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07-11-2015, 02:23 PM
As I said in the first part of this story, this is a multiple female on single male story of domination, tickling, tease and denial. Although all the ladies are real people with the exception of lady Michelle, this story is a product of, and exists only in my imagination. (unfortunately!!!!!).

"She wasn't kidding" Pat thought as his torture started again, "although I think they're having all the fun". The main side-effect from the volcanic eruption of the biggest orgasm Pat had ever experienced was that his body's sensitivity had dramatically increased as Lady Michelle had said it would. The slightest touch of the women's dresses or pantyhose as he tried and failed to move beneath them was driving him nuts. The first touch of Doris's nails on his still pantyhosed feet felt like a bolt of lightning passing through his entire body. "Good job you stayed with us Holly", Hannah laughed, "I think he's about to hit the roof again". As the room filled with the women's laughter, Linda, Hannah and Chris added the torment of their perfectly manicured nails to Pat's suffering. Even as gently and slowly as they were tickling him, the sensations coursing through his exhausted body were the most intense yet. The pounding heartbeat in his chest was causing a similar sensation in Chris's loins as she pushed down harder and harder on his chest, her heat and wetness increasing as she gazed down on the sweat soaked face of her captive plaything. She noticed his expression change, slowly at first but change it did until his eyes finally told her that this time he had broken and wanted to surrender to her. "Looks like you've got him this time" Michelle said admiringly as she knelt on the mat beside Chris. "Just about" Chris replied, "our time is almost up, for now at least" she added with a sweet seductive smile down at him. Just them the timer beeped signaling the end of the first group's two hours of fun.

Finally the torture was over, for now at least. Gradually the pounding of Pat's heart eased down, although it took a good ten minutes for him to calm down. Holly had gotten up off him but the other four women still sat on their tickletoy, enjoying their final moments in control of their surprisingly resilient captive. "That was the most fun I've had in a very long time" Hannah declared. As the other three nodded in agreement with their friend Lady Michelle spoke up. "You aren't quite finished yet ladies, Chris and I noticed a change in our plaything just before the timer beeped, and I think he has something to say". With an incredibly sexy and slightly sadistic smile Chris corrected the dominatrix, "I know he's got something to say but I don't want him to say it, it's something I want him to do instead. He knows what is is and I'm sure he'll oblige". After instructing Linda to remove the gag she asked the other ladies to hold him down as the four sitting on him stood up. Standing astride his chest Chris saw him visibly relax as the weight lifted off him and he could inhale fresh air untainted by the scent or taste of the women's panties and tights. "Give him some water" Michelle said, as Chris placed a beautiful high heeled foot on his chest. Glancing down at him for acknowledgement Pat looked up at his coworker and torturess, and nodded once in acquiescence. To the resounding cheers of the women Chris slipped of her shoe and placed her pantyhosed foot on his face over his nose and mouth. Smiling as he gently kissed her foot from toe to heel, she then invited Doris, Linda, and finally Hannah to take her place and accept the surrender of their friend and coworker. After all four women had their feet kissed, they each gave their coworker a long sensual kiss on the lips. Hannah suggested letting him have a shower to rest and relax a bit before the next team took their turn. "Give him a beer as well if he wants" suggested Sara, as Wendi, Jaymee, Linda and Hannah picked him up and carried him towards the shower in Hannah's bedroom.

Hannah's bedroom, like everything else in her house was large and well-finished, with a huge four post bed in the center of the room. Lying him down on it for a moment so Wendi and Jaymee could remove the ankle cuffs and pantyhose from his exhausted body, Hannah whispered into his ear, "you'll be spending a lot of time on this bed later on, and.... we'll be spending just as much time on you"!!!!! After he was stripped of the pantyhose they helped him into the shower which was beautifully tiled, with multiple water jets and a large bench to sit on and relax. As he sat heavily on the bench, his mind and body still numb from the torment he had endured, Jade came in with several bottles of beer. Passing them round, she winked at Jaymee as she handed a bottle to Pat, "his has a little extra kick so we can have as much fun as the first group did" she whispered to her teammate. He didn't have the strength to hold the beer so Jade held it for him as he took a long pull. Hannah then turned on the water and slid the door closed. The water heated quickly and Pat relaxed a bit as he felt the pressure from the multiple jets massaging some relief into his aching body. After ten minutes of relaxing pleasure he stood on still shaking legs under the main water stream and looked for soap . All he found was a bottle of lavender and peach scented sensitizing Dove shower cream. "What the hell, it'll do" Pat thought tiredly, "it's not the worst thing that's happened today and I'm sure it won't be the last either". After soaping up and then rinsing off the sweet smelling cream, he sat back down on the bench and finished his beer before dozing off under the relaxing streams of warm water.

Waking suddenly, Pat realized that the water had been turned off, and he heard the women laughing softly as they stared at his wet body. "Aaaawwwwhhhh, look at our cute little man sleeping in the shower" Jaymee said in a sweet singsong voice. "Well, he does need his rest to be ready for his next session" laughed Jade, in a voice just as cute as Jaymee's, but with a slight sultry edge to it. Leading him gently into the bedroom, they then lovingly dried him off with the softest towels Pat had ever felt. Just as he was wondering if he should make a run for the door, Pat felt himself being lifted into the air and dropped onto the bed again. Held down by three, Wendi sat on his knees, allowing Jade to quickly reattach the ankle cuffs. "Just in case you get any ideas about trying to run" Jaymee laughed, "it's our turn now"!!! Quickly carrying him back into what Linda laughingly called "the sitting room" they lowered him gently to the mat again, the other women quickly and securely holding him down as Sara, Jade, Jaymee and Britt stood over their once again helpless plaything as Lady Michelle joined them. "Round two" she announced to the cheers of sixteen excited women. "Ok, who's first"? she asked. "I am" replied Jade, "I think I'll sit on his arms" waving to Lindsay and Lisa to pull his arms up. As her colleagues complied, Jade quickly knelt down and sat on Pat's face!!! "Oops, my bad" she laughed as she moved back to pin his arms under her. "That's ok" laughed Sara, "an honest mistake. I think I'll take my turn in charge" she continued, dropping to her knees and then gently sitting on his chest, relaxing slowly until her full weight was on him. "I got his feet" exclaimed Jaymee excitedly as she sat on Pat's lower legs, " you can have his balls first Britt". Laughing as she took her place on his thighs, "I've got something special planned for them if Michelle can help" she said with a gleam in her eyes that would have terrified Pat if he could have seen her.

The only thing Pat could see however was Sara and Jade staring down at him with cute sexy smiles on their faces. Jade had also adopted the earlier trick of holding his head between her thighs, her pink pantyhose tickling his ears as her nails gently tickled his neck. Trying not to laugh, Pat tried to squirm and shift his head but Jade squeezed her thighs tighter locking his head firmly between them. The women had been teamed well together, as just like the first session their weight held him securely on the mat unable to move in any direction. "First things first" Sara declared in a voice that had changed from pretty girl next door to strict controlling teacher. "It's time for your snack" she continued as Heather handed her yet another set of panties and workout tights. Passing the tights to Jade, she held the bitter scented panties under Pat's nose, expecting him to open his mouth. Making a face at the smell and knowing how they would taste, Pat clamped his jaws together keeping his mouth closed. Smiling sadistically down at her captive she instructed Britt to squeeze his balls, gently at first, gradually increasing the pressure until his mouth opened. As soon as Britt touched him, Pat opened his mouth, much to Sara's disappointment. Taking her time Sara forced the panties into his mouth, enjoying the look of disgust on Pat's face as he tasted the bitter lace. "That's better" she said, "however we had to make you open your mouth so you will be punished and this is the first part of that punishment" as she quickly pushed a second pair of panties into his almost full mouth. Gagging on the scent and taste, he tried to spit them out but Jade was ready and had the tights already knotted, forcing it between his teeth and quickly tied them tightly in place behind his head. "Lesson one Paddy", Sara announced to more cheers and applause, "resistance is futile, you will do whatever we want when we want you to, or you will be punished". As Jade pushed
Pats head back down between her thighs and gave it a loving squeeze, Sara asked Holly and Heather to assist Lady Michelle with putting a pair of stockings on their playthings hairless legs."Our pleasure" both women answered as they joined the dominatrix at Pat's feet. Unable to put up any kind of resistance Pat felt his ankle cuffs being removed and expert hands quickly and easily pulled the lace topped stockings up first one leg and then the other. Michelle then replaced the cuffs and tied his big toes back to each cuff once again leaving his highly sensitive feet immobilized, ready for Jaymee's long nails to dance over. Meanwhile Britt had been gently playing with Pat's manhood coaxing it along until the recently ingested Viagra-dosed beer could work its magic which it proceeded to do just as Michelle knelt down beside her. "Can you do the stocking trick with his erection again"? she asked. "Of course" she replied, but is there anything else you want to do"? she asked the stunning blonde. "Actually there is" she responded, "can you tie his balls up as well? Not tight, just make them easier for me to play with." As more laughter echoed around the room Pat's face turned bright red as he tried to scream and his struggles increased to the point that Sara asked Sam P to sit on his stomach for a few minutes until Michelle had done as she was asked.

Britt and Michelle swapped places to allow her to tie up his erection. Once again she massaged him with large amounts of Biofreeze before sliding a short piece of stocking into place. As Sam held it secure, the Amazon quickly looped the lace several times around the base of his erection. Gently tickling the tip with a nail, she quickly had Pat's beleaguered manhood standing stiffly at full attention once again. Pulling the loops tight she then expertly tied his balls securely in a figure of eight, looped it back up around his erection and tied it off tightly again. "There you go" she said as she swapped position again with Britt, "it's not tight enough to cause him any pain but they'll go blue quick enough once you start playing with them. Many thanks" Britt replied as she gently kissed the tip of the massive erection secured in front of her. Sam got up giving his balls a gentle tickle on the way. "Ok" Sara announced, "I think we're ready to start but there's a punishment to be administered first" Laughing down at his already agonized face as she slid back onto his stomach, she told Hannah and Chris to hold his arms and invited Jade to "assume the position". Kneeling astride his head the cute blonde waited for the final go ahead. "I think three sessions of two minutes each is a nice start, you can tickle him first Britt" Sara declared. As he watched Jade's pink-hosed behind land on his face and felt Britt's long nails start their slow torturous journey up his erection, Pat knew he would not hold out as long this time. He also knew that it wouldn't matter to the women, they would torture him for the full two hours and more.

Screaming in silence once again, Pat cursed everyone he could think of from the guy who invented Viagra, to his coworkers/torturesses, but mostly himself for being dumb enough to get caught out as easily as he had been. There was no way he could survive another six hours of this kind of torment without going insane, but there was still a spark of fight in him and besides which he realized as he felt Jade's weight lift off him, he was going to be kept here for as long as the women wanted him. "Two down, four to go" he heard Sara saying, " just tickle his feet this time Jaymee" she added, as she smiled down at him. "I think Jade will enjoy his reaction"!!! As the women laughed again at the innuendo, Jade giggled like a schoolgirl, "I might just stay on him for the four minutes this time"!!!!! As the cheers continued, Lady Michelle shook her head, "get up for a few seconds at least to let him get some air, you don't want to wear him out for your friends". As she sat her cute behind on Pat's face again and wiggled it around a bit, Jaymee started dancing the tips of her nails all over his sensitive stocking-clad feet. Unable to move his feet away because of the cuffs, laces and Jaymee's weight on his legs, Pat tried to lift his head and gain some brief respite. But Jade was ready for him and had Cassidy standing behind her leaning both hands on her shoulders, so he had no chance of moving her off of him. Even with her short flared skirt draped over her captive's head it was obvious that she was determined to get full value from her current position and didn't care who knew it as she rocked gently back and forth. Pat could feel her heat and wetness oozing through her hose and panties, filling his nose with the now very familiar scent of a woman rapidly approaching orgasm. Just as he felt himself drifting agonizingly into unconsciousness, he was able to breathe clearly again for a few seconds. "Last couple of minutes punishment" he heard Sara cry, "let's all tickle him this time" His head came up automatically as the first nail touched his once again massive purple erection, but unfortunately for Pat he met Jade's cute pantyhosed backside on the way down once more. Trying to force his head up in desperation and agony from the incessant tickle torture just made her push down on him even harder, a task made much easier by her increasing need for relief and by Cassidy leaning her weight on her shoulders. All the women sitting on him felt his entire body go as rigid as his erection as the torture intensified, but there was no way Pat could move beneath them, especially with Cassidy helping Jade stay where she was. Rapidly approaching, and then succumbing to an earthquake-like orgasm she sank down even further on his face to draw the most out of it. With a long moaning scream that Pat heard even with his head squeezed tightly between her toned thighs and most of her weight on his face Jade had her release even as the source of that release was still being tickled senseless. Acknowledging the cheers and applause from around the room, she demurely straightened her skirt over her thighs and her captive, before lifting herself up slowly as the timer beeped and announcing, "no point wasting a perfectly good toy is there"?????

"Definitely not" agreed Sara, "and he has half an hour to recover before it's my turn to sit there!!! Unfortunately he's going to be teased and tickled for that half hour as well"!!!!! As Pat tried to snort in as much air as he could Jade asked Lindsay to take her place for a few minutes so she could put on fresh hose and panties. "No problem" Lindsay replied, "I hope you're not going to waste the ones you take off"!!! Laughing sexily as she walked away Jade turned back and knelt down beside Pat and whispered into his ear. "Oh no, I'm in charge soon and I know exactly where they're going", giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before getting up and walking off again to change. Soon enough she was back, this time wearing blue pantyhose taking her place sitting on his arms. Giving his head a gentle squeeze with her thighs, she signaled to Sara that she was good to go again. "Ok ladies, let's go for a half hour, just take things slow and gentle, ready, set, go"!!!!! Just like that, Pat was consigned again to his own personal hell on earth, one which he would have willingly shared several hours earlier with any one of these seventeen beautiful women, (with the possible exception of Lady Michelle because of her intimate knowledge of reducing strong men to crying giggling little boys). But four at a time was too much for any man, especially the way they were being instructed in the best ways to cause as much torment as possible for their plaything. Every time he felt himself drifting into the release of unconsciousness, the torment eased. The women never completely stopped, they just eased up until Lady Michelle judged him ready for more. Then the torture increased again, leaving him screaming into his gag and praying to stay sane long enough to get out in one piece.

At last the timer beeped, and although Pat never heard it, he slowly felt his mind and body calming down. It did take quite a while though, and each recovery period was getting longer and longer. Gently wiping his face down with a cold towel, Sara asked Jade to remove the gag. Smiling down at him, she carefully poured some water into his mouth. Nodding his head in thanks, Pat whispered hoarsely "no more please, you win, you all win". The women all laughed again as Hannah knelt down beside him. "Of course we win" she said "we were always going to, we have all the time we need, we have an incredibly skilled teacher, and we're all quick learners. But the best thing we have is you!!!!! Despite what you think right now, you can take more, in fact you're going to take a lot more, it wouldn't be fair to the others to stop now considering all the fun we had. But I promise you that we'll stop when all the others have had their turn". Kissing him tenderly again, she whispered into his ear, "and it'll be your choice if you want to continue with us later in my bedroom". Standing up to her full height, she towered over her helpless, tormented coworker and winked down at him. "Give him some more water and then change places" she instructed. "Just be gentle and slow with him ladies" she added, "he'll last longer that way, and it'll be much more fun for you too". Pat felt willing hands holding him down again as first Britt and Jaymee, and then Sara and Jade swapped places, settling themselves comfortably on their toy. Jade picked up the still wet panties and hose she had been wearing earlier and with a cute yet quizzical smile down at him waved them gently in front of his nose. "What's it going to be Paddy"? she asked in a sexy singsong voice as she rocked slowly on his chest, "the easy way or the fun way for us"? Knowing it was the only measure of control he had over not just Jade but the rest of the women as well, he made her wait until the last second before making his decision. Just as she was about to reach down and hold his nose, and with a quick but not entirely unnoticed glance at Hannah, Pat opened his mouth. "Thank you" Jade said as she pushed the combination of nylon and lace soaked in her sweat and womanly juices into his open mouth. Sara had a new set of workout tights ready as well and in just a few seconds he was securely gagged again, unable to make a sound as she gripped his head tightly between her strong supple thighs, her soft black pantyhose tickling his ears and cheeks as she made herself comfortable.

"Unfortunately, you haven't done anything to get a punishment for" Jade said in her cute voice that was tinged with disappointment, but Sara reeeaaallllllyyyy wants to sit on your face, so I'm going to let her, just for a few minutes, but we won't tickle you during that time". For just a split second Pat's eyes betrayed his relief at not being tickled but Jade noticed and immediately responded. "However in five minutes all four of us are going to tickle you with the sonics nonstop for my half hour in charge, so relax, and enjoy Sara's cute sexy behind on you because that's all the rest you're going to get". Laughing at the look on his face, she waved for Cassidy and Lisa to hold his arms so Sara could move forward. Kneeling astride his head, she raised her skirt slightly positioning herself perfectly over her captive's sweating face. Looking up as yet another cute pantyhose covered backside descended onto his face, the only consolation Pat had was that he wasn't going to be tickled just yet. As she dropped her full weight down on him Sara knew that if she wanted her own release she needed to make Pat to try to move his head. Glancing at Jade, as if asking permission and getting a nod of approval, Sara gently squeezed his nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Almost immediately getting the response she desired she started rocking back and forth as she kept playing gently with him, the heat within her increasing with every second that passed. At Jade's insistence she rose up, letting him breathe but kept her grip on his tender sensitive nipples. Snorting in as much air as he could, Pat stared up at Sara's cute backside, waiting for her to drop back down onto him again. Just then as Sara released her firm but gentle grip on his nipples, Jade squirted some Biofreeze onto them, getting exactly the reaction she'd hoped for. His head immediately came up, butting Sara's behind. As soon as she felt it she gripped his head tightly between her thighs and slowly forced him back down until his head was on the mat. Starting to rock gently on him she also relaxed until her full weight was on him. When she was ready she nodded to Jade who began massaging the freeze gel into already painfully sensitive nipples. Pat's reaction seemed to spur Sara on as her rocking increased steadily, and Jade could feel their captive's heart pounding again beneath her skilled fingers. Gently squeezing now she increased the pressure little by little, making Pat react even more but to no avail. He was held down much too securely to put up any resistance and Sara was too strong and too determined for him to pull his head free from under her. Suddenly feeling the explosion of her release she sank down on him even more, the flow from her womanhood threatening to drown her trapped plaything. Relaxing now as Jade continued to tease and torture his nipples, Sara just sat there until the timer beeped.

Moving back to sit on his arms as Jade moved back onto Pat's chest, Sara sighed with delight, "that was soooooooo much fun I'll have to do it again sometime. Well, I'm sure if we ask nicely we can convince Paddy to join us again" joked Linda. Wiping the cocktail of his sweat and Sara's womanly juices from his face Jade smiled down at him."I hope you enjoyed your rest" she asked in her cute girly voice "because now it's tickle time!!!!! Get the sonics ready ladies, two pair for his feet, two for his erection, two for me and two more pair for Sara". Seeing the look of horror on his face, she leaned down and kissed his cheek, before whispering in his ear, "don't be afraid honey, I won't let anything bad happen to you, and the half hour will go quick enough, for us at least!!! Slow and gentle ladies, let's go"!!!!!

Tormented beyond belief Pat prayed for an earthquake, or a lightning strike or anything that would make the women stop tickling him. Screaming into his gag didn't do any good and the haunted look in his eyes only seemed to amuse his tormentors even more. With no strength left and unable to put up even a token resistance with four full-grown full-bodied women sitting on him he resigned himself to eventually living the rest of his life in a home for the insane. "Besides which" he thought wearily, "who would ever believe what actually happened to me"!!! As bad as the tickling of his feet was, it was a minor irritation compared to the torture Jaymee was inflicting on his throbbing Viagra-assisted erection. Despite what Michelle had said earlier all the teasing and tickling had given his tied up balls an ache the like of which he had never experienced before, and Jaymee's skilled use of the sonics and her perfectly manicured nails were driving him wild. He never heard the timer beeping, and he didn't feel the women stop their torture of him either. It took almost another half hour until he'd calmed down and his mind returned to some semblance of normality. "Welcome back honey" Jade said, that wasn't so bad was it". The look on Pat's face made them all laugh again. "If you think that was bad just wait until Jaymee is sitting where I am and she's in charge" she continued, "behind that innocent face with the sweet smile lies a devious mind and you can bet she's got something up her skirt for you, literally and figuratively"!!!!! After the cheers and whistles died down, Lady Michelle announced that it was time to swap places again. As strong soft hands quickly held him again his four tormentors changed places. Jade was at his feet with Sara on his thighs her fingers resting gently on his tied up purple erection and balls. Jaymee settled herself on his arms as Britt stood astride Pat's chest smiling sadistically down at him. Enjoying the nervous look on her captive's face she slowly knelt down and then sat her full weight on his chest, once again rendering him immobile under four beautiful women.

With a pleading in his eyes as he looked up at the stunning blonde reporter, Pat prayed that she would take pity on him and go easy. However, his prayers were extremely short-lived, as without turning and staring sternly down at him Britt gave her first instructions as the lady in charge. "Hey Sara, why don't you change into fresh panties and hose, the ones you're wearing must feel very uncomfortable, and don't forget to bring the used ones back in to me. I thought you'd never ask" Sara replied, "they're starting to get a bit icky alright. Who wants to take my place for a few minutes"? she asked. After numerous shouts of "me me me" in a variety of laughing sexy voices, Britt asked Sage to take Sara's place. "You can play with him" she continued as the beautiful six foot tall anchor took her place sitting on Pat's thighs, "we don't want to let him rest too much, but be gentle. Not a problem" Sage answered, as she gently drew circles on the tip of his erection with her fingertips. Feeling his thighs tense under her, she used the nails on her other hand to tease his tied up balls. Even through his gag the women could hear his groans of frustration as Sage teased him gently and relentlessly.

After about ten minutes of this Sara came back clad in new pantyhose and carrying her very wet used panties and hose. Despite knowing what was going to happen with them, Pat was actually relieved to see her as Sage had to stop her torture of his manhood, getting up to let Sara take her place again. Kneeling beside him, she kissed his cheek, and whispered in his ear "if you think that was torture just wait until it's my turn on you". Laughing sexily at the look on his face, she kissed him again before turning to Britt, "let me know if you need any more help" she said. Jaymee gently removed Pat's gag as Hannah appeared with more water for her plaything. "Please Hannah, let me go, I can't take any more" he begged, "you've had your fun, no more please". Smiling as she wiped off his face with a cold towel, she poured some water into his mouth before replying. "Only some of us have had our fun, and it wouldn't be fair to the others to let you go yet, but after Britt and Jaymee have had their turns in charge we'll let you sleep for a while before the next group get their turn. We were going to let the four groups go one after another but you should probably rest up for a while so the last two groups get a fair struggle out of you"!!!!! Letting this sink in for a minute, Hannah then whispered into his ear, "unfortunately it's not really fair on you because there's so many of us and we made you surrender already so just try to relax and enjoy being teased and tickled by the rest of us, and don't forget about later on hon"!!! With that she winked at Britt saying "he's all yours now, so just be gentle". With a smile that Pat didn't like at all, she picked up Sara's discarded wet, sticky panties and hose and placed them on his face, covering his nose and mouth to the cheers of her coworkers. Knowing he couldn't move his head as Jaymee had it gripped tightly between her thighs, Britt held them there making him inhale the scent of a pleasured woman. "Do you remember what Jaymee and I agreed earlier"? she asked her tickletoy. The look of despair in Pat's eyes told her all she needed to know. "Yes, I guess you remember" Britt answered her own question with a particularly malevolent gleam in her eyes. "We agreed that when we were in this position we would grant each other the same privilege that Doris gave our hostess. So ladies, we need a couple of volunteers to hold his arms for a half hour as Jaymee gets to sit on your face for a minute every second minute while we keep teasing and tickling you". As Pat started to panic again he caught a glimpse of Holly and Wendi moving behind Jaymee and felt their strong hands pinning his wrists to the mat. As Britt moved back so she was sitting on his stomach he felt Jaymee moving as well, kneeling above his head, getting ready to sit her cute behind on his face. Thinking he knew what was going to happen, Pat tried to pull his arms free but to no avail. Wendi and Holly were both much bigger and stronger than he was, even if he hadn't been tortured senseless for most of the evening he wouldn't have been able to get free. "By the way" Britt announced, "as everyone knows now I can be a bit nasty sometimes, so I'm not going to gag you just yet because I want to hear you scream and beg for mercy". Before he even realized what he was doing Pat replied "$&@# noooooooo"!!!!!

As soon as he said it he knew he was in real trouble, especially with Britt in charge, because, as she said herself she could be a bit nasty sometimes. Her eyes gleamed with a sadistic coldness as Pat desperately apologized for his mistake. "Please Britt, Mistress Britt, Princess Britt, whatever you want me to call you, I will, just don't punish me, I'll worship you any way you want, I've suffered so much already", he cried. Gazing down at her terrified coworker and smiling ever so sweetly as she gently pinched his ever so sensitive nipples between her thumbs and index fingers, she paused before answering. "Don't worry Paddy, I'm not going to hurt you, at least not much more than you've already been, and you will worship me later when I'm in Jaymee's current position. However you said a bad word and that's not allowed, especially as I got in trouble recently for saying it along with a few others, so you have to be punished". Laughing as she gathered up Sara's still wet panties and hose off her captives face, Britt leaned down and kissed him gently on the cheek. "I was always going to gag you again" she whispered, "we couldn't waste Sara's underwear by not gagging you but I wanted to see if I could get a reaction out of you. Besides I promised the girls I wouldn't go too far which is just as well for you because if I didn't Ramona would be sitting on you right now instead of me, and she's much heavier than I am, you wouldn't be able to breathe even". After kissing him again Britt sat back up on his chest. Picking up Sara's panties and pantyhose she waved them under Pat's nose. "so honey, open wide or do you want me to call Ramona"? Pat didn't think twice about it, Ramona was a lovely lady but he didn't think he would be able to survive her sitting on him, especially with all the teasing and tickling he would have to endure at the same time so he opened his mouth wide. Britt gently pushed the wet bundle of nylon and lace into his mouth, the ladies all laughing at the look on his face as he tasted Sara's womanly essence again. Jaymee quickly knotted a new set of workout tights and tied them in place. "I think ten minutes punishment is deserved for saying that bad word" Britt announced to the delighted cheers from the others. "Jade and Sara will tease and tickle your feet, your balls and your erection for those ten minutes, which is not a too bad of a deal for you considering all you've been through so far. However, as an additional punishment for swearing, someone else is going to sit on you". As the confusion grew in Pat's eyes, Britt just smiled down at him. Hearing the step of high heels coming across the room a feeling of dread rose in him which increased as the owner of the heels stood beside him. Smiling down on him she greeted him warmly. "Hi Paddy, I hope you're comfortable to sit on"!!!

Oblivious to the teasing laughter and comments from the other ladies, Pat stared up at a smiling Ramona, dressed just like the other ladies, her dress was an emerald green with the same kind of short flared skirt they all wore, deep black pantyhose, and the same color stiletto heels. Closing his eyes in resignation, he regretted the day he ever bought an iPad. "Open your eyes" Britt demanded, "Hannah already told you about that. If you close your eyes again you'll really be sorry". Kneeling down beside him, Ramona kissed him tenderly on his forehead. Staring straight into his terrified blue eyes she asked Britt, "What happens now"? She already knew what was happening, she was just playing with Pat's mind, having talked to both Hannah and Britt earlier. "He said a bad word" the beautiful blonde informed her, to much amusement from the room's occupants, "so he must be punished, and as I'm currently in charge of him I get to decide what happens. He's been teased and denied and tickled so much today but I think he needs a gentle yet dominant reminder that he's our little tickletoy and he must OBEY us at all times. He's all yours for 10 minutes of punishment, Sara and Jade are going to tease and tickle him for you, leaving you free to do what you want, within reason of course". Getting up off him, Britt stood astride him for a moment, prolonging Pat's agony, even though he thought he knew what Ramona was going to do, not being certain about it made his agony worse. Smiling sadistically down on him, Britt stepped to one side and knelt down beside her coworker as Ramona took her place standing over him. If Jaymee wasn't holding his head tightly between her thighs Pat could have looked up her skirt, but it probably wouldn't have been a good idea anyway. As Ramona slowly dropped to her knees, Britt kept up a running commentary as to what was going to happen. Try as he might Pat couldn't pull his arms free from under Jaymee and he knew he had no chance of moving Sara and Jade off him. "Relax Paddy" cooed Britt seductively, " you're not going anywhere, we're all stronger than you, Jade and Sara and Jaymee are sitting on your arms and legs, and Ramona is only kneeling over you. We can torment and torture you for as long as we want and you can't stop us". As the ladies laughed again Ramona took over. "Are you ready Paddy, I'm going to sit on you now and I might even tickle you as well. You'd better be comfortable to sit on or I might stay sitting on you for an hour or more"!!!!! Laughing at the desperate look on his face, Ramona finally sat on her captive, gently at first, but finally putting all her weight on his chest and stomach. Pat gasped in shock as Ramona was much heavier than Britt or any of the other women that had sat on him before. "Wow!!! You are comfortable, I might sit here all evening"!!!!! she exclaimed to the delight of all the ladies. He was in even more shock when she told the other ladies to start his punishment tickling. Even before Sara and Jade touched him, Pat was trying to scream for mercy but he needed all the energy and strength he had left to try and breathe. "This is fun isn't it" Britt teased, "I bet that Ramona and Holly could hold you in place on their own, maybe Wendi too. Then the rest of us could tickle you slowly and gently into submission, would you like that"? Even Lady Michelle laughed at that, commenting that maybe Britt was in the wrong profession. "What do you think Paddy, 3 big beautiful women, with short skirts and silky smooth pantyhose sitting on your naked body, holding you down helpless while 15 other ladies torture you with tickles. Maybe that will be your next punishment" Ramona laughed as the tears rolled down Pat's face. The torture of his feet and genitals hardly registered as Pat tried valiantly to move under her, even though he knew it was a waste of time and energy he couldn't spare. Still trying, albeit in vain to move her, he got yet another shock as Britt whispered in his ear "She's going to tickle you now too"!!!!!

His newest torturess waved her newly manicured nails over his face. "Don't they look pretty" she exclaimed, I got them done today especially for you. I think you're going to like them very much" Britt was now lying on her stomach, her head beside Pat's so she could tease and torment him with another running commentary. "What do you think of her nails Paddy? Will they tickle as much as mine are going to? Do you think she knows how to tickle little toys like you? I'm sure she does" Britt answered her own question. "I bet that if Sara and Jade took a break, and we took out your gag Ramona could make you laugh and scream, maybe you'd even beg for mercy. Let's try that shall we"? she continued, waving at the two ladies to stop for a few minutes. Jaymee untied the tights and removed Sara's wet lace and nylon gag before gripping his head tightly between her thighs again, forcing him to look up at Ramona. Taking a quick look at the stopwatch Britt informed her that she had five minutes of punishment time left. Dancing the tips of her nails down his neck and onto his chest, Ramona smiled suggestively at her prisoner. "Are you ready for tickle time Paddy"? she enquired. "Because I am" she said to much laughter and cheers from the entire room. Slowly walking her nails down his chest onto his tender nipples, she squeezed them gently until they were as stiff as his erection. Then she used the tips of her nails to tease them, gently tickling him, all the time looking at his sweat soaked face for any sign she was getting to him. Not getting the reaction she wanted, Ramona then slowly danced her fingers down the sides of his chest before directing ten perfectly manicured nails up towards Pat's exposed hairless armpits. "Oooooohhhhhh, I think you've found the right place" Britt announced in a slow sensual voice. "What do you think Paddy, has she found your tickles yet"? "I think you should keep looking Ramona, you're getting closer"!!! With the gentlest, most delicate touch of any of the ladies so far, Ramona's fingertips and nails moved into her captives armpits and started their search for Pat's tickles. Almost immediately a cry of "you found them"!!!!! rang around the room just as a louder cry of ticklish torturing agony escaped from Pat's mouth. "She's got you now Paddy", Britt said seductively. "All you have to do now is beg her for mercy and she'll stop. I'll even let you rest for a few minutes before I take my half hour in charge. If not, then it's going to be up to me to make you surrender, and when I'm finished with you, you'll beg me to let Ramona sit on you for as long as she wants to"!!!!!

Pat knew someone was talking to him but she might have been speaking Ancient Greek for all he knew. All he heard was tickle tickle tickle, and that's what he felt as well. Ramona's
slow-dancing nails were driving him wild but there was no chance of escape, even if the other ladies weren't pinning his arms and legs, Pat knew he couldn't get out from under the heavy basketball reporter. Suddenly the weight lifted, and Ramona was kneeling over him as the timer's beeps echoed away. As a round of applause echoed around the room Lady Michelle knelt down on Pat's other side. Gently wiping the sweat and tears from his face, she leaned in and whispered in his ear. "I'm really impressed, most men would have quit long ago, but even though you submitted to Chris, you seem to be getting stronger". After she gave him some water, Pat whispered back. "Not really, but I don't want to give in to Britt, she'll never let me forget it. I wanted to submit as soon as Ramona sat on me but I couldn't, and I know Britt is going to destroy me during her half hour, but I hope I can hang on until it's Jaymee's turn". Pat was still so far out of it from all that he had been through that he didn't realize that Michelle hadn't been whispering, and neither had he, so the entire room heard their conversation, including Britt herself. After the ooohhhs and aaahhhs died down the lady herself leaned down beside him to respond. Pat's heart went cold as ice when he heard her voice. "Is that so honey"? she asked. "I'm definitely up for that challenge, and I'll even up the stakes". After more ooohhhs and aaahhhs Lady Michelle intervened. "I can't speak for Paddy and this is outside what was agreed, but you have abided by the rules so far, so let's hear your proposal and if it's suitable and everyone agrees then the final word lies with Paddy, I think that's only fair. Of course" Britt replied, "despite what some people think of me I'm not that big a bitch". After the ladies quietened down, the beautifully cruel blonde announced her proposal. "I have a half hour in charge like we agreed, and if I can make him submit to me then he has to come to my place at a time and date of my choosing to be tied down and teased and tickled by me and an unspecified number of ladies who are present here now for as long as we want. However if he can hold out, then he can still come to my place at a time and date of my choosing, but he can tie me down and tickle me under the same rules". The ooohhhs and aaahhhs got even louder and went on for more than a minute. After everyone had calmed down, Lady Michelle adjudicated. "Well Paddy, it's your call, what do you say"?

All eyes turned and stared down at Pat, waiting for him to respond. Jaymee, Jade and Sara still had him pinned down while Ramona knelt astride him. Looking up into the faces of his tormentors, his eyes finally settled on Britt. The beautiful blonde reporter had him exactly where she wanted him and she knew it, he could see it in her eyes and a smile that both teased and terrified at the same time. He had at least a half hour of torture at her hands in front of him, with the highly likely possibility of a lot more in the future, or an almost impossible chance of vengeance. Glancing over at Michelle and Hannah, Pat made his decision. "I don't have much of a choice either way really do I? So, as long as the rules in your place are the same as they are here, then you have a deal". All the ladies cheered and applauded as Britt knelt down and gave him a long lingering kiss to cement the deal. "I'm going to enjoy this half hour" she whispered, " but I'm going to enjoy having you tied to my bed even more"!!! Standing up quickly she smiled back down on her captive. "After you gag him you can sit on him again Ramona", she said with a gleam of satisfaction in her eyes, and the four of you can start torturing him. I'll be back in a minute, I'm just getting some things from the car". Ramona picked up Sara's discarded hose and panties as Jaymee grabbed the workout tights and sang out "open wide honey or we'll have to punish you again". Pat did as asked this time and once again had a mouthful of soaked, scented nylon and lace. After she tied the tights in place again, she squeezed his head between her strong thighs. "Ok ladies, let's get this party started because it's my party next"!!! The tickling started immediately and the surprise of it made Pat automatically react by raising his back off the mat, trying to escape the women's torturing nails. The ladies laughter at his tortured reaction echoed again as Ramona wagged her finger in his face. "Time to lie down and stay still for me Paddy" she joked and then enforced her order by sitting on his struggling body. Her weight quickly pushed Pat back down on the mat and anchored him there more surely and securely and safely than any ropes or bondage ever could. She then added her delicate touch to his other torments, dancing her manicured nails into his exposed armpits and quickly finding the ultra-ticklish places she discovered earlier. She could feel his muscles tense up beneath her but she knew he wouldn't be able to move her so she focused on tickling him slowly and gently with no let up. "Lucky for us we gagged him" she said, "otherwise I think we'd be deaf from all the screams and shouts".

Just then Britt came back in with an overnight bag. She set it down and opened it, removing two hairbrushes, making sure Pat saw them. "See these Paddy", she teased, "they have nice bristles on them, not too hard or soft and with a nice little bump on the ends. I think Jade is going to have fun with these on your sensitive feet, especially with the stockings you're wearing". Passing them to Jade who wasted no time in trying them out, getting quite a reaction. But Michelle had done a professional job cuffing his ankles and tying his big toes back so he couldn't move them especially with Jade's weight on his lower legs. Pausing beside Sara Britt handed her an electric makeup brush with very soft almost feather like bristles. "It's fully charged" she informed her, "I think you'll have lots of fun using it on the tip of that huge erection"!!! Laughing as she turned it on, she held Pat's erection in one hand and applied the brush as instructed, eliciting a muffled high pitched scream."I like it already" Sara cried. Britt tapped Ramona on the shoulder, saying "Thanks for helping out but I'll take over now, I've got a bet to win"!!! Getting up off Pat with a smile down at him she replied,"anytime at all, I enjoyed it immensely. Maybe you'll invite me over to your place soon"!!! As Britt took her place back on his chest, she winked at Pat as she answered, "you're first on the guestlist"!!!!! Settling herself she reached down and gently pinched his cheeks. "I've got twenty five minutes to break you and when I'm done you'll submit to me by kissing my feet. Hold his arms please ladies, Jaymee has a date with Pat's face"!!!

Lisa and Lindsay grabbed an arm each and pinned them to the mat. "Go ahead Jaymee" Lisa said, "enjoy your date"!!! Laughing as she lifted her skirt and shuffled forward, kneeling over his head she waited for the countdown. " 3, 2, 1, goooooo"!!!!! Britt cried as the hairbrushes caressed Pat's feet, and the electric makeup brush attacked an already enormous purple erection. Jaymee dropped her cute pantyhosed behind on Pat's face, silencing any sound that might have escaped through the nylon and lace secured in his mouth. This new style of tickling with new implements was as bad as anything Pat had experienced so far, but he thanked God and anyone else listening to his torment for Sara's panties and pantyhose for keeping him quiet, because if he could talk he would have promised Britt anything to release him from his torture of the damned. But it was about to get worse as Jaymee's first date with his face ended, and she knelt over him, waiting for her second date. Waving an ordinary but very expensive makeup brush, Britt started gently and persistently tickling the tip of his nose.!!! "Every time Jaymee gets up I'm going to do this" she informed him. "No stopping or rest for you until my time is up", she continued, "and you'd better be gentle and thorough when you kiss my feet at the end". Lady Michelle waved to signal another minute had elapsed. "It's your second date now, I hope you pay her the respect she deserves" the beautifully cruel reporter added as Jaymee sat her full pantyhosed weight on his face again. Now that Pat couldn't see and could barely breathe, Brit waved for Ramona to come over and then whispered in her ear. "Wow, you really are sadistic and mean" she said. Grabbing a Hitachi wand out of Britt's bag she quickly left the room, announcing "I'll be back" to much cheering and applause. The cycle of facesitting and nose tickling continued for several minutes that felt like several lifetimes to Pat. Then as Jaymee got up for the fifth or sixth time, he couldn't tell the difference, his gag was loosened and then removed. A sip of water was poured into a grateful mouth before Britt leaned down and kissed him gently. "Just a quick adjustment", she said." I think Sara's nylons and lace have probably lost most of their taste by now so it's time for a new gag, one specially prepared just now just for you so open wide or I'll be allowed to punish you again". Pat didn't even think about it, he obeyed immediately, opening his mouth wide for his current torturesss, and having it filled instantly with more wet lace and nylon by Ramona who had sneaked up unseen behind him!!! As Jaymee forced the knotted workout tights in after them, tying them off securely behind his head, Ramona gently kissed his cheek. "Britt thought you might be missing me so this is just a small reminder of me to you!!! As Jaymee's cute behind came down on him again, Pat saw the knowing glint in Britt's eyes as she winked at him, blowing a kiss down on him as Jaymee's cute backside settled on his face again.

Pat's mind was a kaleidoscopic storm of sensations mixed with the sound of his own screams and cries for mercy, but the ladies continued their unrelenting torture and torment of his sensitive body, naked except for the stockings he'd been dressed in. Sara was now using a pair of sonics on his tied up balls and erection, paying particular attention to the deep purple colored tip. Jade had picked up the discarded electric makeup brush and was comparing its effects to the hairbrushes Britt had give her on his stocking covered feet. Both ladies were extremely pleased with the reactions they were getting but their weight on his legs coupled with Pat's exhaustion easily held their captive still to suffer more mind blowing torment. Jaymee had orgasmed twice already and was rapidly approaching a third as she rose up off her helpless captive's face. Britt had immediately started to tickle his nose again with the makeup brush, giving Pat an increasingly torturous need to scratch his nose which was only slightly alleviated every time Jaymee's wet womanhood settled on his face. "Just one more minute to go Paddy" she said brightly, "and then you can submit to me. You might like being my tickletoy, I know I'm going to enjoy having you tied to my bed next week, and I'm sure Ramona will too"!!! With a slightly sadistic yet beautiful smile she watched as Jaymee sat down for the final time. Gently tracing circles in his armpits with her long nails, she couldn't wait for Pat to kiss her feet. As the timer beeped Jaymee came for a third time, feeling her juices flowing again, soaking her panties and hose and covering Pat's face. Sitting back on his arms, she quickly untied his gag and removed Ramona's underwear from his mouth. Hannah quickly but tenderly wiped his face with a cold damp towel, then poured some water into his mouth, washing away some of the taste of Ramona's orgasm soaked panties and hose.

After letting him calm down for a few minutes Britt could feel his heartbeat slowing beneath her. Motioning to Jaymee to hold his head still between her thighs, she slowly stood up astride him. Standing there for a moment she placed one stiletto heeled foot on his chest, and in a voice that was both sexual and dominating at the same time announced that it was time for him to submit to her. "You know what I want now Paddy, just one slow gentle kiss and I promise we'll be just as gentle next week". Slipping off her shoe she walked her petite pantyhosed foot up his chest and onto his face, covering his nose and mouth. Inhaling the scent of her beautiful foot, Pat knew that he couldn't surrender to her even though he would have done and promised her anything if he wasn't gagged during his torture, so he continued to breathe in her scent but made no attempt to kiss her foot in submission. As she stared down into his eyes Britt knew he wasn't going to give in to her. As she put her shoe back on the ladies gave him a round of applause for his stamina and ability to resist the relentless tickling the ladies had put him through. Still watching him as Jaymee released his head from between her legs she saw him shake his head slightly one time. Reading the look in his eyes she gave him a sweet smile of acknowledgement and knelt down beside him, kissing him tenderly on the lips whispering in his ear, "thank you" before sitting on his chest one last time. "I knew you weren't going to submit to her" Lady Michelle declared, "but I also knew you weren't going to tie her to her bed and tickle her either, were you"? Waiting a few seconds Pat replied,"not if I could help it, but it's a good job you gagged me because I would've promised her anything to stop. You've seen the videos I watched so you should have known that the women were always the dominant ones, but it was fun to pretend I would do that to Britt". The ladies all laughed, even Britt. "The only problem with that honey" Hannah said teasingly, "is that it only works once. Now we all know you won't do anything like that to us"!!!!!

"Enough talking" Jaymee announced loudly, "It's my party now so hold him still while we change places". As the ladies got up to take their new positions, Jaymee turned to Hannah, "would you mind taking my place for a few minutes, I need to put on new panties and pantyhose because Pat needs a new gag"!!!!! Flashing her famous smile again Hannah replied" I'd be delighted to sit on him again, and I'm sure he won't mind". Looking down at him with a smile, Jaymee warned him, "you'd better behave for our hostess Paddy because she's allowed to punish you if you don't, and there'll be a another punishment from me when I get back". Smiling again as she took her place on him, Hannah gently tickled his neck, "what about it Paddy would you like me to punish you now or wait for Jaymee"????? Trying to twist his neck away from her gentle but persistent touch Pat replied, "it's your place and your rules. You're going to do whatever you want, and it's not like I can stop you anyway is it"? With a smile that Pat didn't like at all, Hannah agreed with him. "Yes, it's my place and I set most of the rules but we all had to agree to them, and you definitely aren't in any position to stop me doing whatever I want with you". Before she could elaborate any further on what she might do to him, Jaymee arrived back with her recently worn hose and panties. "Look what I've got Paddy" she giggled, waving the bundle in front of his nose. "Thanks for helping out Hannah, I hope he behaved himself". Smiling sweetly as she gave his neck a last slow tickle she replied, "glad to help and he's not really in any position to misbehave, because he knows what will happen if he does". Leaning down to whisper in his ear she continued "and don't forget about later on hon, you can still say no but we hope to persuade you to say yes to our offer of a more private session". With that said Hannah got up off him with some reluctance and stepped away for Jaymee to take her turn in control of their captive tickletoy.

Wasting no time in asserting her authority over him she sat heavily on Pat's chest eliciting a tired groan from him. "I hope that wasn't a complaint Paddy, because it would be worthy of a punishment if it was" Jaymee said with a cute smile that belied the gleam of domination in her eyes. Pat said nothing, his eyes looking away from her in case she decided to go ahead with her threat to punish him. "Now that's not nice Paddy" she said sternly, you're supposed to look at me when I'm talking to you". Hearing that Britt quickly repositioned herself so she could hold his head between her legs while still sitting on his arms. "That's better" Jaymee laughed "but you disobeyed me, and you know what that means don't you"????? Laughing cries of "you get punished" rang around the room. Pat swore to himself, knowing the cute blonde had baited him into breaking the rules set what seemed like a month ago at the start of his torture. She's as bad as any of them he thought looking up at his coworker, wondering what she was planning to do to him. "I think an extra ten minutes punishment time is required, all those in favor"? she asked. Seventeen voices replied "aye"!!!!! "You have a vote too Paddy" Lady Michelle informed him, "but I would advise you to say yes as well, anything else would be disrespectful and you know what that means don't you"? Pat said nothing for a moment, staring up at the pretty blonde. Jaymee responded quickly, asserting her authority once again. "Hey Jade, would give his balls a squeeze of encouragement please"? she asked. Pat responded even quicker. "I vote yes too, please punish me Jaymee" he cried as Jade started a gentle squeeze of his genitals. "I prefer Lady Jaymee" his torturesss said "but it's a start. Well then it's unanimous, ten minutes of punishment time" Jaymee announced gleefully." We need two volunteers please to hold his arms so Britt can take her rightful position". Chris and Linda quickly grabbed Pat's wrists and pinned them securely to the mat as Britt knelt astride his head. "No gag" inquired Michelle, "I think the two of you had this planned all the time"!!! "Well, Britt did say he would worship her later on, so I decided he would do it properly, why do you think she's wearing stockings". As the women cheered, Jaymee added, "and, she's not wearing panties"!!!!! As Pat tried to look up Britt's skirt, Hannah held his head firmly in place just as Jade gave his balls another gentle squeeze. Opening his mouth to scream, Britt sat firmly on his face, giving his nipples a little pinch along the way. Trying instinctively to lift his head and push her off him, Pat only succeeded in increasing Britt's urge for release. Struggling as much as he could made no difference as the combined weight and strength of the women easily held him down, unable to move even a thousandth of an inch.

After two minutes with very little air but a lot of fluid, Britt reluctantly raised herself off him at Jaymee's signal. "Was that fun hon" Jaymee enquired, "because that was just a taste, if you'll forgive the pun, the next time she sits down your feet are going to be tickled as well". Laughing at his increasingly feeble struggles Jaymee winked at him as she squeezed his nipples again. "Open wide"!!!!! Hannah cried as Pat's cries for mercy were silenced by Britt sitting her full weight on his face again. As Sara's nails and fingers danced over his tortured feet Pat desperately tried to buck his hips and bounce her off his legs but to no avail. With Jade on his thighs Sara had no problems keeping his lower legs pinned under her, especially with his ankles chained together, leaving her hands free to continue his torment. At the other end of his body Britt was rapidly approaching a building-shaking orgasm. Riding his face she came over and over just as the second two minutes of punishment were up. "I think someone should get a cloth and clean his face quick before he drowns" she gasped slowly. "That was incredible Paddy" she told her captive, "but next time you're going to use your tongue"!!! These women are going to kill me he thought as his pounding heart slowed and his breathing calmed. "Think of all this as a really long, really intense gym workout" Jaymee teased. "You're learning breath control from Britt right now, we're also giving you a good free weight and resistance workout with the four of us sitting on you, and you struggling to lift us off. Also you're getting a serious cardio workout as I can feel your heart pounding in you chest as sure as I'm sitting on you"!!!!! Even if I was able to say something I'm not going to Pat thought, there's no telling what these women would come up with next. "Time for more breathing exercises Paddy", Jaymee informed him gleefully. "This time it might be a more difficult exercise for you as Jade is going to tease and tickle that lovely tied up erection of yours with the sonics"!!! Laughing at the look of horror on Pat's face the last thing he heard as Jade turned on the toothbrushes was Britt's instruction, "don't forget the tongue this time or we'll do this again and again until you get it right". Then his world turned dark as the beautiful blonde sat down again quieting his screams as Jade started her own personal torture of his tormented manhood. Gripping his shaft firmly in her left hand she used her right to tease the sonic slowly and gently over the purple tip of his stocking covered erection. By now the Biofreeze had worn off but Jade's expert use of the sonic device quickly compensated, sending tickling bolts of lightning down his shaft and into his exhausted body. Pat tried to roll his hips and throw her off but he had almost no strength left, and the little bit he did have was focused on trying to satisfy the lust-crazed beautiful blonde seated on his face. "Stop struggling" Jade warned, tightening her grip of his manhood, "or I'll have to punish you as well". Dropping the sonic, she used the tip of a perfectly manicured nail to torture the extremely sensitive tip as she increased her grip of his erection. At the same time Pat felt Britt starting to shake in the throes of orgasmic release. He didn't have a lot of experience of pleasuring a woman in this way, but he was learning fast and applied his tongue to her womanhood with increasing speed and pressure. Quickly she came again in a flood of womanly juices that threatened to drown her captive personal vibrator. With a scream of release that even Pat heard, trapped as he was under her, her thighs squeezed tight about his head, Britt pinched his nipples so hard that he thought she would pull them from his chest. Kneeling up as the timer beeped, the ladies cheered again in admiration. Despite everything they had put their coworker through so far, he could still take his torturess to an orgasm the like of which none of them had ever experienced.

"I can't do that again" gasped Britt breathlessly. "Let's forget about the final four minutes of punishment"' she asked Jaymee. "Wow"!!! Jaymee replied, "I thought we were supposed to be torturing him"!!! As the women teased her laughingly, Britt gathered herself together. "I know" she responded, but it seems that the more we tickle and tease him the better he gets, and anyway, he's not going anywhere just yet. Whatever we don't do now, we can always go back to later". After everyone calmed down, Hannah glanced down at Pat, then over at Lady Michelle before speaking. "No add ons" she announced, "it's not fair to him, so finish it now or give it up". Britt looked at Jaymee and said, " you're sitting on his chest so you're the boss, it's up to you but I vote to let it go, we still have half an hour to play with him, and we can easily make him more ticklish as well". As Jaymee realized what Britt meant, a very sadistic smile formed on her cute face as she stared down at Pat. "I think we'll start my half hour now", Jaymee announced gleefully as she picked up Ramona's orgasm-soaked panties and hose. "Time to suck it up again Paddy" she laughed teasingly. "Give his balls a little squeeze for me Jade, I need him to open his mouth again" she instructed. Before the pretty blonde could even touch him, Pat opened his mouth to accept his gag. "I see you're learning hon" Jaymee smiled, "it's nice to see our training is working". Pat just wanted to survive the next half hour and get away from the women's tortures, even if it was just for a few minutes in the shower, so he was willing to do whatever she wanted. As Britt tied the nylon and lace in place again, Jaymee gave her orders to her teammates. "Don't do anything just yet girls, we're going to make him orgasm first so that he's much more ticklish for us tease and torment. Jade is going to use Britt's electric makeup brush to torture the tip of his erection until he explodes"!!! Shouts and cheers rang out again as Jade grabbed hold of Pat's throbbing manhood with a firm but gentle hand. Picking up the makeup brush Chris turned it on before passing it to Jade. The soft brush barely touched him at first but it still sent another incredibly ticklish lightning bolt through his tortured body. Screaming into Ramona's gag Pat tried to roll his hips again to escape the torture. "Need a little help here Jaymee", Jade asked, "he's trying to throw me off him again". Numerous hands were raised immediately, all volunteering to help keep their coworker still. "Pick someone to help you then", Jaymee replied with a smile down at her captive, "she can hold his erection for you as well so you have both hands free to play with him". Looking around the room at all the women, Jade quickly reached a decision. "I think our hostess deserves to have the most fun today, after all she organized everything, including our little tickletoy, so please help me out Hannah". As the ladies cheered again Hannah quickly joined the other four ladies by sitting on his stomach facing Jade. Her soft strong hand took hold of his rigid manhood, allowing Jade to gently drag her nails up his shaft and across the purple tip. The women felt a shudder run through Pat's body but the added weight of Hannah's five foot ten easily held him still as Jade applied the makeup brush again, adding the nails of her other hand to his torture. "Do it"!!! Linda cried, "he's ready to pop"!!! Dropping the brush Jade gave a quick pull on the lace tying the stocking on his shaft, which released his extremely blue balls as well. Quickly peeling the stocking off she tickled the base of his erection, eliciting a scream they all heard even though he had a mouthful of panties and hose, and accompanied by a fountain of semen erupting from his tortured manhood.

The relief Pat felt from finally being allowed to orgasm was extremely short lived as Jaymee immediately instructed the women to tickle him slowly and gently but with no letup for twenty five minutes. As he descended into the tenth level of a tickle hell he never knew could exist Pat heard Jaymee's last instruction to Jade, "try to make him pop again"!!! Right on the edge of unconscious release he felt the soft touch of the makeup brush edging him towards another kind of release. This time though he had to suffer the constant torture of Britt, Jaymee and Sara tickling any available part of his body they could reach while still sitting on him. With tears now freely rolling down his face, Pat quickly came again. "Do you have a third shot in you Paddy" Jaymee teased, smiling sexily down at him. "I think you can manage one more, just for us" she whispered, "I won't tell anyone"!!! The women laughed again and began chanting at Jade, "one more time, one more time"!!! Granting their request, she began gently dragging her nails slowly up and down his manhood, alternating that with a delicate massage using her soft fingertips. Unable to resist her sensual torture Pat rose a third and final time as she switched back to her soft fingertips before bringing her perfectly manicured nails back into play. With his erection firmly gripped in Hannah's strong soft hand, and pinned under the weight of five real-world women Pat had no place to go, no escape from under the women, and no release from their teasing, tickling torment. Finally, after another stinging torturous eruption, Jade was done, letting the others slowly wind down the tickling torture of their coworker.

When he finally calmed down enough to realize that Jaymee, Britt, Jade and Sara were still sitting on him, keeping him pinned to the gym mat, he heard Hannah whispering in his ear. "You've done really well Paddy, eight of us have had our fun, time to rest now, rebuild your strength and resistance for the next eight ladies, but it will get worse before it gets better, don't worry though, because we really won't hurt you, you might think the tickling will do something bad to you but it won't. There won't be any scars or marks on you, no lasting damage, unless your future wife finds out how ticklish you are"!!! As the ladies laughed, Britt untied the workout tights holding his gag in place, allowing Pat to respond. "Just let me go please, I'll come back tomorrow myself". Gently wiping his sweat and tear streaked face with a cold damp towel Hannah laughed softly as Chris took over informing Pat about his immediate future. "Part of your torment is the knowledge that you are staying here with us until we've all taken our turn playing with you, and we are going to let you rest for a while, and you will be here tomorrow, but we decide what happens to you and when it happens so relax and rest while you can because eight more ladies can't wait to get you under their complete control, literally as well as figuratively". When the cheers and laughter died off, Chris took the lead once again. "Time to rest up now Paddy" she said, as Britt, Jaymee, Jade and Sara stood up over him before they took turns kneeling beside him and giving him a long, lingering kiss on the lips. "Ok ladies", Lady Michelle declared, "bring him to Hannah's bedroom so he can shower and rest a while, before the next group takes control". Linda, Chris, Britt, and Jaymee then picked him up as easily as a piece of paper, carrying him down the hallway and into the bedroom. Placing him on the soft bed, Linda untied his toes and unlocked and removed his ankle cuffs before stripping the stockings from his legs as the others helped him sit up and Hannah handed him a bottle of beer. Despite a shaking hand Pat drained it in one long swallow, before accepting a sandwich from Chris.

Sipping slowly from another beer, Pat motioned towards the shower he fell asleep in earlier. Flashing that famous smile again Hannah helped him up with Britt's assistance and led him over to the bench in the huge tiled shower area. Turning on the water, she waited until it warmed up before turning on all the jets and closing the door. As the hot water pounded against his tortured exhausted body Pat felt himself drifting away into the welcoming embrace of a deep dreamless sleep.

Waking in surprise as he fell against the wall, Pat heard the quiet laughter of the women looking at him as he struggled to remember where he was. After opening the shower door and turning off the water, Britt took his hand and led him out before wrapping a large soft towel around him. Gently pulling him towards the bed she started to dry him off from the top down, slowly and sensually, alternating between patting him down and gently rubbing him with the bath towel. The other ladies came over and gently but firmly pushed him down onto the bed. Pulling the soft light duvet up over his naked body, they took turns kissing him until only Hannah and Chris were left beside him. "Sleep well Paddy" Chris said, "you've earned it, but there's eight ladies waiting to have their fun with you, so rest well while you can". As Chris walked away, Hannah paused and knelt to whisper in his ear, "Chris is only half right Paddy, our offer still stands for a more private, more intense, restrictive session, but we'll let you rest first, and then we'll sensually torture and pleasure you more than you ever dreamed of, so sleep well and we'll see you soon". Slowly dragging her nails down his still sensitive body Hannah left him, almost asleep in her bed as she joined her colleagues to plan the next session of tickle torture of their coworker.

As soon as the light went out and the door closed an exhausted and tormented Pat fell into a deep sleep, until the nightmare started again. Tossing and turning for several hours, Pat slowly awakened, sensing that he was in trouble. Trying to sit up and then realizing he couldn't, he opened his eyes and looked up to see Lisa sitting on his chest, and pinning his arms down with her pantyhosed knees. "Wakey wakey Paddy" she cried, "it's tickle time again"!!!!!.....

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