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After a long hiatus mostly due in part to moving a couple of states and getting settled in a new job, I finally found the wherewithal to go back searching through my archives and figure out which one of these stories was next.

Strange that this effort would come on a day where I'm completely exhausted due to lack of sleep. Oh well.


Jaynin wondered how he had gotten himself into this situation... not in a metaphorical sense, but quite a literal one.

He had decided to go and meet Dyellza after the welcoming banquet at which the diminutive but tricky drow had provided the unique form of "entertainment" that so many had found fascinating, later in the same day that she had seen fit to tease him during a proclamation of something or another. So, he had decided it prudent to talk to the Drow ambassador the next day, figuring that she would be a powerful friend to have if it could come to that, or at the least that he could establish more of an understanding with her and hopefully avoid becoming the target of any more of her tricks. The busty serving drow whom she had passed around the previous day was garbed sparingly in sheer robes, and was apparently much less reserved and shy than her performance might have indicated; when Dyellza became distracted and momentarily had to be called away from the room where they were speaking, the drow climbed into his lap and entertained him with a little bit of kiss-and-tickle, meaning that while she tried to kiss Jaynin, he tickled her sides and hips gently, and they both giggled softly and rubbed against each other, as if the permissive atmosphere of the Naga realm had seeped into both of them. Just before Dyellza's return, she had slipped off of Jaynin's lap and winked, and then...

Then, he found, he had no memory of what happened... just a blankness that had led to his current position, which was no better in terms of visual confirmation. In other words, he couldn't see, but he could feel that his body was entirely devoid of clothing. This was not too terribly different from being clothed in the sheer loincloths of the naga, but the psychological effect remained consistent... and then, of course, he was tied, ropes around his wrists and ankles pulling him spread-eagled as he laid upon something that was cold and smooth, feeling like stone. The image all of this conjured in his mind was of him stretched out upon a stone altar of some kind, and although he could not know it, he was correct in this assessment. Then the voice of the drow came to him, softly whispered in his left ear, and such a shock that he gasped and arched his back: "So nice of you to come to me. I had actually spent some time thinking about how to get my lovely servant here to seduce you and bring you back here, but it turns out that it was not necessary, though you did deprive me of the enjoyment of seeing how much I could tweak the breast size to breast clothing ratio." The wicked chuckle that followed said statement all but confirmed the voice belonged to Dyellza.

"What do you want with me?" Jaynin asked, the incubus struggling slightly at his bonds before relaxing and trying to turn to reason. "I have done nothing to you..." he began, but he was shushed by a delicate finger upon his lips. That finger traced upon his soft lips and then delved inside of them, where Jaynin instinctively licked at the fingertip and suckled upon it, earning him a gasp of pleasure. The small drow quite freely indulged in her hedonistic tendencies, so it seemed... and his instinctive response to tease if he got the chance fit in quite well with that, but it didn't explain exactly what was going on here. More calmly, he tried to begin again: "If there was something you wanted my help with, you could have asked me instead of going to all this trouble..."

"But we need to go to all this trouble," Dyellza responded, as her hand stroked his thigh. He couldn't see the drow dressed in sheer silvery robes standing at the foot of the altar, preparing something and drawing some symbols upon the stone. "First, it's quite necessary for what I have in mind, and second, there was actually no need to ask you, because the task I will ask of you after this is finished is something that you will leap upon. I know you well enough to know that." Jaynin frowned, and then gasped ticklishly; something soft and teasing had brushed along his balls, making his length stand up halfway. Another few teases to his testicles with the feather point, and a couple of long licks up the bottom of the shaft, and he stood erect. Despite himself, Jaynin was curious about what Dyellza could offer him that would be so tempting, and then mentally cursed himself for being so predictable. Even just thinking about what it could possibly be had piqued his interest... "You'll enjoy it, I think, but first the procedure, which I think I will enjoy far more than you do."

That sounded more than ominous, but when he opened his mouth to ask what it was going to be, laughter came out instead. The feather had returned to his shaft, but it seemed as if... it was going inside of him somehow. Inside of his penis...? That was impossible! But the short feather seemed to slip right inside the slit and slowly descend... It tickled hellishly. Jaynin's throat exploded in a burst of raw laughter. That feather couldn't be real, couldn't be physical, it had to be enchanted somehow... The inside of his penis could not really be ticklish. Could it? It was hard to say no when he was laughing so hard, for against this there was no defense, a soft feather tip teasing deep inside of him and... with abrupt suddenness, it stopped, but an odd feeling took its place. "Wh-what the heehe... hah... hell was that?" he cried in confusion, then moaned a bit and quivered when he felt fingers stroke something soft and pliant that nonetheless seemed as if it were attached to him...

"Perfect," whispered Dyellza. "You accepted it perfectly, just like I knew you would. Now let's begin the fun..." Jaynin protested, but another feather was coming, teasing around the tip of his cock while another one was pushed against his opening and seemed to seep into his being... The tickling stimulated him from the inside, a feeling that drove him mad as virgin nerves were tormented with the new ticklish feeling, hysteria the likes of which he had never imagined, and it didn't stop with just one this time. As soon as one feather was far enough down to clear the way for another, it was pressed into him, and began to sink, tickling the inside of his penis all the while... Dyellza stroked his hair softly and cooed, seeming to revel in his tortured laughter, grinning as she saw the fruits of her plan begin to take shape... Since he couldn't see, Jaynin had no way of knowing that the ethereal feathers which the astromancer kept sliding into his cock were forming themselves to his body and sprouting from the base of his shaft, a ring around the base made of short, ticklish feathers that had become, at least temporarily, part of his body... Once they all went in, it'd likely tickle him slightly for awhile until he got used to it, but getting them in tickled like the devil himself was inside your penis, or so the male drow who had been subjected to this procedure before claimed.

Both Dyellza and the astromancer were, of course, feathering his balls, not because they needed to but because it was a fun way to tease him, and his shrieks of laughter simply egged them on, as if they absorbed energy directly from the sound of his hysterical cries. Dyellza sighed in pleasure as she watched another ghostly feather seem to hesitate a moment about his erect length, and then disappear inside as if drawn there, like a vacuum sucking up dirt or water draining out of a tub. From their perspective, it was gone after that, but the incubus continued to shriek with laughter until the corresponding feather appeared… having made a ring around the base, the astromancer commenced a double helix of feathers, twisting around his penis twice before she made a crown of smaller feathers just below the head to finish it. By the time she was done, however, he had laughed himself hoarse, and that laughter didn’t stop when she had finished, in part because Dyellza kept stroking the newly feathered shaft, which tickled him slightly. “Beautiful,” she whispered, gently teasing him until finally he had calmed down.

“Wh… what the … heck did you just do to me?” he whispered, and by way of answer, the astromancer who had performed the procedure stripped down, took his blindfold off, and straddled him, letting him have a good lock at his shaft, with numerous feathers sprouting from it, before it drove inside of her and she shuddered with pleasure, but with a wide ticklish grin on her face. “How the… You’ve got to be kidding me. You just… nngh… implanted feathers into my… my dick?” Jaynin shook his head, grunting and thrusting his hips despite his exhaustion. “Those are… only feathers, though. It’s not seriously going to… to…” But his protest, carried out through panting and straining at his bonds, died as he saw the astromancer struggling not to giggle, moving quickly against him despite the fact that it seemed as if she would burst into laughter…

“They aren’t normal feathers. And it isn’t permanent. Just long enough for you to use it to get at the Naga Queen and have some fun afterwards.” Dyellza slapped his butt and spurred him on, like one might do to a stallion. “But in the meantime, I also want you to do some work for me. Specifically… I want you to get out in the city and wreak some havoc.” Her doll-like features split with a wide grin. “Think about it. The naga are already falling over themselves trying to get at you, like they do with most every male that braves this city. And you…” she said with a grin, tickling the astromancer’s belly, breaking down her resistance with the surprise attack and making her start to squeal with laughter as she bounced up and down, “are going to show them a good time by rubbing this rod of yours right between their tits, just like they want…” Jaynin’s eyes opened a little wider at that, and a bit ruefully he admitted that Dyellza had been accurate in her earlier assessment; if THAT was going to be his job, then of course there was no way he was going to refuse it. “The feathers are enchanted, of course, so no need to worry about the logistics of the thing… just stick it in and let her rip.” Dyellza’s voice was low, and throaty. She was definitely enjoying herself.

The astromancer screamed, lifting herself off of Jaynin’s rod with an arch that was so powerful it led her to collapse backwards, panting. Confusion reigned in Jaynin’s expression, as he hadn’t been doing anything THAT special… “Oh, don’t worry about that. Your abilities haven’t atrophied any,” she assured him. “This one here just has a rather intense fetish for getting tickled up inside that body of hers, so she doesn’t last long when she mounts the subject of a successful implant…” Dyellza ran a finger over the tip of Jaynin’s shaft. “And one last thing. In case you had any sudden delusions of running off or trying to somehow scheme against me using this, there’s a failsafe that I can use to keep you under control. Shall I demonstrate it?” she asked, and despite Jaynin frantically shaking his head no, she made a little sign with her hands and then pantomimed a feather’s stroke…

“HEEEEHEHEHEHEHEHEEHEHEHE STOOOOOOP!!! StahAHAHAHaha… hahahaa… HAHAHAHAH eheheheh stop sthahahaehehehehehahah I promise I won’t behehahahaheeheheheheeeeee!!! Betray you!” Jaynin cried. Whatever she had done, the sudden feeling of one of those feathers stroking up and down the inside of his shaft had returned. Dyellza grinned, and the feeling continued, tickling him up and down inside his shaft until he thought he would go mad with the irresistible sensation. "Please... pleheheheeh hahaahah please pleeeeeease no! Hahaha... I s-said I'd.. I'd... whew... I'd do it. I would do it anyway," he admitted. "So you... j-just want me to make trouble amongst the naga in the city for now?" he asked, trying to think of something to take her mind off of teasing him. Fortunately, she'd seemed to have enough of it for now, and nodded, running her hand along his erect shaft.

"Yep. Have fun. Play Don Juan. Go to town. Whatever you want to call it, the ultimate end is that you get yourself a bunch of naga and tickle them silly. Understand?"


That was how Jaynin ended up, some time later, in the center of town, lounging in a club that, like most clubs, was packed full of female naga. There were two male drow and one male dryad, and by some unspoken consent they kept separated from one another, so that the naga could choose to wander about whoever interested them the most.

Like most every establishment in the city, the club consisted of a large, warm spring where the beings congregated, and in this case there was a long wooden shelf with a bar behind it at one end, a female drow tending it. Because the bar had to be dry, they'd gotten a land-dweller to run it for them, and aside from that, naga tended not to fit well into narrow spaces. So Jaynin took up residence in the corner near the bar, the bartender giving him rueful chuckles every now and again. "This place is like the Ruk'at Rhul for you," she'd commented, and then explained that the Ruk'at was a place inhabited by young male drow in training for the priesthood, and because drow society was matriarchial and their god's teachings had no prohibitions against male and female relations... any female who went there was generally lavished with as much attention as she could handle.

So it seemed true. It had taken all of about five seconds for him to end up wrapped in three of a naga's arms, nestled against her side with bare breasts virtually offered to him. To this end, however, Jaynin had developed his 'rule', which was simply that any naga who wished to snuggle was welcome, but that this humanoid male had wandering, tickling hands. And so it became almost a game to the naga, to see who could last the longest with him nestled against one of them, while his hands tickled firm breasts, underarms, sides, necks... even sliding below the water to tease their stomachs and hips. They found it all quite amusing, and Jaynin found it more than arousing. But who to begin with?

His current companion, a slightly older but very pretty naga, finally squealed and swam away, rubbing at the spot on her rib just below the breast that Jaynin had discovered as a weak spot and teased mercilessly. Left alone for the moment, Jaynin conversed with the naga who were grouped nearby, until another one decided to try her luck. Snuggling under her arm, Jaynin's left hand got to work, promptly tweaking the naga's nipple and earning a giggle from her for it. "Oh, certainly," he said with a nod, to the question he had just been posed. "In fact, there's one living there right now, named Syreth. I have a hot tub, but it may be a little small for your tastes... were I to start getting more naga visitors, though, I think the installation of a wider pool would be called for." The one in his arms was incredibly ticklish. Just teasing her nipples had her squirming frantically in desperate straits, not wanting to leave but not sure if she could bear the tickling. The others giggled, catcalling and teasing as Jaynin shifted his focus to under one of her arms, stroking it slightly with his fingers and making the naga burst into laughter. "In fact, I would love to have enough naga visit to make it a necessity. But are you ready for the terrible abuse of my castle?" Jaynin asked with a teasingly evil grin. The assembled naga giggled, pressing a little closer. "This one might not be," he teased, kissing her on the cheek and prompting a blush, which became a squeal when his fingers tickled her ribs. More laughter.

"In fact," one of the other naga piped up, wiggling closer to the front, "she's so ticklish that she can't even properly have sex... the dicks tickle her tits too much, she says." The naga in Jaynin's arms blushed even more furiously, giggling as he forced her to laugh with insistent attention, while down below that prospect definitely got his attention... and suddenly, the one who had been teasing him reached down, grasping the erect, feathery shaft. Somehow, despite the water, the feathers avoided getting soggy. "I guess she must have a lot of boyfriends with feather-dicks," she teased again, and then the assembled naga promptly began discussing whether or not a feather-dick would be an interesting thing in a boyfriend. The one who'd been teasing, however, was running her hand along Jaynin's shaft, making him moan slightly, but getting a curious expression on her face. "Hey... speaking of which," she said, bobbing slightly closer to him as the naga in Jaynin's arms looked fit to burst from giggling, "that feels like you DO have a feather-cock... let me see," she said suddenly, plunging under the water with a suddenness that took Jaynin's breath away. She lingered there for a minute, and then emerged within the group that was discussing it... She said something, what it was he couldn't be sure, but they all stopped talking and looked in his direction. He got the sinking feeling that something was about to happen...

"Get h--!" The cry was lost to Jaynin's ears as a mass of naga suddenly lunged at him, knocking him under the water, a frenzied mass of arms and tails and large breasts which he bumped into frequently, trying and thrashing under the water to escape their grabbing hands despite the fact that he knew it was probably a lost cause, since they were so much more agile in the water than he. It was a minute later, with his lungs rapidly protesting the need for air and the frenzied thrashing suddenly clear, that Jaynin broke the surface, wondering if he'd misunderstood their intention... "Ah, there he is! I thought we'd lost him. C'mere, boy..." His eyes widened at the sight. The assembled naga had the ticklish one pinned, her arms and tail held down by more arms than could possibly be needed, plus two clamped over her mouth... and a few others supporting her breasts. The teasing naga had a grin on her face, and gently guided Jaynin to sit astride her hips, feathery dick resting just below her breasts, supporting him from behind. "Now, we decided we want you to fuck those ticklish tits until this one goes crazy from laughing... can you do it?" He hardly needed to nod; she slid him further up the slick, soft body of the captive naga, who was already shivering and giggling just from the pressure of the feathers on her body... but when it got between her breasts, she screamed with hysteria, a sound that was muffled by the hands over her mouth. "Now go. No one will hear..."

The naga, making a wall with their bodies, clapping hands over the one's mouth, had indeed assured that this trickery would go on entirely unnoticed... and so Jaynin thrust his hips forward, and then back, brushing the feathery erect shaft back and forth between the naga's breasts. The reaction was instantaneous; as soon as the soft feathers touched the flesh of her breasts and began to move, she squealed hysterically and tried to jerk away, but too many hands were restraining her. There were even some free hands to tickle the outside of the breast while his shaft worked over the inside, thrusting back and forth, tickling the poor girl's sensitive nerves with the enchanted bristles. Everything about where his shaft touched tickled hellishly; even just a tip grazing along her collarbone at the furthest extension of his hips sent her shivering and trying to cover that part with her neck. Her arms, all held away from her body, provided opportunities for others to tickle their fingers into her underarms. Naga gang-tickles were fearsome, all the more so when such a devastating rod was plunging between the sheath of her soft breasts... Jaynin assumed that she must be pleading for mercy, but in the heat of the moment, he let himself not think about that, and instead just reveled in the perfect ticklish hell that they had created for this girl...

On and on it went... Jaynin felt almost lightheaded with ecstasy. His erection throbbed with pleasure and excitement, the naga urging him on, teasing their victim, reaching out to touch whatever flesh they could lay hands on, stroking his chest and back, or tickling her ribs and sides, making sure that she could not escape any of it. That was their first priority, it seemed; if she was struggling too effectively, they'd stop tickling in order to secure her, let her wear herself out on useless struggles, and then return to tickling her when she was too weak to continue fighting against them. All she could do was laugh hysterically, the torturous shaft of feathers plunging frantically in and out of her breasts. The ecstatic thrill of the moment was intense; Jaynin feared he might faint, so electrically charged with excitement that tingled through his skin that he shivered convulsively whenever his victim arched or squealed. There was a grunt that reverberated through his chest, a powerful thrust from his hips - and he froze, quivering in place as if electrified. His eyes rolled back up into his head, he couldn't see the dazed, floating expression on the other's face, and when he finally came back to his senses he was cradled in the arms of the teasing naga who had started this whole thing, his hair stroked idly while the others kissed and rubbed feeling back into the other naga's skin, congratulating her with whispers and even voicing some envy over what she had just experienced, which she accepted with equanimity and seemed to just be giggling shyly as she attempted to make her escape. Finally, she fled, and then the group turned back to him.

"Did you see how he came feathers?" one of them said. "That was pretty amazing. I didn't expect it." Jaynin blinked - he hadn't expected that either, nor did he remember it. "He likes us. We have to keep him," another said, and Jaynin squirmed in the grip of the naga that held him, gentle but unyielding, and he felt himself start to stir even with exhaustion. It was true - it was no fair - he really did like naga, and with this tool to tease them all, he suddenly felt the desire to use it. And he did want to have fun, and it WAS the task Dyellza had charged him with... why she wanted this done he had no idea, but he was stuck with it now unless he wanted a permanently feathered shaft. So, not exactly knowing why, he grinned teasingly at the massed group in front of him, looping his arms around the neck of the naga behind him, which stretched him out.

"Well, if you want to keep me, you'd probably have to kidnap me and keep me quiet," he said, as if daring them to do so. It had the desired effect; slowly they drifted towards him, giggling; one gripped his wrists, though gently, to keep them where they were. Another pair of hands found his ankles, and crossed them behind the tail of the naga holding him, before keeping him in place there as well, effectively pinning him to the torso of the one he rested against. Numerous hands, too many to count, seemed to float towards him.

"I think we might have to do that..." Too many hands. Each hand was just scritching gently on its own tiny piece of fleshy real estate, not even tickling hard; just softly rubbing. It was impossible to resist. Too many. "I think we're in an excellent position to do that, even..." whispered another. "Look how soft his skin is." Fingers probed in both the soft areas of his body - the underarms, the sides, the thighs - and the harder points of the ribs, the chest, the hips, and pubic bone. Nothing rash, nothing harsh or overwhelming like the torture of the other naga had been. No, this was a gentle overwhelming, a slow submergence into the soft warm embrace they offered. "I love soft-skinned boys." He couldn't even struggle. He was pulled tight, trapped between heaven and hell, nightmare and nirvana, He was going under.

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Very interesting concept and a well written story. :D

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