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This is Part 4 of a series but will stand on its own, too if you prefer not to read back. Here's Part 3 (http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?260755-Infatuation-Part-3-Sisters-Rivalry-Heats-Up), and each story traces the previous ones back to the originals that initiated the series.

“It is so good to see you all again!” Erin gushed and took a sip of wine. She raised her glass, clearly tipsy, as it was at least the third time she’d made a toast that evening, and said, “To old friends.” 

“To old friends!” Kyle, Jocelyn, and Mallory echoed. Erin clinked glasses with Jocelyn, sitting on the couch next to her, and then leaned forward to meet the glasses of Mallory and Kyle, in chairs.

Jocelyn kicked off her flip-flops and put her bare feet up on the coffee table and crossed her legs. Her soles were starting Kyle in the face and he swallowed hard. There had been no “plan” made and for all Kyle and Erin knew, Jocelyn could have even forgotten about the idea of tickling Mallory during their get together—after all, it had been over two months ago that they’d discussed it in an online chat.

Erin decided it was well enough into the evening that the time had come. She leaned forward and stroked a finger up the sole of Jocelyn’s left foot, which was crossed over the right, in her direction. Jocelyn’s foot flexed and she let out a high-pitched squeal that dissolved into a giggle.

“Somebody’s ticklish!” Erin said with a wicked smile.

“Yeah…oh my gosh….I’m so ticklish…” Jocelyn said, almost wistfully.

Erin placed her wine glass down on the table, leaned forward and tickled Jocelyn again, this time on both feet, with both hands, and for several seconds, as Jocelyn wriggled and jerked and giggled and then finally pulled away. “Oh my gosh!” she said, as if she had never been tickled before. “I just can’t stand it!”

She paused, and then said, “Mally’s even worse, though…”

Mally’s jaw dropped and her body tensed up. She uncrossed her legs and placed her feet flat on the floor.

“Oh, it runs in the family, does it?” Erin said. “You know, I actually remember that about you, Mally, now that your sister mentions it….”

Mally turned red and looked down at the floor. “Oh no…”

“Senior year….art class….” Erin said with a smile.

“Oh gosh…” Mallory said. “I think I’d blocked out that memory. That was so terrible…”

“Oh come on, Mal, don’t be melodramatic!” her little sister said. “It was just some foot painting in the name of art!”

“Just some foot painting??!” Mallory exclaimed in disbelief that her just-as-ticklish sister could downplay the agony of having the soles of your feet painted with a paint brush. “You’ve obviously never had the bottoms of your feet painted…”

Jocelyn thought about it for a second, then said, “Nope I haven’t. But it seems like it would be fun. A little tickly, sure, but don’t make a bigger deal out of it than it is, silly!”

“You wouldn’t be able to stand it for a SECOND!” Mallory retorted.

“I’m not as ticklish as you, Mally,” Jocelyn said with a snooty tone. “I think I’d be okay…”

“Not as ticklish??!” Mallory said, shocked at her sister’s apparent short-term memory, remembering all the pedicures Jocelyn laughed hysterically during and all the times their family tickled her—though granted, they were fewer and far between than the times they had tickled Mally.

“I’m not! That’s always been very clear, that you’re the more ticklish one! Come on, you know that!” Jocelyn said, like it was genuine unarguable fact.

Mally couldn’t believe her sister’s audacity. “What exactly makes you so sure?” she said, indignant.

“Mally, come on. You are, like, CRAZY ticklish. I don’t think I’ve EVER seen anyone as ticklish as you. And basically our whole family agrees with that.”

“Um…anyone except you….”

“Mally…it’s not even close. Yes, I’m ticklish. But I’m not like, out-of-control, ticklish-beyond-belief like you…” She sounded so confident.

Mally couldn’t argue with the fact that she was out-of-control, ticklish-beyond-belief. She always had been and she knew it. She was, in fact, the most ticklish person she herself had ever met. And yes, she probably WAS more ticklish than Jocelyn. But not by much. And she hated how absolutely convinced Jocelyn was that it wasn’t even close.

“You’re just as ticklish as I am….” Mallory held her ground.

“Mally. Seriously? Do I have to remind you what a total SPAZ you are when people tickle you? You FREAK OUT like no one could even imagine.”

Mally grew even more uncomfortable, squirming in her seat. “So? You do too…”

“I do not!” said Jocelyn. “Sure, maybe I’ll laugh if someone tickles me, but I don’t go, like, freaking ballistic.”

“The last few pedicures we’ve gotten together, you’ve laughed more than me,” Mally retorted smugly.

“Well, true….” Jocelyn said, looking off to the side, trying to conjure a response. “But that doesn’t mean I’m more ticklish, necessarily. I just let myself laugh. You, like, FREAK.”

“So maybe that just means I dislike it more,” said Mally.

“Yeah, you dislike it because you’re CRAZY TICKLISH, like the most ticklish person in the world! I rest my case!”

Mally’s sibling rivalry button was fully activated now. Just like when Jocelyn got a piece of clothing or jewelry as a gift that she wanted, or if her parents treated her differently than they treated Mally, the full-blown eruption of her competitive nature burst through her veins. Every once in a while, something kicked in, as close and intimate as she and Jocelyn were, and she could not let her sister win.

“Jocelyn! I don’t know what you’re basing your evidence on,” the scientist in her joined in the crusade, “but how about how every time you come back from a massage you talk about how you couldn’t stand it because of how much it tickled?”

“That’s only in a few spots!” Jocelyn shot back. “I mean, seriously, is there a person on the planet who doesn’t cringe having their INNER THIGHS massaged? I mean, really!”

The image sent chills up Mally’s spine. She shivered. There was a silent pause. The room waited for Mally’s reply but all she could think about was how much someone massaging her inner thighs would tickle. She tried to hide it, to repress it, but she couldn’t. She shivered again, visibly, and made a sound, “Eeeaaaooo….!”

“Everything okay, Mally?” Erin looked at her expectantly.

Mally shifted in her chair. “Oh, um…yeah…I was just….um….thinking….”

Erin was fucking loving this conversation. “About what?” she asked innocently.

“Oh…just…” Mally was a really, really bad liar. “Um, my schedule for the fall…at school..it’s going to be super busy….”

Erin found it interesting that Jocelyn wasn’t pouncing on this, but she was not about to let it go. “Why don’t I believe you?” she asked with a sweet, playful smile, trying both to push the envelope and to calm Mally’s nerves.

Lying was just not in Mally’s DNA. She couldn’t do it. She never had been able to. Ever. She always got super awkward and then spit out the truth.

She shifted in her seat and turned red and said, “Well….okay….I might have been imaging an inner thigh massage….you’re right….is there anyone in the world who could stand that???”

“You know girls,” Erin said with a wry smile. “Not EVERYONE in the world is quite as ticklish as you two….”

Jocelyn smiled awkwardly and re-positioned herself in the corner of the couch, tucking her legs close to her chest. “Well, yeah, but I think most people would be ticklish if someone were kneading their inner thigh up and down….” she said.

“Some,” said Erin confidently. “Not all. So who’s more ticklish at the doctor?”

“Her!” both sisters exclaimed, pointing at one another.

“I am not!” exclaimed Mally. “The doctor is fine for me.”

“You’re such a liar!” Jocelyn cried out, sounding like a sixth-grader. “You’d always tell me it was torture!”

“That was when I was, like, eighteen, Jocelyn! It’s not like that anymore.”

“Yeah, right, like you’ve suddenly become soooo much less ticklish. I haven’t forgotten about that—you’d come out of those appointments with your hair all tousled and your face totally flushed. You looked like you had just had sex or something!!”

Mallory pulled her knees up onto her chair and sat in a fetal position. She stared off into space, saying nothing.

Jocelyn had found the jugular, and was not about to relent.

“Don’t even try to deny it. You’d still be breathing heavily when you’d come out of your checkups! You’d tell me and mom how embarrassed you were that you were ‘still’ so ticklish. You said you would go completely spastic on the table when the doctor would touch your stomach. In fact, I remember coming into the office one time with mom and watching the whole thing go down. I couldn’t believe how crazy you were going. That was the moment that I was like, ‘Whoa. Mallory is really, really, really ticklish. I didn’t quite understand before. But seeing you kick and thrash on that table with the slightest little movements of the doctors hands around your stomach, I was like, ‘Okay. Now I get it. Now I get why she hates being tickled so much when people tickle her. For her it’s like, on an insane level. It’s not the same as it is for most people. I remember thinking this, Mal—thinking, ‘Okay, so when I tickle my friend Kristi, she laughs and squeals but it’s kind of fun, and silly. I thought it was like that for everyone. But then I saw you nearly leaping off the table at the doctors. And I was like, ‘Okay. Mal is legitimately being tortured here. And, oh my gosh, you would laugh SO HARD. ”

Mally was stewing in her seat, looking at the ground, wishing she could vanish into thin air.

Jocelyn wasn’t finished. “It was like, at first I thought, oh wow, this is cute…she’d be sliding her stethoscope around your tummy and sides and you’d be giggling and squirming around the table, and the doctor would be like, ‘Oh sorry, is this tickling you?’ and you’d be like ‘Maybe a little…’ so I really for a second legitimately thought, ‘Oh, this must not be that bad for her, some cute little squirming…my ticklish big sister.’ But once she would put her hands on you….oh my gosh, what a scene!!! Your laughter was just EXPLOSIVE. It was like…you just wanted to get off of that table SO BADLY.”

Mally couldn’t take it anymore. Hearing her sister go on and on about how ticklish she was was one thing. But her recounting of the doctors exams was just too much. Those were the epitome of agonizing embarrassment for eighteen-year-old Mally, who desperately hoped she was no longer as ticklish every time, only to be very, very disappointed. The whole experience was so uncomfortable—almost traumatizing—every time, especially the ones when her mom was watching and commenting about how ticklish she was (she didn’t remember Jocelyn ever having been in the office, but now it felt dually as humiliating). She wanted to forget those exams so badly—literally feeling like she was going to burst out of her body, it tickled so much. And why would they always go on for SO long? It felt like hours. It drove her absolutely mad—just having to lie there with her belly and ribs exposed, the doctor sliding her hands left and right, up and down, pressing—not only on her belly, but on her ribs. Her ribs!! Could there be a worse cruelty? Or a worse fate for an extremely ticklish person, to have to endure that? Every time it would run through her head, “I can’t believe how ticklish I still am….what am I, five?”

She stood up. She wasn’t sure where she was going to go—to the bathroom, or to bed, or somewhere other than that room. She couldn’t be in there anymore.

Then Erin said, “Look girls, there’s no need to fight. There’s only one way to solve this debate…”

Jocelyn’s smile was half wicked, half fearful. Mallory’s face was two-thirds terror and one third fierce competitiveness—there was some remote possibility of winning, of proving her sister wrong. And somehow, that won out.

“Just lie down for a second here on the floor, girls,” Erin said, sweetly, gently. “A very quick test. It will surely yield the answer swiftly, and painlessly.

Both girls squirmed and winced as if they were already being tickled.

“I’ll do it,” said Jocelyn, straining to get the words out, then getting up and lying down on the floor.

“I…I…” Mally couldn’t bring herself to say the words, but she slowly and solemnly lay down next to her sister. Their long legs, their incredibly gorgeous, model-esque bodies, their perfect size nine feet, lying next to each other, ready to be tickled, almost brought Erin to orgasm on the heels of that conversation. Kyle was practically trembling with delight and disbelief. Adrenaline pumped through all four of their bodies.


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Wonderful continuation. Looking forward to the next part. :D

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Wonderful continuation. Looking forward to the next part. :D

Thanks Milagros :) I appreciate it.

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Yes. Good work. Looking forward to what comes next.