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Recap (skip down if you have the first part of the story fresh in your mind)

Hello... Rachel here and when I last left you I was in the middle of telling you the most embarrassing ordeal of my life up until now and hopefully for the rest of it. My husband Jason and I were invited to his rich boss Victor's house (mansion) for dinner with him and his wife (bitch) Felicia. We were there hoping to get Victor to give Jason two weeks off for a vacation to the Bahamas we got lucky to score from my sister. The dinner didn't go well, we thought it was going to be a bbq thing and we went dressed like we were going for a hike while Victor and his wife were dressed for the opera. The dinner conversation was awkward and awful and once we were done eating it was just silent. Victor took us for a tour of his backyard (big as a 9 hole golf course) and that's when he took us to one of his garages were he had a pair of old wooden stocks bolted to the ground and owning the security company that employed my husband he convinced us to get in them and test them out as a possible solution to detain drugged out ravers at concerts to keep them from harming themselves and others and once Victor had my muscular 6'4, 250 lbs, size 15 feet, 31 year old husband Jason and me a tomboyish 5'9, lanky 120 lbs, long size 9 feet securely locked in the stocks side by side with our hands and feet helplessly out in front of us he proceeded to remove our shoes and punish us with a tickling attack that neither of us were able to deal with. This 52 year old 5'8, 170 pound, skinny rich nerd was able to break down my husband like he was a little girl and all his muscles were rendered useless locked in the stocks and my usual tough exterior was stripped away along with me and my husband's clothes that Victor cut off of us with scissors and now we were both completely naked and incapacitated by this wooden contraption and there was nothing we could do about it but sit there and laugh and squirm as Victor had his way with us. I thought we might've been saved when Victor's wife Felicia showed up to see what Victor was doing to us but to our horror she seemed to know this was the plan all along and she removed her robe to reveal herself to be naked and she started to suck my toes which I found to be simultaneously torturous and pleasurable and she made it clear that they weren't close to being finished with us.


Felicia keeps licking the soles of my feet, tracing circles over my arch, and I can just shut my eyes and cringe at the ticklishness it provokes in me and while I giggle I could feel my vagina getting moist as the 49 year old beauty with her double D's out tongues every inch of my foot. Even though I didn't ask to be in this position and feel like I'm being victimized I can't help but think about my feet having been inside those old slip on sneakers all day with out any socks on and hoping my size 9's don't smell but why should I care if they do? Fuck her. I don't want this no matter what my body's telling me. I played volleyball and basketball in college and turned down my fair share of lesbian advances not that I was opposed to it I just had no desire to ever be with a woman but now locked in these stocks and not given the choice I was sitting here naked and helpless and this woman was going to do whatever she wanted with me whether I like it or not.

"Please stop. Please stop. Please stop."

I repeat over and over but she just smiles at me as she puts my toes back in her in wet mouth and rotates her tongue under and over each one and I laugh as I try to pull my foot away but locked in the cylinder hole of these stocks and her holding it with both hands I'm not able to do anything but laugh and moan from the sensation. I turn to look at my naked and also locked in husband sitting next to me and I can see him watching my ordeal with his dick hard and appearing to have regained his breath after the tickling he had just suffered at the hands of his boss who was now standing behind us admiring his wife going to work on my feet. I couldn't see him but from my peripheral vision I can sense that he's taking his clothes off as well which would probably alarm me more if Felicia wasn't giving my feet the most titillating pleasure they've ever endured and she was making me wetter than I've ever been and she must've noticed how much pleasure I was feeling because she stops abruptly and proceeds to rake her manicured fingernails down the soles of my feet causing me to scream and struggle all over again "Noooooo! Stop it you fucking bitch! Ahahahahahahahahaha" Felicia continues her assault on my arches. "I see she has quite a mouth on her." Felicia teases as she finishes lightly tickling the sole of my helpless foot "we'll have to see what else that mouth can do." I should probably shut up now.

Felicia steps over in front of Jason and takes in the view of this naked muscle bound statue of a man. She smiles at him, Jason keeps eyeing her huge tits, she notices. "You like them?" She asks, Jason doesn't answer. She lightly traces one finger up his foot starting at the heel and ending at his toes, he shuts his eyes and tries to hold it together. She leans in and presses her tits against the soles of his feet and rubs them herself using his feet to massage them. "How does that feel?" She asks, he turns to me not sure what to say but his raging hard on speaks volumes. "Wiggle your feet for me." She commands, he obliges, kneading her tits with his trapped feet like they were dough. "That's right. Just like that" she whispers. I should be outraged about my husband caressing the bare tits of a naked woman with his bare feet but even I'm getting turned on seeing my captive husband used as a human massager. "You have such big strong feet." Felicia says as he continues wiggling his feet the best he can over her breasts and erect nipples and her hand goes down to her vagina and she starts rubbing herself and I can only wish my hands were free so I could do the same. I'm not even aware of Victor as he comes up behind me and put his hands on my tits and starts tickling around my nipples catching me off guard I laugh like a maniac and convulse in my seat like I was being electrocuted "Hahahahahahahahahahaha-stop-hahahahahaha" I scream. I think of how unfair it is that my breasts are getting tickled while this rich bitch is getting her's massaged by my husband for a moment before Victor moves his wiggling fingers down my sides making me even more hysterical. "Hahahahahaha! Please, please, hahahahahaha, please!" Is all I can get out, I see Jason turn to look at me getting tickled by his boss for a second before returning his attention to rubbing Felicia's tits with his feet. Asshole. Gladly she doesn't let him do it much longer as she takes a step back and starts wiggling her fingernails over his soles forcing him to erupt violently with laughter and now we're both shaking the stocks and squealing as Victor works over my upper body keeping me guessing where he'll get me next going from my ribs, to my tits, then to my underarms, and back up to my tits. Playing me with his fingers like I was an instrument. The rich snobs working us over like a couple of pros and we're just their puppets at the end of a string the way we jiggle and shake the most these wooden stocks allow us to and I'm laughing so much my sides ache. Victor finally relents and I gasp for oxygen like I just finished running a 5 minute mile. Felicia keeps torturing Jason's big feet and he's wiggling his bare ass side to side on the bench and waving his hands stuck in the stocks holes frantically while Felicia just lightly traces her fingernails from the sides of his feet, to the toes, up on the tops of his feet, back down to the heel, and up his soles like a maddening pattern that this little woman has learned to reduce a man that could lift her over his head no problem into her own personal tickle slave. Felicia stops and Jason's body sits limp over the stocks but his dick is hard as ever. Felicia steps beside Jason and wraps her fingers around his cock bringing him back up still panting but quietly begging for Felicia to do more with it.

"Can you please not touch him there" I blurt out with all the jealous rage I can muster from my helpless position. She just smiles at me and takes a seat on the wooden bench between the both of us and while she holds on to his dick with her left she puts her fingers over my pussy with her right hand and starts lightly stroking Jason and teasingly fingering me and I open my mouth to protest but the words don't come out. The wetness between my legs is just one indication of the conflicting emotions I'm going through at the moment. Felicia expertly works over our private parts just as perfectly as she's worked over our feet and my urge to complain about this violation is muted by my growing hunger to cum. I want to beg her to really go at it and too stop just feeling me and really let me have it but I fight myself from begging for the release and giving her the satisfaction. Fuck her. But as immobilized as I am my body instinctively tries pushing toward her probing fingers as I turn to look at Jason I see him looking back at me and we share that same eye contact we have with one another when we're making love and building toward the climax except this time it's Felicia pushing us toward ecstasy and perhaps recognizing that we were on the verge of release she stops suddenly leaving us exasperated and longing for more of her touch. Which I immediately regret thinking when she starts tickling both our underarms and once again we explode into laughter. Luckily this time she keeps the tickling brief before stopping and giving us a much needed break.

I can see Jason's naked muscular body glistening with sweat just like when he's lifting weights at the gym and I feel the perspiration building around my forehead. My body feels hot, especially in between my legs. The spots on my body they've focused their tickling on still tingle. I estimate we've been locked in these stocks for just over an hour even though it feels like it's been days. Since Victor locked us in here I haven't even thought about the precarious position this is. What a cruel device to contain you in giving you a view of your hands and feet. My vulnerability intensified by the fact that I'm naked in front of two strangers. You barely need two hands to count the amount of people who have seen me naked never having been fully comfortable in my own body despite being in shape through out my life. It was private and not for just anybody to see so even playing sports and changing in locker rooms I took unusual efforts to change in private and now here I was bound in this device spreading my legs apart and I couldn't be more exposed.

While all these thoughts are going through my mind a now very naked and may I say surprisingly well endowed Victor places a tall bar stool in front of the stocks in between Jason's left foot and my right. Felicia comes over and takes a seat on it and places her feet on top of the stocks holding us using it as a foot stool putting her little size 5 feet very close to our faces. She smiles at us both.

"You need to let us go. You can't just keep us here and continue to torture us." I tell her. "Come on, honey. You can hardly call what we've been doing to you torture." She replies as she starts to trace her finger down my foot, I do my best to ignore it. "I would. Please just let us go right now and we won't say anything to anyone. We promise." Felicia and Victor just laugh. "Does your pussy always get so wet when you're being tortured?" I don't know how to answer. "This isn't something we're comfortable with. We don't want this and you're holding us prisoners in this fucking thing. It's time to let us go. Now." Jason finally chimes in. Victor and Felicia look at each other. "No. We're not done yet" Victor answers matter of factly. Jason and I don't have the energy and obviously not in any position to engage this snobby couple in any sort of argument but Jason tries, "If you think just because you're rich and you're my boss you can just lock my wife and me in here and-- Hahahahahaha!!!!" Victor tickles circles around Jason's arches breaking him down again and that's enough to remind him who's in control once Jason starts pleading again, "stop, stop, please stop." Victor satisfied does just that. Felicia still waves her right foot right in front of my face and her left in front of Jason's. They're perfect. Her feet look milky white with a blood red nail polish that shine like a candy apple.

"We're going to play a game." Felicia announces. "Each one of you are going to worship my feet. Lick them, suck them, nibble them not bite them. You'll try to pleasure them. Make me as wet as I made you, Rachel. The one who does the best job wins. Jason if you win I'll suck your dick until you cum." Felicia licks her lips. "Rachel if you win I'll let you cum with the help of this vibrator that'll give you the best orgasm of your life." Victor holds up the white device for Rachel to see. "Loser will get tickled by the both of us until they're so broken you'd be surprised what you'd be willing to do to get us to stop." Felicia says with a smile. "Ready to start?" I do my best to muster up more anger, "We don't want to play your fucking game! We want you to just let us go right now." Felicia just grins. "Does that mean you forfeit? Congratulations Jason you're about to get the blowjob of a lifetime while your wife gets tickled until she pisses herself." I immediately lose my nerve "Wait! Wait! I'll play, I'll play." Felicia taps my face with her foot. "Careful, honey. I'm not going to tolerate that mouth for much more than what I want it for. Now open your mouth and suck my toes, Rachel." I comply and she sticks her foot in my mouth and I try to do what she was doing to me earlier, Jason takes her other foot into his mouth. We both start using our tongues to pleasure her, Victor moves around behind us and while I maneuver my tongue around Felicia's big toe I feel Victor's fingers gently tickle my side and I immediately pull back and see he does the same to Jason.

"I forgot to mention while you worship my feet Victor and I will lightly tickle the two of you. Try not to get distracted or you will lose and you don't want that." Felicia explains. Jason and I look at one another as we each take Felicia's feet back into our mouths. Felicia leans back and lightly traces the sole of my foot but I try to fight it off as I rotate my tongue underneath her toes making her moan. "That's right. Just like that." She exclaims. This being the first time I've ever sucked anybody's toes I try to think of what I do when I go down on Jason and go from there. Out of the corner of my eye I see him passionately lapping the soles of her feet with his tongue and I realize that we both never wanted to win something more in our lives.

To be continued...

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People asking me for part 2 of this story it’s already been out for a while. Check it out here. Thank you for reading

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People asking me for part 2 of this story it’s already been out for a while. Check it out here. Thank you for reading

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There is also already a part 3,4,5, and 6