Andrea squirmed I horror remembered the horrible device in her belly button. In the corner Lilly instructed the girls from her bondage and immediately regretted drawing attention to herself as Betty approaches with a couple of spare toe ticklers and a ball gag. Andrea noticed Lilly’s protests at the application of the devices but was too fascinated with the torture in front of her to even consider helping her friend. As Betty walked back to the rack she looked over her shoulder at the struggling Lilly and teased…

“Well we wouldn’t want you getting bored now would we?!”

Simon started the torture clock and the device were switched on. Their administrations of tickle torture alone would have been unbearable but the fingers, feather and brushes held in six pairs of hands pushed Amy to the limit. Simon had to ease Betty and Ingrid up as Amy approached unconsciousness. Her torture was absolute as seconds seemed like hours her cries of protests muffled by the ball gag and any movement impossible. As the torture clock reached its last minute she twitched as much as the bondage would allowed. Too exhausted to scream, her torture had reached a Zen state and it seemed that all she had ever know was the tickling. Her manual torture had been reduced to five as Emily had wandered over to Lilly’s feet to torment them with a feather. As the torture clock reached Zero the tickling stopped and the torture device were switched off one by one. Before passing out she looked at Andrea through her mess of make up and sweat soaked hair an whispered…

“I will get you for this! You will suffer!” With that Amy passed out on the rack which was loosen, her limp body was carried to a sheep skin by Ingrid who winked at Andrea….

“Believe me girl! You’ve got it coming this one is cruel one! She is as sadistic as Cleo but with a better sense of honour”.

Andrea squirmed not being able to imagine what torments lay in store for her.

Finally the girls circled Lilly who was already being driven to madness by Emily’s gentle foot tickling and the toe tickling devices that had been administered by Betty.

“I think we should knock five minutes off her sentence!” Simon declared “She is already is hysterics and it is getting late!” The girls circled Lilly Simon and Betty tormented her underarms with feather and fingers whilst Natalie and Andrea used their fingers to torment her arches. Ingrid tormented her outstretched legs whilst Emily used feathers to tease her neck.

The hysterical Lilly was screaming something into her ball-gag and after several minutes Betty decided to let her talk….

“Tra-ha-ha-ade!” She laughed

“Please! Stop!” the girls had never broken Lilly before and decided to continue for a few minutes, each having old score to settle. When Lilly broke she climaxed hard, this raised her sensitivity even further and Andrea relished her moans and sighs interspersed with helpless giggles as she was reduced to heaving mass of tormented flesh.

“Trade! Trade! Please I can’t take this!” She pleaded still more than half an hour of torture was left for the helpless Asian hottie.

“Well Andrea you are the winner what do you think!”

Andrea paused and pondered, tilting her head from side to side as she used the nails she was specifically cultivating to administer tickle torture just like this. The other girls looked at her expectantly each continuing their tickle torture at half pace as the awaited Andrea’s verdict. Finally she decided….

“I want to put her in the torture box!” Andrea quietly murmured

“No Not that!” Lilly begged

Simon and Ingrid began untying her and seizing her thrashing limbs as the other girls continued their tickle torment.
She was carried to a corner of the basement where Betty revealed Lilly’s devious device from under its sheet.

Lilly struggled and tried to get free as the girls stripped her naked.

“Now if you’re a good girl and stop struggling we will only put you in it for twenty minutes” Ingrid teased

“But keep struggling and we will leave you in it all night long” Betty whispered in Lilly’s other ear.

Lilly reluctantly eased her struggles and tried to relax as Betty tugged down her panties. She was carried to the torture box and strapped in. Simon knew how best to set up the horrible internal feather for maximum torment. Together he and Lilly had used a shop manikin to test the internal straps and feather lengths to optimise its effect. Lilly had tested a few of them on herself before finally including them in the box and she squirmed as the feather were adjusted to place them in the correct position for optimum torment.

The box was closed and Lilly’s toes tied back, the toe ties were attached to the vibrating feathers and Lilly’s moaned knowing what game would be played first. Andrea was given first tickle of her soles and within seconds Lilly curled her feet to the wrinkled position Andrea had admired at the start of the evening. They were instantly pulled back by the toe-ties and the vibrating feather started their cruel buzzing between her toes. Lilly regretting telling Andrea that longer nails tickled worse especially when maintained in the correct way. Andrea was able to use the pads of her fingertips and nails in unison and Lilly struggled to escape, being rewarded all the while by the internal feather designed to react to such movements and tickle her underarms and the backs of her knees.

After the feather reset it was Emily’s turn and Lilly was just able to resist the soft feather tickling of her outstretched feet without curling her toes. Emily moved to tickle her neck and face with her feathers, reapplying Lilly’s blindfold as she did so. Next up were Simon and Betty and as the wiggled their fingers before Emily lower the blindfold Betty teased…

Now don’t curl up your toes or else we will fill the funnel. Lilly couldn’t resist and after 30 seconds of desperately trying to keep her feet still activated the toe tickle devices. She recognised the feel of Ingrid’s slightly rougher finger tips as Betty and Simon filled the funnels. The main wheel began to turn as the other internal feathers also tickled her joining those which responded to her own movements. At this point Lilly was going insane, unable to control herself she wiggled and squirmed and screamed into a ball-gag that was applied to her open mouth and secured behind her head. The main wheel slowly began to draw back and after letting it come to rest at the back of its arc Simon reset it knowing that Lilly would become more sensitive after the orgasm it would induce. Unlike Andrea Lilly could orgasm without direct stimulation and the combination of manual foot tickling, toe ties and internal feather would be enough without the influence of the main wheel. After the third time it was brought forwards Lilly Climaxed dampening the feathers of the main wheel with her quim. She was in both heaven and hell: her own love child the tickle box was being used to drive her insane. She vowed vengeance on Andrea relishing the prospect of tormenting her new friend as much as she enjoyed her own torture. She climaxed for the third or fourth time and decided she would assist Amy in her vengeance, perhaps they could mummify Andrea like they did Cleo or do the thing with the ants. No Lilly decided tickle torture was not enough she wanted to keep the Blonde on the edge of an orgasm all night long and hear her plead for the release she desperately craved. As she dreamed of vengeance the torture clock reached its end and the foot tickling stopped the main wheel kept turning and with one last epic orgasm Lilly passed out her mind fell into a dreamless sleep.

She awoke several hours later in Simon and Betty’s spare room curled up next to the naked Amy who stirred, Lilly noticed a glass of water on the side next to a note. It wasn’t the first time this had happened at game’s night and as she rehydrated herself Amy purred.

“I like the new girl! But we owe her one!”

Lilly concurred and curled up next to the Goth chick and went back to sleep deciding to inform Amy of her diabolical plans the following morning over breakfast.

07-04-2015, 08:16 AM
super .... nice series!

07-04-2015, 08:50 AM
Thanks glad you like it :)

07-04-2015, 10:12 AM
WOW! I loved this follow up & the fresh start it gives the series going forth. I really like the new girls we meet here, especially Amy.

07-05-2015, 03:30 AM
Thanks. I don't know about you but I strongly believe that every group of girls giving and receiving tickles should always contain at least one goth girl :-)

07-05-2015, 08:34 AM
Thanks. I don't know about you but I strongly believe that every group of girls giving and receiving tickles should always contain at least one goth girl :-)

I actually feel the same way lol

07-06-2015, 06:18 AM
Loving this series! Each chapter has something for everybody. Would love to see an episode focused on the all the girls wearing stockings getting a wide range of ticklish torments.

07-06-2015, 04:40 PM
I have the next part half written and have planned out the one after that

The next one will be 'titled Andrea's long night' and will feature Lilly and Amy's revenge

After that I may drop the orgasm deprivation side of things and go back to more innocent tickling. Things kind of took an unexpected tangent there!