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07-05-2015, 08:15 AM
The photo in the local metro paper of the new beauty parlor featured all the beauticians who worked there huddled together. All 6 were attractive, but Rhonda looked stunning. She had huge breasts. I made an appointment with her to get an haircut, even though I didn't really need to pay for a stylist. My desire to be close to many beautiful women was the real reason I went.

Rhonda led me back to her chair, and I followed her jiggly ass. She wore a black pantsuit and black blouse that couldn't hide her enormous tits. I sat down in front of a mirror and could see the reflection of another stylist who was wearing tight jeans. Every time she moved as she cut some lady's hair the flesh of her buttocks wiggled. Top 40 music played in the background amid the din of hair dryers, electric razors, and scissors snip-snipping. A pretty blonde was coloring a fat lady's hair in the chair next to me. The hair coloring chemical smelled terrible. A brunette with a 36-24-36 figure was working on the hair of a college-aged chick in the chair to my other side. Rhonda covered my body with a sheet, so the hairs wouldn't get on me, and she began cutting my hair, making small talk about the weather and her recent vacation.

She flipped on the electric razor and lightly shaved the hairs on my neck. It tickled. I saw a silly smile on my face in the mirror but Rhonda didn't notice--she kept looking intently at the area she was shaving. Much to my surprise, I realized I felt like giggling. I tried not to laugh, but the pretty blonde glanced at my reflection in the mirror and saw the silly grin on my face.

"Looks like you have another ticklish client," she said, just as I burst out laughing.

My face flushed red in embarrassment.

"Rhonda always gets the most ticklish clients," the pretty blonde lady said. "She has a way with that electric razor of hers that just tickles all her customers."

Rhonda cut the electric razor off. I saw in the mirror that all the other hair dressers were staring at me.

"I'm sorry. I'll try not to tickle, but there are still some hairs on the other side of your neck I need to get."

She flipped the razor back on, and I laughed silently while she spent an unusually long time shaving my neck.

"Hey Pricilla, did I ever tell you about the time my boyfriend broke his leg?" Rhonda asked.

"I think you did. He couldn't move well with a heavy cast on his leg, so you were tickling him all the time," Priscilla, the blonde said.

"Yeah. He couldn't get away from me and I couldn't resist tickling him everyday."

Rhonda cut off the razor and put it down.

I was glad the sheet hid my erection and hoped it would go away before she removed it.

Rhonda put her hands on my neck.

"Yeah, I just tickled and tickled and tickled and tickled," she said as she deliberately tickled my neck.

In surprise I laughed out loud. She had me rocking in her chair. I couldn't stop her hands because my arms were under the sheet.

"My husband let me tie him up one night. He asked me to tickle him, but he couldn't handle it. He said the safe word right away," Priscilla said.

"I use tickling to punish my husband," the fat lady said. "It works too. He used to be bad about staying up late and drinking with the boys, but I put a stop to that. He came home drunk one night and I pushed him down on the bed and tickled the dickens out of him. Told him any time I caught him drinking I'd give him the same treatment. He doesn't hardly drink anymore."

Rhonda took the sheet off me, thankfully not noticing the bulge in my pants (I think). She picked up the brush used to brush hair off, and I saw the look of alarm cross my face in the reflection in the mirror. She lightly brushed over my entire body, and I couldn't help but laugh again.

"Yep, I just tickled and tickled and tickled and tickled my boyfriend when he was in that cast," she said as she kept brushing me.

I stood up, thinking she would stop.

"Wait. I see a few more hairs here and here and here."

Now, I was standing and laughing and all the women in the beauty shop were looking at me with bemused smiles on their faces.

"Sit down. You need me to put this lotion on the shaved spots on your neck.

Sheepishly, I sat down and she applied the lotion with tickling caresses. I let out a silly sounding whine. Priscilla, the fat lady, the curvaceous brunette, and the chick with the tight jeans all laughed at the absurd noise I made.

Finally, we walked to the register. Nervously, I threw the $20 bill toward her. She insisted I schedule my next appointment. She wrote the date on the back of her business card, and I rushed out and didn't look at it until I got home that evening. Below the written date were the words--I tickle and tickle and tickle and tickle...

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Cute :) I hope we get to hear about the next appointment

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I could sure use a barber like her! :bouncybou