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It the Suit Fits Part One (Tony and Natasha) m/f

Its been a while since writing part one of this story so please read it first in order to fully understand certain parts of part two. Enjoy!

“What are you going to do?” asked a very nervous Tony Stark as he stood there on the platform, his arms and legs effectively trapped in pieces of his Iron Man armor.
Natasha approached him slowly with a subtle grin playing on her lips and her arms crossed at her small waist.

“What would you do in a situation like this?”

Tony exhaled through his teeth and looked away stubbornly.

“Probably exact revenge in some maniacal form in a similar fashion with total disregard too…okay point well taken.”

Natasha took a step forward.

“Uh huh.”

“Just…one moment of your time,” he started as she took another step towards him “before you go all adorably psychotic on me. Tell me Agent Romanoff, would you really stoop to my level; come on now, you’re above all of that…aren’t you?”

Natasha cocked an eyebrow.

“Yeah that was probably a stupid question.” he conceded as he scrunched his eyes shut and his body tensed in anticipation of her attack. Moments passed this way and when nothing happened, Tony slowly opened his eyes to see that Natasha was standing mere inches away.

“Say it.” She ordered.

She was glaring at him expectantly and Tony’s eyes widened in comical disbelief. Their stubborn glares soon escalated into an intense staring contest, neither one willing to back down.

“Say it.” She repeated herself.

Without hesitation Tony’s ego got the better of him. “Iron Man is the greatest super hero ever.”

Without breaking eye contact Natasha slowly raised her arms and gently placed her hands against his waist; her fingers curling as she softly sunk them into his ribcage. Tony batted one eye and his momentary show of weakness was enough for Natasha to know that she held the upper hand.
She leaned in and whispered against his ear. “Would you care to rephrase your answer?”

Tony swallowed hard but stubbornly remained silent. She pressed her fingers harder against his ribs causing him to jump against her touch. She smiled and cocked an eyebrow. He was holding his breath as he defiantly stared back at her.

“Do you really want to go there with me Stark? I’m going to tear you down piece by piece until there is nothing left but a crying, whimpering, cowering, little girl.”

Tony stared at her slightly taken aback.

“What’s wrong with you? Seriously; did mommy and daddy not buy you that Malibu Barbie you wanted for Christmas or are you just a…aughhahahahahaha! ”

Laughter poured out of Tony’s mouth as Natasha dug her delicate fingers into the soft flesh between his ribs; his earlier machismo disintegrating to the way side in mere seconds. His arm and thigh muscles visibly strained against the armor as he fought to get away from her probing hands.

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!” he yelled out, miserably attempting to curb his laughter.

“Don’t what? Don’t like the consequences? Too bad!”

Her fingers danced higher up his ribcage, the octave of his laughter becoming more pronounced as her hands ascended.

“Jarvis?! Jar-ahahahahahavis! Get this crazy bitch off me!”

“I am sorry sir but my protocols have been effectively overridden.” The disembodied voice of Jarvis echoed throughout the room in response.
The less than eloquent jab had not fazed the Agent as she continued on with her determined vengeance against the egotistical billionaire. She momentarily released her grip against his ribs only to slide her hands down towards his hips. Tony’s breath was coming in ragged pulls as he sought the oxygen to form a coherent sentence.


“What was that?” she asked him, her hands waiting patiently on his hips. Tony continued to suck in air and finally managed to speak.

“Please…stop. Stop, I’m done. You win.”

“You’re done when I say you’re done Stark.”

Her thumbs pressed into his hips and his torso automatically launched backwards as far as he could bend. Tony’s eyes bugged out and his lips formed a distorted o shape out of both surprise and panic. Once the shock had passed, laughter hit him and his body went spastic.

“Nooooo! Ahahahahahaha! Not….not there! Please stop!”

Natasha ignored his pleas for mercy as she watched in fascination as Tony’s body struggled helplessly under her assault. Her fingers pinched and probed his hips; effortlessly following his agitated movements.

“I see you found a weakness.” Pepper had strolled into the room and she leisurely stood there casually grinning and unconcerned that her boyfriend was presently getting tickled within an inch of his life.

“Pepper! Pepper stop her!” Tony gasped out in between fits of rolling laughter “You’ve…you’ve had your fun now stop!”

“Oh you think this is fun?” asked pepper stepping up to the platform, her eyes alight with mischief. She circled them once watching Natasha dish out the torment before taking a place directly behind him.

“That’s…ahahahahahahahaha….not what I said! Damnit stop it!”

“Is it alright if I crash this party?” she asked Natasha who grinned back at her slyly.

“By all means.”

“Pepper!” Tony shouted in warning but it was too late as Pepper had already begun to spider her fingers within the delicate recesses of both underarms. The situation had become hopeless as now he had two determined and ruthless women taken upon themselves to exact a vendetta in which he had so carelessly started. The pitch of his laughter rose to an almost girly tone; a fact that was not missed by Natasha who had earlier warned him this would happen at the start of their conversation.

“I think the greatest super hero ever is starting to crack.”

Your nothing but a softie aren’t you honey.” taunted Pepper adding more pressure behind her touch causing Tony to fall into yet another round of unchecked hysterics. Out of his rising panic and desperation he attempted to speak.


“What was that?” asked Natasha who was now running her long fingernails gingerly against his sensitive thighs.


“I think he’s trying to safe word.” giggled Pepper.

“Oh that’s so sweet! We didn’t agree on a safe word Stark.”

Tony struggled to form words through the unending laughter belting out of him. Out of desperation he sucked in one huge breath and exhaled the words “Black Widow is the greatest super hero ever!”

Both women paused to look at one another and then completely lost it, Natasha falling to her knees from laughter and Pepper backing up and covering her mouth with both hands giggling manically in the latter. Tony was huffing and puffing attempting to regain himself.

“I’m glad you both find this so amusing…now please for the love of everything sane, let me out of this thing!”

“But honey, I thought you loved that suit,” began pepper “you practically live in it.”

“Pepper…” Tony warned who at this point was genuinely pissed off.

“No.” she cut him off flatly. You don’t get to dictate the situation; I thought we’ve made that pretty clear.”

“What’s clear is that the two of you are insane. Is it that time of month honey?”

Both women looked at one another again but this time their faces were locked in an incredulous expression.

“Jarvis, please suit up Mr. Stark here, he’s going to take a little test ride. You might want to step back Natasha.”

Natasha nodded and followed Pepper off of the platform. Moments later all of the remaining pieces of Tony’s armor flew across the room and affixed itself to his body, fully encasing him in an unmovable steely embrace.

“Sweety let’s talk about this.” pleaded Tony, his nervous voice robotically emanating from within the Iron Man helmet.

“Were way passed talking sweety.” She replied, deliberately accentuating the verbal jab. “Jarvis will you please run some tests on the harmonic resonance systems, and take your time; were in no rush.”

“Calibrating harmonic resonance systems now.”

“Wait! Wait!” pleaded Tony but it was too late; the all too familiar tingling of the suits currently faulty cooling system was gently humming against the soles of his feet. The tingling quickly turned into gentle steady electrical currents that zipped and zapped this way and that in nondescript tickly patterns all over his sensitive flesh. Tony was shocked into a moment of disbelieving silence before the sensations got the best of him and his laughter soon echoed and vibrated against his own ears within his helmet.

"Jarvis please take Mr.Stark here for that test run," began Pepper as she took Natashas hand and lead her out of the room. "The scenic rout. An hour aught to do it."

"Waaaaiiit!" screamed Tony as he felt himself lift off and fly out above the city laughing and cursing...and plotting his revenge.

The End

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I have no idea why the link for part one isn't working but you can find it on my profile under my siggy with the rest of my stories. Seems to be working there.

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Great conclusion of the story! :D

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Awe thank you!

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I enjoyed both parts 1 and 2 to this bit of fan fiction. In both parts, I felt that April effectively captured the nature of Tony Stark; the dialog written for him sounds like the RDJ we've all grown to love as Iron Man over the past decade. When an author can make you feel like the characters are real, that's when you know a story has been well crafted.

06-20-2018, 10:08 AM
I read both your marvel stories. As a big marvel fan I really enjoyed them, they were beautifully written and very in character. Great job!!