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Part 1 of a story I wrote a few years back: http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?208716-Stay-Away-From-My-Boyfriend-Part-1-(F-F)

Stephanie's mind raced as she processed the events leading up to this point in the afternoon. Her long-time "frenemy," Karen, had trapped her, drugged her, and exposed her fear of having her feet touched and tickled. Stephanie simply could not comprehend it all: how she got here, how Karen could do this, and how ticklish she was.

Karen, meanwhile, caught herself in a moment of adoration for the beauty of Stephanie and her bare feet. Karen had noted how, despite years of hanging out together, she could never recall seeing Stephanie go barefoot. With Stephanie's bare soles facing her, Karen's heart raced. She was never consciously in to girls, but the mix of excitement, elusiveness, and revenge had her starting to feel aroused like she never had before.

"Karen, I don't know what I did to deserve this. I want you to let me go!" Stephanie exclaimed.

"You see, Steffy, that's why you're here," Karen replied. "You just don't get it. The way you flirt and tease, it's all just a big game to you. And now, even after I've called you out and started to teach you a lesson, you still can't fathom why you're here! Amazing! Well, lucky for you, you'll have some time to think it over while I pick up where I left off."

Stephanie, gradually slipping from defiance to desperation, aimed to appease her tormentor.

"Karen, I think I understand, and I'm sorry," Stephanie said. "There's no need to continue anything. I'll leave Shawn alone, and I'll be much more careful around the guys."

"Stephanie, we've already seen how ticklish your little feet are, but I didn't realize they were so bad that you'd totally sell yourself out like this," Karen said. "I don't buy what you just said at all, and in fact, your pleading is only going to make me enjoy this more. I've heard enough, time to get what's coming to you."

Karen grabbed one of Stephanie's socks, which, minutes earlier, had been tickled off the tips of her toes, and shoved it in Stephanie's mouth. Karen then duct taped the gag in place.

"Stephanie, by the time we're done here today, you're not only going to sincerely apologize, you'll also admit just how weak and ticklish you are! In the meantime, I hope you love the taste of that sweaty sock."

Karen made her way back over to Stephanie's bare feet, and began scratching her right arch. Stephanie, so taken aback by being gagged with her own gym sock, had little ability to muster a defense. She instantly started laughing into her sock gag.

"Kitchy-kitchy-koo, you ticklish bitch!" Karen taunted. "Looks like all those years hidden behind Uggs and sneakers have made your feet super soft and ticklish!"

Stephanie bucked against her restraints as Karen alternated between her left and right feet. Stephanie's penchant for keeping her feet covered meant that she hadn't been tickled since she was a little girl. Pedicures drove her nuts, and were all the tickling she could take.

"I'll bet these squirmy little toes are incredibly ticklish!" Karen said. As she started to navigate her tickling to Stephanie's bare toes for the first time, Stephanie totally lost control.

"Let's say we hold your toesies in place a bit better so I can really dig in," Karen said. Stephanie was relieved to have a brief reprieve, but worried about what was coming next.

Karen walked over to get some rope, and noticed how turned on this all made her. Stephanie's feet were soft, beautiful, and incredibly ticklish, and Karen knew she wanted more. The sight, feel, and lightly sweaty scent of Stephanie's bare soles and toes gave Karen the urge to do something she's never done before.

"You know what," Karen said. "Let's skip the rope for now. You're already plenty tied up. Your feet are pretty smelly, Steffy. I'm guessing you wore some big boots to work, and then changed right in to your gym sneakers. Before we go any further, let's give these sweaty tootsies of yours a bath."

Karen sat at Stephanie's soles and slowly moved her face toward the base of Stephanie's toes. Stephanie was horrified at the thought of Karen being this close to her feet, but pleaded for mercy to no avail through her gag. Karen inhaled as she pressed her nose into Stephanie's toes. Karen could feel herself getting wetter as the warmth of Stephanie's soles pressed against her face.

"Mmm, yes," Karen said lustily. "These sweaty toes need a cleaning."

Karen began lightly kissing Stephanie's feet, while Stephanie felt utterly embarrassed by being so powerless at the hand of a social nemesis of hers.

Karen, wading further into uncharted territory, began licking Stephanie's soles. Stephanie, who'd gotten a break from tickling as Karen kissed her soles, began to laugh and spasm once again.

"I wonder if you know why you deserve this now, Steffy," Karen said as flicked her tongue up and down Stephanie's arches and heels. "I wonder if you'll be even more sorry as I suck these sweaty toes of yours. They are your most ticklish spot, aren't they, Steph? Admit it to me, and maybe I'll go easy on you. I want to hear you say how defenseless your ticklish feet make you."

Karen removed Stephanie's gag. "Karen! Karen!" Stephanie exclaimed, breathlessly. "Oh my God! Stop tickling my feet you crazy bitch!"

"Why? Is it bothering you?" Karen taunted in reply.

"Yes! OK, you win! My feet are really, really ticklish! I'm sorry for what I did, and you don't need to tickle me any more. I give up! I was wrong!"

"Is this why you never show off your feet?"

"Yes, I don't want anyone looking at or touching my feet!"

"And where are you most ticklish?"

"My TOES! OK! My toes! Please, just don't go near them. You win!"

"Hmm, well, I think I'd rather make you pay just a bit more. But thanks for sharing!" Karen taped the gag back to Stephanie's mouth, and pocketed her other sock. "I'll be keeping this as a souvenir. You know, Steph, I'm not in to girls or anything, but you've got some beautiful feet. You really should start showing them off. I'd love to see the guys get a hold of your bare little tootsies some day!"

Karen grabbed Stephanie's right foot and began sucking her toes. This drove Stephanie nuts, but she really lost her composure when Karen started using one of her hands to tickle Stephanie's sole while snaking her tongue in and out of Stephanie's toes.

Karen was deeply enjoying tormenting her adversary in this way. She could tell she was firing on all cylinders. She swirled her tongue around Stephanie's toes, while increasing the pace of her dancing fingernails on Stephanie's arch. After several minutes of this torture, Stephanie slipped into silent laughter. Karen, meanwhile, turned her attention to Stephanie's left foot.

"These toes still need some love," Karen said, as she began her combo attack on Stephanie's other foot.

Stephanie soon passed out from the torture. Karen was too busy enjoying the taste of Stephanie's salty toes to realize. After she determined that Stephanie was out for the count, she got up, and marveled at her defeated "friend."

She bent back down, gave each sole a kiss, and whispered, "Good night, my ticklish little Steffy. I hope you and your cute little feet learned an important lesson today."

Karen drove the passed-out Stephanie the short distance to her gym. She got out of the car and left a bottle of wine and a pair of flip flops on the driver's seat for her ticklish adversary. She took one last glimpse at Stephanie's bare feet, and tingled with excitement and she began triumphantly walking home.

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Fine story. :feets: